Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Eat Chocolate while Donating Milk with Cadbury Generosity

They say that giving chocolates is one of the sweetest thing that you can do. I beg to differ. I think that donating milk is actually a lot better especially when the milk donated goes to the kids who truly need it.

Cadbury recently partnered with Feed Philippines and through the Cadbury Dairy Milk Generosity Bar, anyone who purchases this bar donates the milk content from it's bar to help nourish kids in need. What happens is that a glass of milk will be donated to a child in need of nutrition with the help of Feed Philippines.

Isn't that an awesome reason to buy one of these then?

There are currently 4M children in the Philippines that suffer from malnutrition. This is no laughing matter. Through the Cadbury Dairy Milk Generosity Bar, everyone now has the chance to help out in their own small way. The Cadbury Dairy Milk Generosity Bar contains less milky goodness but it does contain yummy dark milk chocolate which makes it still a delicious chocolate bar.

With this campaign, Cadbury is hoping to provide the nourishment of a glass of milk to the children being supported by Feed Philippines. This campaign will run at the Cadbury Generosity Pop-Up located in Glorietta Activity Center. This sells for Php155 for 160g.

Giving has never tasted this good. 

It's time to Gentleman Up with Mens Club by Avon

It wasn't just a fashion show. It wasn't just meant to showcase the latest underwear and it definitely wasn't just a gathering of the finest men in town. Truth be told, more than half of the men who strutted on the catwalk were not even models per se. They were just models of what it takes to be Gentleman Up.

AVON has once again taken the world by storm by redefining and modernizing what it means to be a true gentleman. Gone are the days of stereotyping and molding men to just be one certain way. AVON showed us that to be a true gentleman, you don't need to just look or act a certain type.

“There’s more to men than just being strong, masculine,and suave,” says Tisha Rodriguez, Avon Philippines’ Head of Marketing. “Avon believes that men can also be graceful and emotional, and still be considered manly.”

As a company built to empower others, Avon is celebrating the many unsung facets of a modern gentleman with its latest campaign called Gentleman Up. The campaign is a call for all men to come forward and embrace the traits that society has set aside in favor of traditional gender connotations.

New Avon endorsers—Tanner Mata and Enchong Dee—join  brand ambassador Daniel Matsunaga to send Avon’s message of acceptance, inclusivity, and diversity.  The three lead a group of modern gentlemen in the latest fashion show of Men’s Club by Avon, a line of intimate apparel for men. The brand’s message of diversity mirrors the diverse range of men’s undergarments, which range from basics and printed cotton briefs to underwear with innovative fabrics.

Watch Daniel, Tanner, and Enchong in their first teaser clip for Men’s Club by Avon:

Men’s Club by Avon is available through Avon Representatives, or online via AvonShop.ph. Follow Avon Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the #GentleManUpcampaign.

 And this guy below is what I call a real gentleman.

Honolulu Hong Kong Cafe

A month ago, my family and I tried out Honolulu Hong Kong Cafe which is located on the Lower Ground floor of SM Aura. I heard that the food was good and anything Chinese is a must try on my list.

I had high hopes for the place and here are some of the things that we ordered.Let's start with the sweet and sour pork which is cooked right. It' so hard to find decent sweet and sour pork so when I do find one, I am all for it. This one, WIN.

The Beef Hofan is also another must. I have been here 3x already and every single time, I made it a point to order this. If I remember correctly, it's I2 on the menu. Order at least 2, it will be worth it.

This is probably the most disappointing thing for me. First time I went, it was lacking. The second time, it was okay, and the 3rd, it was so-so. If you love Hong Kong or Macau egg tart, I'd suggest to not order this.

Now if you are a fan of curry, order the beef brisket curry and make sure you have a lot of rice. This bowl will make you eat at least 2 cup of rice, 3 if you're going to be real. The beef is not that soft but the overall taste is just so good.

Another thing you need to order if you love shrimp would be the shrimp coated in salted egg. The only thing I don't like about it is that the serving is too small. I wish they would have more of it because this plate is never enough for me.

If you like comfort food, you can also have the ramen topped with spam and egg. True comfort food which would be perfect when the rainy weather comes in.

Do I recommend this place? Heck yeah! The fact that I've eaten here 3x should tell you something especially if two times out of three has been with my family too.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Caffe Freddo in BGC

One of the things that has always fascinated me is how much New Yorkers seem to love their brunches. You see it in the movies, you read about it in books, and you watch it in the TV shows that are set in NewYork. My favorite, Gossip Girl.

