Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I do not know

do you think of me
the way I think of you?
do you miss me
the way I miss you?

I do not know.

do you see me in your dreams?
do you hear me when you're alone?
do you still smile because of me?
do you remember moments with me?

I do not know.

do you feel me in your heart?
do you feel me in your soul?
do you still yearn for me?
do you still want to be with me?

I do not know.

When it comes to you
I no longer know anything
For you are no longer mine
And I, no longer yours. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

7 years thrown away ....

We met in 2006. Your life was in tatters and mine was still okay, or so I believed. You even told me that it was because of me that your life turned around. I felt good about that. I was happy that I was a good contributor to your life. I thought that because of this, you would never betray me.

After all, why would you hurt the one person who made a great impact in your life and helped you get the so-called happy married life you have right now? I was wrong. I still don't know what happened or why you did it but you betrayed me, in the worst way possible.

You met him and then suddenly, we weren't friends anymore. I know you're not sleeping with him for he would never sleep with you but you just stopped being my friend. I don't understand. I simply don't get why meeting him made you stop being my friend.

You said that you were merely being friendly because you could "earn" from him. I don't get it. Why stop being my friend simply because you want to "borrow" his camera equipments. It seems so juvenile.

I can't wrap my head around the idea that you would throw away 7 years of friendship for "camera equipments?" Why??? And telling me that I shouldn't be worried since you guys only chat and that I should only worry when you guys see each other ... wow! That was simply something. I could not even believe you had the gall to say that to my face. The sheer nerve.

I wish I was evil enough to take a screenshot of it to show to your husband. I'm sure he wouldn't be too happy about it. Also, the relentless and pathetic "likes" and "comments" on his facebook profile while not getting any responses is just so pitiful. Simply pitiful.

I still don't understand why you stopped being my friend but I've let go now. You are not worth it. You are simply not worth it. 

I've blocked you now. I don't want to feel hatred or any negative thoughts. You are trash. Yes, you are trash. You belong in the trash and that's where you are staying as far as I'm concerned.

she saves me ...

I met her 9 years ago. She saved me back then from my La Salle self. You see, I was this conyo girl who just had one year of call center work and was suddenly promoted to Team Leader. I was modelling on the side which meant that I was always made up and poised, and that most girls hated me. This is what happened.

A lot of the girls in the company I worked in hated me except her. She didn't hate me. In fact, she took me under her wing and protected me. She didn't hate me. She accepted me; kikayness, silliness, and all naivete. She accepted me; bitchiness and temper and all that.

2 months after meeting me, she had to deal with my running away from home and she had to take home A LOT of my stuff and it ended up getting stored at her place for 2 years. Yes, she did all these for someone she met for only 2 months.

A year later, she became Godmother to my son. 4 years later, she helped me pick up the pieces of my failed marriage where I was treated as garbage and a punching bag.

I was broken. I believed I was broken and could never be fixed. Right after, I jumped into another relationship and she stood by me. She stood by me while I threw myself at another worthless guy because I thought that no one would ever want me.

She was there the whole time holding my hand and reassuring me. When that relationship failed and I was rushed yet again to the ER because of a guy, she was there for me.

She was there during the 2 years that I rebuilt myself. She was there cheering me on whenever I wavered and got scare that no one would ever want me. She was there countering every negative thought I had. She was there encouraging me when I would go on dates with myself and she would give a "YAY" when I accomplish something I never thought I would.

When I fell in love with the funny man last year, she was there to ask if I was ready and when I said I was, she stepped back and let me be. When the funny man left me and gave up on me, she stepped in again.

She held me and let me cry ... she listened to me cry every night an every week for the last 3 months. She encouraged me to move forward. She told me that I can rebuild myself again. She told me that I can be happy on my own again. She reminded me that though yes he was a great guy, when push came to shove, he left me in the middle of the crossfire to fend for myself.

He wasn't strong enough to be my guy.

She reminded me of these and she reminded me that it is not completely my fault. She would always tell me that though yes, I may be high maintenance and it takes a lot of guts to love me, it also is one of the most glorious things on earth to be loved by me. She reminded me that I expect so much from people simply because I also gave it my all.

She reminded me that I should not let myself be treated badly and hurt intentionally. She reminded me that though I have flaws, I am more than that. She reminded me that I am worth something and thus, I deserve to be treated like I am worth something.

