Thursday, February 28, 2019

Tips for Cat Lovers

They are cute.

They are evil. 

They have claws.

They bite.

They are adorable and severely instagrammable. 

They think you are their pet and they are actually the master.

Yes, I am talking about cats and in this post, we will share information on how to take care of them, what kind of food to give them, and how to make them want to be near you. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to cuddle with your cat and them pushing you as if you were infected with the bubonic plague.

1. Let them sleep.

Cats are sleepyheads by nature. Allow them their sleeping time and they will be more inclined to allow you to pet them. They might even rub against you and purr softly while you do it. Their purr has been scientifically proven to soothe human emotions.

2.  They can be trained.

You just need to know how to train them and enforce the rules so they know that you are the master and in charge of their food.

3. They need cat food, not human food.

Cats have different needs from humans so when they are fed a steady diet of human food, their needs are not met. If you don't have time to buy cat food, you can have it delivered. I recommend Pet Food Delivery PH. Guaranteed less than 3-hours Same Day Express Delivery to anywhere within Metro Manila. Products are always more affordable compared to those in-malls and in-stores so it's a win win.

4. Cats can be clingy.

The one thing that cats do not like is too much attention. When you shower them with too much attention, it turns them off. When you pet them a little bit, feed them, and then ignore them, they will then try to win you over.

Of course there will be cats that are simply anti-social but most of them like winning your attention and then ignoring you again. They can definitely be fickle minded. Trust me, it's not you, it's them.

5. They will always choose something over the cat bed you bought.

It's just a catittude. They prefer boxes, rice cookers, and anything that has a certain shape that should not have a cat inside.

6. They are very instagrammable.

Always make sure that your phone can easily take a snap by choosing one with a fast processor and unlock time. My Zenfone M2 Pro has both so it's really easy for me to take my cat's photos. Whew.

Do you have any more tips? Share them in the comment below.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Captured by Mark Balmores Photography Workshop

It started as a "what if we do a workshop inside the village?"

It was just a thought.

It was just an idea.

Thankfully, I found it in me to actually post and ask inside our village's Facebook group. I wanted to know if people wanted to attend a photography workshop and the reaction was actually great! There was interest and there were people who really wanted to go.

This was how Captured by Mark Balmores Photography Workshop was born.

We held the first one last Saturday and had 5 attendees. We wanted to keep it intimate and small so that we could allot a few minutes of one on one time between the work-shopper and Mark.

I loved that everyone in the group was listening intently and asked wonderful questions. They talked about angles, exposure, lights, and how you can take a picture that is separate from the rest.

Mark was able to give out tips to really help those who attended and he was also able to share his own experiences and stories.

Our attendees received some gifts as a token of appreciation and they also received a certificate of participation.

And as icing on the cake, they were also provided a wonderful snack by our host, Mystic Brew Cafe.

If you would like to book Mystic Brew for a workshop or small program, birthdays, photo shoots, and proposals, just contact them via their Facebook Page.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Lamudi Broker's Night 2019

The 3rd annual  Lamudi Broker's Night was recently held at the Makati Shangri-La last February 21, 2019 and boy did people come prepared. It was night where everyone glittered and dazzled in their most Hollywood Glam.

It was an evening of recognition of the best of the best in real estate professionals who have demonstrated skilled achievement, superior leadership, high moral character, as well as professional behavior.

The Lamudi Broker's Awards Night was divided into 3 categories: individual, company, and special awards. The winners of the Individual and Company Awards were determined via data gathering while winners of the Special Awards were chosen through voting by Lamudi's partner network with the exception of the Lamudi Partner of the Year award as this was chosen by Lamudi which was Land Registration Authority.

Lamudi has been able to established themselves as one of the leading real estate companies. With real estate brokers who are the best of the best, how can they not? For more information on the Lamudi Broker Awards Night 2019, you can go ahead and click here.

UNIQLO 19 Spring Summer Lifewear Collection

The Tita in me is very happy. The new pieces from Uniqlo's Spring Summer 19 collection is just amazing! It really is something that I can wear on a daily basis.

