Saturday, August 23, 2014

geeky glasses aren't so geeky anymore ...

I recently talked to a friend of mine who has been having a lot of headaches. It turned out that it was actually his eyes and he needed to wear glasses. He refuses though because he has a big face. This is what got me into asking, "why do people dislike wearing glasses?"

Personally, I have been wearing one since I was in 5th grade. I liked reading, cross stitching, and writing even in the dark so my eyes suffered. In college, I was made to wear contact lenses but I never did take to it too well. Eventually, I went back to wearing eye glasses and I have never been happier.

December last year I changed my glasses to the one I have truly wanted and I am just so happy with it. I think I look much better with my glasses than without.

Maybe its just me but in my opinion, I think that its better to look "geeky" as some would say than to sufffer endless migraines or headaches. I think you're more of an idiot for suffering it when you don't need to.

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