Monday, February 27, 2006

Brent Standing Up with Support

Finally, my baby can now stand up and all the support he needs is just by holding on to our hands ... aside from that ... it's all him ... and he's attempting to take steps as well ... so cutie!!!! =)

Here's a picture ...

Such a proud Mommy ...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Doorknob Accessories

I found something on the net and it's really cute ... another thing I can add to my to-do list ... wonder when I will be able to finish even one? So hard to be a working mom ... for those who do have the time ... enjoy ...

Door Knob Accessories
  • Wooden door hanger or two pieces of chipboard and the template available here.
  • Mod Podge or other decoupage medium
  • Patterned paper
  • Scrapbooking embellishments
  • Acrylic paint
  • Sand paper
  • Corner rounder
  • Diamond Glaze or other strong adhesive
Pre-made Wooden Door Hanger:
  • You can purchase a pre-made wooden door hanger at most large craft stores.
  • Remove all stickers from the door hanger and lightly sand the surfaces.
Chipboard Door Hanger:
  • Download and print the template from the link above.
  • Cut the template out, including the center circle.
  • Trace the shape onto two pieces of chipboard and cut out.
  • Glue the two pieces of chipboard together, and allow to dry thoroughly.
  1. Paint a base coat color on the hanger, paying close attention to all edges. Allow to dry.

  2. Measure the width and length of your door hanger, and subtract a 1/4 of an inch from each measurement. Using those measurements, cut two of the template from patterned paper, to cover the front and back. Be sure to cut out the hole on each piece, as well.

  3. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge and adhere the paper to the hanger. Allow to dry completely.
  4. As each layer dries, add an additional layer of paper, as desired, using a thin coat of Mod Podge, and allow to dry.

  5. Once all paper layers are dry, embellish with stickers and rub-ons as desired.

  6. Seal the entire project with two thin coats of Mod Podge. Allow the first coat to dry before adding the second. Allow to dry before continuing.

  7. Add ribbons, fibers and three-dimensional embellishments with Diamond Glaze.

  8. Allow entire project to dry overnight before hanging on your doorknob.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

craft mess

For today, here's what I have. I've taken pictures of my scrapbooking stuff and I realized that it's messed up. I need to organize everything.

Sheesh. And I thought I was organized. LoL!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Kikay Kit

For today, here's my show and tell ... looking at the pictures, you'd be able to surmise that I am so into accessories. It's only now that I have a baby that I am able to stop myself from buying everything on sight. =p

Monday, February 20, 2006

scrap stuff

And so, the weekend has gone by and what have I set for myself to accomplish?

- a puzzle magnet
- a marble magnet
- start Brent's scrapbook
- finish my scrapbook

And what have I finished? Nothing ... well, does buying the scrapbook for Brent and it still being in the plastic count as something? =p

But I was able to get images fo my scrapbook and here are some samples. To see more, click here.


Eeekkkk!!!! One of our bosses here at work just got back fromt he states and brought me 4 magnets ... 1 from Kentucky, 1 from California, 1 from Hollywood, and 1 from Florida!

Eeekkkk!!!! I am so happy ... I'll post pictures tomorrow. =)

*huge grin on my face*

** update: Here's the picture. =p

B at 7 months

This is Brent at 7 months. Still a happy baby though he squels now which is cute at first but tends to numb your ears coz his voice is so LOUD.


He's still a cuddly mini bear and is the sweetest angel. Loves to kiss people and is starting to do the whole close-open thing with his palm.

God ... I love this baby.

To see more of my baby at 7 months ...

Friday, February 17, 2006

scrap stuff # 2

This is my very first venture into scrapbook and it was all about me. Funny though coz I read somewhere that most people who do scrapbooks don't do one for themselves. I, on the other hand, made it all about me; my family, friends, and what have you.

Here are a few samples and for further pictures, go here.

^ This one above is the cover of my scrapbook and as you can see, I was very vain. Still am. LoL!

This is one of the pages inside the scrapbook. This model thing was given to me by a cowork shopper when I dabbled into theater plays. Name was Michael but I don't know where he is now. But, thanks and I really loved it.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine's Gifts

I found these wonderful heartshaped stuff at our local book sotre and embellished it with a few things. Here's what it turned out to be. Gave the MAMA one to my mother in law and the flowery one wiht a bear to my sister in law. =)

And below is a picture of my of my dinner last night when my husband took me out for a date. Yummy food. You guys should try it for those who know of Chef D'Angelo. Good price, great recipe. Yum yum! =)

It's called seafood medley pasta and boy was it really good! Here's the recipe for those who want to try it out.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Marble Magnets

So I now have a new project lined up amongst all the others that I shall be making ... too many things to do and so lil time ...

This is from not martha.

How to ...

