Friday, October 31, 2014

304/365 photoblog: Halloween Dress Up

It was my first time to dress up. I think I did pretty good. What do you think?

Starbucks Christmas 2015

Starbucks launched its Christmas season yesterday and may I just say what an awesome Christmas it will be for Starbucks lovers. Planners are better and more gorgeous, freebies are a lot more, and it even comes with a pen.

They also have new promos such as buying a card for yourself and friends, a bigger bundle that allows you to share the love more and get a free planner,

There are two new cards, the Christmas Tree and the Snowman design which has a bit of a tweak on it from the designs last year.

You can also get 6 cards but pay only for 5. This I think is an awesome gift to friends and coworkers.

New tumblers and new bearistas for all the collectors out there. The tumblers, especially the ceramic one is simply gorgeous.

One of the highlights though is the Starbucks Mini Card. I got one of my own and I'm really, really happy about it. It's just oh so awesome! :) It can be used as a keychain or even a cellphone charm.

 Ta-da! My very own SIREN planner from Starbucks for Christmas 2015. You only need 18 stickers to get this. 9 regular drinks and of course 9 Christmas drinks which shouldn't be too hard because this year, they have our favorite Toffee Nut Latte, Peppermint Mocha, and a new one, the Cookie Latte which is really, really good.

These are the new Starbucks planners that will be out on November 3, 2015. This is just in 3 days. Are you excited? You should be. The inside is equally gorgeous!

The pen has a coffee scent to it. I find it intoxicating.

This is what the inside looks like. I love it!

Since I love my sister more and she needs it for her work, here's what happened.

Thanks Starbucks for enabling me to give the gift of happiness. :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

302/365 photoblog: Magic Moment

I had another Magic Moment with JLC and all I can say is, "darn it, why do you always make me lose my poise JLC? Those eyes should be put to jail." Hahahaha.

my laking Kitchenomics experience

Around 2 weeks ago, I was invited to be one of the Cooking Moms for a Del Monte Kitchenomics event. To those who have just recently met me, the question in their mind would always be, "does Kenny even know how to cook?"

You see, I do not look domesticated. I am one of those women who is always perceived to be an office girl, a working Mom, or a woman on the go. Yes, I fall into that stereotype. I actually even have the same reaction since I rarely cook nowadays.

Still, I forged ahead with this adventure. Thankfully, a friend went to support though I'm not really sure if he even knew what was happening. LOL.

I was originally set to cook the Classic Mechado and Classic Callos but fate was smiling at me for suddenly, I was switched to making Chicken Salad and Meatloaf which were a lot easier.

It was an experience making these dishes in front of a camera and a huge crowd. What made it even more insane is that a lot of the people kept asking me about the dishes I was preparing. I felt worried that I might not be able to answer the questions thrown at me and embarrassing myself. Thankfully, I was able to answer all questions thrown at me. I never knew it could be so nerve wracking.

This is me with my Chicken Salad as well as my Meatloaf. Hopefully, no one died from eating it. :)

Thanks to my friend for supporting eventhough the event was a bit early. :)Thank you as well to Del Monte Kitchenomics for letting me feel what its like to be part of the Kitchenomics family.

The Green King of Ramen Nagi

I've heard about this place so many times that when I found myself needing to celebrate something but had no one to celebrate it with, I decided to just indulge in food and see what the fuss is all about Ramen Nagi.

When I got there, a line was visible and I was 4th even though I was alone. After 10 minutes, I was seated because apparently, table for 1 is easier to find space for.

Upon being seated, you are given a menu as well as this personalized note. I call it a personalized note because with this, you can personalize almost everything in your ramen.

I chose the Green King which is ramen with pesto, basil, and parmesan cheese. Sounds disgusting right? Actually, IT WASN'T.


As you can see, the noodle is the thin one and since I ordered it HARD, it was just right when I let it sit for a few minutes. I love that it had loads of mushroom bits and that it wasn't too oily.

I was also very happy that the meat were abundant. At Php410 per bowl, I expected nothing less and thankfully, I was very full after consuming the entire bowl and the 3 pieces of meat inside it which were really soft to chew.

Ramen Nagi is located at the 5th floor of SM Aura. It was a bit pricey but it was definitely worth every peso spent.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

301/365 photoblog: Solo

It's been a long time since I ate by myself. Today, I treated myself to some Green King and had a lovely dinner all by myself. I missed this. It feels good to just listen to music and chow down on some awesome ramen.

after us

The first time I listened to this clip a couple of months ago, I cried. I cried for real, huge tears flowing down my face, curling like a fetus, and hurling out gut wrenching sobs. I cried for myself because this was exactly what I went through when FM left me. I cried because I let him play me for more than a year after he left. I cried because I hoped and my hopes were crushed like fine sand in his hands. I cried because I was a puppet dancing to his beat and he didn't give a damn about my feelings. I cried because I loved the wrong person and believed that in his own convoluted way, he must love me still.

