Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pink Wasabi

The first time I heard about Pink Wasabi was in a magazine. I thought to myself, "how cute!" Several weeks passed and then I saw it in an IG post and said to myself, I will soon have that. Months passed and it became a distant memory until a couple of weeks ago when I was lucky enough to actually meet the owner and the chef behind the famous Pink Wasabi when I was doing a food review at a restaurant here in the South.

I was hoping to buy from them at that time but they didn't have any extra and so I asked if they could deliver to UNTV on a Monday since they are from Novaliches. Much to my surprise, the owner told me he would give me a sample instead.


When I looked at their flyer, I saw they also had Durian cheesecake. I inquired about it and he said he will include it in the sample OMG! I felt so happy.

Finally, the day arrived.

Pink Wasabi is just pure awesome. Aside from taking in my order of their cream puff, they also added two more cakes in the box.

The Reggiano Chocolate Cake tasted strongly of tablea or tsokolate. I liked that it was very pure and very strong. If it was a person, it would be a really masculine guy standing up on its own two feet. You can pair this with white coffee or white chocolate to balance things out. I'd recommend it as merienda rather than dessert because its too heavy unless you just had a light lunch.

The Mangosteen Sansrival on another hand was very delicate and sweet. It was the complete opposite of the Reggiano and it would be a dainty ballerina if it was a person. I loved the details and the hints of mangosteen which is barely there but enough to make you go, "there's something different about this."

Now the kashimaki is the most pleasing to the eyes. It was so visually stimulating that I almost did not eat it but I had to. Yes, someone had to make the sacrifice and I volunteered.

I loved the chocolate wrapping of the kashimaki but I found some of the filling a little dry. Thankfully, the chocolate ganache made up for it.

Now, the durian cheesecake on the other hand was pure awesomeness. Of course I could very well be biased but this was just too good. The aroma was there, the durian taste definitely not lacking, and the overall experience of biting into it and chewing the cheesecake = HEAVEN.

As for these cream puffs, I liked everything except the green one which was the macha. It just didn't taste right for me.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend Pink Wasabi to friends. It would make for a good snack or dessert and it would definitely be great as a gift.

Thank you to the owners of Pink Wasabi for spoiling me. I had fun trying things out and I can honestly say the calories were definitely worth it.

Pink Wasabi 

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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION. 

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  1. Yes agree on the dilemma of not wanting to eat food for the sake of preserving its beauty. Wow, durian cheesecake looks yummy, hope to try someday. Thanks for sharing!


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