If brunch is your thing or if you just simply want to experience brunch the New York way, then Caffe Freddo which is located at Lane P The Spa Building needs to be your next destination. As you can see, the place boasts of a well lit, instagrammable location and is very conducive to having a wonderful brunch, coffee dates, or a slightly intimate dinner.

Now let's go ahead and talk about the coffee.

I normally hate Flat White. I've tried a few from other coffee shops and I truly hated it. When I tried Caffe Freddo though, they said that their flat white is their best seller. Since they use a different kind of beans from New York called the Bluestone Lane beans, I thought that I would give it a try.

Thank God I did. This is the first flat white that I actually enjoyed and finished. Normally I'd have to add a lot of sugar just to force myself to finish a cup but this one was just perfect.

The Eggs Benedict are another must try in my opinion. Cooked perfectly, this one will definitely be a sure winner to those who love eggs cooked this way. I even showed it to my brother who is a chef in Singapore and he commented that this was perfect the way it was.

BUT the true winner and must try for me is this This Flatbread with dried figs, burrata, caramelized onions, and arugula was definitely a real treat. Seriously guys, you need to ORDER this. This was just something that made me go OOOOHHHHHH. This was so good that I wished I didn't eat anything else during this meal but this. I would definitely want to eat the entire thing all by myself.

If you are on the healthy side though, then it's this bowl of muesli that would be perfect. Tasty, healthy, and yummy ... definitely something that I can eat on a daily basis.

If you are with kids, then order this fried chicken dish which was also pretty darn good. Any kid would definitely love this one and paired with french fries, it is the ultimate comfort food.

I can't wait to bring my son here as well as M. They would definitely love it.

Caffe Freddo, was brought to life by the same team behind The Spa Wellness, and with the support of one of the largest fast casual restaurants in the country, BonChon. According to owner, Scott Tan, “Third wave is very much alive, and as a coffee drinking country, I think the time is ripe to bring in premium coffee that is more than just a caffeine fix. I believe coffee can be something really special.” Scott adds, “My philosophy in business has always been… anyone and everyone deserves good food, and that includes beverages, and because I’m a fan of Bluestone Lane in New York city, I’ve decided to bring their coffee beans to local shores.”

Apart from its impressive line-up of coffees, Caffe Freddo also prides itself of its carefully-curated Modern European brunch menu put together by Chef Markus Gfeller, who is the heart and soul behind the gastronomic creations. Chef Gfeller is known to have pioneered the fine dining experience in the 90s. He now leads a team of chefs for Caffe Freddo, to offer high-quality dishes with the freshest ingredients, but at much affordable price points.

Caffe Freddo is located at The Spa building, 9th avenue, in Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Operating hours are from 7am to 11pm from Mondays to Sundays. Contact numbers are (0998)8479410 and 4410681. For updates, follow Caffe Freddo PH on Instagram and Facebook.

4 Steps to an Easy Garage Cleanout

For a long time, your garage has been nothing but a savior. It’s where everything you don’t have space for goes to and the death bed for all your junk. So, what do you do when the garage gets full and messy? A befitting rubbish removal, right?
But with so many areas to scour, as well as the numerous items to get rid of, cleaning out the garage can be a daunting task. So, if you want to do it fast and hassle-free, you’ll need to employ a practical strategy. Below are authentic measures to a swift and spectacular garage clean out.

 Step 1: Take Everything Out
De-cluttering your cramped-up garage should be your first move. It enables you to realize what you’re working with and prepare for the next cause of action. So, depending on the weather, take everything out to an extra room or the driveway.
Step 2: Organize the Items
Come up with a criterion for selecting what stuff to keep. You can start by taking stock of everything you have, categorizing all of your items into for groups: retain, donate, sell, and trash. Only hang to the possessions that make you most happy. The rest?
Hawk them in a yard sale or donate to charity, except for any item that is useless or broken. Such things belong in a landfill or a recycling bin. Contact with professionals like Paul's Rubbish Removal if you want to dispose them organically. Make sure that you take care of things before going to the next step.
Step 3: Deep Clean Your Garage Space
It’s the most crucial part of any garage rubbish removal regimen. Ultimately, how neat and crisp your garage turns out, depends on how well you clean it. It’s advisable to start from top to bottom, but whatever style you choose, don’t forget to:
  • Remove grease and oil stains - You can do it using a wire scrub brush, dish soap and cat litter. Apply the litter first to absorb an excess liquid on the stain, then scrub with soap. If you can find kitty waste, cornmeal or sawdust will work fine too.
  • Wipe away mold - vinegar or bleach diluted with warm water will do.
  • Spruce up the walls - Employ a sponge mob for the garage partitions. Also, use epoxy and a sealant to deal with any cracks.
  • Clean the Garage Door - You can do it by brushing off the dust, hosing the door down, and finally wiping it with mild household detergent plus warm water. 
Step 4: Straighten Out the Garage
Once your garage space is spic-and-span, it’s time to bring in your precious belongings. But this time, place everything in a harmonized manner so that you prevent clutter from building up again. Check out the following pointers on how to best layout your cleaned-up garage:
  • Invest in shelving units where all your frequently used items will go, for easy reach.
  • Utilize cabinets or closets for the less frequently used items.
  • Get a pegboard for hand tools like hacksaws and hammers.
  • Use wall hawks to hang equipment such as shovels and rakes.


