Saturday, April 22, 2023

Pickaroo's First Kiddie Summer Shopper Program

Kids are in for a treat this summer as the Philippines’ all-in-one, on-demand, and premium lifestyle delivery app PICK.A.ROO rolls out a special program for the very first time to mark the season—the PICK.A.ROO Kiddie Shopper Summer Program!

Making its debut in select Landmark Supermarkets this May, PICK.A.ROO’s Kiddie Shopper Summer Program allows children ages 4 to 8 to become a PICK.A.ROO Shopper for a day, picking out orders from PICK.A.ROO users and checking them out while being guided and assisted by a PICK.A.ROO Shopper on-duty. Kids who sign up for the program will receive a Shopper Kit containing a shirt, apron, cap, and a bag, all of which they can wear during the activity.

“Traditionally, summer is when parents enroll their children in special classes and programs to help them develop new skills and hone their talents while picking up important values along the way. Through our Kiddie Shopper Summer Program, we are giving parents an avenue to let their kids undergo a ‘summer on-the-job training’ by being a PICK.A.ROO Shopper. We want kids to have fun while also appreciating the hard work our shoppers put into their jobs, and perhaps even learn the values of hard work, teamwork, discipline, responsibility, and friendship,” Eric Bataga, chief executive officer of PICK.A.ROO, says.

Parents interested in enrolling their kids into the Kiddie Shopper Summer Program can get the sign-up links from emails and social media posts from PICK.A.ROO’s official pages. There is no sign-up fee as parents and guardians need only to order via PICK.A.ROO on the day of their respective child’s schedule. Schedules for the Kiddie Shopper Summer Program are on May 6, 13, and 20, 2023 in Landmark Bonifacio Global City, Trinoma, and Alabang. Sessions run for one hour per batch of about five kids, with the first one starting at 9 a.m. 

PICK.A.ROO will accept registrations until May 6 only.

Convenient, flexible app-based shopping in just a few taps

This summer also marks the official launch of PICK.A.ROO’s Pick-Up feature. Using the app, this feature lets users order from the shops, groceries, and restaurants available on PICK.A.ROO, pay for their orders via credit card, and collect them at their chosen time.

“More and more people are continuing to go out these days, whether it’s for work, school, or in-person errands and other leisure activities. Through the Pick-Up feature, we’re giving PICK.A.ROO users more options on how they want to get their orders,” Bataga shares.

The feature offers an easy way for parents who are out with their family during weekends, for example, to order groceries and pick them up on the way home so they can enjoy more time with their loved ones. Those who are reporting in the office can also use this feature to order their meals, and just pick them up during their break time. 

The Pick-Up feature is just among the new things users of the app can enjoy. Last year, PICK.A.ROO rolled out its exclusive Mall-in-One feature, which lets users order from multiple stores in one mall, and then pay and check out everything in a single transaction. It is exactly like how mall shopping is usually done but without traffic jams, unnecessary detours, and unplanned spending. 

There’s also PICK.A.ROO’s pioneering Single Checkout feature, which streamlines the payment and delivery process by letting users make their orders, checkout, and pay them all in one go and in just a few taps, thus saving them time, effort, and additional delivery fees.

Lastly, PICK.A.ROO gives users more reasons to shop with the launch of its Rewards Program, which people can now enjoy via the app. Users receive one (1) stamp per P1,000 spend, which they can exchange for various rewards such as free delivery, free eco bag, gift with purchase, discounts, and more.

Exclusive deals to sweeten the summer

PICK.A.ROO users can avail of the following summer-exclusive discounts and free delivery using the following codes until April 30, 2023 only:


Get P100 OFF for a minimum spend of P2,000 on grocery pick-up orders. Up to 2x use only.


Get P70 OFF for a minimum spend of P500 on food pick-up orders. Up to 2x use only.


Get P100 OFF for a minimum spend of P1,000 on shop pick-up orders. Up to 2x use only.


Get FREE DELIVERY (capped P98) for a minimum spend of P4,444 on grocery orders. Up to 2x use only.


Get FREE DELIVERY (capped P78) for a minimum spend of P944 on food orders. Up to 2x use only.


Get FREE DELIVERY (capped P98) for a minimum spend of P2,444 on shops orders. Up to 2x use only.

Meanwhile, new users can get P200 off for a minimum spend of P1,000 on grocery, food, or shops on their first order when they use the code NEWNICORN upon checking out their first order. This code can be used only once and is valid until December 31, 2023.

Download PICK.A.ROO on Google Play or Apple App Store now to enjoy all these perks and features, and browse through all the hottest offerings available! 