LifeWear is made up of thoughtfully created clothing designed to make everyday life better and 
more comfortable. Apparel that comes from the Japanese values of simplicity, quality, and longevity, 
LifeWear reflects the brand’s commitment to perfection in design, fabric selection, cut, even color.

The new season caters to diverse personalities and lifestyles, embodying the brand’s belief that 
individuality comes not from clothes but from the people wearing them.

LifeWear is constantly evolving to cater to the needs of an ever-changing world through 
technological innovations.
LifeWear aspires to make excellence affordable.

LifeWear exemplifies UNIQLO’s mission of enabling people all over the world to experience 
the joy of wearing great clothes with the release of its Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

They also offer comfortable underwear available for both men and women. They're super comfortable too!

It seems that from daily wear, office wear, sports, and even semi-formal wear, Uniqlo does have it all.

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ORLY celebrates Uniqueness

ORLY is not just a nail polish brand. It is the leading nail polish brand worldwide and it does more than beautify our nails. Recently, it held a beauty dialogue featuring three inspiring Filipina women who have contributed greatly in their own field.

 Dr. Geraldine Zmora, Margaux Salcedo, and Pinky Amador. These three women are the best of best in their own field namely,  Rheumatology and Internal Medicine, journalism, and theater arts. The beauty dialogue emphasized the need for everyone to look closely at their own uniqueness and to start embracing it.

Elsbeth Schutz, ORLY ambassador, was also present to train professional nail technicians who will be the primary users of the newest product that ORLY has to offer, the ORLY Gel FX Builder in a Bottle. The product is an effortless, all-in-one, brush on builder application that offers a flawless and more natural looking nail extension.

I loved that the event was filled with a lot of words of wisdom as well as tips and tricks to have beautiful nails. It was enlightening and you just end up feeling pretty and smart afterwards.

with the Marketing Head of ORLY, Frances

Tips to survive the Flu Season

Influenza or flu is a seasonal virus that commonly occurs in tropical countries such as the Philippines. Influenza cases rise during the wet season but also thrived during the dry season when humidity and temperature are unusually high. In the Philippines, flu is felt all year round by Filipinos regardless of gender or age.
People frequenting public areas such as transportation hubs, markets, entertainment centers, and amusement parks to include schools and offices are at risk of acquiring the virus. The virus is transmitted or spread in several ways such as; direct contact with infected individuals and direct contact with contaminated objects. Flu can also be transmitted when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, spewing nasal and throat secretions into the air.

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) recently warned the general public with the possibility of another “influenza pandemic” in the country. WHO studies reveal the shortages of influenza vaccines which may post serious concerns both to the Philippine government and to the public.
Health experts therefore reiterated the need to broaden the information campaign on the importance of prevention of the spread of this virus, citing further that everyone is at risk of acquiring the virus anytime and anywhere.
People with low immune system ran more risks in acquiring the virus. Low immune system is associated with lack of vitamins, which is further aggravated by stress brought about by someone’s work environment as well as the tropical weather. Hence, taking the following tips will immensely reduce the risk of acquiring the influenza virus:

  1. Avoid crowds during flu season
  2. Disinfect contaminated surfaces
  3. Wash hands with soap and water regularly
  4. Exercise
  5. Eat healthy and avoid intake of junk foods
  6. Taking Flu shots
  7. Intake vitamin and mineral supplements
In summary, it is important for you to have a strong immune system in order for you to combat the virus. Along with following the tips as mentioned above, an immune system boosted by intake of Vitamin C can reduce your risk from acquiring the flu. BEWELL-C Sodium Ascorbate can provide the necessary vitamins and minerals to protect you from Influenza.  BEWELL-C Sodium Ascorbate is non-acidic and safe to ingest in large quantities without upsetting your stomach. It is available in all Mercury Drug nationwide. For more healthy tips, follow Facebook page: @bewellcsodiumascorbate

Carpet Sustainability and why it matters

Sometimes, the things that make our home pretty are the very things that destroy Mother Earth. Thankfully, this is not the case when it comes to carpets from Shaw Contract since they apply the Cradle to Cradle system and have their carpets made of materials that can be recycled over and over again.

