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Power All Day With Summerific Payday Offers From TECNO Mobile

TECNO Mobile, knows exactly how to make payday weekend even more spectacular, with huge, hotter-than-summer deals on its best-selling mobile phones and accessories at the TECNO Mobile PH Official Store in Shopee Mall. Staying true to its commitment to delivering innovative, high-performing smartphones to emerging markets, these offerings meet both the needs and budgets of TECNO Mobile’s consumers. The brand strives to enable every Filipino to experience advanced mobile technologies that enable them to stop at nothing in their pursuit of excellence, truly making TECNO Mobile the premium smartphone brand for all. 

Visit the TECNO Mobile Shopee store from April 29 to May 1, 2022, and save up to Php 2,000 on select smartphones. Shoppers will also get a free DITO Family Sim Pack (Trio) with each purchase. 

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Scan To Win With POVA Neo - Extended until May 15!

Win big with TECNO Mobile’s Scan To Win With POVA Neo Promo, which now runs until May 15, 2022. Every purchase of participating TECNO Mobile smartphones entitles a customer to join, for the chance to win fantastic prizes, including Yamaha Mio Gear 125cc Motorcycles, Samsung 50" UHD Smart TVs, the latest smartphones and AIoT devices from TECNO Mobile, and cash rewards. For more details, visit here.

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Super Payday Sale at SM Malls Online

Payday nanaman, TIPID shopping time!

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Up to 85% OFF sa Super Payday Sale ng SM Malls Online mula today, April 28 hanggang May 1! Mula damit/sapatos, gadgets, essentials at pagkain super daming naka-sale!

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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Why the Philippines Remains a Top Destination for BPO Firms

The Philippines is a country that has plenty to offer to those that come from near and far. Aside from its warm climate, beautiful tourist destinations, and friendly people, it also attracts plenty of foreign investments, particularly those that have to do with an industry that has emerged in recent years: business process outsourcing. Over the past two decades, the Philippines saw the rise of its information technology and business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry primarily due to partnerships forged between the public and private sectors. As the Philippines continues to grow its third-party service offerings and client base, the future of its outsourcing industry will keep getting brighter with more clients seeking high-quality offshore support at agreeable rates.

Tracing its beginnings to the early 1990s, the IT-BPO industry encompasses a range of services, including data entry, contact centers, back-office support, transcription, software development, and even game development and animation. According to an Outsourcing Journal report, the Philippine IT-BPO industry ranks first in voice-related support, accounting for a global market share of 13%. In 2020, the industry generated USD 26.7 billion in revenue, a value that is projected to reach USD 29 billion in 2022 despite the economic downturn driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The country’s IT-BPO sector also employs approximately 1.3 million individuals in more than 1,000 companies. Many of these workers provide customer support in a variety of industries, such as travel, insurance, telehealth, and tech. Related to this is the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) sub-sector, which focuses on professional, knowledge-based services, including accounting, finance, virtual assistant (VA) support, and creative work.

The outsourcing industry has since expanded from large multinational organizations to include small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) seeking transparent pricing, flexible terms, and a vast portfolio of services. And with more businesses embracing hybrid or remote work, there are now more reasons to consider the Philippines as an outsourcing hub. Here are just some of the benefits foreign firms can derive when they choose to invest in the country’s IT BPO sector. 

High English Proficiency and Western Influence

The Philippines shares a long history with the West. Thanks to decades of American rule in the country, there’s barely any language barrier between Filipinos and the English-speaking world. In fact, the EF English Proficiency Index ranks the Philippines at 18 out of 112 economies, with an EF EPI score of 592, enabling it to pass the “high proficiency” standard. The country also ranks second in Asia. Although Filipinos speak and learn a number of native languages as their mother tongue, the majority of schools in the country prefer English as their medium of instruction.

And with American influences ranging from basketball to fast food, it’s no surprise that Filipinos are among the most westernized groups in Asia. 

Adequate Workforce Training

With its largely export-oriented employment culture, the Philippines offers plenty of support to future members of the global workforce. Organizations like the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) even fund training programs designed to train students for BPO jobs. There are also institutions in the country that offer BPO-specific subjects. Every year, around 500,000 Filipino students graduate equipped with in-demand skills such as software programming and app design.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Business districts in the Philippines house a large number of buildings and office spaces dedicated to the IT-BPO sector. According to the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), there are around 415 economic zones across the country, with approximately 297 accounting for IT parks and centers as of November 2021. IT-BPO firms under PEZA have also invested PHP 328.6 billion in Philippine ecozones over the last two decades, according to the agency. With more industrial parks shifting out of major urban areas and into the suburbs or provinces, opportunities remain aplenty for businesses large and small to invest in economic estates for their offshore processes.

Reasonable Service Rates 

Because of the Philippines’ low cost of living, foreign employers save labor costs through outsourced staffing solutions. In addition to the wages of Filipino workers being generally lower compared to their Western counterparts, doing business is also affordable due to lower rental rates, taxes, and exchange rates, among others. Companies can boost profits and save operational costs by realigning funds to other investments like staff upskilling and customer service improvement.

Business-Friendly Government Policies

In 1995, foreign investors saw an opportunity to expand their footprint in the Philippines through the Special Economic Zone Act or RA 7916. The law resulted in various capital- and operation-related benefits, including relaxed area development requirements, corporate tax exemptions, duty-free importations, and even permanent residency for investors. Besides instigating more prevalent foreign ownership, the Special Economic Zone Act also led to the establishment of PEZA and opened the doors for the Philippines’ BPO boom. 

In addition to providing incentive packages to attract qualified entities in industrial estates and Special Economic Zones, the Philippine government’s privatization efforts also include integration with the country’s neighbors through the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (AFTA). Through these policies, foreign investors can enjoy lower tariff rates and broaden their consumer market in competitive economies.

All the Benefits and No Fuss

Starting a business doesn’t have to be costly, especially for enterprises that are just starting out with limited resources. Combined with strong government support and the excellent work ethic of Filipino workers, choosing to operate in the Philippines will always be a good business decision. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Astra Pimentel (#51) Belongs in the Senate

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t normally get myself involved with politics. It’s just not my thing though I do like to keep myself updated with what is happening. I just don’t share my thoughts and opinions as much because I don’t like dealing with the negativity and toxicity that comes with entangling yourself in politics. 