Zoning, labeling, and arranging the items in your garage will ensure that clutter doesn’t crop up again. Still, you can always utilize the four steps mentioned above to undertake quick and painless rubbish removal from your garage. Don’t forget to plan for the disposal of your unwanted items before you start cleaning.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

5 Other Things You Need in your Go Bag

There has been a lot of images and articles telling people what needs to be in their go bag should a disaster strike. With the recent earthquake that literally shook Luzon, people are worried about the BIG ONE and the fact that we are truly unprepared.

In our home last Monday, we prepped our go bags. Since my little sister is actually a first responder, she knew what had to be done and shared a lot of information that I did not see online.

Here are the things you normally would find online.

All of these are good, basic ideas but there were other things that my sister also recommended and I wanted to share it with you guys coz it might just save a life.

1. Sanitary Napkin and Masking Tape

In case you don't have gauze pad and medical tape, these are good alternative to have. They are also cheaper but work just as well in emergency situations.


There are two purposes for the rope. If you do not live in a bungalow, there's a possibility that your main gate or point of exit might be blocked. This means you will need to go down from the roof or balcony. A rope is necessary so you can go down from your house. If you do not have a rope, have blankets that you no longer use and tie them up together. Place them in an area near your other point of exit in the event that main one is blocked.

The other purpose of the rope is to tie down people in the event they can't go down on their own. You can also use it with a cap to put in place and ensure non movement of the neck if someone suffers a spinal injury. 


No, we are not being vain. A nail file can be used in two ways. It can cut meat and other potential food that need to be cut and the other use is to defend yourself in the event of disasters. Remember that disasters bring out the best and worst in people. We need to face the reality that we may need to defend ourselves from others in case it happens.

Plunge the nail file in the collarbone area or throat so you can have time to run. We hope you never have to try this but in case you do, better to know what to do rather than just be the victim.

4. Copy of all your ID and documents. In the event of a disaster, the chances of the internet and electricity being up is slim. Having a hard copy and making sure everyone in the family has it will help you rebuild your life once the crisis has been averted.

5. Dry bag. This can be attached to the backpack and should keep your valuables dry at all times in case of typhoon, tsunami, and flood.

Hopefully, we never have to use these go bags but in the event that we do, isn't it better to just have these on standby rather than regret that you didn't prepare?

Lamudi Kicks Off Housing Fair 2019 at TriNoma

A lot of people don't know what happens when they buy a house. Some think that you save enough money and then just buy one. Sadly, this is not the case. There are a lot of processes and steps involved. There are papers and documents. This is what Lamudi Housing Fair does, educate the public on the intricacies of purchasing real estate so that when you become ready to invest in real estate, you are not lost.

Lamudi has once again hosted another successful housing fair. This year, the number one real estate platform kicked the series off at the TriNoma Activity Center. Like previous housing fairs, the Lamudi Housing Fair in Trinoma offered an extensive selection of property offerings from some of the country’s biggest industry players. The exhibitors were SMDC, Aspire by Filinvest, Futura by Filinvest, Prestige by Filinvest, The Hauslands, Amiya Raya, Taft Properties, Robinsons Communities, BPI Family Housing Loan, Grand Monaco, Ortigas & Company, Phinma Properties, Pag-IBIG Fund, Sandari Batulao, and Suntrust.

