Monday, March 31, 2014

90/365 photoblog: Still rising and shining

Little sis went with me today for the taping of the April 7 episode of Rise and Shine. She finally saw what I do during tapings and guestings. I am so happy she came along. It made things a lot more enjoyable.

on love letters ...

After watching ABNKBBSNPLAK, I remembered my own first time of receiving a “secret admirer” letter. I was in Grade 5 and I found one in one of my notebooks. I had a crush at someone at that time but I wasn’t anywhere near entertaining thoughts of having a boyfriend. 

When I saw the love letter and read it, I knew that it came from my crush because it was his handwriting. Of course I knew how his handwriting was like since we belonged to the same tutorial class and we would always sit beside each other. I also used to copy his answers in Math so I’ve kind of memorized how he wrote things. 

First reaction when I saw it was of course the little butterflies in the stomach but this was quickly replaced by anger. Yes, you read that right, anger. I was angry because he was putting me in a position I wasn’t ready for. I wanted to be his girl but I promised my Mom no boys because I was too young. 

I tore the letter in front of him. I didn’t know it back then but the pain I felt when I tore it was apparently my first heartbreak. It broke my heart to see him hurt but I had no choice. I was too young.
Now ... I don’t receive love letters anymore. I wish I did. It would be definitely endearing and something I’d treasure. However I don’t think men write love letters anymore.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

89/365 photoblog: Starbucks

Chanced upon a friend when I went to Starbucks tonight. :) He treated me to coffee. He thinks my favorite is the Iced White Mocha. I haven't had the heart to tell him its actually Venti Hot White Mocha with 2 shots of mint syrup, decaf, nonfat. LOL.

Good Morning Kuya

A week ago, I was invited to guest at Good Morning Kuya which is another morning show at UNTV. It was my first time to guest and I can defnitely say that GMK has a different character from Rise and Shine.

It was a Friday and apparently, when its Friday, its theme day and the theme for the day was ABBA. It felt funny sitting down in front of a live camera with people dress as ABBA.

It was a good experience. I felt at ease in front of the camera, perhaps because it was my 4th guesting in 2 weeks and I managed to answer all questions with some sense.

Thank you GMK for guesting me. Thank you UNTV for trusting me.

Jest Camp Amazing Race

A couple of weeks ago, Aileen (owner of Lens and Beyond) asked me if I would like to be her partner for an Amazing Race kind of event. I thought, “well sure, this is just some running and tasks anyway. She can always do the high end things since I am scared of heights.” 
As of this writing, I still don’t know if saying yes was the smartest thing I ever did.  

Yesterday saw me leaving the house at 330am. I had no sleep since I watched ABBAMania with family at Island Cove and since we got home late, I decided that sleeping and waking up in 2 hours would not be a good idea. 

Now we had a set deadline. We had to be at the venue by 545am or else the ride leaves us. At 5:17am, I was still in a bus in Cubao. I had to make a decision. I went down and took a cab. By 5:29am, I found myself at our 1st pit stop.  

Since I was 16 minutes early, I got food from Jollibee and ate at a very fancy place, the back of the L300 that would take us to Subic. Thankfully, it was dark and I really just didn’t care if someone saw me.  Haha. 

Finally, we were on our way and most likely, due to adrenaline rush or we were just plain crazy, none of the 3 of us actually slept on the way despite the fact that all 3 of us had no sleep.  I myself kept talking and talking and talking and in a way, I know it was to get rid of all the nerves that were piling up since it was a first for me to join an Amazing Race kind of thing. 

First task: Dive for 10 coins with the year 2013 in 6 feet of water. 

OH MY GOD! I don’t know how to swim! Eeeekkk! 

My partner said I had to do it because she did not know how to go underneath the water. I said I did not know how to swim but she already went to the other side. I figured, they wouldn’t let me drown anyway so I jumped into the pool after taking off my shorts and socks and shoes. 

Big mistake.  It was 6 feet of water and I almost drowned. I had to remember everything the funny man told me before to ensure I’d float again. After many begging and pleading, they moved the coins towards the 5 feet area which was still hard because we had to go under so many times just to get a coin and then you get one and its not 2013. #$%^&*!

After what felt like forever, I finally charmed my way into getting 10 pieces of 2013 coins. I got out of the pool and then proceeded to change shirts as part of the instructions. I actually changed my shirt around the poolside. Yep, I had my porn star moment LOL. 

Second task: We were given Php40 and were told to look for a white caravan to get to our next destination: A jungle with a bird. 

