Monday, September 29, 2014

272/365 photoblog: Haggard

This was me at 11am. I was literally wiped out and ready to sleep but couldn't. I only had 2.5 hours of sleep and I thought I'd be able to nap for 2 hours again but with cleaning the dirty kitchen, throwing out trash, cooking breakfast, cleaning the living room and kitchen, cleaning 2 bathrooms, and preparing lunch, it took all of 4 hours from the time I woke up at 6am.

I now know why God made me smart. I don't think I have it in me to do this cycle every single day. I'm just not cut out for it. I'd be skinny as a stick if this cycle continues for months.

SanSan BB Cream in Beige

I never even knew what BB meant. I actually got to a point where I asked people around what it meant and sadly, even the sales ladies in a department store did not know what BB stood for. Thankfully, I know now that it stands for blemish balm. Okay, I had to google that one just now to remember it.

According to google and wikipedia: 

"BB cream stands for blemish balm, blemish base, beblesh balm, and in Western markets, beauty balm. It is a cosmetic item sold mainly in Asian markets, although the majority of larger beauty brands have introduced BB creams to Western markets.

BB cream is promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on the desired amount of coverage. "

So, I've never really used BB cream in my life but I have decided to start doing so and along with this decision is my wanting to share it with you guys. I'm pretty sure there are others out there who are just as lost as I am so lets start on this journey together shall we?

The first BB cream I will be trying is the SanSan BB Cream in Beige. I got beige because obviously, I am not light skinned. I am more fair veering towards being a bit dark.

This tube will last you about a month if you use it daily. Since I don't use it every day, it will most likely last me about 2 months or so. It's small and you can actually bring it with you anywhere though I wouldn't recommend retouching or reapplying especially if you don't clean up your face before doing so.

It's only Php159 which makes it really affordable especially for single Moms like myself. Price matters as much as the effectiveness of the product.

So here is the swatch of the bb cream. Initially, when I saw this, I was worried that I got the wrong shade.

However, after rubbing it, it was actually the perfect match.

Here is my photo sans anything on my face. As you can see, I have a blemish on my nose from a pimple that just wouldn't go away. It's a sore sight but unfortunately, its there.

This is me after I put on a little of the BB cream. Notice that my face looks brighter and the mark on the side of my nose from the pimple is gone? I love it!

I'm so glad that I am learning to use these things now. It definitely enhances your natural beauty while covering up the small flaws in your face. Definitely, this BB cream is a must!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

271/365 photoblog: Not so Domesticated

I tried to cook longganisa from Ilocos. Since we don't really like the taste of it and prefer the swetness of the longganisa from Cebu, my sister marinated it in sugar and some of her creation of a sauce. I asked how it was to be cooked since I have never cooked this in my life. She said to fry it and so I did. 

This is the end result. I didn't even cook it for more than 5 minutes but it looks like something that was burnt to a crisp. =( 

Apparently, you cook the longganisa with the sauce it was marinated in or in water. I didn't know that and though this was cooked just right, it kinda tasted pretty horrible. Even the cat and dogs wouldn't eat it. Sad.

and the Saboten Winners are ...

photo from google
First of all, thank you to everyone who joined. We really appreciate it. Thank you to everyone who posted and follow the rules. To those who followed then unfollowed, that makes you not qualified. To those who did not post status tagging all of us, that also makes you not qualified. So to those who did follow the rules, congratulations. Two of you will be dining soon at Saboten Glorietta 5 with GC's worth Php1600 each.

mouchan69 and RL

Please email me at for further coordination. To those who did not win, I still have 2 more contests to run so stay tuned. :)

Thai Beauty Soaps

These are part of the Thai beauty products that I was sent to review. I've tried all 3 of them which took about 3 weeks since each soap lasted more than a week or so. The Honey Lemon Soap (yellow one), the Gluta Pure Soap (blue one), and the Tamarind Gluta Soap (brown one.)

Honey Lemon Soap: the smell of lemon is very strong and unfortunately, I'm not a fan of lemon. It also did not create soap suds when used. I struggled with it because I like soaps that lather and when they don't, I feel like I'm not getting cleaned.

Gluta Pure Soap: there was a distinct smell of milk but it was faint which was okay with me. It was enough to be smelled but not strong enough to overpower the senses. It lathers nicely and after bathing, I can smell a faint trace of it on my skin. It's also a good moisturizer which I really like.

Tamarind Gluta Soap: if you love tamarind or anything tamarind, this soap is for you. While bathing, I felt like bouillabaisse about to be served hahaha. The smell is a bit strong for me but it lathers well. What I didn't like about this though is that it was the fastest to be consumed. Perhaps there was an ingredient on it that made it dissolve faster?

Out of the 3, I'd definitely recommend the Gluta Pure Soap. It's worth your money and definitely, your bathing time. :) To order, you can go here.

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* I was sent these products for review. I did not pay for these. However, the free product did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION.  

the story of O+ ...

I recently lost my phone to some worthless human beings who decided that taking someone else's property is a better way to make a living rather than working their butt off. I was depressed and I was just really upset.

