Sunday, August 24, 2014

Skillets and Grill

I've passed by this place a couple of times and had always seen it with lights blazing and a lot of people dining. It was pretty surprising because it was quite new and as I've noticed with most of  my neighbors, they do not easily patronize new food places. However, it seems that Skillet and Grill is doing something right so earlier today, I treated my family to dinner there. It was also my way of being with them because I won't be there on Monday when they celebrate my Lola's 77th birthday.

Honestly, I didn't have high expectations of the food. I was just praying that it would be decent. Thankfully, God seems to have heard my prayer because the food was really awesome.

This steak is only Php168. This CornPepper Steak in Mushroom Sauce was cooked really well. It tatsted really good and my little sister finished the entire thing.  

 Now this Pork Sarabasab (Php248) is another revelation. Even though it was filled with a lot of onions, it tasted really interesting. It was kind of a mix between liempo and sisig. This viand definitely needs rice and its absolutely perfect.

The bagnet (Php338) is very crispy and dare I say, fresh. I don't even know why I describe it as fresh but it just look so fresh and so inviting. One bite, one reaction of "oh this is really good!" and the whole plate just kind of disappeared.

 Now this ... this can actually give Aristocrats boneless chicken (Php198). This was really soft, really juicy, and really yummy. I plan to go back soon and have an entire plate all on my own.

My Mom on the other hand loved the sisig (Php145). For me it could have been cooked more but for my Mom, it was absolutely perfect.

This tuna al ajillo is only Php168 which is really a steal because its fresh and it was super soft. I'm not a fish person but I really liked this.

Last thing we tried was the pinakbet con bagnet(Php198) and I have to say that this was really, really good. The vegetables are cooked only upon order and it was even cut just right before cooking.

My family and I enjoyed dining at Skillets and Grill. It was the perfect place for us and I am just so happy that we have found a new place. I'll even say this. Skillets and Grill is definitely here to stay.

47 BF Resort Drive
BF Resort Village, Talon II
Las Pinas City, Metro Manila


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