Wednesday, June 30, 2021

5 Back to School Items every Mom Needs to Make Life Easier

Summer has come and gone so now, it's time for back to school. This year, we started out later than usual because of all the changes which should have given all Moms more than enough time to prepare. However, I do know that there are a lot of Moms that are still playing catch up so to help other Moms, I have come up with a list of 5 back to school items that you need for this incoming school year to make your life easier. 

1. A study table for your kids

Let's accept the fact that this year, it will still be non face to face interaction which means that kids will still need a space at home so they can study. If last year you didn't get a study table for them, this year, you should. 

It has been proven that having a space of their own can increase a child's energy in studying. When they have their own space, it gives them the feeling of being in class even when they aren't. This foldable study table is a space saver since you can just tuck it away when it's not in use. 

2. A sturdy printer like the Canon Pixma G3020 

Since there are still a lot of modules that need to be printed as well as reading material, this is a good investment to have. It also lessens outside exposure because there's no need to go to a print shop or to go to school to pick up modules. 

This printer is a space saver because it is compact and since it has a quiet mode, it won't be disruptive when it prints. Added bonus: You can print your photos on this printer as well and have a gallery at home to showcase the activities of your kids and family. Inspirational right? 

3. A desk organizer 

We all know that kids can be messy with their materials so having a ready desk organizer can help them keep things tidy and easy to spot. 

4. A desk lamp to protect your kids' eyes 

A lot of kids spend time on their mobile phones and then when they do their homework or school activity, their area may not be well lit. Having a desk lamp like this can help ease the strain on their eyes and keep their eyes healthier in the long run. 

5. Ergonomic chair

I've always seen my son slouching when he works. The chair he uses is just a random chair we had at home so I decided to get him one of these. Now, I see him lounging while studying, visibly more relaxes. This is definitely a good piece of investment to also protect their neck, shoulders, and back. 

I hope that you liked the list that I came up with. For me, these are the true essentials that our kids would need for the incoming school year. Have something to add? Leave a comment below!

Monday, June 28, 2021

Jericho Rosales shares how he’s dealing with stress amid the pandemic

Jericho Rosales sure is one busy guy. Apart from a steady stream of blockbuster movies and much-awaited teleseryes, the actor is a surfer, biker, and businessman. Right before COVID-19, he just finished a big project that took almost two years. He was looking forward to taking a break, which involves going to the beach or taking his bike out, but the pandemic hit and he was forced to stay indoors. 

“It sucks not to be on set. And obviously hearing people dying left and right. Not being able to even hug your family sucks,” Rosales says.

In fact, the reality of the pandemic didn’t hit him right away. He adds, “Parang delayed reaction ‘yung sakin. It struck me in June or July. Noong March, it was okay pa but June, July, doon ako medyo tinamaan ng konti.”

During the early days of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), he busied himself with relief operations and fundraising events such as Ulysses Relief Fund which was spearheaded by his wife Kim Jones. While the entertainment industry took a break, he tried to create online shows but most of his early ideas were location-based. Eventually, he found a hit with Gabi na Naman with Jericho Rosales, an online show with celebrity guests.

He also hit his stride in his personal life. Today, he is based in La Union with his entire family. He says, “We've all settled and relaxed, and we've kind of embraced reality na this could be it for us.”

These days, Rosales is keeping busy with domestic duties such as cleaning, walking the dog, going to the garden, and executing do-it-yourself projects. He’s had his film camera fixed, allowing him to experiment with photography.

He’s also staying healthy by watching the food he eats. Rosales stays active by swimming, surfing, running, walking, and calisthenics. Rosales says, “moving to the province, mas healthy ka.”

The quarantine has made his life goals more defined. It taught him to focus on the importance of a balanced life and the things that make him happy. More importantly, he learned to be more hopeful and to think positive.

“There are times when you're restless. You just try to be creative and at the same time not pressure yourself. At the end of the day, it's all about safety and staying healthy. It's all about staying healthy [mentally] also,” he shares.