However, there are certain exceptions that I allow myself and one of them is Astra Pimentel (#51) who is currently running for Senator. I had the chance to meet and interview her over lunch and she won my support, hence, this article on my blog. 

Though Astra comes from the Pimentel political family, she is a different kind of politician. For one, her advocacy is for the indigenous people or what is simply called IP. She would like to advocate and raise awareness about their plight, all 18M of them. 

Yes, there are 18M IPs and they need all the help that they can get so if we can have a Senator who will advocate for them, then I am all for it. 

Aside from the 18M IPs, Astra also has an 11 Point Agenda for Continuity. 

1. Fight against Corruption.

2. Eradication of Poverty

3. Strengthening Peace and Order

4. Ending the Pandemic 

5. Defeating Communist Terrorism 

6. Economic Recovery 

7. Defense and Foreign Affairs 

8. Employment

9. Education 

10. Decentralization and Local Government 

11. Charter-Change and Federalism 

I love that she has specific plans, especially for the IP community. When asked, these are her plans which I hope will be made into a reality. 

  • Improvement of transportation because SKYLAB is still being used which is a form of Habal-Habal 
  • Scholarship programs for IPs that show promise. It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone super smart but it has to be someone who wants to learn and has a dream. This should also include dormitories, uniform fees, and meal allowance. If there is a set grade that they need to maintain, put it at an average level to have more inclusion. 
  • Awareness about the IP community, beyond being a cultural heritage. 
  • Better infrastructure because without transportation, the products that they have won’t be converted to cash since they live far away from the city. 
  • Include the IP community in the development process of the Philippines and provide special access for them when it comes to schools, employment, and the like. 
Astra Pimentel may be a name that you are not familiar with because she does not boast about her achievements or hold a press conference every time she does something for the people but she is a name that you need to take note of. #51 Astra Pimentel, ipasok natin sa Senado.  

Baby Khali Goes on an Adventure with Unilove

Now that people are starting to go out, we ourselves feel a little more courageous in bringing Khali out. Of course, we still need to take the necessary precautions but we are now able to bring him to hotels, restaurants, and the mall. 

However, when we do, we bring a lot of items that I feel help keep all of us safe, especially Khali. We have alcohol, disinfectant spray, and Unilove Wipes. This one, we have tons of and when I say tons, I mean, A LOT. 

I think we bring about at least 3 packs and I know that's a bit much but you see, we use it for so many things. We use the Uni-love Chubby Wipes to wipe his body when he gets dirty. I love that it has a wide sheet so it covers more area. 

Uni-Love Chubby Baby Wipes are thick in size and thick in quality. It prevents unnecessary leaks and is free from any harsh substances like paraben and alcohol. These extra-thick yet extra soft baby wipes are 100% safe for the baby's face, hand, and body. 

We use the UniLove Baby Wipes Summer Edition when he walks around the village. Uni-Love Baby Wipes contain the natural properties of aloe vera, lanolin, and Vitamin E. It is natural, mild, and effective cleansing for your baby's delicate skin and prevents rashes. It is also proven to have thicker and softer fabric than any ordinary wipes. It is suitable for hands, face, and body and for the nappy area.

I love how I don't need to worry about Khali sweating while playing around because I have things that help me keep Khali safe and comfortable. 

Thankfully, Uni-care lets me conveniently stock up on essentials that keep the baby fresh and clean with the Uni-care Brand Day on Shopee this April 28! Always be summer-ready with Uni-love Summer Festival on April 28 only on Shopee!

Filipinos are More Connected to Their Mothers than in U.S. and Australia

A recent survey shows that more than 93% of Filipinos speak to their mom at least monthly, and as such, report knowing more details about their mother’s favorite things than respondents in the United States and Australia.

As Mother’s Day approaches, WorldRemit, a leading digital payments company, spoke to 3,000 customers across the Philippines, Australia, and the United States to understand the relationships they have with their mother figures. The data shows that the overwhelming majority of Filipinos are more connected to their mothers than the survey average. 

As 77% see their mother on a monthly basis, people reported knowing their mom quite well, including her favorite hobby (91%), way to treat herself (92%), flower (77%), singer (79%), and movie (70%). 

When the pandemic hit, the way that people parent changed quickly. In the first year of the pandemic, women reported spending an average of 30+ hours per week solely on child care, perpetuated by the ongoing restrictions set by COVID-19. 

Beyond knowing mom’s favorites, WorldRemit asked the participants the last time they acted on this knowledge across a number of categories. 

  • 49% of Filipinos have sent their mother a gift in the last month, similar to the 46% of Americans who reported doing so, but 8% more than Australian respondents (41%)
  • 70% have participated in their mom’s favorite hobby in the past month, compared to 31% (Australia) and 39% (United States) in the same period
  • 69% have given or sent a mom’s favorite treat in the past month, compared to 37% of Australians and 49% of Americans
  • 40% have sent their mother flowers in the past month, a significant difference compared to 26% of Americans and 17% of Australians in the same time period. 
  • 68% have sat down with their mother to listen to her favorite musician in the last month. Interestingly, almost half of Filipinos (47%) have done this in the past week compared to 27% of Americans and 11% of Australians in the same time period. 

“In the Philippines, Mother’s Day is an appropriate time to show our appreciation for the hard work, dedication, and care our moms constantly provide,” said Earl Melivo, Country Director (Philippines). “At WorldRemit, we know people can’t always be in the same place as their loved ones, and we work to make it easy for those living overseas to return the care and safely send money back home with ease.”

Mothers work tirelessly to provide a healthy, happy upbringing to their children - no matter what age they are. They know all the favorites, the fears, and more. While we’d never be able to return the care to mum in a way that truly shows how much we appreciate what they do for us, WorldRemit encourages everyone to make sure mum is taken care of this holiday season.