Friday, April 21, 2023

4 Reasons Why ChatGPT is the Ultimate Supplement for Bloggers

If you're thinking about starting a blog, you may be wondering how to create high-quality content that will engage your readers and help you stand out in a crowded online space. One solution is to incorporate ChatGPT into your blogging routine. ChatGPT is an AI language model that is designed to generate natural language responses to any given prompt or question. Here are four reasons why ChatGPT is the best supplement for anyone who wants to start a blog.

Save Time and Effort

As a blogger, you likely spend a significant amount of time researching topics, drafting, and editing content, and optimizing your posts for search engines. ChatGPT can help you save time and effort by generating high-quality content ideas and even writing entire blog posts for you. By using ChatGPT, you can focus your energy on other aspects of your blog, such as promoting your content or engaging with your audience.

Increase Content Quality

One of the challenges of blogging is consistently producing high-quality content that resonates with your audience. With ChatGPT, you can access an endless supply of ideas and insights that can help you create more engaging and informative content. ChatGPT can also help you refine your writing style and improve the overall quality of your blog posts.

Enhance Creativity

As a blogger, it can be challenging to constantly come up with fresh and creative ideas for your content. ChatGPT can help spark your creativity by generating new and innovative ideas based on your topic of interest. By incorporating ChatGPT into your blogging routine, you can expand your horizons and explore new topics that you may not have considered otherwise.

Expand Audience Reach

One of the keys to a successful blog is building a loyal and engaged audience. By using ChatGPT to generate content ideas and improve the quality of your posts, you can attract more readers and keep them coming back for more. Additionally, by leveraging ChatGPT's natural language capabilities, you can create content that is more engaging and relevant to your audience's needs and interests.

In conclusion, ChatGPT is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to start a blog. By using ChatGPT to generate content ideas, improve content quality, enhance creativity, and expand audience reach, you can create a more successful and sustainable blog. So, whether you're a seasoned blogger or just getting started, consider incorporating ChatGPT into your blogging routine and see the benefits for yourself.

Embrace the Power of ChatGPT: 5 Benefits for Bloggers

As a blogger who has been in the game for 18 years, I have seen many changes in the industry. One of the most recent advancements that have piqued my interest is the development of ChatGPT, an AI language model designed to generate human-like text. While some people may be hesitant to embrace this new technology, I believe that ChatGPT is a tool that can greatly improve the writing process, SEO, and overall content creation.

  1. ChatGPT can be used to generate ideas for blog posts. With the help of this AI language model, bloggers can easily generate ideas for their next piece of content by inputting keywords or phrases related to their niche. ChatGPT will then generate a list of potential topics for bloggers to write about. This is especially helpful for those who may be suffering from writer's block or need inspiration for their next post.
  2. ChatGPT can be used to improve the SEO of blog posts. By inputting target keywords, ChatGPT can help bloggers create optimized content that is more likely to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This is because ChatGPT is able to generate relevant and contextual content that incorporates target keywords in a natural and organic way.
  3. ChatGPT can help bloggers save time and effort in the writing process. With the ability to generate entire paragraphs or even full articles, bloggers can use ChatGPT to quickly generate content that can then be edited and tweaked to fit their specific needs. This can be especially helpful for those who are short on time or maybe juggling multiple projects at once.
  4. ChatGPT can be used to improve the quality of content. By generating content that is free from spelling and grammatical errors, bloggers can focus more on the substance of their writing rather than nitpicking over small mistakes. Additionally, ChatGPT can help bloggers improve the overall flow and coherence of their writing by generating content that is well-organized and easy to follow.
  5. ChatGPT can be used to generate social media posts, email newsletters, and other forms of digital content. By inputting a short message or topic, ChatGPT can generate text that can be used as a starting point for these types of content. This can be especially helpful for those who may struggle with creating engaging social media content or may be short on time when it comes to creating email newsletters.

While ChatGPT is certainly an exciting new tool for bloggers to use, it is important to note that it should not be used as a replacement for human creativity and effort. Instead, ChatGPT should be used as a supplement to the writing process, helping bloggers save time and effort while still maintaining the quality and authenticity of their content.

To use ChatGPT properly, bloggers should start by inputting a few keywords or phrases related to their niche or topic. From there, they can use the generated content as a starting point, adding their own unique voice and perspective to the text. It is important to remember that ChatGPT is not meant to be used as a copy-and-paste tool, but rather as a tool to help generate ideas and improve the overall quality of content.

ChatGPT is not something to be scared of, but rather a powerful tool that can help bloggers improve their writing, SEO, and overall content creation. By using ChatGPT properly and in conjunction with human effort and creativity, bloggers can take their content to the next level and reach even more readers in their niche. 

