Monday, February 25, 2008

congratulations !!!

My twin brothers won Silver in the recent 2nd Manila Dragon Cup which was held at Lakeshore Mexico, Pampanga. Great job twins! Mwah mwah!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

collecting clutter

I decided to share some stuff with you since I've been cleaning and organizing things. Above are some of my Snoopy collection as well as some of my Starbucks mug collections. This was lovingly arranged by the best MIL one can possibly have. Cute huh?

I collect a lot of things actually. These are the ones I cannot let go of.
  • scrapbooks
  • care bear stuff
  • notebooks
  • scrap stuff (for the scrapbook)
  • colored pens
  • accessories
  • picture frames
  • hair accessories
  • dvd's
  • patterns for cross stitching
  • kitchy christmas ornaments
  • ref magnets
I have stopped collecting the following:
  • stickers
  • stuffed toys
  • pillows
  • shoes
  • belts
What do you collect?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Guess what?

I got the job! Whee! I start on March 3. It was supposed to be February 26 but I have this thin about starting things at the start of the month. Do you get it? Anyway, wheee!!!! ÜÜÜ

And here's the B showing off once again.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Feast 180


Have you ever played a practical joke on anyone? If so, what did you do and who was your victim?

Yes I have. I would at times hide something that a peson may have carelessly placed or left somewhere and when they start panicking, that's when I would give it to them. Normally, it would be friends.


What do your salt and pepper shakers look like?

We don't have one really. Hehe.


Where is the next place you plan to visit (on vacation or business)?

I really want to go to Spain or Thailand.

Main Course

What kind of lotion or cream do you use to keep your hands from getting too dry?

Any lotion that I can find. I do love Love Spell by Victoria's Secret though.

Make up a dessert, tell us its ingredients, and give it a name.
Hmm ... strawberry split. It would consists of strawberryes, condensed milk, mini marshmallows and nuts. Yum-O! Hehe.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

the gods are smiling

Not to count the chickens before the eggs have hatched but it seems that you are looking at the blog of the newest Vendor Manager of one of the largest companies not only in the Philippines but in the US as well. Ü I'm gonna be given the job offer so pray for me okay?

Whee!!!! Thank you everyone for the continuous support and love that you have sent my way. Mwah mwah!

PS. This is B's favorite sleeping position. Weird huh? Any of your kids sleep the same way?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

never lose hope

One thing I learned from this week is that one must never lose hope. I know it seems so easy to say but actually, its quite hard to maintain. The attitude that things will work out, that this too shall pass is not something that can just be kept up at all times. One at times feel rather desolate and letdown.

I'm just happy that hubby is there to pick me up though not immediately. Still ... I'm happy that he's there by my side, making an effort to make things better.

How about you? Was there ever a time in your life you felt hopeless?

Friday, February 15, 2008

off to work?

I have been out of a job for 4 days now. It is seriously killing me. I am so not used to not having to do anything. This feels wrong. I've had a lot of interviews but with managerial position, turn around time can take a month or more and I feel like I just can't wait that long. Call me impatient but I'm really not the type to just sit back and relax.

I know that there are people who love this kind of life; chilling and relaxing and just being a bum but unfortunately, that is just not me. I thrive on pressure and deadline, even stress as sick as that may sound. Sigh. Woe is me.

Pray that I get a job REAL soon okie? I need all the help I can get and I'm pretty sure you don't want to read my ramblings anymore than you have to.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

because life can't wait

Have you ever had a life can't wait moment? You know, that moment where you just had to grab the opportunity and seize the day regardless of whatever consequences it may give? I certainly have and I'm very happy to say that I did grabbed the moment. Some of them turned out to be the biggest mistake I've done while some gave me the biggest blessing.

Here are some of my life can't wait moments and what I've gotten from them in return.

1) modelling ... I was never one of the top models nor could I say that I was even remotely close to being one but I did have my fair share of modelling stints and I did get to see my face on a billboard, some ads, and had a few fashion shows. This is one of the first life can't wait moments for me since I used to be a scrawny teenager who wouldn't be caught dead wearing make up, stilletos, and a fashionista top.

Modelling has taught me self confidence and how to look your best even when you feel like rolling over and never getting up. It also taught me that even the most angelic face has something to hide and that not everyone is nice.

2) beauty pageants ... okay okay ... you can laugh now bu tyes I was part of this world too for a very limited time. At that time, I wasn't too happy about being one of those girls who had to be super perfect the whole time but looking back now, I am glad I was part of it because it helped me see things in a different light.

Pageants allowed me to see that though there are some who are merely beautiful and nothing else, it actually does take more than a pretty face to win a contest. It also involves a lot of discipline which I sadly don't have just to maintain appearances.

3) call center industry ... when I started in this industry, everyone kept saying that it was a suicide career. I had nowhere to go. I didn't listen to them and I'm glad that I didn't. It may not be the most ideal career one can possibly have but it brings home the bacon and I can say that I am darn good with it.

4) having a baby ... I was not ready to have one. I think I will never be ready to have one but along came the tornado and somewhere between changing poopy diapers and running around trying to catch him to get whatever he's stuck in his mouth, I've realized that he is the reason why I live; why I was born into this world.

5) getting out of my comfort zone ... right now I don't have work and I will be looking for a new one. I'm already a supervisor but I'm thinking of trying out for the entry level position again. Why oh why? It's not because I can't get a supervisory post ... its really more of feeling burnt out. I want to try working my way to the top in a new company. I want to challenge myself and see if I can do it. It's crazy but the idea is just there in my head. Think I should go for it?

What are your life can't wait moments?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

up, down, back,front

This week has been truly challenging for me. It gave me time to step back and think things over.

Should I stay in the company I'm working in? Should I just let go? Do I want them to keep me? Do I want them to let me go? Is it really worth fighting for or is everything that has happened telling me to just let it go?

At times, it all seems so confusing and I feel the need to escape though I know that I cannot. And with all these comes the realization that at times like these, I really need to leave everything to God's will.

What has happened in your life recently?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Twilight Series

Has anyone read this series? I love it! I love it love it love it! Much to my dismay, it seems to me like I am the only one in my group to have read this. Others I've asked didn't like it and most have not heard of it. This makes me wonder since its always sold out in the bookstores here in Manila. Weird no?

Here's a preview for those who might be interested. Lemme know if I was able to convince you to read it okay? It's really worth your while. They've even finalized a movie deal and the guy who played Cedric Diggory will be Edward in this film. *faints with delight*

Start with Twilight, next is New Moon, then Eclipse. The author is Stephanie Meyer, a SAHM.


I just saw this blog from another blog and they have a contest. Go check it out.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

It's truly another year for us now. Happy new year. I hope that everyone will be blessed with strength to surpass the trials that will come our way and will have space in their homes for new blessings and wonderful memories.

To know more about your Chinese Horoscope, click here.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008