I posted about it online to tell people that my phone was gone and to ignore any messages that would come from it. Little did I know that my knight would see it and message me to remind me of things that he probably knew I wouldn't even remember, like changing the password of all my online accounts.

He also told me that before the start of this week, I'd have a new phone. I was wary because I just didn't have enough extra funds to get a high end phone which is what I needed for my work. He called on a Thursday and by Sunday, he called me again to ask me what time we'll meet.

So we met and he got me a phone and this whole time, he never actually said the words, "I'll buy you a phone" so I was just kept in the dark wondering if he was buying me one, lending me one, or letting me pay for one on a monthly basis. You see, with him, its always unpredictable.

Finally I had the guts to ask and he told me it was mine and deep inside, I was screaming with joy but because it was all so anti-climactic, all I could do was say, "thank you."

I must have sounded so ungrateful but I was really grateful. Honestly. It's been such a big help to me. So I guess this is my way of saying THANK YOU once again for being my knight in shining armor. Thank you for ensuring that I am okay once more. I really appreciate it. :)

You know what makes this story sweet? All he asked in return was a hug. Before anyone goes, "awwww" though, what makes this story not sweet is the title. I called this the story of O+ because there is no story of us. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

270/365 photoblog: Skrib-age

I am happy that I was able to play at last 5 games of Skrib-age with my son today inspire of and despite the fact that I had too many things to do today. :) Thank you Lord that my son is a very patient child.


Yesterday, I found myself in a sea of teenagers and though I couldn't for the life of me understand why they kept screaming at the different teen stars that were on stage, I could understand the zeal and zest of the youth and why Unilever saw the potential in them and in launching the biggest Teen event of the year, TeenWeekPH2014.

There were a lot of booths present at the TeenWeekPH fair. Each booth represented something for the teens. Every booth was geared towards educating and motivating teens on the importance of self-esteem, confidence, friendships and hygiene habits.  

#TeenWeek Year 1 was launched in 2013. This year's event was a lot bigger and better. They also had the Teen Ambassadors present to inspire all of the students from different schools who attended the event. 

Key youth leaders and teen influencers were also in attendance during the launch to help inspire teens. Some of them include Elmo Magalona, Coleen Garcia, James and Phil Younghusband, KryzUy, LaureenUy, Tricia Gosingtian, Nicole Andersson, Patricia Prieto, VernieceEnciso, along with the 2014 winners of BinibiningPilipinas, Ms. Tourism, Parul Shah, Ms. International, Bianca Guidotti, Ms. Supranational, Yvethe Santiago, Ms. Intercontinental, Kris Janson, and Ms. Universe, MJ Lastimosa.  PBB Stars, Axel Torres, Vikki Rushton, Fourth and Fifth Pagotan, Manolo Pedrosa, and Marie Stellar also took part in the day’s exciting activities!

To start off the week, #MoveUpMonday will focus on the different physical and emotional changes that adolescence brings, and ultimately get teens to declare why they are proud Pinoy Teens. #TransformTuesday touches on beauty and self-esteem. #WorkItWednesday is dedicated to showing teens how to build confidence and hone their talents so that they can use it for their future, while #ThinkBigThursday will be on pursuing their passions, dreaming big and chasing their dreams. Lastly, #FutureFriday will be about forging lasting friendships and building relationships, proving that the bonds developed during the teenage years can last a lifetime.

Thank you Unilever for thinking of these kind of activities. I wish that I had the same activities back when I was in college but I'm happy to know that my little sister and my son will have something like this to look forward to in their future.

HyC Launch

A lot of people are worried about looking their age. So many brands have come up with anti-aging creams and what nots and it is always a big hit with the market. However, Japan is one step ahead and has found a way to make the anti-aging process easy breezy.

HyC allows you to stay youthful and energetic with just one drink. You can add this to your coffee, tea, and even water. It is currently touted as the closest thing to a fountain of youth and if you take one look at their president, you will actually believe it. He looks 28 but is in fact already 42 years old. Amazing!

I personally don't see the need to take these but I believe that if women want to look their age, this is the most afforable way to go about it. What's even better is that it is non invasive and you can just add this to your drinks.

Premium HyC 150 is available in all Watsons Stores Nationwide.

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

Finally had the chance to eat here and the best part is, I got to eat with some of the bloggers from my blogger group. After our event yesterday, I asked if they were okay to have dinner but we would need to go Dutch. When everyone agreed, we trooped to Ikkoryu and though I had a few bites at the event, I decided to get the Ikkoryu Tonkatsu Original.

I loved that their placemats had instructions so that everyone who dines would know the proper way to go about their ramen.

My Ikkoryu Tonkatsu Original looked really appetizing which is a big plus for me. Some ramen just look like things were thrown together without thought which is sad because how a plate is presented also matters.

The only thing that kind of put me off was the ladle. Do you see how big it is? It was an experience drinking soup from a ladle hahaha. I normally do this when I am tasting the food being cooked but not during the actual meal.