To learn more about WorldRemit, or to send your mum living overseas a gift via a digital remittance, visit

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LG Announces the Winners of the LG Ambassador Challenge

Over the past few months, LG Electronics Philippines (LGEPH) has been collecting entries for the first-ever local iteration of the LG Ambassador Challenge. The initiative, which was started with Korea Friends of Hope International (KFHI), is a first in the Philippines and affirms LG’s commitment to help deliver sustainable growth to local communities in the country. After reviewing all the entries, LG selected ‘Ride for Hope’ by Bahay Aruga and ‘Roof for Siargao’ by Red Charity Gala.

(L-R) Taeho Lee, KFHI Country Manager, Josefino B. Bonilla,  Bahay Aruga Director, Viana Joan B. Mata, Bahay Aruga Corporate Secretary, Sungjae Kim,  LGEPH Managing Director, Kerry Tinga with Kaye Tinga, Red Charity Gala Co-Founder, Young Park, LGEPH Product Director for Air Solutions 

Bahay Aruga (BA), which was founded in 2014, is a free halfway house for Pediatric Cancer patients at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). Most of the children need to be in PGH every week because of their long-term treatment, but the predicament they are facing is that they don't have a place to stay here in Manila. Hence, the halfway house was born. 

There are many cases where patients and parents sleep on the sidewalk of the hospital to wait for the patients' next check-up and treatment. Sadly, many of them abandoned their treatment because of financial hardship. This is how the Bahay Aruga came into life. 

As endorsed by the Oncology department of PGH, patients with their parents or carer are fully accommodated at BA for free. These patients are given utmost consideration to make their stay comfortable, as cancer treatments can often be difficult and at times mind-boggling in terms mentally, emotionally, financially, and otherwise. 

Recently, the matriarch of BA and who conceptualized the halfway house, Marietta Bonilla, passed away due to COVID-19. During these uncertainties, a family member made an assurance to its residents that BA will remain operating. The distance to PGH however, is still quite far and with Manila traffic and medical emergencies, every minute counts. 

The Ride for Hope project’s aim is to procure a new ambulance for the kids who need an immediate medical response. Receiving the grant is Josefino B. Bonilla, one of Bahay Aruga’s directors ‘The daily battle of patients and carers is endless, but with the Ride For Hope project, and the new ambulance that we will be able to use, life will be more convenient and better for the pediatric cancer patients. Thank you, LG and KFHI for this program’. 

Red Charity Gala (RCG) was started in 2009 by chairpersons Tessa Valdes and Kaye Tinga whose objectives have been to raise funds for numerous beneficiaries through the celebration of Philippine fashion. 

In the last 11 years, they were able to raise over 30 million that has been distributed to Philippine Red Cross, Gifts & Graces, and Assumption HS 81 Foundation, among others. These funds have been used for relief efforts and community building in several provinces across the country. With the onset of the covid pandemic in 2020, their mission was put on hold. 

Jordan Valdes has also been a fixture in RCG events and witnessed the generosity of its organizers, guests, and donors, making RCG the most awaited fashion charity event over the last decade. She was living in Siargao for six months when Typhoon Odette hit the province in December 2021. Having seen first-hand the destruction of her second home, it became apparent that her kind-heartedness, generosity, and her exposure to RCG equipped her to launch her own fundraising for those whose lives were affected by the typhoon. 

She initially asked for donations from her family and friends from Manila and all over the world to provide food & supplies for the typhoon victims. Two months after the storm, Jordan saw that there is still a lot to do for Siargao. In February, she went back to Manila in the hopes that she can raise more funds to help the communities in Siargao. Thus, the RCG Roof for Siargao project was born. 

As RCG evolves, they go back to the core of bringing people together: it is about giving hope, sharing our blessings, and empowering people to rebuild their lives. Ms Kaye Tinga, RCG co-founder was grateful to LG when she attended the awarding, ‘The opportunity for Jordan Valdes to be chosen as an LG Ambassador can inspire young people to take the initiative to help improve other people’s lives. We thank LG for giving us, Red Charity Gala, a unique opportunity to make a difference. 

LG Philippines Managing Director Sungjae Kim shares his excitement about the two winners of the pioneer program “The LG Ambassador Program is the first in the Philippines and a part of LG’s commitment to helping Filipinos through social contribution activities that deliver sustainable growth to local communities. We, together with Korea Friends of Hope International, want to become arbiters of change and help communities blossom. These two programs, Ride for Hope and Roof for Siargao, are both in line with our brand values under an overarching vision that seeks to achieve a better life for all. We stand behind their vision and we want to see more of what they can accomplish with this win.”. 

Jollibee's Creamy Coffee and Choco Floats

The summer season may seem short but the days can be long, especially with the grueling heat. It’s no surprise that these days, people often look for something cool and refreshing to boost their energy.

Jollibee’s got you with its new Creamy Floats, smooth and uplifting drinks to cool you down this summer! The Choco Float provides extra indulgence as a smooth chocolate drink topped with creamy vanilla soft-serve, while the newest Coffee Float energizes with its delicious coffee topped with vanilla soft-serve.

“Our Creamy Floats were launched to give our customers more ways to keep cool this summer,” said Joseph Aruta, Jollibee Marketing Director. “During this fun-filled season, sometimes all you need is a chilled, delicious drink to lessen the heat, uplift the mood, and add some good vibes. These sweet and creamy floats can serve as a thirst-quencher or even a dessert to make these summer days even cooler.”

Satisfy your cravings and treat yourself to a Choco or Coffee Float at your nearest Jollibee store for only P49 (solo) or upgrade your value meal drink for P35. Jollibee also offers Coke Float and Royal Float for only P40.

You can opt to have them safely delivered to you via the Jollibee Delivery App,, #87000, GrabFood, and foodpanda! They are also available via Drive-Thru and Take Out.

For more info and updates on Jollibee products, like Jollibee on Facebook, subscribe to Jollibee Philippines on YouTube, and follow @jollibee on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

The Motorola Edge 30 Pro is Your Next-Generation Smartphone

It’s no secret that today’s generation desires a phone that can handle anything. A high-quality camera, fast refresh rate, and connection, wide-screen display, long battery life, and stellar device performance are the boxes to tick when scouting for a new device. Luckily the new Motorola edge 30 pro guarantees these and more to meet what users need.

