Meet U Coffee

I have always been a lover of coffee. I'm not an expert nor will I ever be but I do appreciate coffee and I consume it on a daily basis. This is also why I am always on the look out for coffee sachets that I can bring with me especially at work. However, most sachets are really small and I end up using 2 in one go. This is not the case with Meet U coffee.

As you can see, Meet U coffee sachets are big and bulky which makes a coffeeholic like me really happy. I don't need to use two of it when I drink my cup. I just consume one and its enough to perk me up and keep me sane.

Meet U Coffee is from Malaysia. Amongst the 4, I loved the Gold White the most. It was very subtle and the aroma was really good. For days with no sleep, it would be the Black/White one that would work best and if I just really want to relax and have a sip while reading, it would be the White Coffee that would get my vote. Now for the figure conscious, they also have a coffee for you and this is the No Sugar.

Thank you Meet U coffee for this pack. The only sad part about it was the I finished all 4 in one day.

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