Friday, May 31, 2013

overcoming small fears

I have always been one to err on the safe side of things. I used to not like change and I used to hate anything that will remotely remind me of my fears. Used to is the keyword here.

Recently, I have learned to look out the window of the bus when it goes over a flyover. Used to be, the thought of even looking made me want to puke. Now, slowly, 5 seconds ... 10 seconds ... 1 minute ... I have learned to look out and see the road way beneath me and not feel sick. I finally learned to overcome this small fear of heights. Now, I'm not saying that I have already overcome it but slowly, I am learning to.

Another incident was at a mall where FM and I ended up hanging out and we were on the 3rd or 4th floor. He crossed to where the glass walls were that separated humans from being splattered eggs on the floor and asked me to do the same. Before, I would always say no way coz I had this insane fear of falling down though there was a glass keeping us safe. This time around, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, stepped near the glass, and looked down. I didn't feel sick.

He was impressed I think or surprised. He said that before, I would always say no. I smiled at him. In my head, I was saying, "people change. You just don't believe that I have changed for the better." Of course I didn't tell him this.

As they said, people who believe in you don't need to be convinced and to those who don't believe in you, there is nothing you can say to convince them. As for me, I'm just happy that I am slowly overcoming my fears and surely changing for the better.

I'm proud of me and at the end of the day, this is all that matters.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Solaire's Screening of HangOver 3

I was invited to attend the screening for HangOver 3 by Solaire Resorts and Casino. Of course I said yes since it was Solaire and because I've seen Hang Over 1 and Hang Over 2. I definitely wanted to know how this epic tale of bad decisions would end.

When my friends and I got to Cinema 1 at around 6pm, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Digital Marketing Group of Solaire already there. Normally, the organizers are almost always late so it was such a pleasant surprise to see them all prepped and ready to go.

Since it was still early, my friend and I grabbed a quick bite and then went back to the Cinema after. We were shocked to see a pretty long line outside but I loved how efficient the staff was in handling things.

My friends and I had fun though the movie was not as stellar as the first two. What mattered was that we bonded over movie and had fun.

PressCon: AnnaKarenNina

I was invited to cover the press conference for the remake of GMA 7's AnnaKarenina which starts Krystal Reyes as Anna, Barbie Forteza as Karen, and Joyce Ching as Nina.

Anna, Karen, and Nina 
We initially met them at the Mind Museum where they had a meet and greet with the kids of Children's Hour. It was truly a blessing to see these kids light up when the teen starts of GMA Artist Center went inside the auditorium of Mind Museum. They showed off their skills and talents. I liked that the 3 teen stars actually paid attention and clapped after each performance.

After the meet and greet, we proceeded to Singapore Food Republic and had lunch as well as a Q&A with the 3 teen stars. There they were grilled by fellow bloggers and myself. Good thing is that the teenstars were pretty much game in answering questions that we threw at them.

Storyline: Anna Karenina is a story of three girls and a mother searching for the true Anna Karenina.

I wish these girls well and I hope that this will be a stepping stone for them all to land bigger and more demanding roles. Please do watch it on June 3, 2013, after 24 Oras on GMA 7 Primetime Bida.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Guesting at Poptalk GMA News TV

A friend of mine asked for a food blogger to volunteer and be part of Poptalk. It seems that Poptalk will be invading the food markets and wanted to know what people thought about it.

Call time was at 6am and I fell asleep at 230am. Yep, kape kape din pag may time was my drama. So I was there at 610 am and there was no one there except the Make Up Artist or MUA as she is fondly referred to. At around 630a, guess who took a stroll inside the meeting place? It was none other than Gian Magdangal.

I am truly happy that it was Gian who was the celebrity guest because I have always admired him as a singer and an actor who did not air out any personal problems he may have even though he was a celebrity. After we were made up and fed, we proceeded to the first market which was Centris Walk.

