Friday, November 25, 2016

#MakeHolidaysHappen with Maybelline

With less than a month before Christmas, the excitement and flurry of parties left and right is enough to make any woman's head swoon. One of the things that will always plague women when it comes to party is, what look should I go for? They say that when entering a room, you need to make an entrance and with sensational lips and lashes that last the whole night regardless of how much dancing you do, you'll definitely be the talk of the town.

From naturally beautiful skin to flirty eyes, you can wow any crowd during the Holidays with the #MakeHolidaysHappen collection from Maybelline New York. There are 3 looks that go with the #MakeHolidaysHappen collection: #makenaturalhappen, #makeromantichappen, and #makeboldhappen.

 The #makenaturalhappen highlights your face but does not make you look like you have make up on. It simply enhances what you already have. The clear Smooth all in one powder foundation blots out the oil while the fashion brow mascara gives more pop to your eyes and then you can perfect the look with the Rosy Matte in Rosy Peach.

The #makeromantichappen look as shown below is all about pinks and peaches. It's a bit darker than the natural look but equally stunning. Using the V-Face Duo Stick to make sure your angles are enhanced and then putting on the V-Face Blush Contour, your cheeks will really pop out and then end the look with the Creamy Mattes in Rich Ruby. All pinks and roses, ready for a night out.

Pink. 💞💞💞 A photo posted by Kathy Kenny (宝云) (@mskathykenny) on

As for the #makeboldhappen, the Creamy Mattes in Divine Red lippie really does make a statement and when partnered with the Hypersharp Power Black Liner, and Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation, you just look absolutely stunning.

Get all 3 looks by heading over to your nearest mall and make sure you get all of these so you can make natural, romantic, and bold happen anytime, anywhere.


Monday, November 21, 2016

oh Mondays ...

This Monday was not so kind to me or perhaps, the proper thing to say would be that it caught my off guard. It hit me with a jab that went straight for the jaw and it hurt. It hurt a lot. I think this is the most I cried this year. I just couldn't stop the tears from falling.

I guess it just got to me ... thinking that things were alright and realizing that what I thought was okay was apparently not. Sometimes, its just tiring having to deal with other people's negativity and envy. I always get told, be the bigger person, be the better person, rise above, transcend and ignore but sometimes, you just can't.

So there. My Monday morning was like this and then afternoon came and I felt better. I hope this week wouldn't be this pattern because it can be quite tiring crying for 3 hours.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

January 14, 2012

It was the day I finally added you on Facebook. Your first message to me was "SA WAKAS!" because it took a while for us to add each other since we had no common friends. Perhaps it was a sign that you and I were not meant to be in each other's life. Maybe, maybe not.

Tonight, things just unraveled and I found myself not having anyone that I would like to talk to. Even the guy I'm "seeing" wasn't an option because he's busy and I know that he's tired. If I'm going to be honest, I don't know him well enough to just rant and tell him the nonsense that is on my head. I don't know if he likes me enough to handle the madness at this stage.

I haven't been sad this year. I have been too busy making myself successful and succeeding at it too but tonight, it just crept in. I was tired. I was sad. I was not okay.

I was not okay and I thought of you. FML. The first time that I did not feel okay and you are the person I think of. You who I haven't spoken to in over a year, who has most likely forgotten about me already ... you are the one person that I would like to talk to, see, and just vent things to.

I should bang my head against the wall.

I peeked at your profile. The publick posts that I saw seem to show that you are okay and happy. You guys are still together so that's something. I am still by myself and I don't think I'd ever be with someone. I guess I'm just not meant for that.

I think you still follow me on IG and Twitter but that is most likely just because you couldn't be bothered to deal with unfollowing me. I'm irrelevant that way. Of course I am. I'm just an ex. I mean nothing.

I've been wanting to text you or call you. It's a good thing I deleted your number. I shouldn't. I don't have the right to bother you anymore. This feeling will pass. Tomorrow when I wake up, I will remember that I have a good life and I have come a long way. This is just a passing moment, one that will be gone by tomorrow.

Tomorrow, when I wake up, you won't matter again, the same way I don't matter to you anymore. For now, I'll just read on all the things we spoke about on our chats on Facebook and break my heart all over again so that tomorrow, there won't be anything to break anymore.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Weens Cosmetics

Weens Cosmetics Philippines is the 1st and only brand, manufacturing 5 Free Non-toxic formula, Cruelty Free and Vegan nail polish locally.  Made from imported raw materials and FDA approved while keeping up with all the hype and trends in the market today.  Weens Cosmetics is currently producing over 200 shades in their collection. group-shot
Due to popular request of “Holo or Duo-Chrome”, Weens Cosmetics made it a dream come true for all of their customers with QT’s “Era of Chromatics” collection.  Here are the combined Holo-Chromatics in their 10 shades collection:

1.)  DUCHESS – Blissfully flaunting the classy sense of chromatic gives this polish a Royal Finish.
2.) ECSTASY- Free of expressing all colors.   This shade gives a never-ending euphoria of colors.  Giving it’s wearer’s a sense of ecstasy on their nails.
3.) GREEN INFERNO – This color gives its nails overpowering warmth of green with yellow, gold and a dash of pink illuminating on top.
4.) ILLUSION- Extensive selection of rainbow colors that offers an illusion of polychromatic colors on your nails. 5.) IMPULSE – Blazing the chromatic luster on your nails while it reflects its hued effects. Giving a multi-chrome effect.
  duchess6.) LUMIERE – features versatile soft tones with vibrant holographic daring colors.
7.) MYSTIFY – Bedazzled with either pink or purple or is it yellow or gold. It’s a mysterious multi-chromatic pigment that forms amazing colors on your nails.
8.) RED WARRIOR – Imagine your nails, battling intermediate primary palettes while resonating the aura of colors on your hand.
9.) VILLAIN – Be a villain with dramatic colors of purple with bold and vivid psychedelic colors on your nails!
10.) WARLOCK – Experiment the dominating strength of yellowish-gold with a hint of pink chromatics while creating a balance outlook.

 Refashion your nails with QT “Era of Chromatics” collection.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

the architect

They say that architects design things and they make things even more beautiful. This must be true because when you stepped inside my world, things suddenly started looking a lot better. I found myself smiling more and just being more positive. I was okay before you came into my life but when you came in my life, you added a bit of stardust and things just started looking more glittery and shiny.

Kind of like the smile that I wear these days.

However, it is a little bit too early and we have just been seeing each other for roughly 4 weeks now so I know that it is too soon to really make a judgement but you see ...

There I go again, smiling like a dolt and I can't stop it. When we message each other, the smile just sprouts on my face and people have been noticing which actually really, really makes me feel like this:

I think that you too are scared because there's just this chemistry between us and it's so palpable that people can actually touch it when we are together. Even though the two of us are extremely busy, we have managed to talk to each other even when we are countries apart or there's no internet. You make time and in return, I make time as well.

Perhaps it is because we have shared so much of each other that I feel like a part of me knows a part of you and sometimes, that small part of me wants to clarify what we really are, where this is leading, and if we're exclusive or not. I know you're only seeing me but I don't know if I should only see you or if I should keep my doors open because I don't know what you really want with me.

I'm trying so hard to be untangled and what not but you draw me in and you just keep pulling forward and sometimes I love it but sometimes, I get confused. I wish I could ask you what you plan with us so I know what path we are taking. You see, I have a path in mind for us.

So there .... I just don't know if I can ever say these to you personally. It's a good thing you don't read my site. It feels good to vent here and know that it's a perfectly safe spot.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

16 Blessings in 36 years

It has been almost a week since I turned 36. I let everything that happened from the week before my birthday to my actual celebration sink in before I started writing about it. I just wanted to bask in all the glory and blessing that I have received and just be thankful ... for being here, for being me, for everything that ha happened in the last 36 years of my life ... the good, the bad, the really horrible, and the even more beautiful blessings that I have received without even asking.

I am 36 and I am just starting to conquer the world but what a beautiful world it is that I am conquering.

Photo by: Paolo Navarrete

I have written about the lessons that I have learned in the past but this time around, I just wanna list down the blessings that I have received in my life, not to brag, but to continuously remind myself that I am blessed and that I have so much to be grateful for in my life.

