Friday, December 31, 2010

Fil-Chi mini EB

Last week, I met with a couple of Fil-Chi Pexers at the Fort. We ended up at Sonja's Cupcake where we spent the night talking about people we know in common, interests, and school (3 of us came from the same alma mater.)

As with any event that leads me back to the Fil-Chi community, it felt like going back home. It's just really different since you all came from the same background and were raised the same way.

It was a great night and I look forward to many more. =)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

South Year Ender EB 2010

I met with some of the movers and shakers of the South thread last night at Gilligans in ATC. As expected, it was a very fun dinner and there were lots of conversation going around. I really loved the group dynamics. Here are some photos of the people who went ...

And here is what we had ...

We also had sisig which I really liked. What made it extra special was that one of our kiddos was really nice and gave me his baller ID which I was eyeing. Sweet!

It was fun and it was with friends. What more could I ask for?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I arrived at the mall where we were supposed to meet way ahead of time. I actually did it intentionally because I wanted to have some me time. I needed to compose myself and be in control. Previous day rattled my calm state and I did not like it. I felt like I was a puppet being strung along by him and the feeling left a sour taste on my mouth.

So there I was and he sends a text message ... "sorry I'm running late." I replied and told him that I had an inkling he would be and that it was okay. It was, okay. I informed him that he most likely knows where I was and he guessed correctly. After, I told him that there were 3 branches of the same merchant and that since he was late, we'll play a game of hide and seek. I figured, if he was as smart as he presented himself to be, he should be able to find me asap.

I proceeded to text him "happy hunting Sebastian" and he replies " cruel intentions?" I say I was charmed and he replies "the witches?" It was charming indeed.

When he got to where I was, he sits beside me and starts talking. We talked for 5.5 hours. The original plan was to leave by 4pm but 6 pm came and went and we were still there. It was only the thought of my 4am shift that stopped me from staying even longer.

The second date with Kit clarified a few things but raised even more questions than there originally was. Now, as to whether or not those questions floating in my mind would ever be answered will be another blog entry.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

and there was once a guy named JT

I met JT back in November of this year. It was through a dinner hosted by a guy I dated way back (lets call him GM.) The funny thing about this entire dinner was that it was supposed to have been a dinner date with GM that evolved into a group dinner because of circumstances. And so as fate would have it, I met JT.

JT and I did not hit it off that night. I didn't even like him physically. He was too lean and he had long hair. I like my men clean cut and a bit on the chubby side. Jt was neither but what did pique my interest was that he had insights on things. He had an opinion and when he talked, he talked not just with his mouth ... he talked with his eyes and hands. He moves a lot and ends up engaging you in the conversation. Still, I did not think anything of it until it was time to bid our good night.

We were at the parking lot of the place and everyone was saying their goodbyes. It was a great dinner and everyone was in good spirits. When it was his turn to tell us goodbye, he went near me and kissed me on the cheeks much to my surprise. However, he did not kiss the othe ladies in the group.

It made me go "hmmm" inside my head. Interesting.

I texted him that night. I was able to get his number from the calling card he gave away. In all honesty, I wanted to see if he was interested in me. I did text the others just in case. I didn't want to look THAT obvious. LOL. He doesn't know this though.

The next day, we started exchanging text messages. I found him funny, intriguing, and very interesting. He was smart, sassy, and witty. He was also persistent.

He asked me if we could hang out and have coffee. I told him I couldn't. He suggested the next day and the day after. I finally agreed. I was thinking to myself that if he could keep coming up with more days and options, then he must be really interested. Or he was that bored. LOL.

We had coffee ... and we talked. It was a conversation, not a monologue. It was enchanting. He took me home after and we agreed to have dinner the next week. It seemed that things were working pretty well for us. He would text or I would and we'd just exchange ideas. If I see something that I think he would like, I'd text him or post on his wall and he would do the same to me. What I like best about him is that if he was busy, he would tell me that he'd catch me at a later time. He lets me know. I appreciated that so much.

2nd week - We had dinner at Resorts World. It was a first for both of us to go there and it was different. I've never been on a date where we toured the entire casino. It was just really nice. What made it interesting was that the night ended with dim lights, wine, and really good conversation. I can say that for this date, I was wined and dined.

3rd week and we decided to just hang out which is exactly what we did. I intoduced him to the film "Death Note" and I'd like to think he was interested in it though a month has passed and he still hasn't finished it.

4th week and it saw us dancing and singing to the tune of RENT. We watched it at Rockwell. In reality, I think I asked him out this time but ever the gentleman, he picked me up, paid for the tickets, and took me home. We both enjoyed the play so much that weeks later, we find ourselves discussing the performances and we even made plans to watch it again in 2011.