Gathering the stuff - silicon glue, cut out pictures, magnets, and marbles. I put paper down so I wouldn't ruin my cheap Ikea coffee table. Ok, at this point I have to admit my initial failing. I, of course, didn't check to see what type of glue would be best before I went to the store so I got Crafter's Goop first. I'm sure it works really really well, but man does it smell strongly! It's been three days since my first try and it's still at the stage where you sniff it once, but not again because you know it can't be good for your lungs. I went back, and on advice from the Paper Candy instructions, found silicon glue. It doesn't have a strong odor and seems to just work just right.

note: I forgot a step. A few people suggest gluing down a white round of cardstock first (junk mail comes in great here) as the glue can seep through your picture and show the dark magnet underneath if you don't. It didn't seem to affect my magnets, I used magazine pictures which are fairly flimsy, however I will have to test it to see if my whites could be whiter.

I used a toothpick to spread a thin layer of the glue on the magnet, and put the picture down over that. I had a few seconds to slide the picture into place if needed. I used a toothpick because really strong glue in squeezey metal containers hates me and gloops everywhere. I squeezed a tiny amount of the silicon glue onto some paper and used the toothpick from there. No traumatic events occurred and I don't need to go back to Ikea to replace the table.

Using the toothpick again, I dabbed a bit of glue, about the size of a lentil, onto the middle of the picture.

Lower the marble straight down onto the glue.

And press down in the center. You can see the glue spreading out to the corners making a nice seamless, hopefully bubble less, magnet. Any of those ripples on the bottom of the marble will magically disappear. This whole thing is very satisfying.

Hope I will be able to make some for myself and for friends. =p

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

1999 Calendar

My mother in law gave this to me and I must say, this is so beautiful. I can imagine it when its framed, it will definitely be a classic.

Sigh ...

cross stitch projects

I've learned to cross stitch because of my Mom. She gave me a kit as a birthday gift and I had to learn it so that her gift will not go to waste. I am now forever grateful to her for this talent I have discovered.

Here are some of the stuff I've finished over the years (mind you, I started stitching in 1995) ..

This, I believe was the first big one I finished. It was all because of the blue eyes. Gotta love eyes like that even in a cat ... its a siamese cat bdw.

It wasn't so hard to finsih as well except for the face part which made me swear a lot. =p

And because of this, I promised myself that one day, I will have a cat just like this.

This one was quite easy to make .. .took me a week if I remember it correctly. Made this for my twin brothers. It's still hanging in their room up to now eventhough they are no longer kids and are actually capable of making one of their own (God forbid!)

This one, the Madonna and Child was made for my Mom. She's turned into another religion now but she still keeps it which makes me very happy.

an angel for an angel

I made this one for 1 month and a half every single day. I swear. I was pregnant and bored out of my wits since hubby was off to work and I was stuck at home.

This is for my baby and it hangs in our room as a constant reminder of the wonderful blessing that we have received from up above.

Our own cherub, our son.

Monday, February 13, 2006

B with Maternal Grandparents

So, we spent the day wiht MY family and it was so nice. Good food, continuous conversation ... lovely day .... =p Am. So. Happy.

My Dad held Brent for the first time and it made me feel so happy. B was so behaved (thank God!) and just kept pplaying and making wailing sounds. They just loved him to bits and pieces.

I'm just so grateful for these moments coz there was a time I thought it would never happen.

Thank you God, for another chance.

Friday, February 10, 2006

framed heart

Awww .. .the stuff I see on the net ... makes me just wanna stay at home for a week and do nothing but crafts ... like this one which I saw in whip up.

I'm thinking of copying the way the smaller frame is slanted but adding other stuff into it ... like lil colorful buttons for baby frames ... lil hearts for lovers frame ... flower stuff for girls .. .and caps for boys.

What ya think? Good idea?

list of ideas

Okay .. .before everything goes to oblivion (I have short memory) I need to list everything that I've seen so far from blogs and sites that I visit that I know I will one day do as well ...

1) chime made of teacups
2) capiz shells as wall decor
3) card with a stiletto in front and some beads with the person's name
4) an inspiration wall
5) a mini shelf thing for my sister with lil trinkets in it to serve as a wall decor .. .but it will most likely have really girly stuff since my sister is into that ... (note to self: must go to flea markets and garage sale for unique stuff)
6) a card stand like the one posted below ... so dang pretty ...

7) a table like this but with different stuff in it instead of marbles ... I'm sure it would be so cool and can even be an icebreaker for converstaions

Magnet Mania

Finally, I found something which I haven't found in the craftblog I've been visiting. And this ties up with one of my collections; magnets.

So for those people who want to make a personalized gift for someone but can only handle cutting and gluing stuff together, this one's for you. Credit for the instruction goes to Jane Swanson.

Magnet making:

Obtain a puzzle. This can be as simple as rummaging through your child’s toy closet or buying one at a discount store. Puzzles can vary from sturdy six-piece preschool puzzles to larger floor puzzles. Cardboard or wooden puzzles can be used, but the thick wooden puzzles seem to be most popular as they provide a sturdier base for painting and stamping techniques.