We actually got a little lost while looking for this. We initially thought that it was a car that would take us there but it turned out to be those jeeps that were white. Now there were also cabs but since we only had Php40 and the cab cost Php120, I went around dancing, singing, and begging for money.
Yes, I begged for money in Subic and I danced and sang my way doing it. I got more than Php100 for my act though. Haha. 

Third task: Find an egg.

It sounds easy but it actually isn’t. You see, we had an entire “jungle” to go look for an egg and some of the eggs found had no clue inside it. Ugh. 

Finally, Aileen found it and off we went to the most disgusting task. 

Fourth task:  Eat 3 live words for sandwich and juice. Eat 5 live worms for chickenjoy and juice. 

It was Aileen’s turn and it was a revelation. I thought she would breeze through it but apparently, she has never eaten a live worm or anything alive in her entire life. I cheered her on, pushed, and short of eating the worms myself (I actually ate one for the heck of it. Looking back now I don’t know why I ate one.)  I could only push so far. 

After she ate all worms, we had to finish our sandwich and juice before we could get the next clue which happened to be a detour. I was the one in line and boy, was it a line I had to cross before we could move to the next level.

Fifth task: Cross the line in the aerial adventure and look for 3 small cubes of blue paper. 

This was beyond HORRIFYING! I am deathly scared of heights and this was my idea of a nightmare. I had to pass through not one, not two, not 3 but 6 aerial things. Ugh. Did I already say I was scared of heights?

I had to focus so hard that I didn’t even feel the scratches and bruises that I was getting from holding on to the ropes so hard. All I could remember was thinking that I could not fail because if I do, I would definitely fall and it would hurt a lot. Also, it was a pride thing. I promised myself that I would overcome fears this year and so I did. 

Sixth task: Go to the bird sanctuary and answer a question. 

This was a crazy one. Upon getting the question, I gave my answer but it wasn’t accepted. I apparently had to pretend to look for the answer inside and after a minute, I went back to the lady and gave her my answer.  She then gave the next and final task. 

7th task: Build a fire using bamboo. 

This was tiring. It took so much energy and effort perhaps because we were already tired from running around for more than 4 hours. We were drained. When fire was finally built, all I could do upon getting to the pit stop was sit and nothing else. In fact, I sat there for more than 3 hours after. I was that tired. 

Overall, I am so amazed at myself for surviving. I learned how to swim by sheer force and wanting to not drown. I made friends even on a race. I overcame my fear of height momentarily and crossed all 6 aerial adventures. I ate a live worm. 


Now let me recuperate in peace.

before the game

after the game

Saturday, March 29, 2014

88/365 photoblog: Jest Camp Amazing Race

Overcame my fear of heights.

Ilocos Norte

Ever since my cousin died after getting hit by a motorcycle back in 2002, I have never ridden in one. Call it trauma or perhaps misdirected anger, but I have never wanted to go ride on a motorbike. Before the accident happened though, a ride on a motorbike was my idea of fun.

Ilocos Norte would apparently change my mind set about this. In Ilocos Norte, I rode on the back of a single motorbike and went around the place for at least 6 hours. True, I almost fell off the bike when I fell asleep while it was going up a mountain but what the heck? I’m alive and I had fun. 

I saw the Windmills or Banggi as they call it and I was awestruck by the sheer force of the air it yielded and the peacefulness of the place. Here I was standing in front of giant electric fans as a friend fondly calls it and yet, it was so serene and calm at the same time.

I saw the Bacarra Church Bell Tower that has been buried and now shows only the upper part. Standing in front of it, I couldn’t help but think of what I was stepping on. An entire church was underneath me. It made me think of what tragedy happened that resulted into this thing of beauty now. It made me sad to think that it had to be a natural disaster that made this place happen. 

I saw the Lighthouse but was not able to get inside because they no longer allow it. I didn’t feel bad though. I knew that unfortunately, a lot of tourists do not know how to respect what was in front of them. I was just happy that I was fortunate enough to have seen this beauty with my own eyes.

I saw Kapurpurawan which is the White Rock Formation. Going down the stairs, I initially questioned what people went there for. It was only after having gone through some underground tunnel of cines and trees that I saw what the fuss was about and truly, what a fuss should be made for this formation is a sight for sore eyes. It is simply gorgeous. 

I also saw the San Nicolas Church and even though it was just the exterior, it was already worth taking photos of. Truth be told, I can’t wait to turn this into a black and white exhibit.

However, nothing can beat this last sight that I went to which is the Paoay Church. To have had dinner and have this as the backdrop ... no words could speak the amazement I felt. It was simply stunning. It was divine. It was .... there are no words. Simply no words. 

