Thursday, March 31, 2011

why beautiful women are strong ...

We are strong because eventhough men covet us, they only covet us. They do not want to keep us. They want to put us on display and show us to the world. They want to be able to say, "she's mine!" but not do anything to keep us being theirs.

We are strong because we have been hurt; hurt too many times. We cry to sleep at night and wake up with a smile on our face because that is what is needed; that is what the world expects. We are strong because we have to be.

We are strong because really, who is there for the beautiful woman? Who would understand her woes and blues? She is beautiful and wanted. What else can she want? What else does she need.

We may be strong, we may be beuatiful, we may look like we have it all but please, do not forget ... we are humans too. We hurt. A lot. And we bleed and we have bruises. We're just more adept at masking them and hiding them.

Simply because it doesn't show, it doesn't mean that we don't hurt. We hurt. A lot. We bleed and we bruise. We just carry it with more panache but we hurt.

do you really wanna know what's in my head?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kanin Club ...

I recently had dinner here with my BBF and I'd like to share my thoughts on the place since it's always full and the lines just crazy.

I was a bit disappointed. I guess my expectations were a bit high but its worth a shot if you ask me. This is what we ordered.

sinigang na sinangag .. WINNER!

fried chicken
sagot gulaman
I loved the sinangag na sinigang. It was so different and crazy. It does something to the taste buds. It's sweet, tangy, sour, and all kinds of giddy. Yes, the rice makes you giddy. It's just really a different taste.

The chicken was so-so. It wasn't that memorable but it was okay. I wouldn't order it the next time though. I'd try something new just so I can understand more the fuss that it creates.

The ambience of the place is so so. I feel like it lacks something. It's not Filipino enough nor is it Spanish. It's just ... blah.

See what I mean? There is nothing outstanding about the place. It doesn't stand out. Still, I'd give it one more shot before I take it out of my list of places to eat at at Ayala Triangle.

At least I got a pretty good shot.

Barcelona and Bangkok

Two ladies have been so kind enough to give me, take note, give me citymugs. I love both mugs and now they are on display.

And here they are right now on my display case.

Thank you Janina and Gold. You are treasured.

glee moments with B

Last Sunday,  I posted a status on facebook saying that I was having a glee moment with my son because we were coloring books and singing our hearts out to sad love songs. Yes, my son and I, singing sad love songs. I must have played that playlist so many times because he already knows the lyrics to the songs on it. So there we were ... singing and of course, I took some photos.

I love you  B. You will always be the man who won't leave me for at least the next 10 years.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my collectibles ...

GO asked me on the way home last weekend, what else do you collect besides the mug? I told him I'd post pictures of my other collections and so here it is, aside from the mugs, my other collections.

my books

my scrapbooks

cards, highlighters, pentel pens

ceramics and a demi set

my pens
my bulletin board
my GLEE collection

Monday, March 28, 2011

run away ...

I need to let go
I need to run away
I need to breathe
I need to let it be.

Stop holding me down
I'm drowning
Stop playing me
I'm hurting.

I need to go somewhere where I won't think of you
You consume me
I need to go somewhere loud so I won't hear my thoughts
It engulfs me.

I need to go somewhere
I need to escape ... me.

Have you ever cried so hard you couldn’t breathe ? That you lean your head against every wall in your room . Pacing back and fourth thinking What the fuck just happened . Everything happened so fast . Trying to think about what just happened but you’re also trying to stop the tears from falling . The back of your throat clenches, your fist squeeze tighter and tighter . Hitting everything you come in contact with . Have you ever cried so hard that the only person who can stop those tears is the person behind the reason why you’re crying ?

Monday Affirmations # 7

"this, too, shall pass" 

For every bad thing that is happening
For every heartache
For every sad moment
For the moments when you cried yourself to sleep
For the moments when you felt left out
For the moments you needed someone and no one was there
For every tear that fell
For every sigh that escaped your lips

There is something good that will happen.
It will pass.
You can do it.

I can do it.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

muninmuni # 62

I haven't made a weekly reflection for such a long time now. It's been exactly a month based on the last munimuni and I'm going to be honest enough in saying that it was because my heart was broken.

Funny noh? I don't have a boyfriend  and yet, my heart was broken. It was broken and it still is. Yes, I do have my twinkle moments with different guys but it seems I have lost, finally, the ability to believe in love. It just really isn't for me. I don't think it ever will be.

And so this post goes to those people who have been there and is still there throughout the turbulent times of my life and my heart.

To my SB group, thank you for the smiles and the laughter and the crazy moments. You make me remember why laughing is such a good thing.

To my family who never let go no matter how much they probably wanna bang my head against a wall.

To my friends, who are there no matter what.

To my siblings, I love you all. Let's have more bonding moments like this.


won't you be my baby?

Let's call him GO. And boy, is this really a go. All lights are green and we are raring to  start this adventure. I call it an adventure because what we have is something that is not of the norm.  We even laughed about it earlier in the car because some people were asking what we were and I merely answered that we just make each other smile. That's all.

They could 't believe it and they think that it will lead to something else. The thing is, GO and I both don't want it to be more than what it is. What it is now is FUN. It's fun and laughter and its sweet and nice. It's exactly what we both want and what we both need minus any drama.

GO and I, we made plans. Yes, we did. We plan to go eat at Gayuma ni Maria, Mercato Central, Bon Chon, Nuvali, do some dancing, and have coffee at UCC Coffee. Those are our plans. The part that I like best, there are no false promises in this adventure and everything is all clear.

It doesn't hurt either that he is a bit of an eye candy and he is so not intimidated by me. So to you GO, I say ... loosen up a bit, seize the moments, and lets jump start this adventure.

I see a lot of moments here ... great, fun, laughter filled moments.

So baby ... here's a song from Dirty Dancing that we shall practice on when we have our dance lesson.

"So won't you please
be my, be my baby ...
my one and only baby
be my, be my baby now
Whoa oh oh oh."

Hahahahaha! It makes me wonder, that you always make me laugh. LOL.

the Pilarville experience of the SB group

Last night, at around 2am, I rang GO (who's story will be told in another post) and asked him if I can hitch a ride with him to meet with our SB group. He agreed and this is why I was able to attend the monthly meet up of our SB group and do some business as well. LOL.

As expected, it was so much fun and it was an afternoon of laughter, food, and mugger stories. Best part of the afternoon for me are the following:

1. hanged out with GO
2. saw L and the whispering moments and shrieks hahahaha
3. the CLASS photo
4. the people (all of you!)
5. I made some money hahahaha.
6. and did I mention GO? hahahaha

So, as always, here are some photos. Can you guess who GO is? Hahahaha ... I'm sure you're all dying to hear his story.

posing in front of the mugs and poster

the food

the class photo

the goddesses

It was such  a fun filled afternoon. Thanks GO for taking me there.

K's 11th birthday celebration

I can't really say much about it since I wasn't part of the actual one, save for dinner. Yes, bitter ako. Haha.

Here you go ...

Happy 11th bithday Shobe!