A performance that won’t let you down

As the tech industry continues to unveil exciting new games and productivity applications, the required specifications on a device can tend to get higher. However, there’s no need to worry as the Motorola edge 30 pro is powered by the ultra-powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Qualcomm’s latest, fastest, and most advanced processor. Users are guaranteed a powerful all-around high-quality phone experience anytime and anywhere. 

The motorola edge 30 pro is also equipped with a UFS 3.1, the latest in storage technology that works faster and more efficiently, allowing the phone to hold up to 256GB built-in storage --all while keeping the device running smoothly with 12GB of LPDDR5 memory. Perfect for more photos, applications, and games. 

Thanks to the motorola edge 30 pro’s advanced hardware and powerful software, high-resolution viewing is also just the beginning. The phone’s main camera features 50MP with Omni-directional PDAF and a 60MP front camera with Quad Pixel technology that allows users to capture any kind of photo with sharp details day or night.

The camera also features its big-screen quality, allowing users to record cinematic videos with 8K resolution right on the phone. With its HDR available in the viewfinder, users are able to preview intricate details to snap the perfect shot. Camera modes available include Ultra Wide, Macro Vision, Dual Capture, Spot Color, Super Slow Slow-mo, and Audio Zoom.

Insane Speed, Ultra Smooth and High Quality Entertainment

In this day and age, lags are unacceptable. With the motorola edge 30 pro, users can connect to 5G networks and get blazing-fast speeds whether loading social media applications or streaming favorite TV shows. 

Speaking of favorite TV shows, the motorola edge 30 pro  features an ultra-smooth 6.7” Max Vision OLED display with FHD+ 2400 x 1080 resolution and 144Hz refresh rate that automatically adjusts based on the type of content on the screen. With a HDR10+ certification, the phone offers vivid and true-to-life colors with improved brightness and contrast. Users can also customize their screen settings using its Night light mode and High brightness mode, and can expect a reduced visible screen flicker with the new DC dimming technology.

Motorola also prides itself on the quality of entertainment it brings to its users and how it transforms the way people play. Not only are users guaranteed powerful software with the new motorola edge 30 pro but also an improved immersive entertainment experience as well. With two large stereo speakers, enjoy a new dimension of audio with three-dimensional sound by Dolby Atmos. Users can pinpoint cleaner vocals and clearer notes at higher volumes, perfect for solo concerts in the bedroom or jamming out with friends

Be Ready For Greatness

Apart from top-notch entertainment, Motorola equips its users with innovative software experiences. With an easy connection mechanism, users are able to project their phones to a bigger screen without any trouble.  Move your phone’s games to the big screen with a simple Bluetooth connection to a controller. Feel like you’re right in the room during video calls with family, friends, and colleagues. And livestream your day-to-day life, host a panel discussion, and even add speaker notes from google docs as a reminder during presentations.

Working from anywhere is also possible with Ready For. Use your apps on a desktop display and connect to your keyboards and mouse extensions with Bluetooth. The new assistant allows access to both your phone and the PC on one screen to transfer files between connected devices, taking multitasking to the next level.

A device that has YOU in mind

The motorola edge 30 pro comes with a powerful 4800mAh battery that allows users to do everything without having to worry about battery life. The device also charges with the new 68W TurboPower that powers up the phone to 50% in just 15 minutes.

The motorola edge 30 pro is engineered with Android 12 and among its features is the ability for users to customize and personalize the device to their own tastes, from the fonts, sizes, colors, icon shapes, and layout, to display size and many more. On top of the redesigned Motorola+ Material You, it allows users to control Android 12’s visual elements and move them according to the user’s preference.

For aspiring gamers, aside from being able to enjoy desktop-quality gaming thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming, the Android 12 lets users jump right into gameplay without waiting for the full download to finish; the Moto Gametime also provides different controls that block notifications, allow screen recording, and give full control of audio.

Designed to be sleek and sophisticated, the motorola edge 30 pro features a premium 3D matte satin gloss finish that shimmers with hints of color. Other than the aesthetically pleasing looks, the phone is equipped with different functions that make for a more intuitive user experience. Unlock the motorola edge 30 pro quickly by touching the fingerprint reader and accessing your favorite apps with a simple double tap with the all-new Power Touch.

Don’t miss out on these next-generation features on the motorola edge 30 pro. Now available for pre-order for PHP34,995 at Motorola Kiosks in SM Megamall and SM North EDSA, participating Lenovo Exclusive Stores, and authorized mobile resellers nationwide. Get freebies worth over PHP23,000 when you pre-order from April 25-28. Follow Motorola Philippines on Facebook for more details.  

Uniqlo Reopens at SM Fairview

Japanese global apparel retailer UNIQLO is set to reopen its new and improved store at SM City Fairview, Quezon City on April 29, 2022, for a better customer shopping experience.

The UNIQLO SM City Fairview Store will be located at the Upper Ground Level, Central Walk with a bigger shopping floor and an expanded LifeWear collection for Men, Women, Kids, and Babies’ to suit the shoppers' needs for any activity and lifestyle. The store will also feature a dedicated UT corner sure to please fans and a Click and Collect Booth where customers can pick up their orders from the online store.

To celebrate the reopening of its SM City Fairview store, UNIQLO will have limited offers on select items from April 29 to May 5 that customers can enjoy:

Customers will also be treated to special items and activities during the store’s opening weekend. On Friday, April 29 only, the first 200 customers in line will get one (1) free Peach Mango Pie from Jollibee.

In addition, customers can get one (1) free limited edition UNIQLO Bento Box for every single-receipt purchase of PHP 3,000.00 from April 29 to May 1, 2022.

A Photobooth installation will also be available for customers to take joyful moments of themselves as they shop in the new and refreshed UNIQLO SM City Fairview. This fun photobooth will be available until May 31.

For more updates, please visit UNIQLO SM City Fairview’s special feature page at or download the UNIQLO App via Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Follow UNIQLO Philippines’ social media accounts, Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram ( 

Easy to Cook Recipes with Ajinomoto

Summer is arguably the favorite season for many. It’s the time of the year when Filipinos enjoy trips to the beach, long vacations with friends and family, or simply more time relaxing at home. All of these could only mean one thing—summer is the season for eating. Yum. 