She saves me. She has been saving me for the last 9 years. She gets mad at me, she would yell at me, she would get frustrated with me, and I know that there have been more than one instance where she would like to wring my neck but amidst all of these, SHE NEVER LEFT MY SIDE. She never gave up on me.

Whenever I fall, she helps me get up. Whenever I falter, she reminds me of how strong I am. Whenever I weep, she helps me dry my tears and reminds me to smile. Whenever I doubt, she lists down my achievements and makes me realize how far I've come.

She saves me and I am eternally grateful.

Thank you once again for giving me the tools to save myself. You don't know how much our meeting last Satuday night meant to me. Thank you.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Press Night: Katy

Last night, Katy held its press night at the Meralco Theater. Theater fans, media, bloggers, and celebrities all flocked to give support to the cast and crew of Katy.

Katy is the story of Katy dela Cruz, one of the more famous jazz singers of our time. Katy is the story of one woman who had a love affair with the theater and with one man who was the love of her life. Katy is the story of the man who was in love with her but had to share the woman he loves with an audidience who just couldn't get enough of her. Katy is also the story of a father who wanted to protect his daughter from the pains of love but had to stand by and watch her fall and get up.

The first staging was well received and tickets ran out, leaving a lot of theater goers asking for a restaging. Finally, the show's producers "Spotlight Artist Centre" is ready to deliver what the audience wants. Based on the limited run and the theatergoer's reaction to it, the cast feels that Katy is something that they need to share with the Filipino community.

Led by Isay Alvarez-Sena in the title role, the cast includes well respected actors such as Tirso Cruz III, Epy Quizon, Dulce, Lou Veloso, Gian Magdangal, and Aicelle Santos. Music from the big band era will be used in showcasing the casts' singing and tap dancing flair, dazzling their audience with brisk and swinging renditions of jazz, Broadway, vaudeville, and cabaret type theatrics.

Congratulations to the cast for a successful press night. If this is any indication of how the show will run, then its a sure standing room only performance. Tickets will definitely be selling like hotcakes.  Congratulations to Gian Magdangal and Miss Isay Alvarez for a humbling experience. Your talents were simply amazing.

Katy will run from July 25 - August 4 at the Meralco Theate. For more information, log on to or call 899-8089 for more details.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

dinner with high school friends

Last night, I met up with my high school classmate Jaq and our friend Neil. Now, Neil and I have met a couple of times this year, most recently when my heart was broken and he consoled me by treating me at Tully's.

Jaq has been quite hard to reach since she lives in the province most of the time but when she is in town, I'm glad that we make it a point to meet and eat out. Thankfully, they were only 45 minutes late last night. I say this because one time, she was late for 2.5 hours.

We ended up eating at Kimono Ken and for people who are trying to lose weight, I feel like we ordered too much. Thankfully, we finished everything in less than an hour. Haha.

Last night's talk was our most serious yet. While Neil and Jaq were discussing, I realized that we really are all grown ups now and our problems have all taken a really serious turn. I was just really thankful that amidst all the trials we have faced, we're still there for each other.


I finally had time to go visit Smopers at BGC yesterday and since they were gracious enough to send almost 1k worth of GC's to be used, I dragged along my best friend to go eat with me.

Smopers is located near the 2nd bus stop of BGC so its not hard to find. It's right beside Seattles Best Coffee in 26th and 4th street. The sign is pretty big so if you are on the lookout, you'd most likely see it.

The insides are pretty basic. There were no fancy lamps or chairs. Everything was on the minimalist side of things. Since it was around 2pm, there wasn't the usual lunch crowd so Allan and I took a seat at one of the couches. After 5 minutes of not being attended to, we realized it was a self service kind of place and we had to order at the counter.

Allan and I ended up trying almost everything on their menu but what stood out for me were the following:

The kimbap sells for Php150 but it contains 10pcs. It looks like a california maki but this doesn't come with a soy sauce and its maintained at room temperature. At first I was wary but upon one bite, I found that I actually really liked it. It was tasty an crunchy and the mix of the meat, carrots, and relish were really good. I believe I actually finished half of it. Eeeekkk. My diet!

The Smopers Chicken we ordered was dipped in soy garlic. I loved the crunchiness of the skin and the inside was cooked just right. It was a bit lacking in the taste of soy garlic but for less than Php150, it was worth the price.

The runaway winner of the day for us though was the beef bulgogi. It may not look so appetizing with the presentation done but the taste more than made up for it. It was just so good. I had to actually restrain myself from getting another order and getting more rice.