5 Essential Money Lessons for Kids

As a mom who wasn't financially literate and made a lot of bad decisions when it comes to money handling, I know firsthand how important it is to teach your kids about money management. As parents, we want our children to be equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in life, and financial literacy is definitely one of them. So, here are five financial literacy lessons that I would like to share with my kids and yours:

Save first, spend later

One of the most important lessons I learned is the value of saving. When I was younger, I used to spend my money as soon as I received it, without even thinking about saving a portion of it. I wish I had learned the value of saving early on, and I want my kids to know it's important to save before spending. Encourage your kids to set aside a percentage of their allowance or earnings into a savings account, piggy bank, or investment account.

Budgeting is key

Teach your kids the importance of budgeting by setting up a simple budget plan with them. Help them understand the difference between needs and wants and how to prioritize expenses. Encourage them to create a budget plan for the week or month and track their spending. This way, they can see where their money is going and where they can cut back on expenses.

You can also apply the 50-30-20 rule. 50% for your spending, 30% for your needs, and 20% for savings. 

Delayed gratification

In today's society, we're often bombarded with instant gratification. From online shopping to fast food, it's easy to get what we want right away. However, it's important to teach our kids about delayed gratification. Help them understand the concept of waiting and saving up for something they really want. This way, they'll appreciate it more when they finally get it and learn the value of hard work and patience.

Credit cards and debt

Credit cards can be helpful in emergencies or for building credit, but they can also be dangerous if not used responsibly. Teach your kids about the dangers of credit card debt and how to use them wisely. Encourage them to pay off their balance in full each month to avoid interest charges and fees. Teach them the importance of having good credit and how it can affect their financial future.

Investing in the future

Lastly, it's important to teach your kids about investing for the future. Help them understand the different investment options, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Teach them about compound interest and how it can help their money grow over time. Encourage them to start investing early so they can take advantage of the power of compound interest.

Financial literacy is an important life skill that everyone should learn, and it's never too early to start teaching your kids about money management. By following these five financial literacy lessons, you can help your kids become financially responsible adults and avoid the mistakes that I made in the past. Remember, it's not about how much money you have, it's about how you manage it. So, start teaching your kids today and give them the tools they need to succeed. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

From Insomnia to Better Sleep

I used to be an insomniac. In fact, I could sleep for only 3 hours and be totally ready to go and survive for another 24 hours. I used to think that this was a superpower until I hit my 40s. 

And it all started coming back for me. 

Suddenly, I would tire easily. I felt pains in parts of my body that I didn't even know existed. I would feel exhausted like never before. 

It was alarming. 

I realized it was time to make a change. 

For many years, I suffered from insomnia. I would toss and turn in bed, unable to fall asleep, no matter how exhausted I was. As a result, I often felt tired and irritable during the day, and my productivity and overall quality of life suffered. It wasn't until recently that I realized the true value of sleep and made changes to my lifestyle to ensure that I got the restful, restorative sleep that my body needs. In this article, I'll share five tips on how to sleep better and overcome insomnia.

Create a calming bedtime routine

One of the most important things you can do to improve your sleep is to create a calming bedtime routine. This routine should include activities that help you relax and wind down, such as taking a warm bath, reading a book, or practicing gentle yoga or stretching. You may also want to consider using essential oils, such as lavender or chamomile, which are known for their calming and sleep-promoting properties.

Avoid caffeine and other stimulants

Caffeine, nicotine, and other stimulants can interfere with your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. It's best to avoid consuming these substances in the hours leading up to bedtime. Additionally, you may want to limit your intake of caffeine throughout the day, as even small amounts can affect your sleep quality.

Keep a consistent sleep schedule

Our bodies thrive on routine, and keeping a consistent sleep schedule is essential for promoting healthy sleep patterns. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, even on weekends. This will help regulate your body's natural sleep-wake cycle and improve your overall sleep quality.

Create a sleep-friendly environment

Your sleep environment can also have a big impact on your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Make sure your bedroom is cool, dark, and quiet. You may want to invest in blackout curtains or a white noise machine to block out any distractions. Additionally, make sure your bed and pillows are comfortable and supportive.

Manage stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can be major contributors to insomnia. If you find that your mind races at night, try incorporating relaxation techniques into your bedtime routine, such as deep breathing, meditation, or progressive muscle relaxation. You may also want to consider talking to a mental health professional, who can help you manage your stress and anxiety in a more structured way.