With all the things that he’s handling now, it’s expected that something’s got to give. He says, “I always get headaches because of working out and because of stress. My work is super high-stress. So I just normally retreat, take a break, take some Advil, and then go back to work.”

Rosales counts on Advil to help him cope with the demands of his career. The actor reveals that he has Advil everywhere, from his RV to his car and his “little kikay kit.”

Advil Liqui-Gel is stronger than paracetamol. It offers fast-acting relief for that ‘pabigat’ feeling that stops people from being their best selves. Advil is designed to treat headaches, backaches, muscle aches, migranes, toothaches, menstrual pain, minor arthritis and other joint pain. It can also provide temporary relief from fever.

The Advil Liqui-Gel variant is also absorbed two times faster than ordinary ibuprofen tablets, meaning you can feel pain relief faster with one capsule of Advil.

Rosales can count on Advil as he shares that he’s about to shoot a film in Los Angeles. Right now, he’s waiting to be vaccinated before flying to the U.S.A. He says, “I'm very excited because we're going to be shooting in L.A., and I'll be working with a Fil-Am director who's based there.”

“I just can't announce anything but I've gotten the names of the people I'm gonna be working with and it's medyo scary ng konti but it’s fun,” he adds.

While waiting for the next steps for his upcoming film, Rosales shares some advice for those still coping with the pandemic. He shares, “If you have enough to get by or at least to survive, that's enough for now. It's not the year to get rich. We have to embrace what the world is telling us. Just pause for a bit and look around, see what kind of life you’re living.”

Follow the Advil PH on Facebook to learn more about pain management. Join the Advil activities this July-Sep 2021 to get free Advil samples. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Hello Glow Products on Shopee

As a Mom to two boys who have a big age gap, I always find myself struggling when it comes to buying items online. You see, I prefer buying from the same store if only to save on shipping cost so I was very happy when I learned that Hello Glow on Shopee had a Citronelle Lotion which is perfect for my one-year-old baby who loves to frolic in the garden, and an Acne Defense Set perfect for teenage boys. 

June is Dengue Awareness month! This means it's time to get that natural care and protection for YOU and YOUR FAMILY! 

I'm one of those who get easily bitten by mosquitoes whenever I go out of the house. It can be truly irritating which is why I am always on the lookout for a really good Citronella lotion. 

This 4-in-1 Citronella Body Lotion can moisturize the skin, reverse visible signs of aging, and provide a cooling yet gentle effect on the skin! 

This is perfect for those who want to achieve that soft, glowing skin while helping your fight those annoying mosquitos. I highly recommend this product, safe for all skin types, and can bring it anytime and anywhere for that extra protection! 

This is available for only Php250. 

For my teenage son, it's important that he has a good acne defense set so that he won't have breakouts anymore. For my husband, it's all about the maskne which is why I got the Hello Glow Acne Defense Set

It contains the two best ingredients to shoo those pimples away, Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree acid to deep cleans your skin and calm those inflamed pimples. Clear skin in just 3-easy steps!  

Perfect for those with oily and acne-prone skin. Now available in Shopee for only P360! 

This is definitely going to be part of my monthly purchases because it works and is friendly on the budget. What's your latest Shopee find? 

#KapitLangAngSmile in the face of life’s challenges with Polident

The pandemic has drastically changed our everyday lives. For a lot of Filipinos, it created difficult situations and challenges that we never prepared for. However, throughout the lockdowns, the quarantines, and the uncertainty; Filipinos have this uncanny ability to smile even in the most difficult of situations. The truest testament of Filipino resilience is the inspiring power of a simple smile because it’s an uplifting beacon that tells other people “we can get through this together” that no matter how hard or daunting things may be #KapitLangAngSmile. 

This is true as well for denture-wearers. This month, Polident celebrates Pustiso Care Month, highlighting denture-wearers who do their best to stay positive amid the challenges of the pandemic. Its line of products is designed to help them keep their smile on, no matter what, such as the Polident Denture Cleanser and the Polident Denture Adhesive.