I cried for everything that we had, everything that we could have had, and all that we never had.

Today, months after I initially listened to it and months after I had it on repeat on my iPOD because I wanted to dull the pain, I listened to it again.

Yes, there is still that tinge of pain ... I don't think it will ever go away because I truly loved him with all my heart and soul. I don't think a love like that ever leaves you. However, this time around, it was just a tinge of pain and there were no more tears. Also, this time around, I was more the latter part of the video, the moving on part and not the "I'm in so much pain because he left me" part.

Today, after almost 2 years since FM walked out of my life, I can really say that  there is no more us and I don't look for an us anymore. What we had was beautiful. Our love for each other was real. He treated me really well and I know that he loved me with all his heart and soul, not just me but my son as well.

I loved him too. I loved him and his kids and I will always have a soft spot for his children and even his family ... but its over. It is finally, truly over. After almost 3 years .... this story finally came to an end and I think, this is the best birthday gift I can give myself ... to finally let go of something that I have lost a long time ago but was just too pigheaded to realize and accept.

Thank you for everything. Thank you for taking care of me and loving me the way you knew how. Thank you for showing me that I was worth loving. After us, I am a much better person and I have you to thank for that.

dear crush,

I'm just really happy that you don't read my blog. It's quite liberating knowing that I can write things and the person I'm writing it for doesn't get to read it. I'm not yet ready for you to know the insane way you make me smile so please stick to not being interested in my life enough to stalk me.

It feels good to have someone get to know you as you and not as a blogger or someone who posts a lot of stuff on IG or is twitter crazy. I'm glad you're getting to know me as a person, not someone online.

We've been talking for about a month and a half now and we've seen each other roughly 4-5x. All these times, our talks have been insanely long and funny. Always when we talk, I'd either laugh out loud, or you would, or we both would at the same time. I like those moments.

I like that we can just talk and hang out. I like that you focus on me that you didn't even notice it rained outside. I like that you find time to check on me almost daily. I like that you share random things and you funny video me. Apparently, its a thing that guys do and I'm glad you did that with me.

I also like in a way that you are still contemplating on where this goes. At least I know that you are not impulsive nor in a rush. It's a good trait for a guy to have. Oh, I also like that you have ambition. Guys with ambition are sexy but then you are already sexy. Wink wink. LOL.

When you cooked for me, I was all cartwheels and happiness inside. I felt special. Perhaps I am, perhaps I'm not but for that day alone, I felt special. The only other guy who has cooked for me was someone I met in college so I can definitely say it has been awhile.

So yeah, lets get to know each other and see where this leads. For now, I just wanna say that you make me smile and you make me laugh. I look forward to my phone lighting up and seeing a message from you. I hope you never tire of messaging me.

Someone who is in like with you. :)

Heaven in my Mouth

Have you ever found yourself looking for that certain distinct way of having something cooked? I know that I have. You see, I grew up with a certain way that my leche flan was made and I have been constantly on the look out for the same exact leche flan that I used to have when I was a kid.

My leche flan was creamy and thick and when you cut into it, you have to exert a teeny tiny bit of effort. I don't like the ones that seem watery and thin. I find it disgusting. Leche flan should be creamy, period.

Thankfully, Heaven in my Mouth exists and he gets how leche flan should be made. He made this and it was really, honestly, seriously, heaven in my mouth. Too much so that when you see the 2nd photo, you'll go, "what??!?" 

This is Chef Jello, the genius who recreated the leche flan of my childhood. For those who want to order, here's his FB page.

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Catering by Claudia

Romulo Cafe has always been on the list of restaurants that I would like to go ahead and visit but have not been able to. Imagine my delight when I was actually invited to have a food tasting of one of the newest venture of one of the members of the Romulo family, Catering by Claudia. Catering by Claudia is actually the first business of Enzo Squillantini and Sandie Romulo-Squillantini.

The set up was very elegant. The use of black and white clothing plus Tiffany chairs gave it a touch of class that will surely be appreciated by the customers of Romulo Cafe. After all, they have always been known to serve great food in an ambiance and surrounding you wouldn't be ashamed to bring the President to.

Catering by Claudia offers a wide selection of food ranging from Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and American dishes. Some of the things that stood out for me were the duck liver pate, pesto pasta, and the salmon.

Anyone who books with Catering by Claudia will have all their cravings satisfied from appetizer to desserts. I managed to eat a piece of everything that was offered and it really was heaven in a bite.I just had to stop myself from consuming too much because I am on a diet.