What’s a summer outing without equally exciting food? After all, a huge part of bonding during summer activities is the salu-salo. While grilled fish and hotdogs are stapled favorites during summer outings, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation has curated recipes that you can try on your next trip to make your salu-salo experience more fun and memorable.

These four recipes are not only delicious and easy to prepare, but they are also less in sodium too, so it’s good for you and the family. 

●        Simple Lemon Herb Chicken

Rich in protein and great for quick cooking, this recipe is perfect especially when you’ve got kids (you can’t go wrong with chicken when youngsters are around). Quick and easy, you’ll be done in less than 30 minutes with a savory dish made yummy with AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning.  Check out the full recipe here: Simple Lemon Herb Chicken Recipe

●        Thai Pork Barbecue

A must-try recipe to level up your barbecue experience. Not only is it easy to prepare, but BBQs are also ideal for outdoor cooking and get-togethers because they aren’t messy to eat and people can just grab a stick or two before diving back into the water again. Full recipe here: Thai Pork Barbecue Recipe

●        Kalabasang Okoy na may Hipon

If you’re into seafood, here’s a recipe that should excite you. The regular okoy already tastes great, but adding this twist should bring the dish to another level. With the kalabasa providing a layer of crunchiness and sweetness, this simple dish should be a nice addition to your summer-ific menu. Kalabasa which contains Vitamin A and beta-carotene not only helps maintain healthy eyesight but also helps strengthen immunity. All you need to do is mix AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning to the batter, stir in beaten eggs, kalabasa, bean sprouts and shrimps. Mix well, and fry. Voila! You’re done. Learn the full recipe: Kalabasang Okoy na may Hipon Recipe

●        Lumpiang Baboy at Carrots

Amongst all Lumpia variants, Lumpiang Baboy at Carrots, or what we commonly know as Lumpiang Shanghai, will always be a crowd favorite. In fact, this dish is almost always present during birthdays, fiestas, or even during summer outings. They’re easy to make, carry around, and don’t spoil easily. You can pre-make the lumpia at home (or even cook it there). Try this less sodium version with AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning, which helps turn this rather ordinary food item into a bestseller on your summer outings. Click here for the full recipe: Lumpiang Baboy at Carrots Recipe

In its pursuit of helping Filipinos achieve a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing their hearty diet, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) Group recently launched its BawAsin® or Bawasan ang Asin campaign, an effort that encourages consumers to reduce their sodium intake without sacrificing the deliciousness of their meals. Ajinomoto has created a BawAsin® section in its official website. It provides information that reducing sodium in a diet is not difficult or will result in bland food. The site features 100 less sodium creative recipes that help individuals enjoy meals that contain less sodium yet enjoy the same deliciousness. According to the World Health Organization, a “reduced salt intake can blunt the rise in blood pressure that occurs with age and reduce the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease events and congestive heart failure.”

The BawAsin® or Bawasan ang Asin campaign is a reflection of the brand’s “Eat Well, Live Well” promise, which aims to help families improve their health by providing ways on how to prepare healthy and delicious meals.

For more fun and healthy recipes, visit the Less Sodium Recipes section of Ajinomoto’s Cookmunity website: 

First UT Collaboration with Final Fantasy

UNIQLO today announces that it will release the Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary UT collection on Friday, May 6, to celebrate the internationally beloved role-playing game series. UTs (UNIQLO T-shirts) offers an array of authentic pop culture and art graphics from around the world that allow wearers to express their individuality. The lineup will feature 16 titles from the series, including the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI. This exclusive UT range will immerse fans in the enduringly fascinating world of the role-playing game franchise.

This first UT collaboration collection with Final Fantasy will showcase key scenes, unique characters, and memorable episodes. The collection will include pixel art designs from early in the series, evocative battle scenes, magnificent graphics, and other fan-pleasing details.

Advanced visual techniques, unique style, and compelling storylines. In 2017, it received Guinness World Records recognition for being the most prolific role-playing game series, having released 87 such titles. Fans everywhere look forward to the release of Final Fantasy XVI.  

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Empowering Communities through #SocialGood

The private sector plays a significant role when it comes to economic growth in the Philippines by generating more jobs and contributing to our gross domestic product (GDP). Beyond that, it is also considered to be a driving force for inclusive and sustainable development in the country as more and more businesses employ corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to address social and environmental concerns within the communities where they operate.

By helping improve the quality of life of the people in these host communities, business is able to flourish. As such, CSR has become a key pillar of successful business management through the years. SM’s visionary founder, Henry “Tatang” Sy, Sr., put it best in his principle that social development and investment go hand in hand with business growth to achieve a better future.

The SM group has embraced the responsibility to contribute to nation-building through its social good arm, the SM Foundation, Inc. (SMFI). For nearly four decades, we have focused our resources, time, and reach to ensure that we are able to create opportunities wherever SM is present through social good programs that are geared towards quality education, sustainable agriculture, healthcare, and disaster response.

Anchored on Tatang’s belief that education is the greatest equalizer, SMFI established the SM Scholarship Program in 1993 to provide the youth access to quality tertiary and vocational education. We believe that through our scholarship grants, SM will be able to contribute to eradicating the intergenerational poverty cycle by granting scholarships to economically challenged but deserving students. And to complement this and more importantly, to address the challenges being faced by our public school system, SMFI, together with social good partners such as SM Prime, we have provided school buildings equipped with key facilities and equipment to underserved communities. 

Another social good pillar of SMFI is sustainable agriculture which aims to address the dilemma of the aging farmer population in the country as well as the growing gap between supply and demand for local food sources. In 2007, the foundation launched the Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan (KSK) program to bring modern and sustainable farming skills and linkages to both rural and urban communities, empowering farmers to have food on their table and creating a market linkage to provide them with economic opportunities. 

Accessible healthcare and timely disaster response are also at the heart of the foundation’s advocacy. Through its Health and Wellness program, SMFI helps address the shortage of quality healthcare facilities in the country by constructing and upgrading health centers in host communities supplemented by medical mission activities nationwide. Operation Tulong Express (OPTE), on the other hand, gives immediate assistance in the form of relief goods and medical services in collaboration with SM Supermalls and SM Markets to communities affected by calamities and disasters that frequently occur in the country.