As someone who has struggled with insomnia, I know firsthand how frustrating and debilitating it can be. However, by making changes to my lifestyle and prioritizing my sleep, I have been able to overcome my insomnia and enjoy better quality sleep. By following these five tips, you can also improve your sleep and enjoy the many benefits that come with it. Remember that quality sleep is essential for your physical and mental health and that it's never too late to make changes to your sleep 

Are you a WAHM?

Being a work-at-home mom (WAHM) is a great way to balance the responsibilities of raising children with earning a living. However, it's not without its challenges. As a WAHM myself, I understand the struggles that come with juggling work and family responsibilities. In this article, I'll share some of the most common struggles that WAHMs face and provide potential solutions to help make life a little easier.

Struggle #1: Balancing work and family responsibilities

One of the biggest challenges of being a WAHM is finding a balance between work and family responsibilities. It can be challenging to switch gears from being a parent to a professional and vice versa.

Set a schedule

To balance work and family responsibilities, it's important to create a schedule that works for both. Set aside specific times for work and family time, and stick to them as much as possible. This can help you stay focused and productive during work hours and present for your family during family time.

Prioritize tasks

Another way to balance work and family responsibilities is to prioritize tasks. Identify the most important tasks that need to be done each day and focus on those first. This can help you stay on track and avoid feeling overwhelmed by a long to-do list.

Delegate tasks

Finally, don't be afraid to delegate tasks. If your children are old enough, give them age-appropriate chores to help out around the house. You can also outsource tasks such as cleaning or meal prep to free up more time for work and family time.

Struggle #2: Avoiding distractions

Working from home can be full of distractions. Whether it's social media, household chores, or family members, there are plenty of things that can take your attention away from work. For me, the main struggle is spending time with Khali and working. 

He's currently at the phase where it's all Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.

Create a dedicated workspace

Creating a dedicated workspace can help minimize distractions. Set up a space in your home that is solely for work, and use it consistently. This can help you mentally separate work and home life, making it easier to stay focused.

Use time-blocking techniques

Time-blocking is a technique where you schedule blocks of time for specific tasks. This can help you stay focused and avoid distractions. During each time block, focus solely on the task at hand and avoid checking email or social media.

Use technology to your advantage

There are many apps and tools available that can help you stay focused and avoid distractions. For example, there are apps that can block access to social media during work hours or limit your time spent on certain websites.

Struggle #3: Staying motivated

Working from home can be isolating, and it can be challenging to stay motivated and productive without the support of coworkers or a boss.

Even for someone like me who has been doing it for over 10 years, it can be hard at times. Worst case scenario, I look at my bills to remind me that I need to work. 

Set goals

Setting clear, measurable goals can help you stay motivated and on track. Break larger goals down into smaller, achievable milestones and celebrate your successes along the way.

Connect with other WAHMs

Connecting with other WAHMs can be a great way to stay motivated and get support. Consider joining online groups or attending local meetups to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Take breaks

Finally, don't forget to take breaks. Taking breaks can help you stay refreshed and avoid burnout. Use your breaks to get some exercise, spend time with your family, or do something else that you enjoy.

Being a WAHM comes with its challenges, but there are solutions to help overcome them. By setting a schedule, prioritizing tasks, creating a dedicated workspace, using time-blocking techniques, setting goals, connecting with other WAHMs, and taking breaks, you can find the balance you need to succeed as a work-at-home mom. 

We can do this WAHMs! 

Monday, April 17, 2023

Review of Photobook Deals

I have been a user of Photobook for the longest time. I am not an affiliate nor have they ever tapped me for collaboration but I make it a point that when they have their promos or deals, I would take advantage of them.  

I started with printing photos by the hundreds. I still have them but sadly, they are still in boxes and have not been sorted and placed in photo albums. I realized that it would take more time, time that I no longer really have for the time being. 

This was when I realized that they also have photobooks and I can instead use that. 

This is what I normally look for. If I see 80% and up as a discount, that's a good deal for me since a regular photo book costs Php1400. With a discount, it can cost less than Php400. 

What I like about this is that they have an automated sorter, sort of like someone who will just sort the photos for you inside the album AI way. This was heaven-sent for me even though there are some photos that you still need to edit a little because it was placed in the middle but it definitely cut down sorting time by hours. 

Yes, hours.  

Simply choosing photos to include took me at least 2 hours. I was actually shocked and this was on a per-year basis. It can be tedious but I really wanted to be able to document my year in photos. 

Here are the online versions. 

2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 BRENT

I think it's worth the discounted price. All of these were placed by the auto sorter and overall, I'd say I'm happy with it 85%. Haha. 

How do you store your memories? 