Overall, it was a pretty good experience and the food was pretty okay as well. I'd definitely recommend it as the fast food place to go for those craving for a quick bite of Korean food. It's not too fancy nor expensive so it will be something that fans of Korean food in a budget would love.

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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

AXE Apollo Press Corp Briefing

This is what the tagline is of the latest campaign from Axe Philippines. Launched back in January 2013, Axe Philippines held a Press Corp Briefing to give us the latest news and updates about what has happened since then.

AXE Philippines closed the drafts to the A.A.S.A. last May 15, 2013, clocking in a massive 28,000 applications to the program from over 600,000 site visits – and that’s only from the Philippines.

Worldwide, as of the last estimate, the total number of applications reached over 2 million from over 20 million visitors to with the Philippines landing within the top 5 countries globally in terms of applications.

The next phase of the search in the Philippines will start in August with the AXE Apollo National Challenges where two candidates from the top-voted applicants will be chosen to undergo training at the international AXE Apollo Global Space Camp in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. scheduled for December of this year.  Gearing up for this phase of the campaign are A.A.S.A. National Selections Directors Ramon Bautista, Luis Manzano, Sam Gogna, and Gino Quillamor.

AXE Philippines has declared a shortlist of top-voted candidates who will advance to this next phase of the search where they will be facing three grueling challenges that will put their intellect, physical prowess, and willpower to the test.

Heroic proportions

The first challenge will be ran online with the top-voted candidates being asked to undergo a test of mathematical wit, abstract reasoning, color recognition, and spatial reasoning.  From the 4,485 top-voted candidates, only 400 of the best minds will advance to the second challenge.

The second challenge will test the physical prowess of the top 400 candidates, who will be asked to run an obstacle course inspired by courses used in military training.  From there, the best 50 candidates will be selected to advance to the third challenge.

The third challenge is a test of endurance and willpower.  The A.A.S.A. calls this test “last heroes standing” where candidates will be asked to outlast one another in tough physical conditions.  From this challenge, two people will be declared as the country’s representatives to the international AXE Apollo Space Camp in the U.S.

Hyperdrive to Space

AXE Philippines has also made an unexpected announcement, surprising everyone by declaring a “wild card” candidate who will be sent to space camp with the two winners from the national challenges.  A special “golden ticket” will be given away to a lucky guy or girl, giving everyone one last shot at becoming the first Filipino astronaut in a promo AXE calls “the AXE Apollo Hyperdrive Promo”.

Everyone aged 18 years old and above can join the promo by purchasing any Axe Apollo Body Spray product.  Each purchase receipt will be considered as one raffle entry for a chance at a trip to space.  To join the raffle, one must text AXE <name of store> / <last three digits of the official receipt> and send it to 2600.

Only one winner will be declared as the third representative to space camp, but each raffle entry also gives you a chance at winning a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone as a consolation prize.

The Philippines will soon join the ranks of space-faring nations as the first Filipino astronaut is sent to space through the AXE Apollo Space Academy.  New AXE Apollo is now available on Earth, nationally in stores near you.

Fun, the Axe Way 

Now of course, the night wasn't all about news and updates. Axe Philippines also ensured that everyone who was present would have a great time by treating us to food from Aracama Filipino Cuisine and by holding a private party at Prive Luxury Club after. 

Gino, Me, Sam YG, Ramon Bautista

Sam Sadhwani, Me, Apples Aberin

sinful liempo

my best friend, Allan

Panna Cotta or as Ramon said, sosyal na taho

Truly, Axe knows how to throw a great event proving that they are not only great at getting the ladies, they are also good at ensuring that everyone will have a good time. Thank you for the cap and the Axe items. =)

Monday, July 15, 2013

B's 8th Birthday ...

It wasn't what I thought it would be. I originally planned to eat at Sambokojin with my family and close friends but since Mama passed away, things changed. I'm glad though that we were still able to celebrate it with some close family friends.

We trooped to Pizza Hut because B wanted the Pesto Pasta there. Allan, Arnie, as well as FM and kids came to celebrate with us.

It was a simple lunch treat but I know that everyone had fun one way or the other. I'm just really thankful that the group dynamics were pretty awesome. See below.

I loved the stolen shots. It showed what was really happening and I loved that it was all smiles and laughter especially for our guests. To everyone who gave B a present and who made time to see him on his special day, thank you.

B had a lot of fun and I know that he will remember this.

Thank you again to everyone and to you my son, I hope you had fun. I love you. Happy 8th birthday B!