Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Review of the 2021 Belle de Jour or BDJ Planners

If you have been reading my blog for some time now, you will know that I am a huge fan of planners. Every year, I would share my latest planner and show which ones I got and why. This year is no different. 

However, I decided to be a bit more extra and do an actual review of the different planners that I will be able to accumulate this 2020. Some people think that it's a waste of time but I say otherwise. 

Planners are here to stay. 

Now, let's go ahead and start with the BDJ Planners, also known as , Belle de Jour planners. 

I was lucky enough to secure almost all the designs that they launched for the 2021 collection and I must say that I am pretty impressed with this set. 

There is something for everyone who still uses a planner. 

The FOCUS 2021 BDJ planner is perfect for the minimalists. Inside the pages you will see weekly pages with boxes for each day and nothing more. It's clean and simple, just like how most minimalists prefer things to be.

The 2021 Essentials Planner is perfect for those who like to design their own BuJo or bullet journal. Inside you will see a dotted page that helps in laying out habit trackers, doodles, and other themes that can be used by these type of planners.

The Meeting Notes is a bonus add on for those who attend a lot of meetings. It has all the pertinent details necessary to ensure that you cover a meeting and not miss a single detail. I believe that this is a supplement to the planners.

My favorite from this collection though would be this. The style reminds me of the Happy Planners and it is simply gorgeous. 

The overall look, feel, and finish is very sleek and classy. It's the kind of journal that you can use as an accessory to finish a look. The inside of this one fits the boss babe or creative gal.

It also comes in another cover, the 15th anniversary limited edition. 

As I mentioned, there is definitely something for everyone who uses a journal when it comes to the 2021 BDJ planners. I'm so glad that they have expanded and now accommodates all kinds of planner users. 

Which one was your favorite? Let me know below. 

To see the inside of the journals/planners, watch the UNBOXING AND REVIEW here.

Go to https://go.crazyaboutpaper.com/viviamoplanners to view more of their products, and start your meditative journaling this 2021.

Monday, September 28, 2020

3 Things You Still Need this Pandemic

With so many things going on in the world and "few"things happening in our lives, it's so easy nowadays to just let go of everything. Let go of yourself, let go of time, let go of reality. After all, if you're just staying home for the past 6 months, you're probably at the stage where you are questioning your own existence and purpose.

Fret now because this is just a phase that the entire world is going through. Soon, this will be over and you will come out of this crazy bubble better off because you have learned things you never knew about yourself. However, it is important to know that there are a few things in this life that you still need even if you are just mostly home nowadays. 

1. You still need to shower. 

A lot of people seem to take this for granted but now, more than ever, you need to shower frequently and wash your hands. As it has already been declared that any type of soap is good enough to kill the bacteria, I suggest using Diwatang Maria, the soap that I have been using.

It is an organic soap that is locally made and it not only gets rid of harmful bacteria, it will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. Something that we all need these days when days seem to pass by in a blur. 

2. You still need insurance. 

If you are still going to work or a love one is, you need to have the Juan Life Personal Accident Insurance. For only Php500, you are covered for a year in case you have an accident. With life being so unstable these days, you need to make sure that should an accident happen, you or your love one is protected. For just Php500 a year, you can be covered for up to Php250,000.

The best thing about Juan Life Personal Accident Insurance is that it takes less than 30 minutes to be insured and you don't need to step out of the house. CONVENIENT! 

M is already covered with this and I got some for his brother and my cousin as well. I just loved the fact that I didn't have to go out or go through so many paperwork to get them covered. You should give it a try too.  

I know that I feel just a bit more secure because we have this.

3. You still need to BREATHE. 

When we say you need to breathe, we mean that you still need to take care of your mental health. Now that a lot of people have lost their support system because of the lock down and not being able to have a cup of coffee or eat out with others, people's mental illness have started to suffer as well. 

Personally, I was shocked to see people shaving their heads, dancing in front of the camera, and do other things they would normally never do before this whole thing started. It seems that for a lot of people, the whole lock down took a toll on their mental health so it's important to remember to breathe. 

These days, its easy to let go but hopefully, the things mentioned above are the things you never, ever let go.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Review of WaterWipes, The World’s Purest Baby Wipes

Big claim right there for a wet wipes right? However, it seems that WaterWipes is very confident about this and so my interest was piqued. 

