Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sining by Jobelle Medina

In this time of fashion where tassel earrings and hoop earrings are all the rage, Jobelle Medina decided to up the game. This is her version of the tassel earrings.


As you can see, it has more attitude than your ordinary tassel earrning and it definitely makes more of a statement which is what most fashionistas would like in their pieces. Jobelle understands this which is why she make it a point to ensure her pieces always stands out.

Jobelle Medina started creating her own line of accessories back during Multiply days. She was fascinated with beads even as a kid so it wasn't unusual that she came to create such beautiful pieces like the ones below.


Right now, she sells her accessories online via Sining by Jobelle Medina. If you are on the
lookout for a statement piece that won't be seen on everywhere else, buy a piece from her or you can also commission her to make you one.


Feel free to follow her on Instagram to stay updated on her most recent pieces and to be the first to snag her unique creations. Trust us when we tell you that it runs out real fast and even faster real soon because she will be the next big thing when it comes to statement earrings.

Hakata Ikkousha

It seems that the South has a new ramen place to boast about. Hakata Ikkousha has finally opened in the South and they have chosen the Riverside of Festival Mall as their location.

What I liked about Hakata Ikkousha is that the menu is so simple. I don't like it when places have too extensive a menu because it just ends up confusing me. I like it when I go to a restaurant and they have less than 20 items on the menu.

Hakata had less than 15 food items. It consisted mostly of different variations of ramen, gyoza, and chasu don. AWESOME.

B went with me to this one because he likes ramen.

I liked that they give you choices so that you can get the perfect bowl of ramen.

When our ramen bowls arrived, I was surprised because it was really full. There are some ramen bowls that come off big but this one was big and full to the brim.

My son loved his Shio Ramen so much that he finished it all in less than 20 minutes.

It was tasty, smelled like a proper ramen, and was not short on noodles, egg, and even shoyu. The gyoza we had was also very good.

They also had a ramen that contained 3 flavors: chili, black paste, and shoyu. It's pretty instagrammable too!

Hakata Ikkousha is located on the 2nd floor of the Riverside of Festival Mall. A few things to note as well:

1. Hakata Ikkousha will be available in Metrodeal starting June.
2. June 3 will be Hakata's 3rd month and they are having unlimited noodles on June 3. Yes, UNLIMITED NOODLE.

3. They also have a Father's Day promo where there will be an eat all you can contest for Dads on that day so grab your Dad and make sure to spend Father's Day at Hakata.


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Mango Tree Bistro's new menu

Mango Tree has always been one of my go to spots when I start craving for Thai food. They have one of the best Pad Thai in town and so when I was told that there was some new items on the menu, I made sure that I would be present to give it a try.

These deep fried prawns in tamarind sauce is topped with garlic, chilis, spring onions, and tamarind sauce. It felt a little dry to me though, a bit overcooked but the taste was spot on.

The prawns in pandan was another thing though. This one was really good. If you pair this with steamed rice and Thai Iced Tea, it is absolutely perfect.

The Thai Chicken skewers is a set of grilled marinated chunk of chicken skewed with cherry tomato, bell peppers, white onions and pineapple served with sweet vinegar sauce. This reminded me of the skewers that is best served by the beach after a long day swimming.

Now this one was personally served by the chef. It was actually quite a surprise because I thought that you would dip the rice crackers in the sauce but you apparently pour the savoury dip on top of the rice crackers. The dip is made of coconut milk, shrimp, and chicken. Yum-O!

The Mussaman Lamb Shank served with onion, potato, and peanuts served in mussaman curry was my personal favorite. This one I'd most likely finish with 4 cups of rice. I know that's bad but it was really, really good.

This sweet cassava is the perfect ending if you still aren't super full since this one is pretty heavy on the stomach as well.

Overall, I would say that the new dishes on the menu of Mango Tree Bistro are sure winners. Heck, I'm already imagining when I'm going back again.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell

With the many stressors there are in the world, it's no wonder that health and wellness spas are sprouting left and right. However, not all spas are created equal. Heaven by Deborah Mitchell is definitely a cut above the rest because it offers facial massage, body scrubs, and many more using organic stuff and using hands only.