To keep flashing that smile, Polident is reminding denture-wearers that it is important to wear your dentures every day as your teeth run the risk of shifting, causing your dentures to no longer fit. Other problems of prolonged lack of use include, dentures drying out and deforming if they are not properly soaked. 

Caring for dentures with Polident

There is a range of products to keep dentures in place. Polident is the leading denture care brand and has all the necessary products to care for and maintain false teeth. 

One of its key products is the Polident Denture Adhesive, a cream that holds dentures (pustiso) in place. It can secure dentures for up to 12 hours, giving wearers confidence to face the day. Polident Adhesive also helps seal out food so it doesn’t get stuck in between teeth while chewing. The Fresh Mint variant gives that clean feeling, while Flavor Free is perfect for those who don’t want it to interfere with the taste of food.

It is also important to clean dentures the right way to prolong their life. Dentures are softer than real teeth so they require special care. Brushing with toothpaste may scratch the surface, leading to bacteria growth. A daily cleaning routine is essential since food particles and plaque stick to dentures the same way they do to teeth. There are numerous cleaning products available in the market, including soaking solutions, creams, and cleansers.

The Polident Denture Cleanser is a soak that cleans dentures, retainers, and mouth guards. It contains four powerful ingredients that kill 99.9% of bacteria and remove plaques and stains. The Polident Cleanser kills 10 times more bacteria than regular toothpaste, so wearers can feel and smell fresh all day. This comes in two variants: a three-minute cleanser for those on the go, and a whitening solution for that dazzling smile.

Soaking keeps dentures clean, especially when a mild denture cleaning solution is added to the water. This also removes particles in between teeth that bristles cannot reach.

Life may continue to present its challenges but they are easier to face with a smile. For pustiso-wearers, Polident helps them stay smiling. 

For more information, visit or 

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Sekaya gives 5,190 endemic tree seedlings to the Cordillera reforestation efforts

Filipino plant-based brand Sekaya is giving 5,190 Philippine endemic tree seedlings to support the reforestation efforts of the Cordillera Conservation Trust, through the sale of its limited-edition Prescribing Nature Gift Packs offered in time for the holiday season in 2020.

The project is a major part of the brand’s nature conservation advocacy given the natural ingredients it sources and its emphasis on sustainability in the way that it develops products. 

Sekaya committed to matching the number of gift packs sold, and thanks to everyone who purchased for participating in the successful initiative that will result in the planting of Benguet Pine, Dipterocarp, and Mangrove seedlings in the Cordillera region. As one of North Luzon’s major watersheds, the Cordillera hosts nine major rivers that provide water for irrigation and energy for the entire area and beyond.

Because of the overwhelming number of tree seedlings, Sekaya was able to secure, the Cordillera Conservation Trust will be able to plant Benguet Pine, Dipterocarp and Mangrove in Talinguroy, Longlong in La Trinidad targeted in July, and in Uhaj, a small rice-farming village in Ifugao, scheduled in August. 

Each gift pack contained a curated selection of the brand’s natural, science-backed products aligned with the brand’s Prescribing Nature campaign that support one’s health goals and daily wellness. Even more meaningful, the gift boxes featured the Philippine endemic trees to be planted, as illustrated by botanical artist and conservation advocate Cynthia Bauzon-Arre. 

The Benguet Pine, Dipterocarp, and Mangrove seedlings will contribute to the Cordillera Conservation Trust’s mission of preserving and protecting the mountain region and its unique ecological and cultural characteristics. 

"The Cordillera Conservation Trust is happy to partner with Sekaya for this partnership because we believe it is important to connect consumers not just to natural products but with nature itself,” says founder JP Alipio. “Through this program, they are co-stakeholders in the forests that we plant and build. They are active participants in the enhancement and protection of nature through their purchase of Sekaya's natural products. Helping to heal ourselves and our earth home, together." 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Make Your Next K-Drama Binge-Watch Extra Delicious With This Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe


For many of us, quarantine has become our introduction to the world of K-drama. And when we're deeply immersed in our favorite series, it's natural for any fan to look for ways to enhance K-drama evenings at home. It happens especially when we see a character indulging in a delicious meal, and we feel a desire to try whatever it is they're eating. 

Here's some good news: many of the dishes featured in Korean movies or series are actually quite simple to learn! There are many staples that are considered classics when it comes to Korean food in series or movies. One of them is Kimchi Fried Rice. This dish might remind you of that episode of Coffee Prince where Choi Han Gyul (portrayed by Gong Yoo) eats a whole plate of Kimchi Fried Rice after his fight with Eun Chan. 

Kimchi Fried Rice Essentials

A must when making kimchi fried rice is good kimchi. You can find it at select Korean restaurants near you, or you can go to Korean grocery stores that have it packaged. Another must-have for this recipe is sesame oil. The nutty aroma and flavor go well with spicy dishes - and you can use it in many other Korean recipes. Finally, you need delicious rice to pair it with. Royal Umbrella Rice is sourced from the finest grains from Thailand and is known for its aromatic fragrance and delicious texture. 

With this simple recipe, there's nothing standing in the way of a delicious meal while you lose yourself in your next K-drama series.

Kimchi Fried Rice by @haingpinoybykat 


120 grams, kimchi 

1 pc onion, chopped

3 cloves garlic, minced

2 tbsp vegetable oil

Salt and pepper 

Royal Umbrella Rice 

Sesame seeds

Chopped onion leeks

Sunny side up egg 

Beef bulgogi (optional) 


Preheat a pan with oil and saute the onion and garlic until translucent. 

Add in cooked white rice and mix well under medium heat. 

Add kimchi and mix thoroughly until fully incorporated. Season with salt and pepper.

Transfer to a serving plate or bowl and add the beef bulgogi. 

Garnish with onion leeks, sesame seeds, and sunny side up egg.

Serve and enjoy!

Royal Umbrella Rice is available now at your neighborhood supermarkets nationwide (SM, Rustan’s, Robinsons, Puregold, and Shopwise) and online via LazMart for easy delivery anytime, anywhere. Prices start at PHP 350.00! 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Max’s Corner Bakery Introduces Malagos Triple Treat Chocolate Cake

Max’s Corner Bakery, the bakeshop brand of the iconic Filipino restaurant chain Max’s Restaurant is introducing the new Malagos Triple Treat Cake, made with the country’s most-awarded chocolate. This is perfect for those who want to treat their dads on Father’s Day this June 20. 

This premium cake is made with Malagos Chocolate, straight from Davao—the recently-hailed Chocolate Capital of the Philippines. It has layers of chocolate fudge cake, mocha, and vanilla chiffon filled in between with mocha buttercream and Malagos chocolate mousse. The cake likewise is coated with more Malagos chocolate mousse frosting and melted chocolate ganache, and decorated with piped mocha and cocoa buttercream on top. This gives customers a taste of chocolate royalty to indulge in.

The Malagos Triple Treat is already open for pre-order and will be available starting June 18 in Luzon stores, except for Palawan and Bicol, so families can now start planning early for Father’s Day. 

To complete the celebration, Max’s is also offering a special Father’s Day Bundle to celebrate dads everywhere. In it are a complete set of Regular Whole Fried Chicken, Regular Crispy Pata, Sizzling Tofu, Lumpiang Shanghai, Large Plain Rice, and four drinks for only Php 1,799. This hearty feast is an excellent way to show appreciation to fathers and father figures.

Customers can also Max Up the bundle with a Malagos Dark Chocolate Cheesecake or Caramel Bar Cheesecake for an additional Php 400. 

Anyone looking to avoid the peak lunchtime rush of Father’s Day can even get a free Buko Pandan Tub for three by ordering for advance delivery on June 17, 18, 19, or late delivery on June 20, 7PM until closing. The last day of advance order is on June 16, Wednesday. Orders can be made through or at any Max’s branch nationwide.

The Max Up option for Father’s Day Bundle is available only in Luzon stores, except Palawan & Bicol. 

For more information, visit the official Facebook page at @MaxsRestaurant. 

Saturday, June 12, 2021

5 Ways to celebrate Dads

Can't think of what you can do for Father's Day? I got you! Here are 5 ways to celebrate the Dad in your life and be chill about it. 

1. Host a virtual party for Daddy.  Even when you’re apart, you can still celebrate together online. Check-in on how each one is doing, do some games, and have tons of fun! You can even invite his pals to join in.

2. Go camping in the garden.  We’re pretty sure you’re Dad misses camping trips with you. So why not bring the camp to him.  Set up a barbeque night complete with roasted marshmallows and circle around and share your fondest memory with Dad or Grandpa! 

3. Get that Daddy groove on.  Put on his favorite tune, pass the mic and start the party!  Watch Dad belt out his serious karaoke performance and perform his dance moves on-stage… or maybe just on the couch.

4. Be a movie junkie.  List down all the favorite movies of your Dad and get ready to stream! Cozy up and do that movie marathon. Don’t forget to get some soda and make some popcorn.

5. Serve Dad an all-star feast.  No cooking skills.  No problem! Order in from any of Royce Hotel and Casino’s world-class restaurants and have the feast delivered to your home.  Enjoy delectable Italian and Mediterranean cuisine by ordering from Amare by Chef Chris.  Call 0905 444 9167 and get a FREE MINI Rollizza (choice of Derek, Dior, Jester) for every minimum order of PhP 1,500, or a FREE FULL-size Rollizza (choice of Derek, Dior, Jester) for every minimum order of PhP 3,000, or a FREE Spaghetti Cotto E Gambero for every minimum order of PHP 5,000.  Or if Dad’s a fan of authentic Chinese Cuisine, call in 0917 168 2464.  Get a FREE Dimsum for every order of PhP 1,500 within Clark and PhP 3,000 for San Fernando area.

As a BONUS, you can check out Royce’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts on JUNE 13, 2021 for an exciting game. Join and get a chance to win a special treat for your Dad!

Gratitude # 11

I've decided to bring back my weekly post of things that I am grateful for just to remind myself that there are a lot of things that are still good about life. 

This week has been filled with a lot of what we fondly call blogger mail here in the Philippines. It's when brands send out products either for seeding or a thank you. 

I feel so giddy because these are brands that I use in my home. 

I also love that I am able to spend time with my family and I have learned to treasure every hug, kiss, and moment. 

I've also been able to achieve a few things on my YouTube channel. I've just uploaded my 301st video and also hit over 350,000 views on my channel. 

My husband is also fully vaccinated now against Covid-19. This is another win for us! 

I also got my accessory cabinet back. It makes me feel more in the mood to fix myself up except for today because I got my period and all I did was lie down on the bed and read a book which brings me to the next topic that I am grateful for. 

I finally got to read a book again after so many years. Yes, years. It has been a few years since I managed to read a book. 

It felt a bit disconcerting like I wasn't supposed to be reading but at the same time, I really enjoyed that little bit of me-time. 

How about you? What are you grateful for this week? 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Cetaphil, Best for Baby's Skin

When my son turned 9 months old, he started developing these ugly red spots in his body. Initially, I thought it was just a heat rash. Then it started growing and eventually, it was on his face. 

I got scared. I got really scared. 

We consulted our pedia and he referred us to a pedia dermatologist and allergist. We had a series of tests done until it was identified as hives. It seems our son is allergic to food that has too many preservatives, heat, and dust. He is also allergic to soap and lotion that has a lot of chemicals on it so we switched to Cetaphil. 

My son is now 16 months old and I'm really happy to say that he rarely gets hives and when he does, it's just a spot here and there that's easily taken care of by Cetaphil.

The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is really good at cleansing his skin while moisturizing it at the same time so it remains soft and smooth. The Cetaphil Daily Lotion locks in and replenishes moisture which gives him immediate and long-lasting relief. This is really important because the red spots can be itchy.

The Cetaphil Baby Advanced Protection Cream also helps to protect my baby's sensitive skin. It contains soothing Organic Calendula and Allantoin clinically proven to intensely moisturize and protect the skin from irritation. It also has no fragrance, petrolatum, paraben, colorants, or mineral oil which can irritate a baby's skin. 

I don't need to worry when he plays now. He can jump, dance, and just do what he wants without worry.

He actually recognizes the bottles now and loves them because he knows that it brings him relief when he has these red spots. 

This is why we always have stocks of Cetaphil coz our baby deserves only the best. 

It's a good thing that we can buy authentic Cetaphil from their official store on Shopee. No need to go out just to get this because it's available online. 

Get up to 50% off Unilever's Super Brand Day on June 10-12.

Mommas, the day has come for us to hoard stuff once more via Unilver's official store on Shopee because this June 10-12, they are having another Super Brand Day and you can get items up to 50%! 

Yes, up to 50% off. 

I know that for Moms like myself, this is very important because I get to save money for real on essential stuff like Domex, Cif, Breeze, and Surf. Now, more than ever, we need to make sure that our surroundings are clean and free of any virus all the time. 

This is the perfect time to stock up on all the essentials for the rest of the year.  

Unilever and Shopee partner to achieve a cleaner future together with Linis Pilipinas campaign! Get up to 50% off Unilever's Super Brand Day on June 10-12. So excited cause essential Unilever brands that I use at home such as Breeze, Surf, and Comfort are part of the sale. This is perfect since it's the rainy season and one of the ways that I make sure our clothes still smell good is by using Breeze, Surf, and Comfort. 

Get 30% off when you buy 2 + Free shipping!! A portion of the proceeds will be used by @unileverphilippines to plant a tree in partnership with Haribon Foundation. If you want more discounts, you can get up to Php 750 off with voucher code "LINISPILIPINAS", 15% off, min spend Php700. 

I support these brands because they are committing to a cleaner future and a more sustainable world. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Okada Manila's Plum Dining now available via Grab Food

Miss hotel food but still can't go out and dine at these places? Don't worry! Okada has your back! 

Okada Manila, the country’s iconic integrated resort, has sumptuous meals everyone can enjoy in the comfort and safety of their own home or office!

There’s absolutely no need to miss Okada Manila’s signature dishes from the integrated resort’s various premier restaurants. Savor a world of flavors with Okada Plum Dining, which offers delectable well-curated dishes prepared by our award-winning Culinary Team.

I was able to have a sampler of their dishes and I can honestly tell you that the SISIG is to die for. You need to order their sisig TODAY. It was just so good that I wished I had an entire platter all to myself. 

Enjoy plum dining anytime -- delivered straight to your office or doorstep. Perfect for your intimate meetings, corporate and hybrid events, or family gatherings.

For more details, please visit For inquiries and Plum Dining bookings, kindly send an email to Sales and Marketing at

Select Okada Manila dishes will also be available on Grab Food starting June 7, 2021! Satisfy your cravings with these tasty delights from Manila’s grand icon. Bon appetite! 


Sunday, June 6, 2021

10% Off on Del Monte products at Shopee's 6.6-7.7 Mid-Year Sale.

As a Mom, I want to make sure that my family is eating delicious but nutritious meals. These days, it's very important that the food they eat will help to boost their immune system and keep them healthy at all times. However, I also need to make sure that they are enjoying the food I prepare so I always make sure that we have Del Monte at home. 

I grew up with Del Monte products available at all times in my pantry. When I am craving juice, we'd have Del Monte Pineapple Juice in a can and it would automatically feel like summer. These days, there are more variants available which my family enjoys.  

During the weekend, we would have the Del Monte Sarap Savers Party Pack - Filipino Style because it's one of the most cost-efficient yet delicious spaghetti sauces available. My son loves pasta and can down a big bowl all by himself as long as it's the Filipino-style spaghetti sauce. 

My husband would also request for barbecue so I make sure to marinate the meat overnight with Del Monte Quick n Easy BBQ Marinade because I don't have a lot of time to make my own marinade. Thankfully, Del Monte has this easy barbecue marinade to the rescue. 

On the other hand, my baby enjoys snacking on the Del Monte Potato Crisp Biscuit. I love that it's baked, not fried and that it's not too expensive as well. As a Mom, I do have a budget so it's great that this one fits easily. 

My personal favorite is the Del Monte Tropical Punch Juice Drink and the Tipco 100% Lychee Fruit Juice. It's so sweet and gives me the vibes of having a house party without having to go out. I even sometimes add that small umbrella on the top of my glass to complete the vibe. 

The one thing that I am most excited about is trying the Del Monte Fiesta Langka Fruit Cocktail because this is new. I've always had the Fruit Cocktail but LANGKA fruit cocktail? Accckkk! 

The best part about all of this is that I can easily replenish my stocks through their official store on Shopee. Make sure you download the Shopee App so you too can take advantage of these special deals! 

Thursday, June 3, 2021

5 Reasons Why Whistler is the Perfect Vacation Spot

One of the cities that is on my bucket list of places to visit soon is Whistler, Canada. I think that this place is absolutely perfect for a vacation spot because it has everything that my family and I could possibly want in a vacation spot. 

They have something for kids, teenagers, foodies, adventure seekers, and they definitely have Instagram-worthy places. This guarantees that my kids won't be bored, the husband won't be bored, and I would have a lot of materials to write about.  

Don't believe me? Let me tell you the 5 reasons why I believe Whistler is the perfect vacation spot for my family and possibly, yours too. 

For my toddler, this would be the perfect time for him to learn how to ski. It's a good thing that the Magic Castle & Fort has kid friendly activities. It is located on located on Blackcomb in the Children's Adventure Park above the base of the Catskinner Chair; accessible via Easy Out. 

Image from: Whistler Platinum

This place is perfect for outdoor play because they have big areas that provide a little magic for families to explore while taking a break from skiing and snowboarding. Families can explore these outdoor adventure playlands 100 percent free. Isn't that amazing? 

For my teenage son, we can go and visit the Brandywine Falls Provincial Park. This magnificent 70 metre waterfall will definitely present him with a lot of Instagram worthy shots. From a certain vantage point, we'd also be able to see the Daisy Lake and the surrounding mountains.

Image from Hike in Whistler

We can also go mountain biking, have a picnic, or go hiking in the lava trail lake. There are so many activities that we can do, it will definitely take more than a day to try them all.  

For myself, I would definitely head for the Scandinave Spa. After all, this is vacation so I believe that I deserve some down time, we all do. 

Image from Scandinave Spa

Just looking at the photo is already very relaxing. I'd book massages for my husband and I. This is also the perfect time for us to have some quiet time away from the kids since the Scandinave Spa is a quiet spa and no talking is allowed as well as no gadgets. Perfect way to disconnect and just have some truly quiet moments which parents almost always never have. 

Knowing my husband, he will want some recreational activities after all this quiet time. We'd head over to experience the Whistler Peak 2 Peak 360 experience so he can have a stunning 360 view of Whistler Village. From this vantage point, we should also be able to see the glaciers, forests, lakes, and mountain peaks. 

Image from Tourism Whistler

What makes this gondola experience even more exciting is the special glass bottom gondola which will definitely give us a bird's eye view of the forest. I'm sure he would love to take photos of this experience. 

Just looking at the photo is making me experience all kinds of excitement and nervousness. This is definitely something that needs to be included as an activity if going to Whistler, Canada. You get to have an experience like no other which is important for people going on vacation. 

To top it off, there are so many great restaurants and cafes in Whistler that the foodie in all of us would definitely want to go and try everything out. Top of my list is RimRock Cafe because I have heard so much about this place. 

Image from RimRock Cafe

It's definitely going to be an experience for my family and I which will be one for the books. Great ambiance, wonderful food, and something different from what we are used to. 

Just looking at my itinerary for this soon to be vacation, I can't help but wonder if there would be Whistler homes for sale. After all, my husband and I have been talking about future plans and Whistler looks like a great spot to raise kids. 

One can dream right? For now, I'll go ahead and save enough so that I can make our perfect vacation spot a reality.