During the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, SMFI was one of the first organizations to assume an active role in assisting in the pandemic response by expanding the reach and impact of the Health and Wellness program and utilizing its partnerships to extend a helping hand to frontliners and Filipinos nationwide, especially those in SM host communities.

Through these social good programs, we continuously aspire to be a development partner for our host communities and serve as a model for other organizations in terms of bringing social development especially in areas where they operate.

Implementing CSR involves a dynamic learning process given that social and environmental good are moving targets – and these cannot be fully achieved through one-time activities and decisions. Instead, companies should view and approach CSR as a process of continuous improvement that involves being constantly alert to new issues and considerations, which can be achieved through consistent community consultation and engagement.

And contrary to the notion that CSR is only an approach for large corporations and multi-national businesses, small and medium-scale enterprises can also have the means to benefit their respective communities in their own ways. In fact, they are more likely to effectively facilitate local-level CSR programs as they are more deeply embedded in their communities. Examples of these include sourcing raw materials from community-based suppliers, matching and encouraging charitable work by employees, and even as simple as going paperless in their daily business operations.

CSR programs, no matter the size or scale, are valuable to the communities they are serving because of their pivotal role in promoting sustainable, just, and balanced development, and contributing in addressing social and environmental challenges. 

SM Supermalls will Color You Happy this Summer!

Snap-worthy rainbow play areas! Multifunctional play pods in all colors of the rainbow await you at the indoor and outdoor play pods that kids and kids-at-heart will love. From rainbow staircases to larger-than-life displays, you’ll have no trouble getting the best and most colorful #POTD entry!

Sizzling hot summer deals! What’s summer without a mall-wide sale? Go on a shopping spree and get all your summer essentials, including must-have toys, at the nearest SM mall. Delight your kids with sporty knick-knacks, inflatables, and bikes to amp up their summer activities even while at home. Visit the pop-up stores in select SM malls for great finds and exclusive deals!

Sweet treats and Summer Eats! Sip, eat, repeat, and satisfy those cravings with a wide array of food and drink choices at SM Summer Eats!  A weekend al fresco market awaits you with delicious meals and refreshing drinks all in IG-worthy colorful dining spaces! Watch out for Summer Teas happening on April 16 to 30 where there will be lots of discounts on the best milk teas to quench your thirst too! 

Summer fun under the sun! Time to flex that Tiktok talent! Be witty and wacky, colorful and bright, at the SM Summer Tiktok challenge which you can shoot at any of the malls’ colorful outdoor and indoor displays. For pawrents, you can have a furry fun time with your pets when you join the pet olympics, go on a picnic with them, or treat them with a pampering session. For the fitness buff, there’s going to be a 7-day fitness blitz for adults and kids at select SM malls where you can blow off steam and sweat it out. Whatever your passion is, we have lots of summer fun activities lined up for you!

From safe dining to shopping and everything in between, make it a fun and colorful summer to remember at SM Supermalls! Make sure to visit or like and follow @smsupermalls on all social media platforms for the latest news, promos, and activities. 

SM Prime’s Costa Del Hamilo with WWW-Philippines preserve mangrove trees

Hamilo Coast through its developer, SM Prime’s Costa Del Hamilo, Inc. safeguards a 20-hectare mangrove forest, the largest of its kind in Nasugbu, Batangas. Together with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF-Philippines), Hamilo Coast continues to preserve over 50,000 mangrove trees to date as it remains committed to its advocacy for environmental and social sustainability.

Mangrove forests make up one of the most productive and biologically diverse ecosystems on earth. Mangroves come in a variety of sizes from shrubs to tall trees and grow in waterlogged soils of saltwater. With their roots sticking up out of the mud, they generate nursery habitats for a wide-ranging diversity of marine species. Around 46 salt-tolerant mangrove species actually exist in the Philippines.

Aside from their value as marine environments, mangrove ecosystems are also prized as terrestrial ecosystems and as habitats for terrestrial fauna. Hence, these Mangrove ecosystems are a strong focus for conservation since they play a vital role in carbon sequestration, opportunities for biodiversity, and ecological benefits to the coastlines.

Hamilo Coast aims to create a beach resort and entertainment destination where its residents and members can enjoy a coastal lifestyle.

Friday, April 22, 2022

ePLDT Bags Multiple VST ECS Awards for Global Technology Partners

ePLDT, Inc., the ICT arm of PLDT Enterprise and the country’s leading enabler of digital business solutions, has recently received three awards from VST ECS Phils, Inc.

During the VST ECS Sales Kick-off and Thanksgiving events, leading local ICT distributor VST ECS Phils., Inc. has awarded ePLDT the Most Promising Partner of the Year for Fortinet, Top Partner of the Year Award for Cisco Meraki, and Top Valued Partner Award for Dell Technologies Data Protect Suite after achieving multiple sales milestones in the past fiscal year.

Jojo Gendrano, FVP and Head of PLDT & Smart Enterprise, said that ePLDT is honored to have been recognized for its business excellence and to have consistently met its partnership goals with VST ECS Phils, Inc.

“VST ECS Phils, Inc. has been an invaluable partner for 19 years, and we are grateful for the longstanding partnership that has allowed us to serve the technology needs of enterprises. We are very proud and thankful to have achieved these milestones that speak of our continued commitment to providing our customers with services and solutions of world-class quality,” Gendrano said.

During the virtual awards ceremony, Enterprise Strategic Partnerships and Alliances representatives Fay Ocampo and Mark Dimayuga received the award on behalf of ePLDT.

The Most Promising Partner of the Year – Fortinet Award is given to a partner that has aligned its Fortinet business to VST ECS and has consistently shown and showcased a demonstrating vision, consistent progress, and clear aspiration to be one of the top partners of Fortinet.

Meanwhile, the Top Partner of the Year – Cisco Meraki Award is awarded to a partner who has helped ignite Filipino businesses by giving affordable connectivity to customers; has full knowledge of the Cisco Meraki portfolio, and can position, support, and enable their clients seamlessly. 

The third award is VST ECS Top Valued Partner Award for Dell Technologies Data Protect Suite, which is a recognition of ePLDT’s performance and contribution to its Dell business in 2021.