I am a big user of wet wipes. It's not just for my baby but for myself and admittedly, when I need to do a clean sweep or clean of things around me. After all, wet wipes are notorious in catching dust like nothing can. Now that I have a 7 month old, it has become more useful. 

WaterWipes has only two ingredients on it. Water and a drop of grapefruit seed extract. Mind blown. This wet wipes literally has 99.99% water which makes it super safe for my baby's skin. I was just amazed. 

These waterwipes are longer than the usual wet wipes which gives it more coverage.  I use less wipe with this because it can cover and clear more with one sheet. Bonus: I can even use this as a make up remover. 

WaterWipes were created out of founder Edward McCloskey’s love and care for his newborn  daughter. Edward couldn’t find a baby wipes brand that didn’t use chemicals and other harsh  ingredients, and nothing was safe enough for his daughter’s sensitive skin. That’s why he decided  to create his own brand instead. After years of scientific research, testing, and hard work, Water Wipes came to be.

WaterWipes are made of high-quality water sourced from an underground spring that has gone  through seven stages of purification— making it suitable for cleansing. They also have a drop of  grapefruit extract, which is proven to work as skin’s protective barrier and natural conditioner.

97% of midwives* recommend WaterWipes, and they are best for use on newborns, premature  babies, and those with sensitive skin. They’ve also garnered multiple awards, with the latest one  from the 2019 National Parenting Product Awards (Gold). As a baby wipe brand approved by the  

National Eczema Association, Allergy UK, Skin Health Alliance, and French Association for the  Prevention of Allergies, WaterWipes are moms’ best bet when it comes to baby’s diaper rashes  and skin allergies.

Adults can also use these as a makeup remover if they want to opt for something gentle and  chemical-free. For fitness enthusiasts, these can also work as a good post-workout wipe, as they  don’t make skin sticky or leave a residue behind. WaterWipes are also proud to be vegan, and the brand has been registered with the Vegan Society since June 2019.

The global brand created an environmental pledge where they encourage WaterWipes users to dispose their wipes responsibly. They’ve made a commitment to having a  100% biodegradable solution without compromising on the purity of their product, and they urge  their users to follow suit.  

It’s time to get pure and honest about your baby wipes. #ChooseWaterWipes now!  One pack of 60 retails for P249, bag of four packs for P949, and a bag of 12 packs for P2699.

WaterWipes are available on Shopee (https://shopee.prf.hn/l/6qV5GDd), and at the your favorite baby boutiques. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

First Impressions on the ASUS ZenBook 14 (UX425), World’s thinnest 14” laptop with full I/O Ports in Lilac Mist Color

The first time I had a Zenbook was back in 2017. 3 years later, it's still working perfectly fine no matter how much torture and stress it has gone through because of me. This is why when I had the chance to get my hands on the latest ASUS Zenbook 14 UX425 in Lilac Mist, I grabbed it.

When I opened the ASUS Zenbook 14 UX425 in Lilac Mist, the first thing that I said was WOW. It really made an impression on me. It was sleek, stylish, classy, and yet, it looked formidable, much like a boss babe.

This laptop is meant for the woman who knows what she wants and doesn't stop until she gets it. This is a woman who is juggling many things in life and can't be bothered to add another burden on her shoulders. 

The ASUS Zenbook 14 UX425 is so light that this will not be an issue at all. At only 1.13kg, this is the thinnest laptop out there with a 14inch display. This was very impressive for me. 

I have a baby so when I'm working at home, I need to be able to easily transfer from one room to the next. With the ASUS Zenbook 14 UX425, this is easy to accomplish. The slim design is perfect for Mompreneurs like myself and boss babes everywhere who work where they can.

The fact that there are so many ports is also a Godsend. I can easily charge my phone, transfer files from one hard drive to another and have my laptop render all in one go because it has multiple ports and is powered by Intel Core i5 10th Gen. 

The long battery life is also a huge plus because who wants to constantly have their laptop plugged right? I know I don't. The fact that this one can last 22 hours on ordinary use is exciting for me. My current laptop can lasts around 4 hours since it's already 3 years old so my giddiness at 22 hours is just crazy. 

I'm really excited to test the ASUS Zenbook 14 UX425. I hope that it's able to keep all of it's promise. For now, I am impressed with my first touch with the newest Zenbook. 