Shaw Contract, a design leader in commercial flooring solutions and surfaces, is pleased to collaborate with our local distribution partner SMJ Furnishing, to organise an exclusive roadshow for Manila’s architect and interior designer community.
Held at the charming WhiteSpace gallery, the event introduces the latest flooring design trends with award-winning collections by Shaw Contract, including Inside Shapes, a US-made product, and Haven, an Asia-made product.
The event also celebrates a decade-long partnership between the two companies. Shaw Contract is a commercial brand under Shaw Industries, a Berkshire Hathway company, and the world’s largest carpet manufacturer and carpet fibre producer. SMJ Furnishing is one of Philippines’ leading interior fitting suppliers with a strong reputation among the design community. 
“With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Nantong, China, Shaw Contract has been expanding our product offerings to better service to Asia-based clients, and Philippines is one of our key markets,” shares Mr Jeffrey Loh, Regional Sales Manager, South East Asia, Shaw Contract, “We are confident that SMJ’s strong local network and expertise will continue to help bring service excellence to our clients.”

“It is inspiring to have been a part of the Shaw Contract global family, and a change agent to introduce better, greener design solutions to the Philippines market, and help set the standards for local and regional design and sustainability practices,” says Ms Bebet Sison, Managing Director, SMJ Furnishing.
For more information on Shaw Contract, visit

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

10 Things That You Need To Clean Only Once Every Year

If you love a clean and tidy household, it is without a doubt a fact that you would clean your household a lot. Have you ever noticed a phenomenon where as soon as you finish cleaning up your household, you look around and everything needs a second run? Don’t worry today in our list we will tell you about 10 things that once cleaned, they won’t bother you for a complete 365 days. So, if you want to know about all these tips find out here with us.

  1. Cleaning outside of the glass window: This is a common chore when it comes to cleaning glass windows from the inside of the house. But, cleaning it from outside is a bit tough because reaching to the very top of the frame is not as easy as it looks. So, if you are not in a mood to do this chore by yourself then calling a Pro cleaner is the best option. Otherwise, if you want to get it done by yourself then follow these steps.

First, pick up a brush or a vacuum cleaner and clean all the dirt off the frame. Once the dirt is gone, use a spray cleaner for the extra shine. After that, wipe the frame in a horizontal movement with a lint-free cloth until it gets dry.

  1. Dust off your drapes and curtains: As these things require cleaning only once a year, the fabric becomes home to a lot of dust. So, to get them cleaned again you can use your laundry machine with a washing powder that is not harsh on the material of the fabric.

Otherwise, you can take these articles to a local dry cleaner and they will get the cleaning work done for you. Carolyn Forte, Cleaning Lab’s director, says that there is one more prospect to keeping your curtains clean and that is vacuuming. So, you can reduce some dust off these fabrics regularly by using a handheld vacuum.

  1. Clean your Dryer thoroughly: Washer and dryer are two things in our household that we use very frequent. In order to get the best results out of these appliances, cleaning them thoroughly once every year is very important. Forte explained that first; we should start with unplugging the appliance and then disconnect the duct. She added that after this, we should vacuum it thoroughly from in and out of all the ducts. There are a lot of tools such as long brushes and high-powered vacuum cleaners that will help you in this cleaning process.

  1. Make your Fireplace winter-ready: Every year before winter arrives, you need to get your fireplace all cleaned up. Start off the cleaning process with a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the ashes. Once you get rid of the ash remnants, use paper towels to clean any left out residue. Now, as for chimney, although you can clean the hearth and its surrounding area all by yourself, you must get the chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional.

  1. Clean the upholstered furnishings thoroughly: Cleaning your furniture yourself in the annual cleaning frenzy is a great exercise. But, Forte explains better plans for this task. She explained that it is far better to call in for some professional help.

  1. Cleanse Basement and Garage area: In most of the households, Basement and Garage are mostly used to store off several unclaimed items. This is why you need to check in annually for all the collection you have made. This way if you don’t require an article or two you can get rid of it.

