Friday, November 30, 2012

on school field trips ...

I went with my son on his field trip yesterday and while I was there, a lot of things went through on my mind. I actually had a moment yesterday where I said, "I'm gonna write about this."

I realized that schools need to give more attention to field trips. Simply booking a tour guide and having them plan an itinerary does not ensure a successful field trip. However, what is a successful field trip?

For me, a successful field trip is one that has leeway for fun but at the same time, kids are sure to learn something.

Going to one place, walking senselessly, listening (though not really listening) to someone drone is not a successful field trip. Going to a place with 15 other schools with over 300 students each does not make a successful field trip. Going to an amusement park and not having someone tells us the mechanics of how things work does not make a successful field trip.

If I were to organize a field trip, I would make sure that it is out of town and hands on. I would make sure that the guide is actually knowledgeable of the places we are passing by and have interesting tidbits to share. I would make sure that we have games that can be done inside the bus or songs to sing to bond everyone.

When I get to the place, I will take charge and ensure that my troupe will be able to get in without any problems. I'd also make sure that there won't be a hundred other schools who will be in the same place at the same time.

I feel that if these two things (knowledgeable tour guide and avoiding overcrowding) could be addressed, it will make for a very successful field trip. Children would learn, have fun, and not be too harassed or tired. Most important? Mommies would be happier to.

B's 1st Grade Field Trip: Enchanted Kingdom

The third and last part of B's field trip was at Enchanted Kingdom. It was B's first time and this is actually what compelled me to allow him to join the trip. I saw it as an opportunity to let him have a feel of what Hong Kong Disneyland could feel like and to let me take photos of him having fun.

B's first stop was to the Grand Carousel. Since I love carousels, I also took a spin.

After taking a spin, B hopped over the Bumbling Boulder. It was a mechanism that spins while spinning.

The 3rd ride was one that left my heart spinning, flippping, and tumbling. Ack. It was the roller skates which was a roller coaster ride meant for young children.

B had so much fun. He was laughing and giggling throughout the ride. I was screaming my head off. It was pretty scary to be honest but I'm really glad that B was far braver than I am. This is how I want him to be. Brave and having a go at life.

B and I went around with one of his classmates and took some photos. It was fun but at the same time it was a bit sad because there were way too many people. I felt like Enchanted Kingdom was milking all the students and schools for what they were worth by crowding in the place too much.

After playing at the Tree House, B's last ride was the Balloon Ride. I honestly felt fear but had to focus on B the entire ride. During this ride, I really felt what it was like to be a Mom. I had to overcome my own fears to ensure that my son would not feel fear as well. I managed to do that. Whew.

Enchanted Kingdom was for me a downer but the redeeming factor of this place was that B had fun. He had a lot of fun. For that, I am thankful that Enchanted Kingdom exists and that we went there.

B's 1st Grade Field Trip: Crocodile Park

The second part of B's field trip was at the Crocodile Park. This is located right across Boom na Boom. I was actually pretty excited about this one because based on the field trip of my little sister, there would be animals that the kinds can take a photo with.

First though, it was time to marvel at the crocodiles and marvel B did. He was in awe of the crocodiles and felt fear as well when the crocs would snap their jaws.

After the crocodile viewing (it was just a viewing because the guy who does the rope show was sick) it was time for the bird show. B actually had fun with this one because the birds were all well trained to do things that other birds couldn't. Sadly, there were no other animals that were shown to the kids which I really, really am pissed about.

What happened to the snakes, birds, monkeys, and butterflies? I felt cheated by Crocodile Park. Tsk tsk. It was a good thing one of the staff was nice enough to take one of the Kalaw's out and have B pose with the kalaw.

Since B posed gamely for the camera, I also got him a crocodile hat as souvenir for his trip to Crocodile Park.

B may not have been able to see all the animals he was supposed to see but B had fun. It's one of the amazing things about kids. They just appreciate what they get.