From the press kit:

Signature dishes to look out for include the calabaza soup, a combination of our humble calabaza with carrots to deepen the color.The addition of cumin spice creates a musky, earthy flavor while the crostini compliments it with a different texture. The breads are another favourite specially prepared by their own ovens and soon to be available on the market.

The starter items reflect the very heart of what Romulo is, diversity in cuisines but focusing on local ingredients with the family recipes incorporated, such as the Romulo salad, a signature dish that is western-inspired but with the inclusion of our local kesong puti and ripe mango as the dressing. Cooked to the exact recipe details, the relleno de pollo is prepared on toast and served as a canape.

If that has not stimulated the craving for Romulo cuisine, the main dishes of Paella Valenciana - a rich savoury fiesta of seafood, chorizos, vegetables and rice cooked with Saffron and Sofrito; Poached Salmon with youghurt and dill sauce; and Roasted Chicken with sundried tomatoes and pesto sauce should be enticing enough.

Not to be ignored, the sushi and dimsum stations also present signature dishes specially prepared by the Romulo Food Group – Smoked Bangus roll and Hiroshima, to name a couple. Finally, the pasta, sweets and cupcake selections complete the international culture presented by the food variations concluding your food journey with an unforgettable taste introducing you to a unique pleasure.

Bringing together a combination of different cuisines: Filipino, Spanish, French and some of them a refined merging of food blends, the grand buffet prepared by Catering by Claudia’s is sure totickle your interest and palate for the world’s cultures leaving you craving for your next encounter with Romulo cuisine.

For those who would like to get in touch with Catering by Claudia, here are the details. 

Landline - + 632.970.0429 

Hashtag: #cateringbyclaudia  

Bend Accessories

I was the lucky recipient of Bend Accessories. Bend Accessories are actually hand made and they aim to provide one of a kind accessories that are locally made.

I love how they were able to send over different shades of purple for the bracelets so that it will mix with lilac, purple, and lavander clothing. It also brings out the white when you wear a white ensemble because it provides a nice contrast.

They also have these uber cute bracelets / necklace  / headband / belt. Talk about multitasking at its best and getting more than your money's worth.

I love how it was able to put colors into my plain outfit. It's definitely a steal since it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. You can view more orders here at their facebook page.

San Marino Tuna

One of the things that come to mind when someone wants to go on a diet or eat healthy is tuna. Tuna is filled with Omega 3 which is good for the body and it also doesn't make you fat since is a healthy kind of food.

San Marino Tuna is slowly inching its way into the canned tuna market and now, they even have easy open cans which makes it really good especially for office workers who want to be able to eat tuna but can't be bothered to bring a can opener at work.

This is also a great thing for Moms on the go because an easy open can saves a lot more time compared to one that has to be opened manually with a can opener.

I personally loved the Paella flavored tuna and have been using the tuna flakes in oil on sandwiches. It's good that there is a bit of flavor and its not all bland which is the main problem with tuna flakes. Thank you San Marino for ensuring that I am always ready for what's new and what's next in my life by helping me shed unwanted fat in my body.

dirty dancing

When I was young, my Mom and family would laugh if I made the mistake of trying to dance. You see, I danced the same way a bamboo does. I sway and that's it. My body didn't have any grace at all any softness was only found in the measly fat that I had back then. I was just as graceful as a bamboo stick.

When I saw Dirty Dancing, I felt an affinity with Baby who also couldn't dance to save her life. She was awkward and funny, much like how I was. As the movie progressed though, she learned how to dance and I thought I could do the same thing so I followed everything she did in the movies.

I practiced in my room and on my own. It was a good thing we had a pretty big mirror and I remembered that I would imagine I had a partner especially with this scene.

I learned how to sway my hips, be a bit more flirty when dancing, and how to grind. Yep, all of these from watching Dirty Dancing over and over again. I must have watched it at least 50x.

Eventually, I was dragged into performing for my high school and we performed Ragamuffin Girl. This was when I knew that I could finally dance because after that performance, I was asked to perform in almost every single dance production in school and they all called me the Ragamuffin Girl. :)

Thanks Dirty Dancing for being more than just a movie. I may not be the most graceful or most awesome dancer in the world but at least I know that I now look better than a wriggling worm.

Monday, October 27, 2014

300/365 photoblog: Howie Severino

I met one of my journalism idols tonight. I felt so honored to have been able to chat with him and tell him that I fully supported his campaign, "Think before you Click."

Fangirl mode on! *shrieks in delight*

dating vs hanging out

Recently I realized that its better to just tell people you are hanging out with a guy rather than dating a guy. Dating it seems has too much implications and expectations that come along with it whereas hanging out is just plain hanging out. There are no expectations that go along with the term hanging out.

You are just hanging out.

You have fun. You go out. You bond. You fight. You make up. You do things together. The difference is that you don't feel the need to be at each other's face all the time.

