Sunday, November 30, 2014

CinemaJam 2014

I am very honored to have been a media partner for CinemaJam 2014. Last year, I had the chance to watch but wasn't able to stay long. This time around, I stayed till the end and amidst the rain, I still enjoyed and had fun listening to Imago, Itchyworms, Franco, and of course Bamboo.

The movies were also very nice, especially Love Letters to Juliet which I really liked. Thank you Crizal Transitions for ensuring that rain or shine we enjoyed the event by having it outdoors and providing mats for my friends and I.

VIP baby! :)

Again, because of Monica, I tried the Wall Climb which was a first for me. I made it almost 3/4 of the wall before giving up because I wasn't wearing the right footwear. However, I did have fun and I enjoyed it.

Bamboo  was the last to perform but trust me, it was still a full house.

Congratulations Crizal Transitions. Definitely, this was a successful event and I look forward to CinemaJam 2015.

For more information on Crizal Transitions and their iconic green lenses, go here.

334/365 photoblog: Cerealiscious

I spent time with my siblings and son since its going to be a bit of a hell week for me this coming week. Thank God for moments like this.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

333/365 photoblog: CinemaJam 2014

It was raining but it was fun. Thanks CinemaJam. It's definitely a night worth remembering.

I'm here for you ...

I'm here for you
said to make you feel good.
Spoken to a fool
Believed by a fool.

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Theatre at Solaire

I was invited to the grand opening of The Theatre at Solaire. I had high expectations of the place because I knew that if its Solaire, it would definitely be at a certain standard.

Solaire did not disappoint. The acoustics were magnificent and the place was grandiose. I love that there were no bad seats because even if you are seated a bit far from the stage, you can still see it clearly and you can hear everything nicely because of the acoustics placed in The Theater.

Listening to such talents in The Theatre made me want to cry. I appreciated their voices more because everything was enhanced. I never understood people who cried during concerts but when THE Lea Salonga performed, I honestly had tears in my eyes. It was just magnificent.

I look forward to watching more shows at The Theatre because I can definitely say that shows will be so much better when its held at The Theatre of Solaire.

332/365 photoblog: Relationship Status



I always thought that being friendzoned is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Its happened in the past before and it hurt but maybe because we were seeing each other for 8 months and he lead me on.

This time around, when I got friendzoned it didn't hurt so much. It did but only a little.

I liked him a lot more than I should have. Maybe it was right to like him, or maybe I liked him simply because we connected. Maybe I liked him because he helped me realized a few thing about me and about my life. I don't know why but I liked him. I really, really liked him.

I thought he liked me too but apparently, I really suck at this whole reading a guy thing. I thought he was into me because:

1. he would talk to me everyday.
2. he would explain when he doesn't get to for quite some time
3. he cooked for me
4. he and I connected and talked and talked and talked
5. we went out

Okay. I guess I just thought he liked me that way and when it was clear he didn't, it kinda hurt. It's a good thing though that we clarified it really early and now, we can be just friends.

Friendzoned. Sometimes, it can be a good thing.


I'm one of those persons who constantly have a headset or speakers nearby. I love listening to music while I'm working or watching a series while I'm writing. A great speaker makes or break the audio because no matter how good the quality of the file is, if the speakers are not good enough, then it just becomes a source of stress and frustration.

Thankfully, I discovered EZY speakers and this is something that even my Mom could use. She loves watching Koreanovelas and so a good speaker is something she definitely needs.

Koreanovelas, concerts, songs, and TV shows ... all of them would sound so much better when you have an EZY speaker.

Striplac by Alessandro

I've never been a fan of nail polish because I don't have enough discipline in me to not move my hand for at least an hour. I do so many things with my hand that when I put on nail polish, it is almost always going to be chipped or damaged in less than 12 hours.

When gel polish were created, I felt that they were the next best thing to happen on Earth for people like me who are always on the go but need to have good looking nails. However, changing nail polish became a struggle because it requires a special chemical and there's an additional fee that is not cheap at all. For a working woman, paying Php300 - Php450 could be pretty hefty just to change polish.

Striplac by Alessandro, bless their heart, fixes this problem. Gel polish requires that your nails be buffed, soaked in chemical with foils, and then your nails get scrubbed, and overall, damages your nails because of the chemicals needed to put in the gel polish to make it stay for a minimum 14 days.

