Wednesday, August 27, 2014

239/365 photoblog: Bipolar Panda of Grab Taxi

Finally had the chance to try this bipolar panda car of Grab Taxi. It was so cute. It even had a tail. Unfortunately, the ears were not there since it was mistreated by some customers. Boo!

I loved that the taxi driver was very prompt and that he rang me when he wasn't sure of what Waze was instructing him with. I also liked that he was very polite and knew when to shut up.

The car was very nice. It was cold and it was spacious. It was very comfortable. I'm happy that Grab Taxi did not fail me again this time around. I got to my destination on time and did not have any mishaps at all.

I'd definitely recommend Grab Taxi. It's my 6th time to try them and my first with the Panda car. :) 

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