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Style and Soul Salon and Wellness Spa - Nail Art

"You're so boring!" This is what a salon owner told me before upon finding out that I only go for Touch of Tan, Touch of Beige, Italian Nude, and French Tip for my nail colors if ever I do have one. "You should try different things while you are still young!"

So I did.

Finally, I had nail art done and it was pretty exciting. We started with the base color and I chose red.

After the 2nd coating, the nail tech then places white stripes on my nail. Don't it look pretty?

Afterwards, she had the black streaks in place and I was simply in awe of how detailed things were.

She then placed a yellow stone on my nail. I initially thought, "what???" but now, I find it so cute and dazzling.

Finally, she placed some silver glitters to coat everything else.

Isn't she amazing? Best part is she did all of these in less than an hour. TA-DA!

Thank you for my super pretty nails. I loved it.

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* I was sent these products for review. I did not pay for these. However, the free product did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION.