Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nuat Thai and its Aromatherapy Massage

When I first saw this, I thought to myself, "what a weird looking hot compress!" Apparently, this is the tool that is used for aromatherapy massage. Weird right? Since I had no idea what aromatherapy massage was and my sister encouraged me to try it, I went ahead and said yes to trying it out.

After all, getting a massage when your original plan doesn't push through seems like a good idea to me. :)

We started off with having our feet washed. There's something truly decadent about having someone wash your feet. It seems so wrong but at the same time, you kinda feel like royalty. I guess Nuat Thai wants to give us the royal treatment and we definitely felt like royalty. Teehee. 

feet wash area

One of the other customers asked why they needed to have their feet washed and I guess to answer, its because our feet are the ones that get really dirty when we walk especially if we are wearing slippers. It's just hygienic to wash it before a masseuse will rub it. Right?

They also have 3 types of oil to choose from. Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Lavander. Seeing that I really wanted to just relax, I chose Lavander because it makes you sleepy. Besides, the aromatherapy massage lasts 1.5 hours and then I had the package with a 30minute foot massage so I was definitely in for a day of pampering. 

Nuat Thai's massage beds are on the floor, unlike most spa where its elevated and resembles a bed. They do have this set up as well for those who prefer it but they prefer the ones on the floor because when they do the stretching is a part of the massage, it gives maximum opportunity and leeway for the masseuse.

They started off with gentle rubbing of the entire body and then it was time to focus on the back and legs. It felt like heaven. I could feel the concentration on key areas where muscles normally ache. I also love that the masseuse would check from time to time if the pressure was okay. Just one small thing, I hope that they learn the balance between medium and hard.

My sister and I both wanted something in between but it took a couple of attempts for both masseuse to get it right. It's just a small feedback though.

After massaging my entire body for what felt like forever (this is a good thing!) it was time for that warm compress thing and wow, what an experience. Apparently, this warm compress looking thing is heated and then its placed on your back. Don't worry, you won't get burned. It's just hot enough to make an impact but not too hot to burn you.

They use several of these and would place two at a time on your back, and on your arms as well as legs and feet. It was heaven. It was very relaxing mind you. Perhaps its the steam, or the scent, but whatever it was, it was just really relaxing.

After they are done doing that, they would then ask you to turn over and then they place this yellow pillow things on your back and on your neck. OMG. It looks nothing but trust me, it was what my neck and my back needed while being massaged on the chest, neck, face, and head. It's also the first time I had something like this placed on my back and neck.

Props to Nuat Thai for these.

The last part of this massage is a 30 minute foot massage. It was also a first for me to have a wooden stick used to put pressure on my foot and to have it wrapped after being massaged. It was very soothing and I could feel the flow of blood on my foot slightly improved. I think that done over and over and with frequency, this would be a great solution to avoiding varicose veins. 

This was definitely one of the most soothing massage that I have ever had. Priced at Php650 it was quite a steal but if you go there between 1pm to 5pm, you even get a discount of 20% which makes it just a little over Php500. It's a steal if I may say so.

My sister and I definitely enjoyed the massage we had at Nuat Thai. I plan to bring my Mom here next time. She deserves to be pampered as much as we did.

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