  1. Deep clean house vents: Forte told us that vents are home to the dust particles. That is why it requires a thorough cleaning and inspection annually. She advises that for this, we can use the soft brush attachment of our vacuum cleaner.

  1. Dust off outdoor furniture: Experts say that spring is the best time to get out outdoor furniture cleaned up. In order to do this, we can use dish detergent. Just mix it up in a bowl of warm water and then wipe down the furniture with a sponge or a cloth. At last, a spray of water will do the trick.

  1. Clean your Dusty Carpet: Forte explained to us that normal vacuuming session is not enough to get the dust out of the carpet. For this activity, we need to get a high powered carpet cleaner. She added that hiring a professional to get your carpet cleaned every 12 to 18 months is the best option.

  1. Clear out the Gutters: Usually, gutters get clogged up by leaves and wood particles which prevent the water drainage function. In order to tackle this from happening, you can climb up your rooftop. Also, there is the option to hire a professional and get the entire blockage cleaned out of the vertical path of the Gutters.

The Difference Vitamins Can Make

We have all become aware that vitamins are necessary for the proper functioning of our bodies. In most cases, if we eat a balanced diet, we will be able to get most, if not all, of the vitamins we need for staying healthy. Our bodies require about 15 different vitamins in order to maintain health. Vitamins were only ‘discovered’ in the 18th and 19th Centuries, first when it was found that limes helped prevent scurvy on long sea voyages. Limes were first used in the British navy to prevent scurvy, which resulted in Englishmen being called ‘Limeys’.
Vitamins are organic compounds that are produced by animals or plants; many mammals can synthesize their own Vitamin C, for instance, whereas we have to get it from our food. The sun helps our skin make an inactive form of Vitamin D, which is then converted to an active form as it is metabolized. There are two basic kinds of vitamins: water-soluble vitamins that are used when dissolved in water, and fat-soluble vitamins that can only be broken down by fats. Water-soluble vitamins usually go through our bodies fast and have to be renewed every day while fat-soluble vitamins are stored in places like the liver and body fat. Keep in mind that because fat-soluble vitamins are not excreted quickly, taking too many could cause harm.

Vitamins for Your Skin
Vitamins not only have profound effects upon your internal organs but also on your biggest, most visible organ – your skin. Even if you are careful with planning your diet properly, it’s sometimes difficult to get enough vitamins to maintain health both internally and externally. Most of us take a vitamin supplement every day to make sure we are adequately nourished, and there are some vitamins that are essential to keeping your skin healthy and strong. Using these vitamins on the skin, usually as part of a cream, lotion, or gel can help to keep your skin looking good.
  • Both your epidermis and your dermis use Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps your epidermis by helping to heal the damage done to it. Wrinkles can be smoothed out to some extent by this vitamin, and the harmful effects of sunburn can be lessened. In the dermis, Vitamin C helps to make collagen which keeps your skin elastic and firm and helps to prevent sagging.
  • Irritated and damaged skin needs Vitamin D to heal and prosper. This vitamin will be especially important if you are dealing with acne. Acne prone skin will improve by over 30% in many cases, and when Vitamin D is combined with a good anti-acne regimen to really make a difference in helping to control acne outbreaks. Vitamin D helps stimulate the production of collagen, as well, and is a good antioxidant.
  • Vitamin E works as an antioxidant, helping to reduce the effects of aging. In addition, this vitamin also affords some protection against sun damage as it will absorb UV radiation. Vitamin E is one of the vitamins that we actually make in our own bodies; it is produced by the sebaceous glands. Sebum contains Vitamin E and helps to keep the skin soft and protected. Those with dry skin may have difficulty producing enough of this vitamin from sebum and should look for skin care products that contain it.
  • When you have sunburn, rashes, acne, or other skin irritations, Vitamin K will help promote healing. Dark circles under the eyes are unattractive, but this vitamin can remove the worst of the under-eye darkness. Because Vitamin K also increases circulation, it will bring more nutrients to your skin layers.
  • Vitamin B3 is sometimes overlooked in the list of essential vitamins for the skin, but it is one that you should always keep in mind, especially if you are suffering from any kind of skin irritation. This vitamin not only reduces redness, such as may occur from acne, but it also stimulates the formation of fatty acids and ceramides (waxy lipids), which help to form an outer layer of defence on your epidermis. B3 also minimizes the chance of developing unflattering age spots.