Tupperware is Now Available at SM Home in SM Store

With the “homecoming” of Tupperware at SM Stores, a new generation will be introduced to the delightful products treasured by their moms, who, in turn, will feel more than just nostalgia for the brand that changed their lives. On April 15, the “Tupperware Grand Reunion Party: A Homecoming of the One and Only Kitchen Icon” will be held at The Block, SM North Edsa. 

Tupperware has been part of every Filipino’s reunions and other significant events, especially when people bring potluck or when they pack food to bring home. The grand reunion will be a celebration of the beloved brand’s heritage, innovations, and legacy.

A Pinoy Staple 

For 75 years, Tupperware has been designing cutting-edge home and kitchen solutions to help save time, money, space, food, and energy that are both functional and environmentally responsible. Passed down through generations, the products are trusted companions in the kitchens and homes of millions around the world--- and they will continue to be staples for years to come.

Tupperware was introduced in the Philippines in 1966 and has since become a household name, changing the lives of millions of Filipinos through its world-class products and the limitless income opportunities it offers. 

Today, it is proudly known as Tupperware Brands Philippines to reflect its strong heritage while conveying that it is a multi-brand, multi-category direct sales company. For 57 years, it still changes lives with every Tupperware product, with every Tupperware party.

Tupperware continues to innovate to benefit its consumers, partners, and Mother Earth. The brand makes life easier and better through its loved and trusted products while benefiting local communities. What motivates it is knowing that it can positively impact the planet by creating eco-friendly food-storage solutions to keep food fresher longer, reducing food waste, and facilitating healthy on-the-go food.

In 1946, chemist Earl Tupper created lightweight, non-breakable plastic containers inspired by the seal-tight design of paint cans. At first, Tupperware products didn't sell well in stores. The products were so innovative that customers needed demonstrations to understand how they worked. Hence the birth of Tupperware Parties through Earl Tupper’s partner, Brownie Wise.

The Tupperware Grand Reunion Party

At the Tupperware Grand Reunion Party, booths that will be strategically erected all over the venue will help guests have a deeper appreciation and understanding of the amazing array of products on full display. The booths will resemble areas in every home where Filipinos spend time with one another or entertain guests, and where Tupperware products are usually present. The booths will show how the brand is part of the memories made at every gathering.

There will be three booths that will highlight Tupperware as a leader in quality, sustainability, and timelessness. 

Tupperware is the Leader in Quality

As a cutting-edge and innovative company, Tupperware values the impact of design – each Tupperware® product looks and does more than it seems. The brand has a passion for smart design that it was even tapped by NASA to support its mission to grow vegetables in space!

• Tupperware has more than 8,500 functional design and utility patents for its solution-oriented kitchen and home products – with its SEALS as its key differentiation: S – made of high-quality materials that are Safe to use (Food safe and Color Safe), E – Environment-friendly, A – Answers needs, L – designed to last a Lifetime, S– Seals are unique and unmatched, each one is designed for a specific use or need. Each product is made with quality materials to be able to keep its promise and provide solutions to every customer. 

Tupperware is Committed to Sustainability

From the start, the products have been rooted in sustainability- from Earl Tupper's signature seal uniquely designed to lock in freshness, to today's modern Eco Water Bottle, which replaces hundreds of single-use plastic bottles every day and is designed to last for years on end.

Tupperware’s vision is to increase the longevity of our planet, our people, and the communities in which we live and work by significantly reducing food waste and single-use plastic. For 75 years, it has been a leader in creating innovative, functional, and environmentally responsible products. Through its various product lines, it remains focused on reducing its impact on the environment by providing reusable, durable, and easy-to-use solutions.

Now, Tupperware is extending its vision by committing to significantly reducing its impact on the issue of waste by taking large steps to ensure waste reduction at every stage of the life cycle of its products. 

It is especially proud to share its contribution and support to initiatives such as – Commitment to No Time to Waste, and its partnership with TerraCycle on their initiative, Loop. And lastly, Tupperware support to the National Park Foundation’s Resiliency and Sustainability Pillar through Tupperware’s pledge to help support the diversion of an estimated 10,000,000 single-use plastic bottles from ending up in landfills annually, with the installation of more than 65 water-refill stations across the National Park System.

Tupperware’s Eco Bottle and Modular Mates Oval are the featured products for its Sustainability initiative –aiming to reduce single-use plastic through its Eco Bottles and its Modular Mates Ovals which will enable you to buy in bulk resulting in less disposable packaging and reduced food waste. 

Tupperware is Timeless

Over the last 75 years, Tupperware continues to build its reputation as one of the world’s most trusted brands. Not only known for its high quality but the products are also imbued with personal family stories as they have been woven into the fabric of daily life for generations.

