my one week love affair with extension lashes

This is how my lashes were like since I visited Style and Soul Salon and Wellness Spa. One of the things I tried were the extension lashes. Can you see how long my lashes are in here?

However, perhaps because I am a newbie and not really used to having long lashes, it only lasted a week. You see, I sleep with an eye mask and it flattens the lashes. I also tend to rub my eyes from time to time. I also learned that its very hard to put on eyeshadow (which I really love) if you have extensions. So today, upon waking up and seeing one fall off again, I decided to just take them all out.

I think I still look okay without it and one thing I really appreciate it is that my tiny short lashes are still there even after I took off the extensions. Whew.

So it seems I can only last with extended lashes for a week. Will I try it again? My answer would have to be no. I think I'm okay with falsies from now on.

PS. Be very careful when removing extensions. Here's a tip I got from the net.

3 Ways to Remove Eyelash Extensions

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