The last and 5th week of JT in my life (for now it would seem) happened at Starbucks LP. We met up because I ordered some chocolates from him. By this time, he's become too busy that we rarely text. I thought he was no longer interested in me. (I'm like that. You don't text, I'd start weeding you away in my life or putting you in the friend basket.) So we met and it was just endearing because it was like old times. We hanged out and he was trying to get a comfortable position on the couch and ended up leaning beside me.

He took me home and I ended up in the backseat (not because of that you perv) but because his laundry basket was in front. I kept teasing him and calling him driver. We parted with the agreement that he'd still be a constant date. Unfortunately, my knight in shining armor was injured even before the event needing him to use his shield happened. And so, here is where the story of JT ends, or takes a pause.

Monday, December 27, 2010

munimuni # 53

I am a wee bit late posting my reflections for last week but I think that you'll forgive me, it being the Christmas season and all. So, here goes.

I made a few leaps at work last week because for the first time, I got into a spat with a coworker. It was enough to make my blood boil but eventually I realized that I could be the bigger person and to just let it slide which I did. Yey me!

I also got my groove back in the sense that I am able to focus more on work and just ride the waves even when I have customers who's IQ may not be so stellar. I manage to put my self in their shoes and understand where they are coming from. Oh, and I am selling again.

Last week was also a bit more calm in the homefront and my son (save for yesterday where he decided to bring out fangs, wings, horns, claws, and tail) was an angel. We had a great Christmas eve celebration and lazy days the entire weekend. It was bliss. I have forgotten how it felt to just lie in bed and do nothing. It's been a while since I've been on the go for the past few months and would just lie in bed when I am about to sleep.

I've also met a few characters and one of them seems to stand out. Whether or not it will be a bad standing out or a good one is to be left to fate. As the person said in one telephone conversation, he wonders if he will just be another blog entry/story or something more. I say, C'est La Vie. Carpe Diem. Que Sera Sera. LOL.

Overall, it was a pretty good week. I got to try new restaurants and loved their food. I got to spend time with my family and I got to chill. Now, THAT, is what life is about.

Nestle Philippines TV Commercial: Nescafe Classic "Bangon"

Para kanino ka bumabangon?

Para sa anak. Para sa kaibagan. O sa di mo kakilala.Para sa bata. O sa isip bata. Para sa marami. Para sa sarili.

Pag may Nescafe Classic na puro at tunay, sumasarap ang umaga. Para di ka lang basta gumigising, bumabangon ka ng may dahilan. Dahil pag tinulungan mong bumangon ang isang tao, parang buong bayan na rin ang bumabangon.

This is one TV commercial I so love. It asks you about who you get up in the morning for? Is it yourself, your kids, friends, family or work. I think whoever created this was a genius. It touches the heart. It really does.

So I ask, who do you wake up for?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

hindi ako laruan

huwag mo ako himasin
huwag mo ako tingnan
huwag mo ko naisin
hindi ako laruan

huwag mo ko pangakuan
kung sisirain mo lamang ito
huwag mo ko paniwalain
hindi ako laruan

huwag mo ako pitasin
hindi ako bulaklak
baka malanta ako
hindi ako laruan

huwag mo ko paasahin
baka hindi ko kayanin
huwag mo ako saktan
hindi ako laruan

huwag mo ko linlangin
may masasaktang damdamin
huwag mo ko pagtawanan
hindi ako laruan.

* Apologies to my global readers. It was a random thought that passed by in my native tongue.

to you my son

Why do you act like that? Did I not raise you right? Do I not do my best? Do I not give you enough love? Why does it seem so hard for you to follow what I tell you? I'd never want anything bad for you. Why is it so hard?

I feel like I lack so much when it comes to you. I do my best to work hard to provide what you need ... to give you a good future ... to give you what you need in life.

I'm sorry that you do not have a father to look up to. It's just me ... its just MOMMY. And Mommy is really trying hard but I also need you to help me out. Sometimes, I am just lost as to what I need to do for you. Please tell me ...

My heart is breaking but I can't let you see that. I need to be firm. I need to discipline you. I need to be MOMMY and DADDY. I need to.

God, please help me. PLEASE. I need to be what my son needs me to be.

I will not ...

I never thought it was possible ...
one glance
one blink
one smile
I was hooked.

no one will hurt you
no one will lay hands on you
I will protect you
I will be there.