Online Real Estate Marketing Seminars
More than property selling, the housing fair also aimed to educate and help real estate professionals boost their businesses. As such, those who were in attendance were treated to free online real estate marketing trainings conducted by Lamudi Academy’s learning development coaches. Some of the topics discussed during the two-day event were Top Online Lead Generation Channels,  Conversion of Online Leads to Sales and The Power of Lamudi.
Property Discounts and Foreclosure Auction
Exclusive property discounts were also given away to aspiring property seekers. Similarly, Unionbank also hosted a property auction at affordable price points.
Homebuying Seminars
For first time homebuyers, the Lamudi Housing Fair at TriNoma also gave prospective property buyers the lowdown into how to approach this important but otherwise challenging undertaking. Representatives from Pag-IBIG Fund talked about the agency’s End-User Financing Program while the Land Registration Authority was also present in the event to guide property seekers in their land titling concerns and questions.
Several experts in various facets of real estate also imparted their knowledge to property seekers and sellers. For instance, a talk on Property Photography was discussed, as well as Interior Design Essentials, especially for small spaces.
“The Lamudi Housing Fair is the perfect venue for those actively and passively looking to invest in a property. Each one of our housing fairs has a goal to connect buyers to the right people so they can make the right decision. By bringing together property seekers and property sellers, we are helping them understand the steps involved in the decision-making process and learn from each other. ” Lamudi CEO Bhavna Suresh said of the Lamudi Housing Fair.
“We had hoped that TriNoma would set the tone positively for this year’s run and needless to say, we were not disappointed by the turnout. The following ones will offer the same benefits, if not more, to attendees as we really want our housing fairs to provide value and worth their time.”
The next Lamudi Housing Fair will be happening on July 20 to 21 at Glorietta, followed by SM Cebu in September, and lastly, SM Mall of Asia in December.
The Lamudi Housing Fair in TriNoma was sponsored by DMCI Homes, Aboitiz Land, Land Bank of the Philippines, Land Registration Authority, Food Panda, and Red Doors, also, in partnership with Philippine Daily Inquirer Property, Business Mirror, Business World, Malaya Business Insight, The Philippine Star and ThinkBIT as official registration partner.
For more information, please visit the official website.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

5 Ways to Start Sustainable Living

With the rapid deterioration of our planet as well as the effect of plastic on living animals, there is a need to really minimize if not fully stop using plastic. I personally am trying to do what I can to cut down on plastic usage though I know that the struggle is real.

To help you out, I've decided to list down 5 ways that can help you jump start your journey on becoming more sustainable. It's not as hard as you think and again, what matters is that you are doing your part. As a collective, all our small ways has a big effect on Mother Earth.

Bamboo toothbrushes may seem like a small thing but ideally, you are supposed to change your toothbrush every 3 months. If you use the plastic ones, that's 4 toothbrushes a year PER PERSON that just goes to rubbish and NEVER decomposes.

Angled that way, you will then realize that you get to help Mother Earth by switching to bamboo toothbrushes that can be recycled.

Tote bags are a great replacement for plastic. When you buy something, refuse the plastic and put it in your tote bag. Since it is normally made of clothing, you can just fold this and put inside your bag then bring it out when you need to use it.

You get to save your home from the mountain of plastic that just accumulates and help Mother Earth.

Plant your own food. Herbs are easy to take care of, they make your home smell good and also help purify the air. What more can you ask for?

Glass jars. First off, they look so classy and polished. A home filled with this looks organized. It's easy to spot what's inside and these jars are also recylable. You just need to wash it and then it can be used for something else.

They also do not affect the taste of your food so that's a big plus.

Finally,  celebrate #EarthDay with the newest reusable cups and straws which launched yesterday from Starbucks! You also get to enjoy an additional Php5 discount every time you buy a drink AND use your reusable cup, tumbler, or mug. Sustainable and comforting drink. What more can you ask for?

Do your part in small ways. This may be a small step but it's still a big one when done collectively.

Digitalization of Financial Services and Risk Mitigation

Is the Philippines ready for the digitalization of it's financial services?

Digitalization is happening everywhere but it is specifically relevant to the financial service. After all, financial services are the one of the most targeted area for cyber crimes because it involves money.

In this age when people expect payments and transfers to be done at the speed of life, cyber security, verification, and processes are also expected to be done in the same manner. Can it be though?

Fiserv is a global leader in financial services technology solutions. Fiserv helps more than 12,000 clients worldwide create and deliver experiences for a digital world that's always on. Solutions that enable today's consumer to move and manage money with ease, speed and convenience at the speed of life.

