Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Start Cooking at Home: Tipid Tips

With the prices of basically anything skyrocketing now, working on a budget is a must these days. After all, we can’t control the soaring costs of commodities, but we can somehow get a hold of how we get to spend our hard-earned money. In this article, you will learn some practical ways to get the most out of what you spend on your food. You will also get tips to maximize the food you buy (and what to buy). Aside from these, you will get some insights on how to cook and when you have to cook your food to stretch your food budget even a little further.

Meal planning does wonder.

As with most things, planning can help you save time and resources because everything is already laid out before cooking Filipino food at home. Also, knowing what you will cook for the rest of the week will help you plan what you need to buy from the market. Therefore, you will waste minimal to no resources, and you get to maximize your budget.

Kathy Balmores

Based on your meal plan, create your grocery list.

This may seem overrated advice, but don’t go shopping if you’re hungry. Chances are you’ll get more than you need and spend more money. Eat your meal before you go for a quick errand to avoid this problem. Also, keep in mind to stick to the grocery list to avoid going overboard with the expenses. You may think that “it’s just for this time,” which is a dangerous mindset when you want to buy something that’s not on your list. You'll most likely get used to this line of thought and ignore your grocery list in the long run.

Do batch cooking and freeze the portions.

If you don’t have the energy or the bandwidth to do a large batch of cooking in a day, consider cooking a meal with a slightly higher number of servings. This is compared to what you would typically cook if you were to prepare something for yourself and your family. Set the excess portions aside and freeze them. Don’t forget to mark the container and take note when you prepare the food. This will give you a hint when you need to consume the food. Most frozen food will stay good even after a few months if prepared and stored properly.

In this regard, consider what types of food with their corresponding preparation techniques will freeze well. After all, you don’t want to end up with a sad, thawed meal. So you also need to do your research to avoid disappointment if you are planning to save money using this approach.

When you need a quick meal, just go to the freezer, get one of the portions, and heat them. You’ll save time and money and may even thank your past self.

Consider sustainable cooking.

Since the trend of sustainable living has been at an all-time high, so is the increasing demand to practice sustainable cooking. This requires you to use as many of the food ingredients as possible. For example, if the potato is one of the ingredients for your dish, consider using the peels and turning them into crisps for a quick snack. Another example is gathering and freezing all vegetable peels so you can later use them for your vegetable stock.

Get creative with your leftovers.

If you have leftovers that no one seems interested in eating at the end of the day, don’t throw them out just yet. You may “repurpose” it into another dish with similar ingredients as the original meal. Alternatively, you may also do an “enhanced version” of the dish by adding more elements that can make it more appealing. Another option is to turn the dish into a “spread” for your early morning pan de sal the next day.

Prepare or buy snacks that will keep for more extended periods.

We can’t stress this enough. If you tend to buy so much food that doesn’t last very long, and you don't manage to eat it all up before it turns rotten, you’re flushing precious money down the drain. In this light, we came up with a list of some items that are good to buy in bulk:


If you’re looking for a quick bite but not really into a heavy meal at the moment, perhaps a cracker or two can do the trick. Eat these alone or with some spread, and you’re good to go.

Pre-cooked vegetables

They come in handy because they’re versatile and can keep in the freezer for months. You can use them in soups, salads, and even baked goods if you’re into them. Plus, they’re usually not as expensive as their fresh counterparts.

Frozen fruits

These can keep for about a year if optimally prepared and kept in the freezer with as low of a temperature as possible. For best results, keep them in small airtight freezer-friendly containers, so you don’t have to take out the entire bag when you just need a cup of fruits for a quick snack or some addition to a healthy smoothie.


They are dry, which means they can keep for a long time even if you don’t store them in the fridge. They are versatile, can go with many other healthy foods, and can be very filling simultaneously.


Like crackers and oats, they store well for weeks and even months as long as they’re prepared and kept well in airtight containers. They’re great with oatmeal and can also be eaten alone as a source of fat. This way, you can stay full for longer periods. Complete for more extended periods means you don’t have to eat that often, which translates to savings in the long run.

Get your green thumbs to work.

Health is wealth, and what better way to see this in action than through eating vegetables, fruits, and other healthy food? Fortunately, there are a lot of edible plants that you can readily plant and grow so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor later on.