Product Page: https://bit.ly/ASUSZenBookUX425
E-store - (bit.ly / UTM) - https://bit.ly/ASUSE-StoreUX325
ASUS Facebook Page Link - https://www.facebook.com/ASUSph/

#DiscoverYourZen #ASUSZenBook14 #PoweredByIntel

Monday, September 21, 2020

1st of Many Scares with Khali

I don't really have anyone to talk to about the scares of being a Mom nowadays. My closest friend right now is single so she can't relate. Other Moms that I know are busy with their lives so I feel like I can't bother them as well. 

Earlier, Khali fell off our bed. B was watching him and I stepped out of the room for a minute and 10 steps out I heard a thud and then a cry and my heart stopped. 

Before I was able to confirm I felt a pain in my heart so strong that I thought I was having a heart attack. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I didn't know what I expected to see but I had visions of blood, running to the hospital, and just every possible worst-case scenario. 

Thankfully, I was more imaginative and crazy than reality. 

Khali fell off the bed and when I got to him, B was already carrying him. He was crying bloody murder because he must have been shocked and he had a red patch on his forehead and nose. My heart broke but I tried to stop being a Mom and first checked for head wounds and any injuries. Thankfully, there was none.

I have to admit that I didn't handle this well. I ended up yelling at B out of my own fear. I projected on a teenage kid who was trying to help his Mom out and failed. I ended up yelling coz I failed as a Mom.

It was bad but thankfully, I got my act together after a few minutes. 

M found out later and he handled it well, like really well. Maybe that's the upside of growing up in a normal family where there is nothing but love. He took a deep breath and never raised his voice. He was amazing. I knew he was upset but he handled it really well. 

I know that this is just the first of many scares that I will have with Khali because he is just 7 months old. There will be more and I need to prepare for it. Thankfully, today, I learned how to be a better parent from someone who has only been a parent for 7 months. 

PS. Khali seems to be doing well. He's moved on from his injuries while his crazy paranoid Mom is still checking if he's breathing 7 hours after the accident. Sigh.  

Friday, September 18, 2020

High Breed Lifestyle Clothing is NOW OPEN!

In the middle of the ongoing pandemic, only the strong can rise to go against the norm. While a lot of companies have been forced to stand down and close shope, High Breed chose to rise to the challenge and so High Breed Lifestyle Clothing was born. 

Keeping comfort in mind and the penchant of Filipinos for wearing hoodies at the slightest sign of rain or cold, High Breed Lifestyle Clothing delivers what Filipinos look for in a piece of clothing: fashion, function, and comfort. 


As you can see, all the shirts have basic designs on them which makes them wearable anywhere. The shirts come in basic black and white. They are very comfortable and even when you sweat through the shirt, it doesn't feel uncomfortable. 

The hoodies on the other hand comes in S-XL which makes it perfect for almost everyone. It's made of quality clothing, perfect for those chilly nights or when rainy season sets in. This will definitely keep you feeling warm. 


High Breed is now open to accept orders here and they ship nationwide.  You can also check their Facebook page here.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Local Artists who sell Stickers on Shopee

As someone who journals, I've made many a purchase on Shopee from local sellers in China. After all, they sell really cheap but beautiful stickers. A great example would be Muhan.PH and Mohamm.PH

However, local artists shouldn't be ignored and so I rounded up some of the good ones that I saw on Shopee and now I'm sharing them in the hopes that others would see it, like them, and buy. 

After all, we need to love local right? 

Paskong Pinoy Icon Set Stickers


Morning Breakfast Planner Stickers


Pinoy Thingz Sticker Pack


Filipino Merienda Sticker Pack


Pinoy Meryenda Kakanin Stickers


These are just some of the local artists that I have seen. There are still a lot more of them and I strongly believe that we need to support them.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Review of Pasty Princess' Creamy Chicken Pie

Creamy chicken pie. 

The name alone invokes images of a relaxed afternoon spent at home. For me, creamy chicken pie brings back memories of my childhood when we would have treats during weekends. A creamy chicken pie was a treat for us. 

A good friend of mine referred Pastry Princess to me. She said that since I love chicken pies so much, I should give this one a try. I was curious but seriously apprehensive. After all, I had the holy grail of chicken pies when I was a kid. It's hard to live up to the goodness of a childhood favorite but I was open to giving this one a try because my friend recommended it.

