Saturday, August 2, 2014

Australian Oranges: Sweet Safe and Healthy

As a Mom, I have racked my brains when it comes to coming up with healthy options for my son. I have brought him bread, muffins, orange juice, and the likes because I think its healthier. Thankfully, I was invited to the Australian Ambassador's Residence for the launch of the Australian Oranges into Philippine market. 

Now I have to admit that I'm not a fan of oranges but after talking to the owners of Citrus Orange, I have come to realize that there are actually a lot of benefits to drinking and eating oranges.

Eating oranges helps with your dietary fibre. As we all know, when we have fibre, it helps aid with your digestive system and when you have a healthy digestive system, you will be able to remove toxins regularly. This can help with losing weight.

You also get your daily dosage of Vitamin C. As for your heart, it definitely aids in taking care of your heart.

Thankfully, Mr. Andrew Harty and Mr. David Daniels of Citrus Australia are bringing these sweet, safe, and healthy oranges all the way from the land down under. These oranges are a great source of super nutrients. Best thing is that its also a great anti-ageing material. It's also a good buffer for the immune system.

Another person we can thank for the influx of these Australian Oranges is Mr. Anthony Weymouth, Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner. He has been working very hard to get the trade between Australia and the Philippines well balanced.

Mr Daniels discussed the food safety reputation of Australian oranges. “Every batch of oranges is tracked from the farm to the packing house, and then on the ship during its voyage to the Philippines.  In this way, every box of Australian oranges purchased can be traced back to the farm they were grown.  Also, Australian packing houses send samples of oranges to laboratories for testing to ensure food safety.”

“We note that there is a strong demand from Filipino consumers for fresh, tasty ingredients that is safe and healthy, and this is helping drive demand for fresh Australian citrus products” Austrade’s Senior Trade Commissioner Anthony Weymouth explained.  “Filipinos are also looking for great value.   The ASEAN Australia New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA) enables most temperate fruits from Australia such as oranges, to enter the Philippines tariff-free (0%), so Filipino consumers can enjoy affordable, fresh products without comprising food safety,” he added.

“Australian Oranges - Now in Season” includes a month-long retail promotion by Citrus Australia and the Australian Embassy covering key groceries and supermarkets in Metro Manila. It runs from August through September in major supermarkets and grocery stores in Metro Manila. Shoppers and their families can enjoy the sweet, safe and healthy freshness of Australian oranges through sampling activities every weekend in Metro Manila branches of Robinson’s Supermarket, Rustan’s Fresh, Rustan’s Supermarket and Shopwise. 

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