Friday, March 30, 2012


FM and I saw this place near my house. It had a green banner right in front and upon seeing the word TEA, I knew that it was a milk tea place. Of course I had to try it. FM made sure it happened.

Upon entering the place, I saw that the place was most likely in its soft launch only. There were a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the fastness of service and the attentiveness of the staff. The place did look inviting though it was pretty small.

They had post it notes where you could write stuff. FM made this.

The drink was actually pretty good. It could even be said that they are at par with Moonleaf, Gong Cha, and the like.

Overall, if I take aside the unpleasant epic fail of the staff, Bonappetea would be my go to milk tea place now in Las Pinas for sure. Best part? They deliver.

Charlie's with FM

He has told me about this place before. We were supposed to have our Valentine's date at this place if I had chosen to go casual. In a way, I'm happy that I chose not so casual because we tried Cafe Juanita and now, I get to try Charlie's.

Charlie's is a constant in the top 10 of's list of foodies from the burger, fries, and even to the oil that they use.  The place looks very simple. In fact, it is situated beside a car wash.

FM ordered the Angus Beef Burger which is around Php180. The vegetables they used were fresh and crisp. The french fries were really good too. The burger ... lets just say that I devoured the entire thing in less than 20 minutes and this was not a small feat.

takaw much? 

I really enjoyed my first visit to Charlie's. The burger was good and the company, better. :)

FM the Photographer

He is not a Photoshop artist. He does not post process. He crops and that's it. I loved that he takes photos and leaves it at that.

He did a photo shoot with my family last Sunday and here are his works.

If you like his work, you can see more of it by liking his facebook page.

Jules Maliuanag

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pepper Lunch

I was at Shangri-la with FM around 2 weeks ago when he told me that he was hungry and wanted to eat. We went around the place until he saw this place. I was not happy.

You see, I've eaten here before and I did not like it. Since it was FM, I decided to give it another go but I was prepared to hate it. We ordered the chicken and the seafood plate.

my chicken meal
seafood meal of FM
So there I was, apprehensive and in doubt when he told me to mix it up fast and put some sauce into the meal. Eh? I never did that before. He then showed me this.

Apparently, the reason I did not enjoy my previous dine in with Pepper Lunch was because I did not mix it and my companion back then was also an idiot who did not know the right way to eat the meal.

For this one, I can guarantee you that I actually finished the entire thing and even ate some of FM's seafood thingie. Now I understand what the fuss is about Pepper Lunch.

Thanks FM. You may not be a foodie but you surely taught me something about Pepper Lunch. Mwah!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fuerza Bruta with FM

It was his first attempt to surprise me and boy did he succeed. I never even had an inkling that he was getting tickets to watch Fuerza Bruta. Sure, he asked me a couple of weeks back if I wanted to see it but it was a couple of weeks back and he never mentioned it anymore. We weren't even together yet back then.

I had given up hope of watching this show. First, the tickets weren't cheap. Second, it didn't seem like a show you should watch alone. Third, I couldn't find time to get the tickets.

FM took care of all that and for that, I am very grateful. He doesn't seem to be the kind of guy to do surprises so I really, really appreciate this gesture.

me with the tix, super duper happy
Wednesday came and off we trooped to Manila Hotel tent to see the show. First thing I saw upon entering, a kick ass lounge.

After staying at the lounge for over 30 minutes and enjoying a glass of Fuerza Bruta, we trooped to the main area which was a blank space. Seriously. It was just this huge space and we didn't know what to expect. However, this is what we experienced.

the pool above us

underneath the gliding foil
underneath a rain of confetti

It truly was an experience. It was an assault on the senses and it was spellbinding. Thank you FM for this wonderful treat. I will always look back on this night with a smile on my face.

dear sister ...

You are all grown up now. This year marks the last year of your childhood for next year, you officially become a teen. I look at you and I marvel at how fast you are becoming a lady.

The coming years will not be all roses and candies ... there will be moments of sadness, pain, hurt, and anger.  It is part of life. However, I want you to know that I will be there, holding your hand or banging your head against the wall, whatever is needed to ensure that you get up from whatever it is that pained you. I'll hold your hand and guide you when you stand up immediately from falling down. I will bang your head against the wall (metaphorically) if you decide to wallow in it.

Life is about falling down and standing up again. It is about learning, losing, loving, and winning. It is about cherishing the moments. Document everything. You will want to look at it years from now. You will want to have mementos of events past/

You will soon have crushes. Enjoy it. Giggle. Feel good ... but please, do not fall in love yet. We are not ready to see you cry over a boy. I might just hurt that boy physically. As for your twin older brothers, I will not stop them from maiming him.

You will make more friends and lose some. It is part of growing up. Treasure the ones you have now. Don't let go of old ones who also do not want to let go of you. Do not close doors on new ones being made.

Most important of all, never forget your family. We will have fights and skirmishes. We will not understand each other but do not ever forget ... WE LOVE YOU. We will always be here for you, the same way you were there for me when my heart was broken and you held me in your arms while I cried for someone who did not deserve my tears. I will be there for you as well. We all will be.

