Sunday, August 24, 2014

of bloggers and blaggers

I have been blogging since 2006. This means that in 1.5 years, I'd be celebrating my 10th year anniversary as a blogger. Yes, I call myself a blogger and I say this with pride. After all, a blogger is someone who maintains a website and writes about personal thoughts as well as information meant to be shared with the online community.

So what makes someone a really good blogger?  Well, you need to:

1. have a blog
2. when attending events, you should be on time and if you are late, be gracious enough to apologize to the host and do not leave until the event is actually done. To be late then leave early is just poor taste.
3. Write about the event within a span of 1-2 weeks. Personally, I have a one week rule because admit it, PR's did not invite you to delay the write up of their event for more than a week.
4. be professional in dealing with people. You won't get invited to all events. If you aren't, please, do not pick a fight with the PR person.
5. take photos and syndicate it. Use the hashtag created by the organizers.
6. thank the organizers for inviting you, RSVP when you should, and give at least 6 hours heads up if you are cancelling on an event. Ethics ethics ethics.

However, with the emergence of events blogging as well as different niches (we didn't have these kind of things when I started blogging) came along the rise of notorious people aka blaggers. These are people who may or may not have blogs but does some, if not all, of the following:

1. gatecrashes an event because theywere not invited
2. attends an event but does not write about it on their blog
3. attends an event and brings +1 or more than that without seeking approval from the PR person
4. demands a token for attending an event
5. is always late to an event and the first thing he does is go straight to the tokens area
6. self proclaims his worth and does not wait for others to praise
7. plagiarizes
8. blog is just full of PR posts ... doesn't write content on their own
9. extorts money from PR's
10. lies and manipulates people to look like he's the most popular blogger (top bloggers never say they are the top since everyone is too busy saying it for them)

There are so many more but these are the ones that are more prominent infractios of a blagger. It's quite sad to see that there are people out there who would abuse the privileges of blogging just for an event, an invitation, a token (which is normally just little things) or a few sum of money.

It's pathetic to be honest.

Bloggers nowadays are one of the best source of news and reviews of products. Bloggers (those who actually do what they are supposed to do and have ethics) are one the most cost efficient ways to get the word out there. The fact that companies believe that bloggers are an effective channel is something to be proud of and to be taken cared of. Unfortunately, blaggers make it hard for bloggers to do so.

"Parang ang bilis lang magblog. Party party lang tapos may gift na. Makapagblog nga!" (Blogging looks so easy. You attend one party and then you get a gift. I'll start my own!)

This is one statement that makes my blood boil for blogging is not easy. It requires passion, dedication, and it requires commitment. Blogging, as with any form of art, comes from a combination of a lot of things. You don't just sit in front of your laptop and have the words pouring out of you. I wish it were that easy. Unfortunately, its not.

I wish there was a list that can be made where all blaggers would be listed and they can just be banned forever from ruining our names. However, there's none. Till then, I will do what I can to ensure that deserving bloggers get more chances and the not deserving blaggers will just remain in their little holes in the wall.


  1. This saddens noobs / beginners like me, because all we want is do what we love (writing) but due to a single person's mischiefs, bloggers are being collectively branded in a negative manner. For us who are just beginning to build our networks, it's a disappointment because, we're trying to look for great examples and not people who'll bury our names in the dirt with them. We just want to write in peace.

    1. As much as it saddesn, let is serve as a warning and a constant reminder.

  2. I super agree with you Kenny. Its also sad how some "bloggers" create a blog para lang sa mga ganyang free events or freebies being given. We should create a blog because we wanna share something we love, or anything relevant saatin. I saw some nga na puro PR lang ang laman ng blog.Tapos marami patalbugan at pagalingan, iba gusto sumikat through blogging. Sa dami ng mga bloggers ngayon, dapat merong something unique sayo for you to stand out diba? I super agree girl :)

    1. What should be unique about you is the way you write and deliver. Ethics as well.

  3. 101% Agree! Blogging isn't that really easy and when you blog it's not about the gifts & tokens, It should be your passion. You should love writing and always keep your feet on the ground.

    1. A lot of people thinkits easy as pie. They have no idea not everyone can make pies.

  4. AMEN- Blogging is not about getting tokens or loot bags!


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