Jimmy Go, President & CEO of VST ECS Phils. Inc. said he is thankful for the partnership with ePLDT, and is positive to continue the relationship for years to come. “We look forward to strengthening the partnership with ePLDT and fostering a mutually beneficial business relationship. We are glad that we have been doing business with ePLDT for 19 years. Even during this pandemic, we were still able to grow our respective businesses,” added Go. 

VST ECS Phils, Inc. has been a Fortinet and Cisco distributor since 2011 and 2014, respectively. VST ECS Phils, Inc. is also a valued distributor of other PLDT Enterprise partners such as HPE, HPE Aruba, Avaya, and Nutanix.

ePLDT is the ICT arm of PLDT Enterprise and one of the leading ICT service providers in the Philippines. The company assists businesses, and organizations with a broad portfolio of data centers, cybersecurity, managed IT, and cloud services. 

For more information, visit 

Mekeni: Fire Up Your Entrepreneurial Spirit with Your Own Timpla of Success

The Philippines is a country of resourceful and resilient people. Despite the loss of livelihood and business closures during the lockdowns, the entrepreneurial spirit of Filipinos never seemed to falter.

Mekeni Food Corporation, one of the leading food manufacturing companies in the country, embodies the unfaltering entrepreneurial spirit of Filipinos. It started as a backyard business of a simple Kapampangan family, but through hard work and dedication, it became a homegrown food brand that offers products here and abroad.

Mekeni's story continues to inspire and drive other businesses to aspire for something greater. Through the years, and the ups and downs that the company experienced, it has developed its own timpla of service and care. To fire up every Pinoy’s entrepreneurial spirit, Mekeni shares their recipe for success, which Filipinos can replicate to fit their goals.  

Stand out by offering the best products

Customers nowadays are more discerning. They want to get the best product for the best price. There is a wide-range of products you can offer—both for food and non-food. Mekeni’s rule of thumb on this aspect is to commit to offering the best quality products at reasonable prices. Remember that your skill at choosing the best product is crucial to your success.

Have a trusted business partner

Selling is the easy part of owning a business, but sustaining its growth is a whole new level. Find a reliable partner to help you grow your venture. For Mekeni, having a good relationship with its distributors, retail partners, and customers has helped them weather storms and challenges. It is also important that your values and objectives are aligned to ensure that you are headed in the same direction.

Know your customers

As a micropreneur, knowing your customer base is the first step to being on top of the game. Mekeni puts emphasis on the importance of doing market research for a micropreneur to know more about the customers and their competition.

Find out what matters to your customers. Do premium products matter to them most? Or do they put more importance on price points? How do they consume information—through digital or traditional media?

Knowing your competitors will also help you determine how to position your products and what niche you want to conquer.

With information such as these, you get to know what kinds of offers, products, and services would be appealing to your prospective target market.

Maximize your social media use

Almost everyone these days is online. Step up your marketing by putting an effort to tell your customers who you are, what you sell, and why they should buy from you. You do not need to be everywhere, but you need to be where your customers are and be consistent.

“It has always been our mission to uplift the lives of our communities and beyond—whether by offering quality products or forging partnerships. Knowing your stakeholders and valuing what is important to them is one of the keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur,” said Mekeni President Prudencio Garcia. “More importantly, setting a clear goal is an important ingredient to success.”

There is no specific formula for driving a business to success. However, Mekeni believes that embedding these fundamental principles in your processes can definitely propel your business to greater heights.

To know more about Mekeni, its products, and business opportunities, visit its official Facebook page at

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Staycation at F1 Hotel

Sometimes, you just need to get out of your home and stay somewhere nicer. Don't you agree? 

I think we all get that feeling of sometimes just wanting to be out of the house but not really travel far or prepare for an extensive trip that would require booking a flight, reservations, and an itinerary.  Sometimes, all you need is a staycation and this is exactly what we did last Easter. 

We booked a staycation at the F1 Hotel which is located at the heart of BGC, Taguig.

The first thing I really love about F1 is their outdoor dining. As you can see, it just gives you that Manhattan vibe and you can easily imagine yourself sipping some cold drink while looking at the skyline. 

It was my baby's first time to have a staycation and it was something that my eldest missed because he and I used to do a lot of staycation so this was definitely a welcome respite from all the deadlines of school and work. 

I loved that the room we booked had a king sized bed because we co-sleep with our baby. The living room area was also big enough to accommodate an extra bed without leaving it feeling cramped. Overall, definitely bang for buck for the room rate. 

The kids went swimming and since we went at a dead hour, they had the pool all to themselves which I really loved! 

Khali was able to go around and learned to float. B didn't feel conscious as well because there were no other people.

Khali also had fun during his first Easter Egg hunt. I'm go glad that F1 took little kids into consideration when they did the Easter Egg hunt so they also had a chance to win things.  

Seeing Khali happy made me so happy as well. 

We also enjoyed the food served during the Easter event and breakfast. Now because the room was so cozy and far more spacious than we anticipated, we ended up eating in our hotel room instead of dining out. 

We had a restful sleep and I actually ended up oversleeping. The beds were that comfortable and the aircon wasn't too hot or too cold. 

Overall, I have absolutely no regrets that our first staycation since the pandemic happened at F1 Hotel. Our family enjoyed our stay and that's all that matters. 

If you would like to book a room, you can message them here

Live Your Best Life with Xiaomi 12 Series

Living your best life means having the right tools to help you embrace all your passions. Today’s young and dynamic achievers know with their minds, hearts, and guts that it’s no longer a choice between these experiences and interests. They are all within reach as long as one has mastered the digital lifestyle.     

Enable your digital and ever upwardly mobile life with the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro, and grab yours today at the ongoing #Xiaomi12Series open sale. Shop now on Lazada and Shopee, or at any authorized Xiaomi store nationwide. 

Designed to masterfully capture perfect moments  

The Xiaomi 12’s camera possesses a ProFocus feature that allows it to learn and track the algorithm of the subject allowing for clear capture of a moving subject. Moreover, the Great Portrait Mode and Ultra Night Video make it a snap to capture spectacular images even in low-light conditions, as it automatically brightens the scene and details in the photo or video. These features make the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro among the best camera phones in the market today. 