So go, take flight knowing that if you should fall, we will catch you with arms wide open holding a big mattress so you can bounce back and soar once more.

I love you Shobe. Never forget that.

Happy 12th birthday! MWAH!

Your big sister,
Ate Kenny

Lugang Cafe

I can't believe I have forgotten to post about this place. I think its because my date for this place was forgettable and really just an epic fail.

Let's start shall we?

Lugang Cafe finally opened a branch at SM Mall of Asia and being the food addict that I am, I wanted to try it out. One afternoon, A for effort guy asked me out. I really didn't want to go but he persuaded me.

We met at MOA and ended up here. I loved the interior of the place. It looked posh and clean.

After pondering for a few minutes, I decided to just get the following:

Xiao Long Bao
3 cup chicken
The Xiao Long Bao was simply divine. It was tasty, fresh, and really really good. I just needed for it to be a bit hotter but its all good. I could have eaten the entire thing but I only consumed 3/4. Haha. As for the chicken, I really didn't understand the fuss. A lot of bloggers have raved about it but it tasted like ordinary chicken to me.

The raspberry mango juice however was a definite winner for me. It was sweet, a bit sour, and tangy. It was refreshing.

Now, for the best part of the night. When the bill came, my date looked at me and said, "you're treat right?" OMG. Seriously? You asked me out and I'm paying? I didn't even want to go and you forced me. So I looked at him without batting an eyelash and answered, "No! How thick skinned can you be?"

He looked sheepish and asked if he could borrow some money and he'll just pay me when we find an ATM. My gosh! Can you believe it? Argh. What an idiot right?

So I paid and trooped him to the nearest ATM and made him pay me. After, I ditched him. Sigh. What a failure. I can't believe that there are still guys out there who are just that thick. Seriously!

Hopefully, my next date at Lugang will be much better. I need to delete or replace the humiliating moment I had there the first time.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

given up ...

I've given up on this
the games
the chase
the falling
the heartbreak.

I've given up on this
the longing
the dreaming
the wanting
the emptiness.

I've given up on you
loving me.

I've given up ...
but you ...
you did not.

the way you look at me ...

You look at me
and I feel pretty.
You look at me
and I feel loved.
You look at me
and I know I can do anything.
You look at me
and I believe ...

in love
in you
in me
in us

I believe ....
all because of
the way you look at me.


This is how you make me feel.

on fire
This is how I feel.

This is what we are.

With you, I feel safe.
With you, I feel alive.
With you, I dream dreams.
With you, I am home.

I waited for you ...

I waited for you
all my life
all my days ...

in the face of strangers
in the arms of men
in the beating of every heart.

I waited for you
in my dreams
in memories past
in moments frozen ...

I waited for you
in every moment of falling
in every sound of a heart breaking
in every lyric of a love song written.

I waited for you ...
I waited
and waited. 

Finally ...
you're here.

I shall wait no more.

I made this for your birthday. I hope you like it.

1st week with FM

I know I haven't posted in almost a week. The wonder of having someone significant took over and I spent a lot of time with him this week. This is also because he's leaving for a 2 week trip soon and I guess we wanted to maximize time together. It also happened to be his birthday week.

So, here's a compilation of random moments of FM and I spent together on our first week of being an official couple. Naks!

He met some of my family members when we went to pick them up at Asian hospital and had merienda after. It was a good meeting of the family if I may say so. They talked and got to know a bit about him and he got to know a bit about them. It wasn't awkward save for a moment when FM went "OH MY GOD!" after reading a text because of a major hitch to a plan we had. It was pretty funny because his reaction was so natural and unedited. He lost his poise for a minute and I found it cute.

He also got to meet my best friend from work and the two of them hit if off. My bestie is happy that I am with him because she feels that we are a match and that it would work between us. Let's hope she's right.

Last Friday, it was my turn to meet his family. It also happened to be his birthday so it was a celebration. Thankfully, I think I did well and managed to not make them hate me. *nervous laughter*

The first week was off to a good start. Hopefully it will be an indication of how things will be. Regardless, I know that this will work simply because he wants this to work as much as I do, if not more. God really is good. He gave us to each other when it was time and not a second before.

To more love stories between us ... to more decades of stories.


I feel the love you had for me
It is no longer there
It is no longer alive
It is no longer existing.
It is nothing but a residue
of the love
you used to feel for me
of the love
I used to feel for you

Nothing remains
not even a residue.

* a poem I made in 60 seconds from

Monday, March 19, 2012

a smile ... a snicker ... a giggle ... and now, full of laughter

Many have read and reacted vehemently about not so funny after all ... indeed, it wasn't funny for tears were shed. However, there is more to this story. It seems the funny man was not yet ready to take his curtain call.

Here is the rest of the story.

The next day, we met up and hanged out. Days after that, we'd meet still and hang out. I know ... I am such a glutton for punsihment. In some way, I wanted to be hurt again and again so that I could get rid of the feelings that I had for him ... feelings that I thought were one way and not reciprocated.

That is, until the Cha Time incident.