I can't
I mustn't
You need to learn to
stand after you fall
laugh after you cry
move on after a heartbreak

I need to teach you these
I cannot protect you
I will not be here forever

I want to be
I can't

and so you need to
stand after you fall
laugh after you care
move on after a heartbreak

You must my son ...
You must ...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kit to my Kat

Some people call me Kat. His friends call him Kit. Together, we'd be KitKat ... like the chocolate bar. Always together, even on breaks. NOT. Haha.

Kit is a new found friend. Very new, barely a week old. In the short span of time, he has become the Kit to my Kat, the Edward to my Bella and someone most likely to steal my "ha kao" and fried chicken should we eat together. Yep ... two peas in a pod it would seem.

We went out once. When he said to me he had a beaten up old car, I didn't really believed him. I have had my fair share of guys who say they have an old car then comes in with a Camry. Trust me, it does not impress. When he picked me up, I saw that yes, it was a beaten up old car BUT it was also charming. I don't know why. The sheer simplicity of the car, without the accessories that guys are so fond of and his love for this old car reminds me of Archie and his red wagon in the comic series Archie. It was simply, charming.

The car windows were down since AC was broken and this would have gotten to me but it didn't. Maybe because it was windy and chilly or maybe because we just kept talking the whole time. I love it. Seriously. I just have too many thoughts in my head and this guy could race at the same speed my thoughts were running.

We have the same love for music and movies and it was refreshing to hear a guy say that he listens to old music and loves movies that have a mindfuck theme to it. It was refreshing. (I was thanking the Lord for the sudden abundance of smart guys coming my way at this point.)

We finally got around to eating at the Seafood restaurant and conversation still flowed. I found it amusing. He took photos of the place and was fiddling with his camera. It was a plus. The only thing that was a minus for me was that he would eat chicken with utensils. I don't know. IMO, chicken is best eaten with your fingers. It's called a finger food for a reason you know. LOL.

When we were inside the car, I had a scary moment which he was not aware of. He was driving and then he turned and took my hand. He pulled it near to his face. In my mind, I got scared. 3 different scenarios took place in my mind.

#1: He was going to kiss my hand and I'd freeze. Not good.
#2: He was going to use my hand to wipe some unseen snot or sweat on his face. Eeewww.
#3: He was going to look at my nails and find some dirt on it. Artists like me have a hard time maintaining clean nails you know. 

I was wrong on all accounts. Good thing. He just wanted to see how my nails were because he was thinking of going to a nail spa and giving me a treat there. Sweet idea. It would be sweeter if it became a reality though. LOL.

End of the day, we met some friends over at The Fort and had desserts. Overall, this is another positive date (unlike the others) and I look forward to blogging about many more. If not with him, with others. Only requirements I need ... brains that function, has breeding, and is a gentleman but not too much of a gentleman. LOL.

(PS. the title just sounded cute. LOL)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas 2010

From my family to you and your family ... Merry Christmas! May this and many more days be spent with love ones.

chocolate fire ...

Today, I had a quick lunch with a friend at Chocolate Fire in Valero, Makati. I've been seeing this place for quite some time now but has never been inside it. Boy, was I amazed at the inside of this cafe resto.

The picture above shows the front of the place.

This is what I had. I asked them what their best sellers are and I was informed that it was their pesto pasta, hot chocolate, and ... get ready for this, SPICY DARK CHOCOLATE.

The hot mocha was just an ordinary  hot chocolate which was a major downfall for me. I was expecting much more since their store is really about chocolates. It wasn't all that.

The pesto pasta delivered in the sense that it was good because it was pesto pasta. Another downfall. Maybe I am expecting too much?

Now this one ... the DARK SPICY CHOCOLATE BAR ... this one blew my mind. The chocolate bar melts in your mouth and takes over. It makes you feel comfortable, like you are in a safe place. It reminds you of home and lets you feel languid and lazy. Then boom! The mild spice hits you but it's not that bad a zing. It's a mild zap to awaken the senses but not spicy enough to make you grab a glass of water. It was GREAT!

I wouldn't go back to Chocolate Fire for their food but I would surely go back there for their chocolates. I want to try all of them ... I think it would make for a great blog entry as well as a really wonderful experience.

Thanks Earl for this really great opportunity.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I had the opportunity to try a new place located in Visayas Avenue the other day. The place was called F.I.S.H. which was short for Fiesta Island Seafood Hub. The place had a very nice ambiance to it, homey and comfortable. The interiors had a dark chocolate brown and creme motif which instantly relaxes you and they had high ceilings which allowed for the air to breathe freely.