Centris Walk  is not just a food market but a hobnob of other things as well. You can buy fresh produce, clothes, hats, bags, plants, and other food items. Here are some behind the scenes shot of our time at Centris Walk.

Gian, myself, and Joyce

with our MUA, Ate Lou, and our host
After gorging on food, we then trooped to Legazpi Market. Now, I have to admit that I was more comfortable with Legazpi Market than Centris simply because it was in Makati and the tents were high and I could feel the breeze flowing in. They also had roaming guards which made me feel more secure.

The variety of purchases that can be made was also wider and I couldn't help but explore.

Our last stop of the day was Mezza Norte. Luckily, we had a 3 hour rest between Legazpi and Mezza Norte because by the time we were done with Legazpi Market, we were so full we could feel our pants literally bursting. Literally! The food was simply awesome. Shrimps were fresh and the bagnet was sinful.

Mezza Norte is located near Trinoma and SM North. It is another weekend market, this time, catering to the people of the North. I liked this market coz eventhough it was raining, you could barely feel it. The place had a huge tent covering and there were a lot of trash bins, ensuring that there won't be any litter. They also had very active and fast staff that cleaned up after every table.

This was truly a WONDERFUL experience for me. I saw how the shows are made and the hardship and efforts of the staff. I have more appreciation now for the tv shows I see and I definitely have more appreciation for celebrities who need to maintain an image even though they may just wanna lie down and rest.

Thank you Poptalk for this wonderful opportunity! Thank you GMA!

our Make up Artist Ms. Lou Rivera 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Workshop: Life Design

Business Hat Inc sponsored another workshop for this very lucky blogger and this time around, it was called Life Design. Now, I knew that I needed this since my life somewhat fell apart 6 weeks ago but I was quite apprehensive to actually go and have a look at what the team has to offer.

When I woke up, I literally had to drag myself to the place. I was worried and scared because I was still in a bad place and I felt that I might not have much to offer. During the last workshop, I was bubbly and charming and felt in control of everything, this time, I felt that I would be a total waste of space.

Thankfully, I made the right choice and attended the Life Design workshop.

Some of the highlights and things that rattled me to my core were questions such as, "Who is the person you respect the most and what traits do they have that you admired?" Normally, I would have been able to easily answer this but since 1130 am this morning until now, I still don't have an answer. Events in my personal life seem to have been placed in a state of questioning where I am still looking for answers even as I type this.

There were also worksheets that took time for me to be able to answer when normally, I would have been done in 5 minutes or less.

I was lucky to have been paired with Coach Nature and Coach TJ. They may have been strangers but I felt that God touched them to touch my life and tell me what I needed to hear and what I needed to know. It was such a life changing moment for me when we discussed where my life was and what it was that was bugging me and hindering me from making my life design a reality. Nature in particular really hit the nail on the head. I was so consumed by my emotions that I could not make heads or tails of why I was feeling the way I was feeling and she was able to simplify everything for me.

I have made a commitment to do something for the next 2 weeks and I plan on keeping this commitment. It will be very hard and I might falter but knowing that she understands and that she has been through the same, knowing that this stranger believes that I can do it, will definitely be a big boost.

Life Design has added so much to my life ... it has helped me change perspective and reminded me that sometimes, you need to take control of a few things like your attitude and perspective and sometimes, you just gotta TRUST and LET GO.

Thank you Miss Jac Caniza for such a wonderful workshop. I wish that every one can attend this because it is definitely an eye opener.

Business Hat Inc Facebook Page

My awesome classmates during the workshop with our Coach Jackie.

Thank you also to M Cafe for the awesome lunch and merienda. :)

Friday, May 24, 2013


I first heard about this musical early this year. I had no idea who Katy was or what the play was about so I didn't really pay much attention to it. It was only when I heard stellar reviews that I became curious. However, I was a bit too late as all tickets were sold out.

I felt sad missing out on this.

