last will and testament

I am so tired.

a mom's kiss

on my own

yin and yang

PostSecret Sharing # 4

Starbucks CityMug: UAE

to tell or not to tell

Cool Things: Gravatar

out of the dark clouds

playing for keeps

do I matter?

thank me

PostSecret Sharing # 3

my life: a soap opera

the hunt for the perfect bag

I wish I was a kid again ....

Tuyo and Tinapa: Potentially Dangerous to Life and Health

positive and negative

karma bites

when to propose to a woman

I'd give my life for you ....

do I not?

song of the moment

munimuni # 31

PostSecret Sharing # 2

don't let me be the last to know ...

snippets of love

how to handle a woman

ooommmm .... ooommmmm .... ooommmm

and we thought we knew people

peed on the potty !!!

a time to love

i lost weight?

back on track

ignorance is bliss

burning bridges

am I a station or a destination?

Post Secret Sharing # 1

munimuni # 30

vegetarian I am not

Tagaytay Trip