True to its innovative design heritage, Tupperware continues to develop new products and solutions adapted to an ever-changing world. Testament to its Timelessness, it is featuring the nostalgic Heritage Bowls, which for sure have been part of your kitchen and have been passed on for many generations.

The Tupperware Party is Forever 

Today, Tupperware continues to strive for excellence in innovation for the benefit of our planet and for our people. Knowing that it can make a positive impact on individuals, their communities, and our planet motivates the brand to continue creating eco-friendly solutions to make food last longer and make transporting food on-the-go easier and less wasteful.

Tupperware is stronger than ever and is here to stay to help nurture a better future through every Tupperware product and every innovation that helps to reduce food waste and single-use plastics, ensuring a healthier and better future for our families, our children, our communities, and our planet!

You can now get your hands on the innovative food storage because the iconic Tupperware products are now available at SM Home in SM Store, making life much easier and more organized! 

Be sure to check out the Tupperware collection at the following SM Malls: SM Makati, SM North Edsa, SM MOA, SM Megamall Ortigas, SM Cubao, SM Marikina, SM Manila, SM San Lazaro, SM Fairview, SM Estancia, SM Aura, SM Clark, SM Pampanga, SM Sta Rosa, SM Las PiƱas, SM Baguio, SM Cebu, SM Seaside Cebu, SM Bacolod, SM CDO Uptown, SM CDO Downtown Premier, SM Davao, SM Lipa, SM Lanang and SM Mandurriao. 

Score deals, and prizes and get to see our lineup of products now available at SM Home in the SM Store, only exclusive to our guests at the party!

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

A Letter to my Sons

Dear B and K, 

You two are the blessings I never asked for but have been so blessed to have. I never thought that I could love anyone as much as I love the two of you and I never knew that I could feel this kind of fear as much as you two invoke in me for even the smallest things. 

I worry about you two a lot. 

I worry about how the world will treat you. I worry about you becoming victims to bad people, bad circumstances, and bad environments. 

I worry about the age gap between the two of you, that by the time K is a teenager, B, you'd be in your 30s. Will you jive? Will you understand each other? Will you be there for each other if we're no longer in the picture? 

I worry if your Dad and I are doing the right thing with you two. I worry if we're being the parents we need to be,  the ones that you deserve, need, and you should have. 

Sometimes, I feel so down because I know that I am not what you need me to be. I'm short-tempered and I can go beast mode instead of being able to do some gentle parenting. I worry if I am traumatizing you for life and wounding you emotionally and mentally. 

Then I see you both happy and oh so forgiving. I see you B, happily dancing and singing. I see that you have grown to be so mature and understanding of life decisions, consequences, and punishments when needed. 

I see K ready to forgive and give a hug. I see him laughing so much that one can't help but laugh with him. I see him and I marvel at how blessed I am to not have one, but two kids given to me by God. 

I worry. I think any Mom would worry and worry but at the same time, I marvel. I marvel at how someone like me, someone who's not as kind as she needs to be, someone imperfect, and someone who needs to work on her temper can produce two beautiful boys. 

And so I will continue to worry but I will also continue to work on what I can and what I need to. Most of all, I will continue working on having a good relationship with your Dad and with others so that you will grow in a loving environment and hopefully be guided to know what is wrong and right.  

Canon Philippines Officially Launched its Newest Ink Efficient PIXMA G-Series Printers

Canon Philippines announced the newest addition of four new refillable ink tank printers to its PIXMA Ink Efficient G series lineup – the new PIXMA G4770, G3730, G2730, and G1730 which are compatible with new low-cost ink bottles that allow users to buy and print according to their actual printing needs.

These new PIXMA ink-efficient printers maximize productivity with high print yields and affordable printing. Easy ink refilling and huge ink reservoirs underpin the key benefits of the series, enabling smooth operation for home and small offices, by minimizing the occurrence of ink running out in the middle of printing.

Cost-effective Solution for High-volume Printing

An improved Economy mode enables the new G series to produce even more printouts from a single set of ink, yielding up to 7,600 pages for monochrome documents and 8,100 pages1 for color documents. With such high yields, users can cast worries about running out of ink aside and focus on the tasks at hand.

The high-precision print heads on the new printers deliver crisp black text and vibrant prints that meet a wide variety of needs, from text-heavy essays to craft templates.

Easy Maintenance for Minimal Downtime

Similar to the latest Canon refillable ink tank printers, the new Canon G series features a removable maintenance cartridge that can be replaced easily by the user without assistance from qualified service personnel. 