  1. Music. I am surrounded by music and more often than not, it inspires me to write a piece or reminds me of certain events in my life. Most of the time, music speaks for me when words fail. 
  2. My ex-boyfriends. Yes, they are blessings one way or another because at some point, they loved me and I loved them. They made have made me cry and hurt me but this just helped mold me into who I am today. 
  3. My stationary collection. It may sound weird but they are a blessing to me. Whenever I feel sad, I could just turn to them and write down the words and pain away. 
  4. Musical carousels. I've always wanted one as a kid and now I have two, both given to me by colleagues who were listening when I mentioned that I wanted one. 
  5. Modelling. I wasn't a famous one and I only did a couple of projects because my main focus was studying but I learned discipline and hard work. It made me realized that being pretty and fit is hard work. I also realized why there are models who can't seem to think straight because when you are constantly starving, your brain just stops working. It's not them, it's the lack of food intake promise! 
  6. Post its. 
  7. Snow globes. If I never get to visit those places, at least I have the miniatures of New York, London, and Dubai. Paris incoming!
  8. Books. This has been my escape when I was young and now it adds knowledge and wisdom. How can it not be a blessing. 
  9. Haters. They help keep me on my toes and though sometimes they can hurt, it just adds steel to my spine. 
  10. Travel. I used to not see the appeal but this year, my travel stories have started and it has been amazing. Hong Kong and Batanes and soon, Palawan. 
  11. PSST. It has shown me that there is more that I can do, that there are people I can help, and that I can be so much more than just a blogger. It has also proven that I can turn something with potential into something to be reckoned with. 
  12. Life is Kulayful. This blog started as a way to update family members of my son's progress and has now evolved into something that I could never have imagined in my wildest dream. I have been given so many opportunities because of this little corner of mine in the cyberspace world and I will always be grateful for it. 
  13. My friends. A lot of them have left and a few remained but the few who have remained are the ones that I wanted to keep. They have been there for me even when I didn't deserve to have friends and they have never stayed away for too long. They are the family who chose to have me. 
  14. My family. They may not always like my choices and sometimes, they may hate me but they will always be there for me no matter what. They will never desert me even when I deserted them. 
  15. My son. I believe that God gave him to me to make sure that I stay strong no matter what He throws my away. He is my main reason for living. 
  16. MYSELF. I am grateful for me because no matter how many times people have tried to hurt me and succeeded, no matter how many times I have been betrayed, no matter how many times I have failed, and no matter how many times I have had my heart broken ... I STILL CARE AND LOVE. I still believe in the goodness of people and that life is good. 
It's been 36 years. I can't wait for 36 more and perhaps, a few more. There are still so many things that I want to accomplish and do. I hope that God grants me 36 more to do these things. 

Beauty of Batanes through the eyes of the ASUS Zenfone 3

Batanes was one place that was not even on my bucketlist, not because it was not beautiful enough to go to but because it was just so expensive to go there that I did not even dream about it anymore. It was beyond what I could rationally explain in my head. However, fate had other plans and a week ago, I found myself getting on a plane to head over to the beautiful island that is called Batanes.

The Batanes airport is very small, compared to other airports, it's quite tiny but it makes up for it's efficiency and the beauty surrounding it. I mean, where else can you see mountains and green lushes that stretch beyond what you can see in an airport. Batanes begins to awe you with it's beauty right from the moment you get off the plane. 

It's a small town with no high profile hotels but what it does have is personality and that feeling of stepping back in time because life here is very slow compared to the city. Here, they actually stop and smell the roses and they wake up at dawn to start their day. 

Batanes cannot be explained in words. Majestic, amazing, serene, tranquil, breathtaking ... all these words are not enough to describe Batanes. It is so much more than that. It is a feeling ... a sense of wonder like you have been asked to sit beside God and He chose you to see the beauty of his work. 

Luckily, I was able to capture it's beauty with my ASUS Zenfone 3 and I have never been more happy to have this phone with me than when we were trekking Batanes. After all, lugging around a DSLR can become taxing when you need to go uphill for quite some time. At least my ZF3 is very light and handy but it was able to give justice to the beauty of Batanes so here you go. Have a look through the lens of my Zenfone 3. 

Fundacion Pacita

Come, sit with me.

Creepy crawlies

Candid shot of Miss Jaja Ramirez

marveling at the beauty of Vayang Hills

Astrophotography using ZF3 Manual mode

All photos are raw shots since I do not know how to edit and I believe that true beauty should be natural and unfiltered. As you can see, this place is simply inspiring. It inspires you to be better, to appreciate more, to step back, and live life the way it's meant to be. For me, it inspired me to do this. 

I’m going to inspire people around me by doing something good, even if it’s something really small. Life should only end when you take your last breath, not when you reach a certain milestone or age. Life should always be about new beginnings and endless opportunities. I want someone to say that because I lived, their life was a little bit better. This is the legacy that I want to leave behind.

To Batanes, I may never return there but the 4 days I had with you will always remain. You are one of the best places to go to and I am glad that even for a while, you welcomed me in your arms.

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UNO Premier presents Nutrifab

The main body part that women struggle the most in losing is not the arm fat or even the thighs, it is actually the belly. This is the one body part that just won't easily go away and so any form of help would actually be appreciated and badly needed by any woman. UNO Premier may just have the solution to this problem with Nutrifab.