Striplac on the other hand stays true to its word. Striplac allow you to simply strip off the polish from your nails without needing acetone and damaging your nails. If this is not purely amazing for you yet, you're most likely not a woman who has had to struggle in removing nail polish in an instant.

This is the Alessandro line. The bottle in the middle is a hand cream that's filled with powdered diamond. The smell is not your usual fragrant cream but it definitely makes your hand so much smoother and then it leaves a sheen on your hand. This would be perfect for nights out where you wanna bare your skin and look darn good doing it. 

They think of everything and believe that diamonds are a girls best friend. This bottle, I definitely love even with the faux diamond. Actually I love it because of the faux diamond.

This is what I had to look forward to. Crinkles, Iced Tea, and a whole afternoon of pampering.

This is the team tasked to give me that afternoon of pampering. :)

This is the color I chose because it matched my outfit for the night and also because I really like purple. It's the color of royalty and it just looks soothing to the eye.

This is Joanne. She was quite nervous about handling my nails but I'm glad she felt a little better at the end of it. She explained to me how Striplac works and I was happy that she herself was wearing Striplac.

This is not UV. This is simply LED lights and it has set time which is good because it turns off on its own so you don't need to watch over it. You can just continue chatting or what not and it will turn off all by itself, ensuring you don't have to mind one more thing when doing your nail polish.

This is the base polish that they place on your hand to protect your fingernails.

They also have their own nail corrector so that you won't have to use your nails to fix it. As you can see from this photo, even Joanne's nails are pretty and that comforts me.

Ta-da! My nails are s gorgeous and whats better is that I can easily remove it, like paint chipping on a wall. Truth be told, I find that soothing when I do it.

Yesterday, I was at Enchanted Kingdom and lets just say that my hands and nails were abused but its still chipless and in perfect condition.I am amazed.

Striplac is already out in the market. You can buy it and the starter kit at SM Makati Department Store. I'd definitely get one of these when I find time to actually do a home mani pedi.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

331/365 photoblog: Field Trip 2014

I had zero sleep but I had so much fun spending this field trip with my son. Everything was very chillax and everything was just so nice. We had a lot of awesome moments and I was able to be Mom and Dad for him today.

Thank you Lord.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

330/365 photoblog: The Theater

I was very lucky to have been invited to the grand opening of The Theatre. It was spectacular and it was just amazing. I'm an audio person and the acoustics were just so amazing. It was pure bliss to listen to the different sounds of the Philharmonic Orchestra and of course, the Miss Lea Salonga.

It was an amazing night. The Theatre was simply amazing.

Monday, November 24, 2014

328/365 photoblog: Tit for Tat

It will be like this from now on so that I don't get abused and misused again.

Solaire Sky Tower

Solaire recently opened a new tower and if you thought they couldn't possibly top the first tower that they have built, well then you are wrong. The new Sky Tower is more splendid and impressive than the first one and this time around, attention to every kind of detail was given as can be seen in the following photos.

From the restaurant bar to the rooms, the size of the place, and the decorations, Sky Tower truly makes you feel like a king in his abode. Lets go ahead and start with the WaterSide Resto Bar.

The place is very spacious and has a variety of seating arrangement that will cater to the fancy of diners. From high chair settings for those who like to be observed and observe to big family gatherings and romantic set ups, they have it all.

The place is also surrounded with art which gives it a cozy touch and the food is not lacking at all. I most especially love the freshness of the shrimp.

The Oasis Garden Bar on the other hand is one of the most chill places I have ever seen. It's perfect for high tea, when you just want to relax, and even for freelance work because the place is simply relaxing and conducing for creative thinking.

Lastly, the rooms at the Sky Tower are definitely a must. I've stayed at Solaire Resort but these rooms are definitely a lot better.

The Sky Tower houses suites. The suites contain a powder room, a big bathroom, walk in closet, kitchen, dining area, living room, and even a dresser inside the bedroom. It is definitely home away from home.

For business and events, they also have function rooms that can be set up to meet the demands of the client. Below are 3 potential set ups but again, Solaire can always accommodate requests by clients and they do so with a smile. 

Definitely, Sky Tower is something that every person needs to visit because it is worth your time and worth your money. Best part? It houses the Grand Theater.