It was Wednesday last week. I was supposed to attend an open bar event and he was supposed to be my wingman, the one who'd ensure I get to go home safe and sound, and in one piece. It was supposed to be how things were to unfold but it was not what happened.

We were at Cha Time and there was a couple who was sitting on the couch beside us. It was a table sharing kind of place so we didn't mind. What we did find peculiar was that they switched to the other couch on the other table though there was someone sitting in that area as well. Eventually, I noticed that the guy kept stealing glances at me and this is what pissed the girl.

I told FM about this and he said, "I don't get it. Why do they keep looking at you? You're pretty but its not really worth looking at."  OUCH!

I snapped. I told him I was leaving and that he didn't have to go with me anymore. He realized what he said and apologized. I was seething. I wasn't going to snap out of my anger. I was upset, mad, furious, frustrated, and most of all, I was hurt. I was really, really hurt.

Things were said and words were thrown. I blew up at him and he took it. He was sincerely apologetic and then he said, "You don't understand! You don't know anything that's why you don't understand." I told him of course I don't since he can't seem to tell me anything and quite frankly, I didn't want to know." He insisted and then he dropped the bomb on me. He said, "Okay! I like you. I like you as more than a friend and I didn't want to tell you because I wanted to get to know you without the romance thing hanging over our heads. I wanted to know who you are and what you really are."

I should have felt happy but I didn't. At that time, I was just so mad at him for being so stupid and indecisive; about denying what he felt and what not. Most of all, I was mad at him for hurting me when there was no need to.

I wanted to walk away. I wanted to open the car door, shout at him "well, I don't like you anymore!" and slam the door shut. I wanted to. My pride demanded it but my heart won this round. I decided to give it another chance.

I forgave him ... once again, I forgave him for hurting me. This should have been a sign that I had feelings for him, feelings that run deep ... that even I was not aware of, yet.

Friday came and I was feeling upset about work so I ended up drinking with my teammates. As luck would have it, FM picked me up. There I was, light as bubbles on a bottle of champagne and giddy as a child in a candy store.

Bad combination.

I was talkative and I had no control over my tongue. What I thought of, I'd say. I couldn't filter. There was a point in the conversation during the night where he told me that he said I miss you on the phone earlier and I didn't reply. I told him I did not hear him say it. He then said, "tsk tsk, I knew it. I'm so gonna be neglected when we have a relationship in the future." He said it in a joking manner. I laughed and said, "Hello? Neglected? How could you be when you're so taken cared of; when you're so loved ..."


and I realized what I said and shut up. *mortifying moment for almost 3 minutes followed where he just hugged me and I hugged him back because I could not show myself to him.* You gotta remember, this is the same guy who dissed me twice already and yet I was stupid enough to say the L word. GAH! What is wrong with me?

Eventually, I had to face him and this is what he said to me. "I have loved you for several days now. I just didn't wanna tell you because I didn't want to ruin what we have. What we have is so beautiful and perfect."

I was in shock. I expected, "sorry, I don't feel the same " or worse "lets just be friends" but I did not expect a revelation like that. Then he said, "I love you."

This is how FM came to be my boyfriend last Saturday, March 17, 2012.

He made me laugh, he made me cry, he made me smile, he made me snicker, he made me giggle, and now, its been days full of laughter. I know that there will be days he won't be funny at all but I also know that he will always find a way to make me smile again, snicker again, giggle again, and be full of laughter again.

I look forward to those days and decades.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Moshi Koshi

It's the first time that I had an almost back to back date with Eats a Date. This time, it was at Moshi Koshi in Shaw, Pasig.

Moshi Koshi is a ramen and noodle house that boasts of noodles that do not fill you up which allows you to eat as many as you want and make the most out of it. In fact, I think this is why they served 17 dishes all in one go.

I didn't like how the set up was done because we had to take photos, memorize the food, and the ramen and noodles got cold. Bleh. This was a fail for me. Also, they should have served it in small bowls so that each one of us could actually try it. What happened instead was we tried a few different dishes but was not able to maximize everything.

Here's the stuff that I tried and remembered the taste. Pardon me for it is very limited.

The green tea ice cream was really good. It was heavenly, to think that I am not a fan of green tea but this one works really well. It wasn't overpowering and it didn't leave an aftertaste.

This rice topping was heaven in a bowl. I could have eaten the entire thing but sadly, I had 3 bites. It was all I could get because I had to share with 8 other people. Sadness.

The 1/2 piece of Gyoza that I had was tasty as well. It had soup inside which reminded me of Xiao Long Bao. I'm not sure if they did that intentionally or it was fail moment on their part. However, it was pretty good.

Overall, the food could have been better but I can't really say since we were not able to try it all. The portions we had were very limited too which was a major downer since how can one write about a food review if there's not much of the food to review?

The service was pretty okay. I say pretty okay because I asked for warm water and I got almost boiling water. Good thing my tongue is pretty thick and I wasn't scalded.

Overall, it was a so-so Eats a Date. It's a good thing I was in the company of great people or else this night would have been a disaster.

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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION.