Sunday, December 31, 2006

munimuni # 13

It was a very good week for me with only some minor not so good things happening ... I love weeks like this and I truly appreciate the quiet times that I get to have. The holidays is also a good time to get in touch with friends that you haven't talked to for some time and I'm glad that we got to text a bit Jacque! Miss you girl and can't wait to meet up in Mall of Asia.

So, here are the blessings I received this week:

1) though the Tornado suffered from yet another cold (he got it from Grandpa who we made to feel guilty and is taking meds religiously now), it seems he is recovering from it quite well
2) Tornado got lots of fantastic clothes, some of them real pricey as well ... THANK YOU ALL! I've neer had to buy new clothes for my son since you're all so generous
3) I got some nice stuff too ... will post pics after the New Year ... I have dial up at home and it would kill my connection if I were to upload them all in here ... it just mybe 2007 already before it uploads
4) we were all able to share some blessings with people who needed it more ...
5) we got to spend some time with family as we all went for a night out at a lounge music bar and listened to oldies music and Bossa Nova
6) we got to buy some stuff on SALE! All malls had their clearance sale and we chose Mall of Asia since it had over 750+ stores for us to choose from ... my feet still hurts up to now ...
7) I got to finish some things on my to do list! whee!
8) It is hubby's Grandma's 84th birthday today! Happy birthday Lola!
9) Tomorrow, we spend the day with my Dad ... whoohoo!

I wish that everyone would be able to welcome 2007 with all their body parts intact (for those that don't live here, we have a high rate of body parts going missing due to all the fireworks being used. Filipinos love their fireworks and as always, accidents are bound to happen. We don't use fireworks.)

For 2007, may we all have prosperity in our lives, peace of mind, love and camaraderie between family and friends, great halth, and be free from all that is harmful!

Happy New Year! Mwah!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

SPH # 11: New

there's always something NEW that I can expect from the B

because of so many gifts, we have lots of NEW stuff

2 boxes given to me byR, where I can store NEW memories and mementos

Friday, December 29, 2006

collection addict

This is my collection of books ... lots of trashy stuff actually ... romance novels (must nurture the romantic in me) self help books (what to expect, chicken soup for the soul, don't sweat the small stuff ...) sweet valley (I refuse to give them up, they were my companion in nursing my broken heart back in high school) and of course Harry Potter! Gotta love him!

Here's my picture frame collection. I hate those drabby brown old picture frames ... love the kitchy ones coz I'm kikay. I could deal with the balck and white ones ... actually I am planning on enlarging a black and white picture of my son and getting it framed ... sorta like this but much, much better.

And my most beloved collection of magnets ... arent' they nice? Some were given by friends who cared enough but most were bought at flea markets. I just love the feeling of finding an uber cute one at such a cheap price. Yep, I'm a cheapskate. Gotta be y'know. I am a MOM after all. =p

From time to time though, I indulge. I think I have all the Starbucks magnets that made it here in our country. Most of this were given by friends and dates from when I was single. Hihihi! =)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 11

13 things on my desk at home
  1. a mini trash can
  2. canisters for my scrapbooking supplies
  3. canister for my scissors
  4. tape dispenser
  5. stapler
  6. a treasure box where I keep some stuff
  7. Starbucks planner
  8. wallet
  9. peanut brittle (yummy!)
  10. Ericcson K750i
  11. Lidex medicine for my rash
  12. notepad
  13. scrapbooking papers (I'm making arts and crafts)
What's on your desk right now?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mommy's 43rd Bday

trying to get a group pic

takaw moment with Arny

at Balut ...
siksikan time

thrift shop finds and B

a knitted shirt that costs $0.40

6 neckties for $2 (Php100)

craft books for less than $4 each (hardbound and most of them in mint condition)

I love thrift shops. I love them, love them! The neckties I got were all original YSL or Armani ties. I felt so happy being able to unearth them from underneath all that pile of clothes. Yes, unearth.

That's the only thing in the thrift shops here. They're all stacked up like heaps of clothing on the floor and you need to wade in and find good ones. But finding even one original DKNY blouse in mint condition for $1 or $2 makes it all worth it. What I do with the clothes I find before I use them is to boil them in water then I have it washed 3x. Can't be too sure where it came from you know? Lol!

The books on the other hand, I dust and wipe then cover with plastic.

What's your greatest thrift find?
B stories
He's starting to mimic words now. He was pointing to our bookshelf and said "uh!" So I said, "you want books?" and he answered "BOK!"
The other time, we were in the car and he was making all his usual noises. His Dad decided to mimic him. This is how it went.
B: Bushu
Dad: Bushu
B: Pueyyy
Dad: Pueyyy
B: Tida
Dad: Tida
B: (something that sounded like this) boohidishatidawupasutidisha
Dad: *utter silence*
I laughed real loud and told his Dad, "That, you can't beat!"

Harry Potter # 7

Eeeekkk!!! Harry Potter Book 7 title has been released! It's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I am so excited. Eeeekkk! I am such a Potterhead.

Are you excited too?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

tree ornament

paper I used for the ornament


being pasted on hard paper

finished product

one I made for my tree

monster in law

Nope, I am not talking about my dear MIL. I am talking about me. I think I would be one should my B decide to like girls too early. I can see myself acting like that woman in Jennifer Lopez's film, Monster in Law.

Sigh. My B is growing up way too fast. Look ...

he looks all grown up =(

to mothers out there, how would you handle your lil boy liking some girl?

Monday, December 25, 2006

christmas recap

Christmas is finally over at our house. We are now looking forward to New Year's celebration. I personally am counting the days till the 28th since that will be the start of my 5 day leave. Whooopeee! I will try to blog as much as I can from home but if I am not able to, I will just post in advance and leave you guys with some linkies and projects or what have you.

Christmas eve started with a lot of carolers. Kids of all ages would go door to door and sing Christmas carols to receive some aginaldo. Aginaldo could be monetary or a gift, or a food basket.

For our Christmas dinner (we call it noche buena here) I cooked herbed chicken. I couldn't have it as herbed roasted chicken since we didn't have a roaster. What I did was marinade it for 24 hours, then cooked it in the marinade itself. I put in some rosamary, thymes, oregano, black pepper, sugar, salt, and lemon grass. It way yummy! I know it was because all that was left of it were bones. Whee! Success! Here's a not so good picture of it being cooked.

We had a typical Philippine feast though it was hardly a feast. We didn't see the need to prepare a lot since people in our house have very lil appetite. I mean, they eat a lot but they get easily full. We also had some grilled fish (a favorite) and fruits. It was a very small celebration but what matters is that we were all together, and in good health.

Normally, we would open gifts at 12 midnight but we had to do it a bit early this year since I had to be at work by 4am. So at 10pm, we started opening gifts. It was so much fun. People loved their gifts. I was able to capture their reactions on camera but I can't post it here for privacy reasons. I do have a picture of the tornado opening some of his gifts and playing with it as well.

After opening the gifts, we had what we call a "pasabog." Its a tradition in my family that we do durig Christmas and New Year. One gathers lots of coins and throws it into the air. The other members of the family will then try to get as many as they can. Its to invite luck in by sharing your "wealth" with others.

Then my SIL had some money in the kitchen in different places and off we went to go look for it. It was great! We had a blast!

I hope everyone else had a great time celebrating Christmas as well.

How was your Christmas?

my son enjoying the chicken I cooked

* I just bought Fluocinonide for my skin irritation. I hope it works.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

when the B is 15

munimuni # 12

This week has been terribly tiring but fulfilling as well. I feel very much blessed though I have this nasty irritation on my left leg.

1) finished all Xmas shopping and got really nice gifts for my family
2) was able to rest on my rest day
3) updated my scrapbook
4) finished some task I've been neglecting such as covering my arts and crafts books with plastic cover
5) spent quality time with my tornado
6) made some ornaments for the house
7) fixed our budget for next year
8) looks like the skin irritation on my leg is subsiding so THANK YOU LORD!
9) Christmas spirit is very much present at home
10) we're all in good health
11) got an interview and hopefully, it will work out
12) printed my personalized 2007 calendar ...

Overall, this year has been a pretty good one for me and my family. Sure, we've had bad moments and moments that I wished I'd just be swallowed up by the ground but we survived it. Our tornado is such a big guy now. Next thing I know, I'll be blogging about his hateful girlfriends. Lol!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have lovely dinners and wonderful time with friends and family!

captured moments

Mewi Kwismas!

Here are some brownies that I baked for you guys. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

SPH # 10: Lines


They say the lines of your hands foretell what fate holds for you. I don't know what mine means but I sure hope it holds the following:

1) happy family
2) financial security
3) good health for all the people I love
4) long life
5) precious moments

Thursday, December 21, 2006

tough luck

A friend and I were doing some last minute Christmas shopping when she started (or maybe I started it?) whining about how toxic things were and how it shouldn't be like that since it's Christmas season. Then we started talking about how Christmas loses a bit of its fun when you get into your mid 20's. I surmised that it's probably because one is no longer a child nor a teen but not yet old enough to warrant demanding things and coming out as "Grandma wanted this and that!"

So yeah, we're in our mid-20's and its at this age where you are earning enough to start thinking that you can get everyone in the family presents but not everyone thinks of getting you one simply because they think you've bought everything you already wanted. Kinda sucks but ... that's life.

Do you agree with me on this? For those who are in their 20's ... do you feel this way? For those who are no longer in their 20's, did you go through this?

Or is this a cultural thing?

Thursday Thirteen # 10

13 goals for 2007
  1. lose 20lbs or more ... shouldn't be too hard right?
  2. pay off both credit cards ... the interest is killing me
  3. finish Christmas shopping before Christmas comes ... the stress really got to me and I've had no decent sleep for the past week ... so not gonna happen again next year
  4. go to Baguio with family in the summer
  5. be the proud owner of a Cricut machine ... I will find a sideline to earn my own money for me WANTS ... and I WANT this ...
  6. enhance my craft skills such as card making, scrapbooking
  7. learn how to sew ... I can't shake off the image of my hands getting all stitched up while learning but I need to overcome this
  8. redecorate the house
  9. save at least Php100k in the bank ... the tornado will be studying soon
  10. be nicer to service people ( I get mean when they're inefficient)
  11. learn candle making
  12. organize a monthly mini swap ... good idea? I say mini swap coz we'd send out a small box that wouldn't cost too much and it will be filled with the theme for the month ... anyone wanna participate?
  13. maintain my blog and post new things daily (as much as possible!)
What's your goal for 2007?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

my xmas decor faves

Just finished browsing through all of 190 homes in BooMama's Christmas Home Tours. Since I was unable to post comments coz blogger is conking out ... I'm posting all of my fave decors from other people's homes. Lemme know if one of them is yours. I love it! I love it, love it, love it!