Nutrifab is currently running a campaign called the 10 day challenge wherein a person should eat a piece of Nutrifab once a day and in just 10 days, you will see results. Nutrifab is actuall dried prune that you just need to consume once a day. Prunes, or dried plums, are known for having a high content of dietary fiber and the ability to alleviate constipation.

The benefits of these fruits include a rich supply of vitamin C and potassium, and they can be regular components of a weight-loss diet. Prunes can help in weight loss because of their high fiber content. Fiber helps satisfy hunger hence enabling one to eat fewer calories. Eat them any time of the day, and keep the rest of your diet healthy to see a new and vibrant you!

Timecheck and it is 10pm.  There has been one visit to the loo but no panic attacks because everything was smooth and safe. We can say that eating this in the middle of the day should be fine. It will help you with bowel movement but will not induce horror or fright that you might just go anytime without warning. It was smooth sailing if we may say so. If you’re looking for a product that will help you shed the pounds and give you a full body detoxification experience while increasing your natural metabolic levels then this may actually be the solution to your problem! It is just not the latest thing in weight reducing regimen but a proven natural way to lose that unwanted extra fat.

Nutrifab contains pickled plum infused through micro puncture technology with special weight loss formula that delivers results! The proprietary blend is packed with the strongest and tested weight loss ingredients that is making a difference in the lives of many individuals who cannot afford to engage in calorie controlled diet or daily work out to lose extra pounds.

Do remember to consume fewer calories than you expend if you want to lose weight! Nurtifab will not miraculously slim you down but it will increase your metabolism and help you detoxify regularly which will then aid in weight loss. The good thing about it too is that it actually does not taste bad when you eat the plum. Think of a Chinese candy that's a little sweet, sour, and bitter all at the same time and you should be good to go.

Friday, November 4, 2016

naiisip mo ba ako

Naiisip mo ba ako
Sa mga sandaling
Kaliwa't kanan ang iyong ginagawa?

Naiisip mo ba ako
Sa mga panahong
Hindi tayo nagkikita?

Naiisip mo ba ako
Kapag kasama mo ay sya
Sa mga sulyap at ngiti nya
Ako ba ang ang iyong nakikita?

Naiisip mo ba ako
Sa tuwing naiisip kita
O naiisip mo lang ako
Kapag ikay napapag-isa na?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Itutuloy ko na ba?

Sapat na ba
Dapat ba
Kailan pa
Itutuloy ko ba

Ang daming katanungan
Tila walang kasagutan

May kasagutan ngunit salungat sa aking pinaniniwalaan
May kasagutan ngunit unti unti ako nitong sinasaktan

Dapat ba
Kailan pa
Itutuloy ko ba

Mga katanungang binubuo ng aking nararamdaman
Susugal ba akong muli
Pano kung dala nito'y pighati
Susugal ba akong muli
Kahit di ko alam saan ang tungo
ng bawat sandali

Kailan pa
Itutuloy ko ba

Handa na ba akong lumaban
Handa ka ba na ako'y ipaglaban
Kaya ko na ba muling masaktan
Gaano mo ako sasaktan

Itutuloy ko ba

Lalaban ako kung ipaglalaban mo ako
Susugod ako kung kamay ko'y hawak mo
Maghahanda ako kung sa bawat gyerang papasukin ko
Andyan ka lamang sa tabi ko

Sagutin mo ang tanong ko
Itutuloy ko na ba?


*Inspired by Karel Marquez's PRENUP video and my lovelife. Haha.

photo not mine

Distansyang sapat lang
dahil ayoko muling masaktan
Distansyang sapat lang
para madaling tanggapin sakaling ako'y iyong talikuran.
Distansyang sapat lang
dahil ramdam ko na ang iyong puso't isipan
ay sadyang nakatali pa rin
sa iyong nakaraan.

Saan ako dapat lumugar
Sa tabi mo ba o malayo sa iyo
Paano ko malalaman
Kung ikaw mismo ay gulong gulo
Handa ka na bang magmahal
O ako bay iyo lamang libangan?

Distansyang sapat lang
Sapat upang ikaw ay aking matanaw
ngunit di malimutan
Sapat upang ikaw ay maaninag
ngunit di mahawakan.

Didistansya ako hindi dahil ayaw kitang makapiling
Didistansya ako sapagkat hindi ka pa handa para sa akin
Didistansya ako at maghinhintay, aasa na darating ang araw
Handa ka ng tawirin ang distansya sa gitna natin.