I ordered baked scallops and my companion ordered chicken inasal.

The scallops in my opinion were really good and the pesto on top of it was just to die for. My companion seems to have enjoyed the chicken so I'd say its another of their must try. I wanna go back there and try the other food on their menu. It seems worth another try.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

so ... this is me ... in 5 lines ...

Angel in the eyes, Devil in Disguise.
Leave you hangin' - your thoughts all enticed
But she ain't easy - she wants lobsters and garlic - diced.
She's prim-and-proper to be with - all sweet and nice.
But in bed - I tell ya, a worth-it surprise.

Thanks! You know who you are.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

misadventures of a wannabe commuter

I've always admired women who wear dresses, high heels, are all made up, and they commute. I find it simply fascinating. How is it that they can still manage to look good and composed after having to run after a jeep, bus, or tryk? I can't do it. I just can't.

Last week, my daily commute at 230am started. I was scared to be honest but I made a decision to treat it as an adventure. Well, it was an adventure .. to be exact, it was a series of misadventures.

Day 1 saw me walking with my little swiss knife out in the open. My thoughts were ... if some insane person gets to me or comes near me ... that's it. He dies. I don't care if he was just going to ask me for time or whatever but he will die. Yes, its a bit morbid but you have to understand that I pass by two blocks of pure weeds. It's all green, grassy, weed. AT.230AM.

Day 2 and I was inside the jeep ... it was my fault actually. I was listening to my iPOD and concentrating so much on being Zen that I realized too late we were going the wrong way. Yep, I took the wrong jeep and he was skirting the side streets of one of the most dangerous places in the South. It was bound to happen. The girl sitting me beside me suddenly lets out a yelp and poof! Bag was gone. She cried, and I wanted to cry with her but I was too busy stopping myself from hyperventilating and not passing out, out of sheer fear.

Day 3 was smoother and I was thanking my guardian angels and devils for a lucky break. It seems that I was getting used to this whole commute thing. I get to the office and I smile at my coworker who proceeds to tell me, "mahangin ba sobra sa labas?" (is it really windy out there?") With that, the smile was gone. Sheesh.

Friday was party day for me. I knew I was going to get lost. It was in a place I wasn't familiar with and I had no one to go with me. Still, I wore my 4 inch heels coz I had that much confidence in my shoes. The shoes did not fail me, the walking did. Since I knew I was going to be lost, I did end up getting lost. I had to walk 30 minutes in the humid air to find the right place. It was a good thing my friend had an ice cold beer ready for me when I got there. Best thing about the day, I only tripped once. Yey me!

Saturday and I was on my way to the Fort. Good news is I got to the Fort easily and I didn't take a cab at all. Bad news, I had to walk 15 minutes in the wrong direction and 20 minutes going back to get to the right meeting place. Another good thing was that I ended up at Sofitel that night where I had me time. Bad news is that I had to shell Php600 since my "date" for the night didn't pay for the food I ordered. LOL.

So overall, it was still a fun adventure. I learned that I am stronger and braver than I thought. I learned a lot of things about myself. Best of all, because of this, I now have a switchblade knife with a curved end that serves as a lighter as well. If that ain't cool, I don't know what is.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Next to Normal

"This 'normal' they sell you, it's no special deal,
and no one should tell you the way you should feel or what's real.
We've wasted such time with this playing along,
when everything everyone ever told you is wrong."

Next to Normal is a rock musical with book and lyrics by Brian Yorkey and music by Tom Kitt.

Its story concerns a mother who struggles with worsening bipolar disorder and the effect that her illness has on her family. The musical also addresses such issues as grieving a loss, suicide, drug abuse, ethics in modern psychiatry, and suburban life.

The musical opened on Broadway in April 2009. It was nominated for eleven 2009 Tony Awards and won three, Best Original Score, Best Orchestration and Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical for Alice Ripley.

It also won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, becoming just the eighth musical in history to receive the honor. The previous musical to win the Pulitzer was Rent, in 1996, which was also directed by Michael Greif.

In awarding the prize to Kitt and Yorkey, the Pulitzer Board called the show "a powerful rock musical that grapples with mental illness in a suburban family and expands the scope of subject matter for musicals."

Catch NEXT TO NORMAL on March 19, 2011/ SAT/ 2PM @ RCBC
Contact Onay Sales (0918.536.2116)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

citymugs: mugger loot

These are my newest babies courtesy of the EB I had with fellow collectors. This makes me smile so much. I didn't think I'd be going home with so many but I did. I think I had the most mugs looted. LOL.

Eeekkk! That is all that I can say.