The QUAD speakers with SOUND BY Harman Kardon give the crispest, cleanest sound, while the WQHD+ dynamic 120HZ AMOLED display delivers spectacularly clear colors and visuals, providing incomparable entertainment experience.

Energized to help you get the most out of life  

Living in the moment also means being able to perform important tasks efficiently and when needed. From paying the bills to video call meetings, catching up on social media, and recreational activities, these have become more convenient and even fun to do on a smartphone. . This is why the Xiaomi 12 series’ HyperCharge and Turbo Charging features on its battery matters significantly, ensuring that your phone always has the energy for all tasks, whether important or fun.  

The Xiaomi 12 series’ wired charger with up to 67W wired charging lets you charge completely and at an unprecedented speed of just 39 minutes. On the other hand, the 50W wireless charging fills the battery in just 53 minutes.

The Xiaomi 12 Series is peak performance smartphone running on Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and has the following key specs:  

Xiaomi 12 Pro Key Specs:

Pro-grade triple 50MP camera array: 50MP telephoto and 50MP ultra-wide lenses

Leading Snapdragon 8 Gen 1: Advanced 4nm processor with 5G

All-Around Elevated Sensory Experience: WQHD+ dynamic 120HZ AMOLED display and Quad speakers, SOUND BY Harman Kardon

Smart 120W Xiaomi HyperCharge: 50W wireless turbocharging

Xiaomi 12 Key Specs:

50MP Pro-grade main camera: Ultra-wide and Tele macro lenses

Leading Snapdragon 8 Gen 1: Advanced 4nm processor with dual 5G

All-round elevated sensory experience: 120Hz AMOLED display and Dual speakers, SOUND BY Harman Kardon

67W wired and 50W wireless turbocharging: Long-lasting 4,500mAh(typ) battery

Get your very own Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro, and masterfully capture and share every moment. You may purchase them in official Xiaomi stores and resellers near you or visit their flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee.

To know more about the Xiaomi 12 series, visit

Tang Gives New Meaning to Snacking

The Philippines’ #1 powdered beverage brand Tang is giving new meaning to what a snack looks like with the launch of its new Fruit & Veg beverages and Gummies line. These new launches are in response to changing consumer needs due to the pandemic and the new normal. With these exciting snack offerings, Tang aims to further cement its leadership in the powdered beverage category and gain a foothold in the growing gummy snacks segment.

In the wake of the pandemic’s immense impact on the world, consumers are reassessing what snacking looks like, tastes like, and what it means to them in the context of their altered lives. According to the 3rd Annual State of Snacking Report, an overwhelming 79% of people surveyed said that their definition of what a snack is has evolved over the last 3 years. In addition, more people - 89% in fact, say that they imagine there will be more snack options to choose from in the next 3 years. People surveyed attest that the snacks they are eating now are different from the ones they consumed 3 years ago. The State of Snacking Report is an annual survey conducted by Tang manufacturer Mondelēz International, The Harris Poll, and Next Atlas. The survey aims to understand people’s changing behaviors around snacking. 

Tang Fruit & Veg: Deliciousness and Nutrition in one Refreshing Glass 

In the Philippines, Tang is the undisputed leader in the powdered beverage category. The brand’s delicious fruit-flavored variants contain Vitamin C levels equivalent to 2 small oranges, which equates to 100% of kids’ Vitamin C requirement for the day. Tang not only has a taste that kids love but also has the nutrition every mom wants for her kids – no wonder it’s every mom’s go-to drink! Most especially during the pandemic, Tang has helped Moms to provide additional nutrition to keep their kids healthy.  In the past two years, there has been a rising trend of immunity and products with fortification benefits. With this consumer understanding in mind, Tang’s dual ambition is to grow the future of the powdered beverage category as well as enter a new and growing snack segment with the launch of exciting new formats for Filipino consumers to enjoy. 

Tang Fruit & Veg is the first of its kind powdered beverage in the Philippines that offers the deliciousness of fruits PLUS the nutrients of vegetables. Families can enjoy the taste of Tang Orange PLUS Carrot, making it a high source of Vitamin C as well as Vitamin A. Having one glass of Tang Orange + Carrot gives kids the Vitamin C amount found in two small oranges and the Vitamin A amount found in a ½ cup of carrot. Nutrition and deliciousness in a glass? It’s a parent’s dream come true! 

Also launching in the next few months is Tang Dalandan + Malunggay. One glass gives kids the Vitamin C equivalent to one piece of Dalandan (about 67g) and iron close to 1 cup (90g) of Malunggay. 

New! Tang Gummies 

It’s juicy, chewy, and with vitamins! Tang Gummies has the delicious fruit flavors that moms and kids love about Tang, in a new gummy format. Gummies is an opportunity segment, growing faster than the total candy snack category (Nielsen, 2020). This presents a growth opportunity for the Tang brand to be present in more snack formats while staying true to what endears it to moms and their kids. Each pack of Tang Gummies is a high source of Vitamin C and contains real fruit extracts. It comes in two variants: Tang Orange Gummies – shaped like real orange segments, and Tang Mixed Fruits Gummies, which contain orange, mango, or strawberry shapes and flavors.

“Tang is exploring our snacking approach. We’re focused on accelerating our core business while exploring opportunities in broader snacking categories,” shares Carlo Isla, Category Manager for Powdered Beverage, Gum, and Candy of Mondelēz International in the Philippines. “Tang has been beloved by moms and kids for decades in the country. With the pandemic changing how we all live; Tang aims to stay ahead of the emerging trends among consumers. Tang Fruit & Veg and Tang Gummies resulted from a deep understanding of consumers’ preferences, their needs for their family in this new normal, and how snacking now plays a bigger part in their lives.” 

He ends, “Consumers prefer trusted snacking brands like ours, but they expect more. They want more offerings, value, and quality. In response, we are being agile and moving fast to win in snacking.” 

Tang Fruit & Veg is now available in all supermarkets nationwide and online through Shopee and Lazada. Tang Gummies is also available starting April 2022 in select supermarkets, and online.