My friend found the soup a bit salty but for me, it was just right. The meat was very tender and simply fell apart which goes to show how long it took to cook. The mushroom bits complemented the taste and everything was just right. I finished the entire bowl by myself actually which tells you that I am either really hungry which I wasn't or that it was just really good.

I am just happy that the hype about the place was right. This is now my 3rd favorite Ramen place.

Chowking's Happy Pao

I recently saw an ad showing a Panda Pao and a Pig Pao from Chowking. Being someone who loves pandas and pigs, my interest was definitely piqued. Sometime last week, I found myself at a Chowking store and so I took this as an opportunity to order myself some Happy Pao as they are fondly called.

Each Happy Pao costs Php39 and it comes in a single box. There are two designs, the panda and the pig. The panda pao is filled with chocolate and the pig pao is bola bola siopao.

My son and little sister both loved the Pandao Pao while I prefer the pink pig pao. I guess its a young vs adult thing. As far as I know, this is just for a limited time so grab one until supplies last.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

269/365 photoblog: TeenWeekPH

Hanged out with my group earlier at TeenWeekPH. :) It was a great event. I'm glad they had fun.

RTL CBS brings you Scorpion

Ever wanted to solve the problems of the world but couldn't figure out how to do it? Ever wanted to guess how the heroes in TV shows or movies actually solve the problem and go through the steps? Scorpion takes you exactly through the nitty gritty of things and shows you how a bunch of misfits can actually save the world.

Most of us think that misfits are people who just don't blend in but sometimes, they don't blend in because their minds ran faster than normal people do. They are misfits because they have their own special place in the world and with this series, Scorpion aims to show you that sometimes, different is good.

"Inspired by a true story, SCORPION is an exhilarating adrenaline rush that follows an eccentric genius and his network of nerdy prodigies. They operate as a think tank formed by Homeland Security solving the most dire and mind-boggling national threats. 

RTL CBS Entertainment HD offers other shows such as THE MILLERS,THE X FACTOR UK ELEMENTARY, and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST available on SKYcable channels 53 (SD) and 196 (HD), on Destiny channel 53, Cablelink channel 224, and other provincial operators nationwide. Like on Facebook (RTLCBSEntertainment) and follow on Twitter (@RTLCBSEntertain)"

Urban Food Collective hits the South!

The South has always been a venue that a lot of business owners seem to forget about. I don't know if its because we are too far or they think we have our own little world but I am happy to announce that THE URBAN FOOD COLLECTIVE will be hitting the South starting October to December 2014.

Entrance is FREE so you have more moolah to spend on the products and whats good about this is that they will be selling ORGANIC and ALL NATURAL products which is a big plus for Moms like me.

They even sent over a sample. Eeeekkkk! 

My son loved the cookie. He ended up eating almost everything except for two pieces which he gave to me. Hahaha. Upon biting into it, I understood why he liked it. It was chewy and it tasted really good.

From the press kit:

The Urban Food Collective Weekend Market is a carefully curated collection of purveyors. Located in CommerCenter, Alabang’s newest lifestyle mall, it is a place where people can comfortably gather, browse, and shop. It will be a venue for patrons to find a bevy of treasures from gourmet, specialty foods to local, artisanal arts and crafts. The Weekend Market’s activities and pocket events will give them the opportunity to learn new things or simply engage with the community.

For purveyors, it will be an opportunity to showcase their goods to a truly discerning crowd, while providing them with a gateway to other business opportunities with The Urban Food Collective.  Also recognizing its responsibility to society, The Urban Food Collective will donate a portion of the proceeds from the Weekend Market to the Taguyod Bayan foundation, helping rebuild communities affected by typhoon Haiyan in Sara Iloilo.

See you at the market! Where you can find good food, good things, and goodwill.

Follow The Urban Food Collective on Facebook - tufcph and @tufcph on Twitter and Instagram.

Jaguar F-Type Coupe

I was invited to an intimate gathering of friends for Jaguar where they unveiled the newest model, the Jaguar F-Type Coupe. It is a sleek, impressive, and very intimidating 2 door Jaguar that hugs your body when you sit on it.

Georgina Wilson, who is also the ambassador for Jaguar rode the car into the showroom amidst roars of the machine meant to show everyone how strong the engine is. Mind you, it was very powerful. I may not know much about cars but I do know that this one will sell like hotcakes. \

My take on this and this is purely from a woman's pov who doesn't really know much about cars is that this one has a manly face. It's so strong and so in your face. It's the kind of car that even when you are not familiar with cars, you'd turn your head and get a second look because its just so gorgeous.

The wheels are also very sleek and the headlights, it reminds me of Knight Rider.

The back is quite small but then again, it can only contain 2 passengers so I guess the back is just right for a few small bags.

This is the interior. Its classy and does not have a lot of thingamajig. I like that it looks clean and elegant. The red stitching on the leather seats was also something that I noticed.

I find this very cute. The door handle had the Jaguar name on it. :)

For those interested, you may visit the Jaguar Lifestyle Center located near St Lukes Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City. Price upon request.