Yes, you read that right. There are no machines involved at Heaven by Deborah Mitchell. They use treatments that contain bee venom and they rely on hand techniques to heal your skin problems via touch and massage.

When you book a facial spa at Heaven, you end up feeling like you're in heaven. I know this because I had the chance to try it myself. At first, I was wary. I'm not a fan of facials having grown up using mainly Eskinol on my face so I was hesitant.

The first thing that got my attention was the room. It was bigger than the normal room that I have seen in most derma clinics. This one felt more like a spa.

I also love that they have all their items on display. The fact that they are okay to show all their items added more confidence.

The few things that caught my attention are the following:

So here are the treatments that is involved in the facial treatment. It involves 11 creams. ELEVEN. 11.

What I loved about the entire treatment are the following:

1. The room uses dim lights.
2. They play music that is meant to calm the soul and the mind.
3. The smell of the cream is also very relaxing.
4. There is no noise coming from outside the room so it's really relaxing.
5. The staff doesn't talk unless you speak to them which is also a really good thing coz when you go to these kind of places, you just really wanna relax and not talk.
6. My skin had a tuktuk like glow after the treatment.

This is me after the treatment. I had absolutely no make up on and my skin was really glowing. It was amazing.

A note to those who will be availing though is to go there at 6pm so your session ends at 7pm because you can't wash off your face until the next day. That was one minor inconvenience for me coz I don't go to sleep without cleaning my face so it was really a struggle to not wash my face. However, it is important to follow this rule because it helps ensure that the bee venom in the treatment will be fully absorbed by your skin.

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell
L/G Shangri-la Mall East Wing

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Starbucks Father's Day Card 2018

Yep, we have the designs for the newest Father's Day card 2018 and it looks pretty awesome!

Create sweeter moments this summer with the tropical-inspired Toucan Mini Card or make dad feel special with the limited edition Father’s Day Card. Both available for an initial activation amount of P500.

Thankfully, it's only Php500 to get this card so card collectors won't feel the pain in their pockets so much. As for me, I just really love the Toucan mini card. So cute so start collecting on June 5.

The rest of the summer is set to be a cool one with Starbucks, so #GetTheFeels and embrace the season. Make sure to also get the newest drink which will be available for a limited time starting June 5.

Inspired by delicious and creamy pistachio ice cream, the Pistachio Bon Bon Cream Frappuccino® blends authentic ground pistachio nuts and is made more decadent with chocolate sauce. It is then topped with fluffy whipped cream and finished with chunky, crunchy pistachio and waffle pieces.

Starbucks also adds flair to the familiar milk tea flavor with Milk Tea Panna Cotta Cream Frappuccino®. Made with rich, aromatic black milk tea ground from premium tea leaves, it surprises with a generous layer of sweet and smooth, panna cotta pudding. The beverage is finished with whipped cream and a dusting of fine black tea powder. 

With the return of the Starbucks Cold Brew Retail Pack, those looking to spend their summer days in the comfort of their homes, can still enjoy a cup of refreshing coffee. Starbucks offers Cold Brew in easy-to-prepare retail packs, perfect for crafting your own batch at home. A custom blend of 70% Colombian and 30% African beans, the Starbucks Cold Brew Retail Pack offers a smooth and chocolate-y punch. With no heat required, the coffee is silkier and has a naturally sweeter taste.

Divatress Lace Front Wigs

This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

One of the things that I have always been wary of is my hair. I want to be adventurous and try new looks but I'm too conservative to do so. I want to sport a short pixie hair but feel like my face is too big so I'd end up looking like a big chunk of bread. I want to sport really long locks but don't have the patience to grow my hair out and worse, I always end up tying it in a bun coz I live in a country so hot it feels like we're in the middle of Mercury or the Sun.

This is where Divatress' Lace Front Wigs comes into play. Divatress is a leading beauty e-commerce company that offers thousands of wigs and hair care products. Clients range from professional stylists, beauticians, working mothers, students, etc which makes it absolutely perfect for someone like me.

I can now go for colored hair, really straight hair, curly hair, short hair, and what not in just a snap with these Divatress lace front wigs. Looking like a new person has never been this convenient and easy. I am in heaven!

