Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Last 5 Years ... Still hurting ...

Have you ever met someone who just made you feel complete? Someone who just turns your insides out and makes you smile like a fool and you know you're smiling like a fool but you just can't stop yourself from smiling?

Such is the story of Jamie and Cathy. They met, fell in love, and got married.

Now, have you ever met someone who broke you completely? Someone who with just a word can make you cry and feel like you'll never be whole again and even when you know that perhaps someday you will, you just can't stop yourself from bawling?

Such is the story of Jamie and Cathy. They met, fell in love, got married, then fell apart.

photo taken from IG of 9Works

photo taken from IG of 9Works

The opening song "Still Hurting" had women around me sniffling. It reminds you too much about your own heartbreak. It reminds you of the loss that you had ... of the guy who seems to have easily given up and moved on while you ... you are left ... still hurting.

Th story of Jamie and Cathy is a story that most of us can relate to. It shows you a typical love story but how its presented is what makes it different. In its entire presentation, Cathy and Jamie interact in only one song.

In a way, it shows you how two people can be together and save for a few moments, are never really together. It shows you how one person says "this" and the other person hears "that."

Nikki Gil is the biggest revelation of this play. Definitely, she is no longer the wide eyed innocent Charity in Sweet Charity. Here, you see the pain in her eyes, in her movements, and even when she's just standing, holding on to a jacket. It radiates from her. The audience can feel her pain and in return, share the pain of Cathy.

For everyone who has ever fallen in love, for everyone who has had their heart broken, and for anyone who's too scared to love again, The Last 5 Years is a must watch! It will break you and make you all at the same time and that's how you know, you've fallen in love with it.

Kudos to the team. The stage design is simply marvelous. No words. No words at all.


  1. anything with love, broken and heart together in one rings a bell in most of us. nice review, i just read it and i'm feeling emotional now. :(

    1. I cried from the start of the first song till the last. It hit too close to home.

      Jamie moved on and Cathy was still hurting.

      He moved on and I am still hurting.

  2. Nice review. Just reading a few words about this makes me look back when me and my ex broke up. I remember crying myself to sleep and waking up crying again.. :(

  3. Gawd Achie Kay! At first, I thought the post was about your past relationship, and you just used "C" for Kathy. *toinkz* Anyway, this is such a beautiful review on a seemingly beautiful play. I may not be into romantic plays/movies/books, but your post definitely got me interested. Falling in love and getting your heart broken... They're both part of what makes love a beautiful thing. The things we learn about life, and about ourselves, even from a failed relationship... :)

    1. I hope you will be able to catch it. It's a really nice piece. And yes, I agree. The things we learn about love and life are the things that matter in life.


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