Ilocos Norte managed to show me its beauty and grandeur in just 5 hours. I wonder what more it could offer if I actually had all the time to discover its secrets and what nots? I may have had only a few hours to go around but the memories that I made are surely going to last me a lifetime.

Friday, March 28, 2014

87/365 photoblog: ABBAMania

We watched the ABBAMania and I was just really happy to see my Mom enjoying and dancing. She deserved it.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

86/365 photoblog: PureIt Water

This was the PureIt Water Purifier that was given today at its media launch. We were very ecstatic to know that they were giving us one each. This would be a big help to our house budget. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

PR: Solane secures Filipino homes with innovative safety cap and seal

True to its commitment to continuously innovate and create safer homes for Filipinos, the country’s top provider of cooking gas Solane launched its new gas-tight Solane safety cap & seal in one, an innovative tamper-proof feature for auto/shut off (A/S) valves that has guarantee of quality and secures your home against gas leaks and potential fires.

Innovating for consumer safety and convenience

A first-of-its-kind in the LPG industry, the safety cap, with serial number as proof of authenticity, completely plugs the gas to prevent leaks before installing the tank with a hose. Storing a Solane LPG tank with safety caps also keeps it protected from becoming a possible source of ignition.

“The new safety cap and seal exemplify Solane’s commitment to innovation and safety. It is a service that we are committed to provide to our customers to ensure their safety and protection while using LPG at home or at work. It is our priority to aim to minimize or totally eliminate incidents that harm people, or put our customers, neighbors or facilities at risk,” said Ramon Del Rosario, Solane’s Chief Operations Officer.

The new Solane safety cap and seal is made from high-grade plastic that’s plugged and sealed - you may re-use the Solane safety cap by plugging and locking it in the LPG valve, especially when you are storing your LPG tank. It is tamper proof and has visible markings to help ensure customers they are getting authentic Solane LPG. Each safety cap and seal features embossed Solane and flame girl logos and has a unique serial number to protect Solane customers from illegal LPG refillers.

Rip-off the tab from the safety cap and then log on to Facebook. Go to Solane’s page ( and click on Apps to use the Solane Authenticity Checker. Enter the serial number to verify if the tank came from a licensed Solane dealer.

Furthermore, in observance of this year’s Fire Prevention Month, Solane has intensified its safety campaign in partnership with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).

Under the partnership, Solane will hold a series of training programs with BFP personnel, local government units, including selected communities and barangays around the country. The extensive talks will further enhance the expertise of these groups in managing LPG related explosion, fire and, even emergency response to these incidents.

To ensure you’re getting authentic Solane LPG with the innovative safety cap and seal, you may order Solane LPG for your household needs by going online at, calling 887-5555 for home delivery within Metro Manila or sending SMS to its nationwide textline 0918-88755550918-8875555.  Getting a refill for your LPG tanks at home has never been this safe and convenient. Every Solane LPG delivery to your home guarantees a 7-point Safety Check of your LPG system by our well-trained Solane LPG riders, which is a service exclusive only to Solane LPG users. For the LPG that’s strict sa quality, safety, and service, order na sa Hatid-Bahay Online!

Just Thai Main Course and Desserts

As I was saying, the appetizers and the soup of Just Thai is already filling enough but of course we had to make way for the main course and make way we did because these are what's in store for us.

The Bagoong Rice (Php250)  was good. It wasn't the best that I have tried but it was definitely good. Perhaps a bit more of the bagoong and more peanuts would have made it a lot better in my opinion.

The Pad Thai is one of their best sellers. Fans of this Thai dish will definitely want to give this a try. It is one of the things that I actually baseline Thai restos and I am happy to say that the Pad Thai of Just Thai passed the bar.

Pad Thai Php280
Now, my favorite amongst everything was this Basil Seafood Mix. It was just so so so so good. I loved the combination of the basil, the cream, and the seafood. I love that the seafood were all fresh. I loved that it was creamy. The combination of all the ingredients used were just really good.

This was another heart stopper. Its a Thai dish but imagine eating this with a lot of rice and you are set for life. This was how I saw this dish. I loved the crispiness of the pork but what I liked most was that it was easy to chew. It was HEAVEN.

Final stop are the desserts.

The sticky rice with mango slices and milk was calorie overload. However, anyone who takes a bite will definitely stop counting calories and just keep eating and eating because it is sweet and tasty. I am not a fan of sticky rice and mango but I actually finished the whole thing almost by myself.

As for the coconut pudding, B loved it. He loved it so much I think he ate 6 cubes of the thing haha. It was sweet and sticky and he loved how it tasted.

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