Using Vitamins Topically
In addition to taking your daily vitamin supplement, you can also keep your skin healthier and fresher by using vitamins direction on your skin. There are many products available that contain these vitamins, and a quick glance at the ingredients list will tell you which vitamins have been used to prepare the product. Moisturizers that contain vitamins are always a good way to maintain your skin’s health.
Besides purchasing products that already contain vitamins, you can increase the efficacy of your existing facial products by using vitamin capsules to add more of a particular vitamin. A few drops squeezed from a capsule into your favorite moisturizer will be sufficient. This is often a good way to make a relatively inexpensive moisturizer into a powerhouse.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Diamond Painting: Tiger and Cubs

Back in 1998, I made a promise to a cousin of mine that I would cross stitch a white tiger for him. Fast forward to 20 years later and I still have not made good on this promise. Thankfully, he was quite forgiving and so I vowed to make a diamond painting for him instead.

Thanks to Shopee and my Diamond Painting PH group, I found out that there was a LED light I could put underneath the canvass to help me see things a bit more clearly. When you are dealing with thousands of tiny beads, you need all the light and help that you can get.

I also use a desk lamp to help make sure that everything is bright and clear. Since diamond painting can be a repetitive action, I make sure to catch up on my favorite shows while doing it.

It took me two months because I only do this on my spare time but I was able to finish the white tiger and cubs diamond painting that I promised my cousin.

 I think it turned out pretty well no?

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Fall in Love with the Zenbook 13 in Burgundy

If someone like Gal Gadot approves of something, then you know that it has to be good. This is exactly how I felt when I saw that Gal Gadot was sporting the new Zenbook 13 in Burgundy.

ASUS launches end-user campaign to celebrate the month of love with the world’s most compact laptops.

ASUS welcomes the month of love with an end-user promo for its fans, featuring the latest addition to the ZenBook family’s premium ultraslim laptop range, the ZenBook 13 Burgundy Red color.

Starting February 11, fans can visit the ASUS Philippines page and share their best romantic story with their loved ones for a chance to win a ZenBook 13 Burgundy Red to gift to their Valentine.

End-users simply need to comment a photo of them with their loved one, along with their romantic story on the official ASUS Philippines post, using the hashtags #CreativePowerPH and #FallInLoveWithZenBook.

The lucky winner will get a chance to surprise their loved one with the latest ZenBook 13 Burgundy Red soon! For the full mechanics:

1. Follow our social media channels :
Facebook ->
Instagram - >
Twitter ->
Shopee ->
Lazada ->

2. LIKE and SHARE this post : link and include the hashtags: #CreativePowerPH #FallInLoveWithZenBook and set the post to PUBLIC

3. Tag Five (5) of your friends in your shared post with a caption : “Hey guys! Time to share your incredible love story with your loved ones!”

4. In the comment section of the original post, upload your sweetest photo of your loved ones and we want you to share to us your cool love story. (e.g. Family, Friends or Partner) and tell us why do you think he/she deserve to win an ASUS ZenBook. Entries should include the hashtags #CreativePowerPH #FallInLoveWithZenBook

5. ASUS Philippines will choose one (1) best entry out of all valid submissions. The individual featured/nominated in the said entry will win a brand new ASUS ZenBook. We will also RANDOMLY pick (2) lucky participants who will win a dinner date for their loved ones.

6. The online activity will run from February 11 to February 22, 2019.

7. The winner will be notified on how to claim their prize via private message.

8. This contest is open to all gender 18 years old and above

The ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333 Burgundy Red version will be available by March 2019 in all ASUS Concept Stores and Authorized resellers nationwide for PHP 66,995

Wish I could join. I think it looks good on me.

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