In the Philippines, Fiserv is working with BPI and BDO among other financial institution. They help in ensuring that transfers and other processes will be done in a faster yet secure way.

Marc Mathenz, SVP and Managing Director of Fiserv APAC, believes the Philippines is a prime spot for digital transformation. The Philippines is perfect for targeted innovation simply because we have a supportive and visionary BSP Head. A lot of our people are actually tech savvy so it's not hard for them to understand new technology and innovation.

A large number of our people use mobile, 70% of which are connected online most of the time. We also have an impressive GDP growth annually which is very promising to investors, making the Philippines still one of the top investment destination.

We also happen to have some of the most trusted banking institutions and cryptocurrency is on the rise here. There are currently 30 types with 3 of them already accredited.

Of course there are challenges such as worries about security, cybercrime, and ATM scheming. There's also the factor of the older generation who still believes in the old adage "if it ain't broken, don't fix it."

Another big hurdle facing digital transformation is the fact that only 34% people have bank accounts while 47% have loans with only 4.4% using financial institutions for their loans. Most people still prefer using out of banks loan providers.

Even with these concerns, Fiserv still believes that digitalization is the way to go. We just need to have more materials that people can read to help them understand how to fully utilize these changes and protect their assets at the same time. 

So is the Philippines ready?

Right now, not yet BUT we are getting there and I personally think that's a good thing.  

Monday, April 15, 2019

Starbucks Siren Island: Come in to get Away

With more than 7,107 islands found in the Philippines, there was nothing more attractive than the Siren's Island which Starbucks set up over a week ago. With promises of new merchandise, drinks, and pastries, one couldn't help but to come in so they can get away from the madness of the city.

There were pocket events held all around the venue to give off that summer vibe which a lot of the attendees enjoyed since you can actually win exclusive Starbucks merch once you win at the booths.

There were 3 new drinks introduced during the launch. The Triple Mocha Frappuccino® is loaded with Dark Mocha Sauce layered between cold-brew infused whipped cream, white chocolate, and dark caramel. Take away the Dark Mocha Sauce and add some rich and buttery Dark Caramel Sauce and the drink transforms into the delicious Dark Caramel Coffee Frappuccino®. Another drink added to the regular menu is the Red Velvet Cake Cream Frappuccino®, a confectionery-inspired blend of chocolaty chips, mocha sauce, raspberry and vanilla syrup, topped with whipped cream.

They also launched new pastries and some of my favourites are the Smores, the Banana Chia Cookie, and the pomelo.

Carry with you the perfect complement for the balmy weather - the Botanical card, a Starbucks Card which features island scenes and tropical plants, available for an initial activation amount of Php300. Another fun and cute design is the new Popsicle card, also available for an initial activation of Php300.

There will also be new Starbucks merchandise to help you feel summer-ready wherever you go. The ‘A Day in The Island’ collection transports customers straight to the beach with its gradient designs depicting island scenes from sunrise to sunset and tropical plants. With the sun brightly shining this time of year, the ‘Gold’ collection also perfectly captures the glow and shimmer of the season with its golden tumblers in new and classic shapes.

Starbucks really knows how to launch their products and drinks and if you have these on hand, you'll surely be able to deal with the scorching heat of the sun.

Moto Moto, your next Japanese obsession

This red door holds the secret to your next Japanese obsession. Moto Moto has been around for a few months now and it's slowly gaining a small following for those who have been to Japan and misses authentic Japanese pastries.

The place is a modern version of a cozy Japanese resto and it's also very instagrammable which any millenial would love.

This is their house tea which is mildly sweet but still good. I actually like it because I don't really like the overly sweet iced tea. This one was just right.

The sushi roll was really good. I preferred the ones with the caviar on top because that was just really, really tasty while the ones with mayo on top were your standard california maki.

The Chasu rice topping reminded me of Chasu Ramen. The pork is soft and easy to chew and added a hint of savory flavor to the rice. The mayo enriched everything, including my thighs.

This brownie ala mode was the bomb. I think that I would have finished this if I haven't eaten  so much already.

The real winner though was this Japanese Souffle Pancakes that wiggled like crazy and had a creme brulee topping which was so much fun to crack. Light yet creamy and the taste is just different. I don't think I have ever tasted pancakes like this.

I may not have been to Japan but with Moto Moto, I feel like I now have a better idea of what Japanese afternoons would look like for me.

M, myself, Chef Kalel, and Mela