Sunday, August 31, 2014

muni muni # 83

Apparently, its been more than a year since my last munimuni. It seems I have not wanted to do some reflection but I think its time to do that once again.

The past few months have been life changing. From working in a call center to becoming a freelancer, things have been going on a crazy roller coaster ride. One of the upside is that I have control of my own schedule. I can stay at home if the weather is pretty bad and I can spend time with my son more.

The downside to it is that I don't have complete control of my income. Sometimes, its pretty okay and sometimes, I barely scrape by. Then again, I just really started doing this whole freelance thing and I am still getting the hang of it.

I've also had a nail spa for a client and I've reviewed a couple of salons which led me to trying out a lot of new things when it comes to my nails. You see, I've always been a french tip, touch of tan, nude, beige, and Italian nude kind of girl. I like my nails looking bare and barely colored. I don't like anything too flashy or colored.

However, with the reviews that I had to do, I needed to be more adventurous and ended up trying new things. Guess what I discovered?

I like nail art. I like the bold colors. I like black nail polish on my feet and apparently, blue, purple, and even brown looks good on my nails. Yes, even now that I do not have that nail spa place, I chose the color blue to be my polish for the week.

Change is good.

I'm also learning to communicate with B better now. Yes, I still have my many mishaps but I'm learning to ask him why he does what he does and try to find out the reasons behind his actions and provide a solution. It's been a struggle because its still easier to just tell him what to do and what to say or think but I've realized it doesn't always work that way.

I've also taken a step, fine, a thousand steps back in something that I have tried to move from because I thought that perhaps, maybe, it was time. When I realized I was wrong, it hurt and there were tears. However, I'm not as weak as I was before so I can handle things better now.

I just really need to let things be and leave things well enough alone.

I'm still very blessed. My family are all safe. We're healthy. We're good. This is all that matters now.
It's a lot more than what other people have.

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