Choose a theme. Themes can range from Baby Pink/Blue, Classic TV, The Letter J, Paris/France, Vintage Victorian, Nautical or whatever topic interests you. Write the theme on the back of each puzzle piece as well as a directional arrow showing the position of the piece in the overall puzzle. Each puzzler/player may have many different puzzle pieces arriving to be altered and it is helpful to have the basic information on the back of each piece explaining the theme and how that piece should face in the final composition.
Alter the puzzle piece. These mini canvases are open to the imagination. Paints or colorful patterned paper, 3D elements such as charms or buttons, or stamps and ink can be used to create an artistic masterpiece.
Assemble the final puzzle. Once the piece is altered it is sent back to the original owner who then has a completed altered puzzle that mysteriously harmonizes with these individual components.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

lots and lots of ideas

So much stuff I see on the net ... thanks to angry chicken who doesn't even know I'm alive ... I sure wish I was near them so they'd send me stuff as well via post and I can send them stuff as well ... they have the cutest things on their blog ... really .... her friends and the blogs she follows are so cool ... I've made it a point to visit them when I can ...

So here are some stuff that I want to have ... *any carpenters out there who wanna make this for a few measly pesos?*

See the bag holder on the side? The left side? Yep, I want one of those ... sigh ... so many things that I want ... wish I could make it myself but I'd most likely bang my thumb into pieces if I try to do it.

And I love the shelves here ... reminds me of my bookshelf but I'm thinking of putting in papers and stickers and trinket stuff in them shelves ... for my scrapbooks and cross stitch patterns.

Someone send me some nice patterns ... please ... I beg you ...

Erm, these pictures are from Posie bdw.

Don't you just love the box? The shelves? It's so cute ... either she actually layed out those things for the photo shoot or she's one heck of a designer ... still, I'm in love.

to have list ....

Okay .... its now official ..I will be adding and checking off stuff in this entry soon as I actually get me one 'em ...

I'm sure I'll be adding some more stuff in this entry soon as I am able to take a peek at other crafsters site =) The inspirational wall and the pic of the magazine boxes were all lifted from Bird in the Hand. Thanks much. =p

Also, here are some more stuff that I've seen that I so wanna copy .. this scrapbook cabinet I saw in cotton strudel's site. Love it so much my heart literally ached.

The sewing corner is to die for ... my mother in law would faint (hhmm ... I should get her this for Mother's Day.) I just love the details and the way its all propped up ...

My mother, Mommy Lou

It's official. My mom has gone off the deep end. First thing I read upon waking up was a text message from her asking if my hubby and I have any issues with her. I was like, WTF? LoL!

I feel bad though coz I know I've been neglecting our relationship as mother and daughter and I ahven't been bringing Brent over for a month now. We've just been so busy but I promise to make it up to her.

She's a great mom you see. Of course we've had our shares of ups and downs but she's been tehre for me even when I don't deserve her help or support. I jus thope that I will be able to do the same for my kid when he grows up and does somethign that will turn my head 360 degrees .... =p

Here's a pic of the phenomenal woman I am talking about, my mother (here with my biggest blessing, Brent).

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

B's 1st Party

It's over. After preparing for a week, it's finally over and done with. Thank God it seemed a huge success. Food was overflowing and drinks were everywhere. Gifts were really cute and fabulous.

Above are some pics for you guys to feast your eyes on ... that's his loot bags, gifts, barong tagalog, and souvenirs that were given away. =)


I was reading thimble's blog and she posted something that I thought would be fun to do. So anyone reading this, you feel like doing it as well ... go ahead. You've been tagged. If you don't wanna know anything more about me coz you're info overloaded already ... skip! =p

Four Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life
1) modelling
2) events organizer
3) call center agent
4) team leader for an internet research company

Four Places You Have Lived
1) Manila
2) Cebu
3) Baguio
4) erm ... that's it =)

Four Albums You Can’t Hear Too Often
1) BEP
2) Linkin Park
3) Instrumental Love Songs
4) Soundtrack of 50 First Dates

Four Favorite Books
1) Remembrance
2) Knight in Shining Armor
3) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
4) Perfect

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over (it's so obvious I love to dance)
1) Dirty Dancing
2) Bring It On
3) Miss Congeniality
4) Centerstage

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch
1) Charmed
2) Dawsons Creek
3) Desperate Housewives

Four Places You Have Been On Vacation
1) Cebu
2) Batangas
3) Baguio
4) Bicol

Four Websites You Visit Daily
1) Pinoy Rickey
2) Pinoy Exchange
3) Starstruck TV
4) Post Secret

Four Of Your Favorite Foods
1) Chocolate
2) Pasta
3) Chicken
4) Shrimp

Four Places You Would Rather be Right Now
1) London
2) Disneyland
3) Hawaii
4) California

So there it is. =)