The PIXMA Ink Efficient G4770 All-in-One Printer

The PIXMA G4770 is a print, scan, copy, and fax workhorse with a capable 35-sheet capacity automatic document feeder design. The printer is ideal for families who find scanning documents with mobile phone apps inadequate, or home offices with multi-page documents to digitize.

Make Your Business and Home Offices More Cost Efficient with the new PIXMA G3730, G2730, and G1730 Refillable Inkjet Printer

New low-cost ink refill bottles give users the option to purchase ink supplies based on their anticipated print volume. For moderate print volumes, users can now opt for low-cost ink refill bottles that deliver up to 3,900 pages for black-and-white documents and 4,600 pages1 for color documents. Users with very high print volumes can also opt for standard ink bottles that deliver up to 7,600 pages1 for black-and-white documents and 8,100 pages1 for color documents. This significantly reduces the need for frequent ink tank refills.

The high-precision print heads deliver crisp and sharp text, utilizing a hybrid pigment black and dye color ink system to ensure quality prints for general documents which include text-heavy essays and photo printing needs such as borderless A4 photos. 

Easy Maintenance for Minimal Downtime

The new Canon G series printers feature user-replaceable maintenance cartridges that can easily be purchased off the shelves. Replacement is easy, without complex steps, so users can save a trip to the service center.

PIXMA Ink Efficient G3730 and G2730 All-in-One

Both multifunction printers offer improved ease of use for print, copy, and scan functions, designed to boost productivity at home and home offices. The PIXMA G3730 features wireless connectivity and supports mobile printing and scanning with smart devices on a local network or to cloud services, offering wireless mobility and flexibility.

PIXMA Ink Efficient G1730

For students and home users who need a compact and simple printer that meets basic printing needs, the print-only PIXMA G1730 is the ideal choice.

Highly Versatile Printing

With the intuitive Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app, users can set up the printers wirelessly and enjoy a smooth and seamless connection. They can print, copy and scan effortlessly from mobile devices, check printer status and ink levels, and connect to the cloud for more flexible control.

The Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app makes printing simple and is perfect for business or personal use. With ready-to-use templates, photo layouts, postcards, collages, calendars, photo IDs, and even business cards can be created in minutes. The app is available for iOS, Android OS, Windows, and macOS.

The Easy-Layout Editor app for the Windows OS platform supports editing and content layout for documents, web pages, and many other file types. The Collation Print feature puts files with different file formats together, before sending them as a single document for printing. Users can also choose the Free Layout feature to arrange and print the content. 

Professional Posters and Flyers Made Easy with PosterArtist (Web Application)

The free web version of PosterArtist can be accessed from anywhere and offers home and business users full flexibility and guidance from start to finish. Users can choose from a wide range of designs, images, templates, fonts, clipart, and icons to create flyers and posters for various business purposes.  

Doc Pao, Bachelor with a Heart

In these unprecedented times, we all look for someone to guide us through the chaos, someone who will show us the way to be healthy, happy, and safe. And that's where Dr. Paolo Bellosillo comes in - a man who has dedicated his life to making a difference in people's lives, especially during the pandemic.

Doc Pao, as he is fondly called, is a community leader, husband material, and an overall good addition to any family. His passion for helping others, combined with his extensive knowledge and experience in integrative medicine, makes him the go-to person for health and wellness advice. Any woman would be lucky to have a man like him in her life.

What sets Doc Pao apart from other doctors is his holistic approach to medicine. He doesn't just treat the symptoms of a disease; he addresses the root cause and works with his patients to develop a personalized plan for optimal health. He believes that a healthy body is a result of a healthy mind and spirit, and he helps his patients achieve balance in all aspects of their lives.

During the pandemic, when people were afraid to step outside their homes, Doc Pao was out and about, helping those in need. He took care of around 400 patients, including law enforcement, military, and civilians, by constantly monitoring their health and providing them with the right medical care and nutrition. He used his expertise in cellular medicine and various medical systems to help his patients overcome diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Doc Pao also believes in the importance of exercise, a balanced diet, and getting enough sleep, even during these challenging times. He understands that taking care of one's body is essential to staying healthy and active, especially in the fight against COVID-19.

One of the most inspiring things about Doc Pao is his dedication to helping others, even in the face of adversity. He took care of a family of eight with varying medical needs and helped them overcome COVID-19 without being intubated during the height of the pandemic. He did this with the help of a multidisciplinary team of healthcare workers, implementing cellular nutrition protocols and monitoring the patients through compact equipment, even in their homes when hospitals were full.

Doc Pao's ultimate goal is to help the Philippines develop a more realistic COVID-19 management system with zero casualties, utilizing whole medical systems. He advocates for enhancing the quality of life and helping people avoid becoming sick in the first place.