If you're like me who grew up in a conservative household, you'd understand where I'm coming from. Heck, I can't even sport purple hair without my Mom flipping but with the Divatress lace front wigs, I'd look like I have natural hair that's shiny and exciting. Something I haven't been in quite a while.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Cheeseventions with Cheese Whiz

What can make an afternoon snack even more enjoyable with your child? Why, creating new inventions with your food of course! Cheez Whiz came up with a new campaign called the cheeseventions which helps Moms develop their kids creativity.

Cheeseventions allow kids to be creative not just through art but even with the food they eat while still maintaining respect for their food. A lot of kids tend to play with their food. The cheeseventions allows them to do just that while still respecting their food and eating it after.

I even got to try creating my own cheesevention. I started with biscuits as well as a cupcake. It seems though that I am better with coloring and beads than food inventions.

Cheez Whiz, the number one cheese spread in the country, has been spreading goodness during snack time for over 50 years. Due to it's thickness and amazing cheesey flavor, kids and adults just can't seem to get enough of it.

My sister and I love Cheez Whiz. It is creamy and thick and perfect for sandwiches. You can also use it as topping for cupcakes and filling for in between biscuits. Kids of all ages can enjoy creating and mixing Cheez Whiz with other ingredients.

You can even use it to make a sandwich tower, Cheez Whiz Mac and Cheese, and as a dip. The possibilities are endless! Go ahead and create your own. Submit them at for a chance to win 10,000 pesos as well as be featured in the Cheez Whiz Facebook Page.

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Sunday, May 27, 2018


At one point in your life, you have most likely been bestfriendzoned.
It sucks.
You meet someone who gets you and who you get. You share the same fascination with that weird looking tadpole, believe that french fries go well with ice cream, and have really late night chats.
Absolutely perfect right?
See, even with all of these commonalities between the two of you, how you can't get enough of each other's presence and hang out all the time, there is one thing lacking between you two.
You may be attracted and falling for the other person but that other person just sees you as a friend or worse, a best friend. This has happened to so many people, is happening to someone, and will happen to so many more and being bestfriendzoned hurts just as badly as being rejected. To some, it may even be worse.
You get to see the person all the time, chat, talk, and be updated with everything but that person can never be yours. If fate plays a trick on you, you might even end up helping that person be with the one they actually like, never realizing that they are stabbing you in the heart over and over again leaving you saying in your head to the apple of your love one's eye: "How to be you po?"

Why can't we be like that, wish we could be like that, coz I'm yours?

Love can play mean trick and sadly the only victim and the one to suffer is your heart. What to do then when this happens to you?
  1. Step away. Seriously, step away. You are not a star in a soap opera that gets paid millions to be hurt every single day.
  2. Cut off communication for a period of time until you get back your sanity. This is for your own good and unfair as it may seem to the other person, you need to be fair to yourself first.
  3. This is like a break up so treat it like one. Do all of those things that they tell you to do such as EAT, PRAY, LOVE and find yourself again. You survived before this person came to your life. You will live and be happy again without this person.
  4. When all else fails, confess. The pain of rejection should be enough to wake you up. After, do steps 1-3.
Falling in love is a wonderful thing but when you fall in love with your best friend and your best friend doesn't, it can be pretty awful. However, there is a reason why ice cream and chocolates were invented. Indulge, cry, get up, get gorgeous, and move on. After all, not everyone is smart enough to see what a catch you are.

Ajinomoto's Big Day

One of the things that I grew up with is Ajinomoto. I remember my Mom cooking with it, adding a dash of Ajinomoto to whatever it was she would be cooking. As Ajinomoto celebrates it's 60th year, I feel really happy that they are now back and proving to everyone that Ajinomoto is here to stay.

Last May 25, they unveiled two new developments. They launched the Ajo Seasonings Series Campaign and the new Ajinomoto Group Global Brand Logo.

The campaign was launched to bring together four Ajinomoto seasoning brands:

1. Ajinomoto Umami Seasoning
2. AJI-Ginisa
3. AJI-Porksavor
4. AJI-Chickensavor

They also tapped 3 of the country's biggest stars to show to everyone that with the Ajinomoto seasoning brand helps bring deliciousness to any dish, be it fried, saucy, or soupy.

Anne Curtis is the new endorser of AJI-PORKSAVOR and AJI-CHICKENSAVOR while AJI-GINISA continues to be endorsed by Marian Rivera. They both graced the event to share with media guests their own cooking journey and why they chose to be with the AJINOMOTO family.

I personally cannot wait to use these seasoning to add more flavor to whatever I'll be cooking. Since I'm not well versed in the kitchen as other members of my family are, then this would be of great assistance to me when I'm in the kitchen.

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DisneyLife App

If you're a Disney fan, then we have great news for you. Finally, DisneyLife is now here in the Philippines where all things Disney can be found. Yes, we mean it when we say all things Disney. Movies, music, cartoons, TV shows, and everything that you would like to know about Disney will be made available through the DisneyLife app.

Disney Movies

There will be over 350 movies available on the DisneyLife apps. Movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. This gives people a lot of choice when browsing through and you can go from heartwarming stories to action packed films.

Disney TV series 

If you're like me who loves bingewatching TV shows, then Disney has over 5,000 episodes all available on DisneyLife. You can even find the latest episode of the new TV series Big Hero 6 and TAngled as well as Disney Junior's Mickey and the Roadster Racers. They also have Disney XD's Spider Man and Star Wars Rebels.

Disney Music

You can also sing along and be like Belle or Aurora with over 6000 music from the app's extensive library of soundtracks. You can find Disney favorites Moana, Frozen, Coco, and High School Musical. You can even find the OPM version of some of the songs as sung by our local artists.

DisneyLife also has parental control to allow parents to personalize your child's use of the service, offers time limits so they won't spend the entire day on the app. You can also create 6 profiles on this app and have 10 devices use the same account. This is specially great for those who have big families.

Whatever you may fancy, Disney surely has something for you and with so many choices to choose from, we're pretty sure that family bonding will be a no brainer from now on.

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What is diamond painting?

Everyone was bombarded by the influx of coloring books in bookstores, groceries, and department stores. It seems that the typically stressed Pinoy has found solace and comfort in going back to a childhood activity but this time around, with more intricate designs. As with any fad though, the clamor has died down though there are still enough "colorista" to make it thrive but it seems that a new trend is about to take Manila by storm. Introducing, Diamond Painting.
Diamond Painting
Diamond Painting is a form of craft similar to cross-stitching but instead of stitching to a thread, you stick beads to the pattern following the format of a cross-stitch pattern.

They provide beads that you stick to the pattern. No need to worry because the pattern they provide is very sticky. The beads won't fall off but if you are a little OC, you can use the green container to flatten the beads even more and make it stick.

It takes patience and time but doing Diamond Painting definitely relaxes the mind. The placement of the beads on the pattern in a regular pattern helps the mind relax.

Kids as young as 6 years old can actually do this. It also helps to keep them busy and is a good training for mild ADD because it makes them focus on the craft for long periods of time.

Engaging in repetitious diversions balances the mind and the body. None of the activities in the list require much thought, yet they offer physical movements upon which to concentrate. As such, the mind can let go of its anxieties and worries (or at least decrease their intensity) because it can get lost in the sheer, soothing repetition of the action.

This concentrating on “something but nothing” leads to relaxation. As we relax, we begin to unwind. The physical tension dissipates, whether we literally kick it out with a ball and a wall or squeeze it out via clay. As this happens, the anxiety-induced restlessness is reduced.

If you are interested to know more, you can join the Facebook group where members are more than willing to help and guide you.

My son is already doing it and this is his latest finished project.

The pink wax can be used with the driller (looks like a pen) to ensure that the beads will stick. I personally use the tweezer as I'm more familiar with it.

For storage, you can either roll it up (not recommended for square beads) or you can lay it flat on an illustration board then put plastic on top to avoid having the sticky parts stick to something else.

Should you find that the adhesive has worn off and the beads will no longer stick, you can also use a double-sided tape (the thin transparent one) to make it sticky again. If the beads keep falling off at certain areas, you can use elmer's glue (the transparent one) to keep it in place.

I hope this helped and if it did, please feel free to leave a comment.

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