The box that this came with was just A+. For a home baked creamy chicken pie, the box was just impressive. It also contained the social media platforms of the brand and even the expiry date. Loved it.

I tried this chicken pie cold and then I tried this chicken pie warm and they were both AMAZING. This was close to the chicken pie of my childhood. Granted its not as good but its more than good enough. 

Pastry Princess' Creamy Chicken Pie is the kind of pie that I will proudly serve to my family and friends. It's the kind of pie that's meant to be shared during gatherings. It's the chicken pie meant for a quiet afternoon on a Sunday or for when finally, we can celebrate again with the people we love. 

This chicken pie is the kind of chicken pie that can fit any occasion because it's something that is good for any moment, anytime, anywhere.

To order, message them here.

Review of Sitio Harina's Bread and Milky Cheesy Donuts

Sometimes, you stumble upon a gem and you are reminded that life is good. 

This is how I felt when I took a bite out of Sitio Harina's Korean Garlic Cream Cheese Bread. Seriously.I ordered 4pcs and instantly regretted. I should have ordered more because B alone ate 2 pcs.

This is what I ordered. I had 4 of the Korean Garlic Cream Cheese (Php40.) I also got the Pineapple Pudding Bread (Php15,) Jumbo Pan de Coco Ube (Php20,) and Cheesedog Knots (Php25.) 

I felt that everything was priced just right. 

My favorite was the Pineapple Pudding Bread and then the Korean Garlic Cream Cheese. M loved the Cheesedog Knots. The Jumbo Pan de Coco Ube was actually good but I didn't get a taste of the ube. So I like it but I wish that they get rid of the ube part or they amp up the ube flavor.


The milky cheesy donuts were a revelation. I expected to hate it, thinking that it was just donuts with milk powder but this wasn't it. This was GOLD. 

This was soooo good. It was so good that I was forced to give away some of it or else I would eat the entire box all by myself. 24pcs all by myself. It's that good.

For those who want to order, you can message them here.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

6 Items you can buy from Shopee to start your Hygge Lifestyle

Amidst all the chaos, we need that moment of calm and peace. Since we can't go out just yet to go attend a retreat, we need to be able to bring in more of the calm and peace into our home. This is what they call a hygge lifestyle. 

Hygge is a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture). It is about making your home or your corner feel like a home, a warm hug if you must. 

So, what do you need to start off your path to coziness?

1. Wood Lamp

Hygge is all about atmosphere. You want something that will be low light, thus inducing warmth. This lamp will help induce that.

2. Scented Candles

Scent is very important when it comes to hygge. Relaxing smells help and scented candles can definitely give a room that much needed cozy smell.

3. Blankets 

These are for when you Netflix and Chill. I know that we live in a tropical country but if you have enough wind activity and even air condition at night, you can cozy up by yourself or with someone underneath these blankets.

 4. Wind Chimes

These wind chimes are not only hygge, they're also very kawaii.I would definitely love to have them hanging in my garden.

5. Double Wall Mug

You don't necessarily need to have this specific mug. You just need to have a mug where you get to immerse yourself and enjoy your drinks. Savor that coffee. Smell it. Get lost in it. 

6. Journal 

You need to empty your mind and one of the best ways to do that is to write down all your thoughts. It helps you regulate and be more aware of what goes on inside your head. 

7. Wooden Decor / Rack

Wood is an element of the Earth and it brings you back to nature. Taking care of plants will also add to a more hygge atmosphere. Succulents are low maintenance so this is the perfect pairing. 

I've just added to cart everything on my list so if you're also interested in making your home feel a bit more hygge, go ahead and click on the links above.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Practice internet safety for less with offers from Slickdeals and NordVPN

A virtual private network has many different functions and benefits. By extending a private network across a public network, it gives you online privacy and anonymity. VPN enables users to send and receive data across shared or public network while keeping your browsing behavior private, disguising your geo location, bypassing blocked websites and accessing online streaming services; thus keeping your data protected online.

There are hundreds of VPNs on the market, and it’s hard to tell which one has the best service. So if you’re new in VPN subscription, check out first these deals from NordVPN via Slickdeals.

For September 2020, Slickdeals is giving you more reasons to keep your network secure and safe from any online threat with these 17 offers from NordVPN.

Interested to try the service but afraid to gamble your money for a product you’re not familiar with? Grab the risk-free VPN trial with 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product/service from NordVPN, you get a full refund.