Much to my delight and surprise, a second staging of Katy will be done this July 25 - August 4 at the Meralco Theater which easily sits over 1000 people and therefore allowing more to catch and watch this show.

I was one of the few invited to attend the press conference for Katy last May 22 at the Mabuhay   Restop Travel Cafe and Museum in Rizal Park, Manila. The cast and the crew allowed us to have a sneak at what is in store for those who will be watching and can I just say that I was moved to tears with one of the songs they performed.

The first staging was well received and tickets ran out, leaving a lot of theater goers asking for a restaging. Finally, the show's producers "Spotlight Artist Centre" is ready to deliver what the audience wants. Based on the limited run and the theatergoer's reaction to it, the cast feels that Katy is something that they need to share with the Filipino community.

Led by Isay Alvarez-Sena in the title role, the cast includes well respected actors such as Tirso Cruz III, Epy Quizon, Dulce, Lou Veloso, Gian Magdangal, and Aicelle Santos. Music from the big band era will be used in showcasing the casts' singing and tap dancing flair, dazzling their audience with brisk and swinging renditions of jazz, Broadway, vaudeville, and cabaret type theatrics.

Interested show buyers may avail of premium discounts for special booking packages with guaranteed return on investment. Katy is directed by Nestor Torre, with original music composed by Ryan Cayabyab and interpreted live by the AMP Nonet Band under the baton of musical director Mel Villena. The libretto is by Jose Javier Reyes.

Katy is a licensed property of Actors Studio East Production Inc. For more details, log on to or call 899-8089 for more details.

Transform yourself with Schick

If I had the powers of the Man of Steel for a week, I would use it for the greater good as cliche as it may sound. I would try to do whatever good I can and ensure that the lives of the people I know will somehow improve and be better because of these powers.

If there is a need for great strength or speed, I will use it in apprehending criminals and saving lives. You have been given a miracle and so you need to spread miracles in any way you can.

You need to free people around you, just in the same way that Schick does. Schick. Free Your Skin

OR ... 

I could also use those powers and get all the books, music, and DVD's that I can and have a mini library and home theater right in my own house. :) 

Per DTI-NCR Permit No.1843 Series of 2013.

PS. Do join Schick’s Superman promo contest. Details can be found on the poster attached and the website:

You can win movie tickets and premium items. Wouldn't it be cool to see the look of envy on your friends faces when they see you have a Man of Steel stuff? I know I would be envious!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

chasing red cars

When FM and I just broke up, every red car I saw that even looked slightly similar to his became a beacon of hope. I had this insane thought that maybe, just maybe, he realized that it was worth another chance and he'd surprise me. I don't know why I even thought that but it was something I secretly held on to.

When I'd go walking around the village, I'd see red cars and I'd think for a split second that maybe its him. Then I'd see the plate number or the window and realize, its not. My heart breaks just a tiny little bit.

When I was looking for a job and it was in Ortigas, Tiendesitas, or Eastwood ... heck, even Makati, I'd see red cars and I'd think, "oh, its him!" Then I'd see the plate number or the window and realize, its not. My heart breaks just a tiny little bit again.

When I would be lost somewhere and trying to remain calm, I'd see a red car and think, "he's come to my rescue." Then I'd see the plate number or the window and realize, its not. My heart breaks just a tiny little bit more again.

When I was walking home last Monday night after the interview, a red car went up to me and I thought to myself, "see, he couldn't help it. He'll take me home because its past midnight and he wants me safe." Then I saw the plate number and the window and realized, it wasn't him. My heart broke and it wasn't just a tiny little crack.

Every red car was a beacon of hope. Eventually, every red car became something that broke my heart. Can you imagine how many red cars I would see in a day? Can you imagine how many times my heart would break in a day?

Now ... after 5 weeks, I have managed to train myself to not always look at the red cars or check their plate numbers. I now know that my fantasy of him just sprouting out of nowhere isn't going to happen.

It will remain a fantasy and I can't keep chasing red cars.