So yeah ... I'm not dating. I'm just hanging out .... with me, myself, and I. :)

Workshop: I Know Write MNL: Inspired By

Date: Saturday, November 15, 2014.
Time: 2-5PM
Where: Bellagio Two, Forbes Town road cor Burgos Circle (function room). Please check the poster for more details..

This third workshop titled Inspired by is brought to you by I Know Write MNL made for young bloggers by young bloggers! We hope you can participate in this fun event and hang out with other fellow bloggers while being inspired by our special guests!

We will only have 30 slots, (Strictly no walk ins and no refunds) So reserve one for yourself right here, right now! Registration fee is: P500 (registration fee, snacks + bloggers kit) This event is for ages 13-21.

If you have paid for your registration fee, please send us the deposit slip via Facebook message. See you!
-Bank Details:

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

299/365 photoblog: Massage

When you go through a mild heartache, a good massage and a cup of coffee can help make you feel a bit better.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

a tight hug

Sometimes, it feels like the world is just going by and moving forward and I feel like someone placed me in a virtual wheel and no matter how fast I run and try to catch up, I just keep turning and turning on the same place. It feels like I am just going nowhere when it comes to love.

For the last 1.5 years, I ran after a guy who was never going back to me. I wasted a year and a half more of my life on someone who didn't really love me.

And now, now, I find myself liking someone who again cannot decide if he likes me like that or just enjoys my company. It sucks. It sucks big time. He says he doesn't want to lose me. I told him he won't lose me. What I did not tell him is that he can never lose me because he never had the guts to have me in the first place. You cannot lose what you never had.

So yeah .... I need a tight hug because apparently, I really have lousy taste in men.

298/365 photoblog: Solitude

Sometimes, we just need to step back and let everything become quiet. Sometimes, I just need to hide from everyone else and not talk to anyone for at least a few hours. Sometimes, its okay to be alone. It doesn't mean that I am lonely but with all the hustle and bustle of my daily life, I just feel the need to be on my own from time to time.

Sometimes, we just need to be alone. Today, I needed this.

It might be because another year of my life is drawing to a close and I needed to have a look again and see where I am going and what is happening.  I needed to reassess myself and check to see if I like who I am.

Today, I just had to be alone even for a few hours and listen to my songs and look out the window and see the city from afar.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Crystal Jade Dining in and its Chef Recommendations

Crystal Jade has been on my list of places to eat at for the longest time. Since they were located in Greenhills and I live in Las Pinas, I knew that it would be a struggle to actually try the place. Thankfully, they opened another branch in BGC but because I have been crazy busy, it took time.

Okay, it took Sumi of Purple Doll to invite me for me to be able to drop by the place and have a taste of what I have been told of as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city. I had high expectations and thankfully, they lived up to their reputation.

I liked the interior of the place. It has high ceilings and is very familiar. You see, I grew up eating at Chinese restaurants and there is a sense of comfort and home when I stepped inside Crystal Jade. I get a bit frazzled when a Chinese restaurant does not look anything like the typical Chinese restaurant.

They had a ready set menu for us since they are actually launching a Chef's Recommendation package for the month of November 2014 and we were lucky enough to be able to try the best of the 3 packages that they had to offer. 

The double boiled cabbage soup with bamboo pith and fresh mushroom was very refreshing. It was the clear kind of soup that opens up your appetite. It's a great way to start a meal since its hot enough to whet the appetite but not thick enough to fill you in to the point of being full even before having a full meal.

The Steamed Live Garoupa Roll with Chinese Sausage in 2 kinds of sauce was salty but not too salty that you'd want to chuck it out. It was fresh lapu lapu which I am very particular about. I don't like fish that have been dead too long before it was cooked. The fish was very filling. I had 3 slices of it and I could already feel it lodged on my stomach.

The Sauteed Prawn with Wasabi Salad Sauce was my favorite though. The prawns were really fat and I like the fact that the wasabi was not really visible but that as soon as I've chewed the shrimp a couple of times, a hint of it was visible and not overpowering at all.

This sauteed shredded duck meat with beansprouts reminds me of a fresh lumpia that's really good. It was fresh and it was really a mouthful even when it was so little. Technically, it is not the healthiest thing on Earth but it is good enough for a maximum of 3 pieces.

The other way to  skin a duck was to also cooked it another way which is the stir friend version. I personally prefer this one over the one where it looks like a wrap. 

The red wine jello I discovered is the best way for me to enjoy red wine. I don't like drinking it but I did like it when it was in jello form.

Overall, the only downfall in this review was the fact that my stomach seems to have downsized and couldn't accommodate more than the ones that I had of the food. I wish I could have more and now I know where I will be bringing my Mom for her birthday in December.

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