Money back guarantee is absolutely a great offer because it is an insurance against the perceived risk of the product. It increases customers' feeling of satisfaction with their purchase experience. At NordVPN, they guarantee their work and the products they sell because they are confident of the result they will give to customers. They have been in the industry for 8 years and they already served more than 1 million subscribers, a good indicator to trust what they offer.

Since this pandemic hit us, all we want is to save, save and save more on purchases. At Slickdeals, they offer the best savings for NordVPN services depending on the length of subscription you want. More savings when you subscribe for 3 years because you get additional 1 month free. That's 70% off at $3.49 per month. Browse for more because you can still find lower price for as low as $3.45 per month.

Get the special code for the Special Birthday offer, where you can save 70% for a 3-year plan plus an extra plan on top.

Better savings up to 75% off await for a 3-year subscription plan using a special code inside Slickdeals apps and sites.

They also offer VPN for business for as low as $7 per month. Why do you have to grab NordVPN deals for business? Because they offer customers with multiple accounts at a lower price. Their service caters for modern networking systems, providing secure internet access for the whole office with a single administrator account.

You can save a lot of money by taking advantage of NordVPN promo codes and the company's flexible range of plans, while being protected online no matter what your budget is.

They also offer three-day free trial period with no banking details or personal information, and there isn't any obligation to buy a plan at the end of the trial, just provide you email address.

NordVPN lets you enjoy further savings by using a single account to set up your home router with a VPN and lets you use up to six different devices on the same plan so everyone in the household will be protected online.

These and more amazing deals at your fingertips from NordVPN by signing up at Slickdeals which is available for download via Playstore and Appstore.

Khali at 7 months

Yesterday was Khali's 7th month and it was amazing. The Gods blessed us with a lot of really great food. Not just that, Khali is healthy and a really happy baby.

We didn't treat this day as anything special to be honest because though we believe that life should be celebrated, we believe as well that what we should focus on is the annual birthday. 

Thankfully, there were other people who made this day special for our not so little bundle of joy and I wanna acknowledge them. 

Pizza Hut recently launched a mobile app which I used last Sunday to have them deliver today. I booked last Sunday and then just forgot about it. It was amazing. It was delivered at the exact time that I indicated too.

Max's also sent out a cake for no reason. You see, these days, you don't need a reason to have cake. You should celebrate life's little wins. Ours was the fact that the baby didn't cry for 30 minutes. Parents out there will definitely be able to relate.

We also received Creamy Chicken Pie from Pastry Princess and this was just great. More about it on a separate review.

We also received Blizzard from DQ which was wiped out in a hearbeat. I barely had time to take a photo. It was that good. 

Khali turned 7 months yesterday and that is already special in itself. The rest were just bonuses.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Why Self Care Matters

Its been said over and over again. Self care is important. It matters and it needs t be done. Self care is not selfishness. 

I know that self care is important because I have taken it for granted in the past. Now that I am older, I know that it really matters. I can't function well and be who I'm supposed to be if I don't take care of myself first. 

So, here are a couple of ways to practice self care. 

1. Sleep. 

This is probably the one thing we all took for granted the most. However, sleep is really important because this is the time our body heals and the time that our body recovers so that we're ready to face another day. 

2. Vitamins and water 

These days, we need to ensure that we take our daily dose of vitamins. We also need to drink at least 8 glasses of water. This is the one that I struggle with so what I did was to get myself a really nice tumbler with a straw. The reason for this is because I've realized that I tend to drink more from something that has a straw. 

3. Journal 

I write down my thoughts so that they don't overwhelm me. It feels good to be able to just put down into words thoughts that I may not be able to express publicly or out loud. 

4. Sing 

I use my WOW Fiesta whenever I feel blue. Singing eases any sadness and it helps to also bond with my family. I know that not everyone can sing but thankfully, we're able to carry a decent tune enough that no neighbor has complained when we use our WOW Fiesta too much. 

5. Diamond Paint 

Lastly,  I diamond paint. There's something about the whole mindless process of putting in one bead at a time that just helps to still the mind. I also end up with great works of art such as these two below and I feel great whenever I see it. 

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, always remember that self care matters. Before you can take care of someone properly, you need to be taking care of yourself because at the end of the day,you only have yourself to count on.