In conclusion, Dr. Paolo Bellosillo is a man who exemplifies what it means to be a healthcare provider, community leader, and a good addition to any family. His holistic approach to medicine, passion for helping others, and dedication to improving the quality of life make him a remarkable individual. Any woman would be lucky to have a man like him in her life. 

Monday, April 3, 2023

What is Woodlands International Homeschool?

As a parent, you constantly worry about your child. You worry about your child's safety even at school. Then, homeschooling may be the best option- spend more time with your child or children every day, making sure they are safe while educating them right in the comfort of your own place.

Passion for providing quality and affordable education

The passion of Dr. Richard Paolo B. Deluria, Woodlands International Homeschool Chairman and CEO, and his wife Ms. Frances Louise T. Deluria, a qualified registered pediatric nurse in both the Philippines and United Arab Emirates (UAE), to provide quality yet affordable education for Filipino children of Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE, made it possible to establish Woodlands International Homeschool, the latest venture of SRK Education Group International.

Dr. Deluria and his wife Frances Louise believe that homeschooling can be executed in the comfort of homes, especially since it has grown more popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

"Most families converted to this kind of new normal way of education," said Dr. Deluria, a Bachelor’s degree holder in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, a Master’s in Psychology, and Ph.D. in Education Major in Curriculum Design, Development, and Supervision.

Dr. Deluria underscored the vital role of technology in the transition to the new normal way of executing education.

"We have our own Learning Management System that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Likewise, mobile applications and websites are meticulously designed to serve not just as a marketing tool but as another way to create meaningful learning experiences for all its students," Dr. Deluria shared.

For her part, Ms. Deluria said that homeschooling provides positive and appropriate socialization with peers and adults.

"Homeschooled children are largely free from peer pressure. Homeschooled children are comfortable interacting with people of all ages," Ms. Deluria stated.

Mental benefits of homeschooling Dr. Deluria said that homeschooling has created a positive impact and installed discipline as a routine has been set up to religiously follow the curriculum while extra time is created by homeschooling.

Meanwhile, as a personal experience for her, Ms. Deluria said that homeschooling has allowed their child to "explore other talents that have since been honed like playing piano, swimming, and basketball."

Academic accomplishments

Dr. Deluria believes that both homeschoolers and pupils in traditional schools can attain academic accomplishments. "Both have equal opportunities for everything as long as both will not be confined in the four corners of their rooms or for homeschooled children, at their home," he said.

However, Dr. Deluria refuted the "misconceptions" about homeschooling, for one the lack of socialization. "Though if you look at the history of education, learning from home is one of the earliest ways of educating children," he explained.

"It has since evolved to a better and standardized process that is now being enjoined by many families globally," he attested. As to the assessments, Dr. Deluria said that Woodlands International Homeschool does quarterly assessments.

"I homeschooled the student’s family preferred PH curriculum, then the same will be enrolled in the partner school so as to report in the Learning Information System (LIS) of the Department of Education, if they chose US curriculum then they will be reportable to the partner school in Texas," he said.

Future of homeschooling

" Since we have started this noble mission of creating an alternative way of doing the new normal way of education, Woodlands International Homeschool will follow the best practices of all its counterparts across the globe," Dr. Deluria assured.

In the UAE, he cited, more than a thousand students have been interested and have since converted into enrolling in our curriculum.

" Testimonies from all the current and past students have proven both effective and economical reasons on why they wanted our way of execution," he said. Woodlands International is anchored on the solid foundation of providing Philippine and US-based curricula for SRK students in the Middle East.

It belongs to the group that has served almost 2,000 students across the region catering to different types of families with the trust and engagement of the Filipino and International Community that has since moved to international schools or other western countries like the United States, Canada, and other European countries. 

Its curriculum is now well-certified under the Department of Education in the Philippines and the United States. The average cost of homeschooling per child will be P75,000.00 per year but can be adjusted based on the future needs of the families. Likewise, there will be options for payment on additional tutors should the subjects will be really challenging.

"It is more flexible," Dr. Deluria excitedly shared.


To those parents who are having second thoughts about homeschooling their child or not, Dr. Deluria said that it takes a lot of courage to homeschool one child.

" As a parent, I feel how a day will go home without a single nag to our naughty kids. Yet if you allow exploring homeschooling and the benefits of it, like us, you should be able to feel comfort, safety, and close attachment to your children. Attending one of our orientations may ease all your worries as we have a very interactive session prior to enrollment," he encouraged.

"Homeschool-based education shall be the future of education," Dr. Deluria concluded.