B's 1st Grade Field Trip (Nido Science Discovery Center)

Call time was 6am. We got there at 630am because we have learned our lessons from last year. Call time last year was 4am and we left at almost 6. This year, we left at 730.

First stop of the day was at NIDO Science Discovery Center in MOA. B was very excited. I was pretty disappointed.

There were too many people. Way too many.

It took us over an hour to get inside but once we were inside, B had so much fun that I had to just bear the pain of standing for hours and let him enjoy.

I liked that B was very interested in learning thing and that he really listens to the guides. I love that he has a thirst for learning. :)

This ends part 1 of B's field trip. After, it was off to Crocodile Park.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Coaching the Wonder Woman

I have been recently invited to participate in a workshop for the modern day wonder woman. I feel immensely grateful for this invitation because this workshop is made for the working mom. Tagline is Work - Life Balance in Heels which is exactly what I need in my life.

This is going to be a first for me and I'm truly honored to have been invited. Looking at what it is all about, I know that I can expect a day of learning, motivation, and pure positivity.

The market for these are women who want to do everything: 

  • Build a Career
  • Spend Personal Quality Time
  • Set Her Own Definition of Balance
  • Create a Worksheet for "My Empire"
  • Arm Herself with the Right Tools and Accessories
Be part of the full workshop, 9am- 5pm on December 7 or 8, 2012, at Loft 2 of the Museum
Cafe, Greenbelt IV, Ayala Center, Makati. The workshop package comes with meals and gifts
from Mom’s Today, Club Punta Fuego, Serenitea, 3M Philippines, Triumph, Reebok, Barre3
Exercise Studio, Quantum Plus Vitamins and Minerals and Cortal SQR. Only 20 slots are open for
every batch.

Jackie is backed by over 15 years of experience as a Human Resources executive in the world's
largest company for women. She trained at CoachU in Singapore, at the MIT Sloan School
of Management in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is a member of the International Coach
Federation (ICF).

For inquiries and registration, please contact Pep Squad Events and Marketing Services, Inc.
through 8042646 to 47 or visit

Title: Coaching the Wonder Woman Work – Life Balance in Heels
Batch 1
: December 7, 2012 (Friday)
Batch 2
: December 8, 2012 (Saturday)
Event Venue
: Loft 2, Museum Cafe, Greenbelt IV, Ayala Center, Makati
: 9am – 5pm
T: (632) 8042646 to 47
F: (632) 5501339

Arya Cafe

When I first saw this place, I was instantly drawn to the color. The decors were also pretty nice but I wasn't that interested nor excited about the food. It was Persian and though I have tasted it before, out of the 5, I liked 2. Still, FM and the kids wanted to eat there so off we trooped inside.

We ordered and I took a fancy to this rose water yoghurt. I thought it sounded exotic and I was pretty excited to have a go at it.

Arya Yoghurt Smoothie Php118
It look so pure and pretty. It tasted so awful and vile. =( BLECH! I hated it. I took one gulp and I wanted to gag. Seriously. It was the most awful tasting thing I have ever had the misfortune of trying. Rose water is apparently not sweet and the yoghurt just made it worse. YUCK!

Good thing that FM actually liked it (now I gotta wonder about his taste) and he finished it. Ugh.

Thankfully, the food came and it was way larger than I expected.I go the lentil soup first which came with Barbari Bread from Iran which I totally liked. I actually asked for another one and was given one more for free. Yey!

This plate was so huge, FM and I had to share and I wasn't even able to finish my half. It was really good and the saving grace of the entire meal.

sizzling KOO platter Php392 chicken, lamb, and beef kebab
Eventhough the yoghurt was a disaster, I still had a pretty good time at Arya Cafe because I was with FM and kids. Would I go back? No. However, if you are into Persian dishes, this is a must try.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

moments in Burnham Park

So, FM and I finally had our first vacation as a couple. Yes, I still call it a vacation eventhough it was really only one day and we tire ourselves to exhaustion.

My friend was able to capture our moments there which made me extremely happy. Here we are at Burnham Park, taking a lovely walk.

I can feel the love. Can you?