You don’t even have to own a piece of land to implement this tip. Container gardening is a thing, and you can also consider that option. It may have to spend a bit of cash at first (for the containers, soil, and other related necessities), but if you do it right, you can benefit from it for the years to come.

Some plants that you may consider planting include the following:

  • Kangkong
  • Eggplants
  • Tomatoes
  • Chilis
  • Malunggay
  • Okra

However, don’t limit yourself to just these examples and further explore what types of edible plants you can grow in your garden, regardless of space.

Budgeting and cooking are both challenges…

However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise the nutritional value of your food if you’re on a tight budget for the coming months. After all, there are still some tremendous but easy ways to prepare your food that don't necessarily have to end up with you having long-term health issues.  

Monday, September 26, 2022

3 Reasons I Love VIU + Giveaway

I have always been a fan of Kdrama. I have watched a lot of it, and I was thrilled when I first learned that there was a dedicated streaming app full of Kdrama. It's like a Kdrama fan's dream come true. 


I'd like to share the top 3 reasons why I prefer VIU. 


1. VIU Originals 

The VIU Originals are always something that you need to watch out for. I love the Young Actor's Retreat because it gives you a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of the Kdrama actors we love.

2. Tagalog Dubbed and Tagalog Versions 

I usually dislike Tagalog dubbed, but I've realized that it's a way to help those who cannot read subtitles to learn and love Kdrama. The Tagalog versions (Flower of Evil) are also excellent. Lovi Poe and Piolo Pascual did a great job in this. 

3. Affordability. 

Some streaming apps are a little high on the price point for the ordinary Filipino, but VIU makes it really affordable, giving more Pinoys the chance to subscribe and watch their beloved Kdrama, Cdrama, JDrama, and our very own versions of these Asian dramas.

But wait, there's more! 

There will be a giveaway of 10 ONE MONTH PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION of VIU to 10 lucky readers. The Mechanics will be shared on my page. Good luck! 


Sunday, September 25, 2022

Skapo Cafe and Grill in BFRV, Las Pinas

A new garden cafe has sprung up inside BFRV, Las Pinas, named Skapo Cafe and Grill. 

Skapo Cafe and Grill

It's located right across Father Angelico Lipani School, making it easy to find. The place is very spacious, and it's al fresco dining. 

Skapo Cafe and Grill

Skapo Cafe and Grill

Skapo Cafe and Grill

Skapo Cafe and Grill

I love that there's enough space to have my son walk around and run around. We just have to be mindful of the little rocks in the pathway because he might pick them up. 

If you are looking for an airconditioned room, Skapo Cafe and Grill doesn't offer one. It's all about being one with nature and immersing yourself in your surroundings. If you are a nature lover or want the Sonya Garden feels in the city, then this is a perfect choice. 

The ambiance is definitely perfect for relaxation.

Regarding food, we were able to try out a couple of things. The truffle pasta was delicious. It wasn't in your face truffle, but it sneaks in and surprises you. It's also very creamy, which was an A+ for me.

The creamy pesto was something that I know my sons would love. I can't wait to bring them and have them try this. 

Skapo Pizza is a vegetarian pizza. It pays homage to the fact that Skapo Cafe and Grill is a garden cafe. It is freshly made and has tomato, cheese, and basil. 

The Crab and Mango Salad are also very filling. They didn't scrimp on their ingredients which is always a good sign. 

True to their word of being a cafe, they had the best White Chocolate Mocha. It was so good I literally gulped down every drop before leaving. 

Pricepoint, it's mid-level. It's not cheap but also not super high when it comes to pice point. Overall, I can see myself going back here with family and friends. 

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Basics of a KDrama Fangirl/Fanboy

Movies, series, dance groups, song groups, books, and even events–name it, there’s undoubtedly a fan of something. Since early 2000, Korean Dramas, more fondly known as KDramas, have been sweeping the country by storm. The fans inevitably got pulled in on different genres and the plethora of dramas that flooded the screens. Read on to know more about the makings of a KDrama fangirl or fanboy. You may not know it, but you may already be a fan. 

Showing support for their favorite KDrama in the most creative way imaginable.

Some fan bases have their own organized fan meets, where the enthusiasts get a hand at how they express their never-ending support for the shows they love. Some are even updated as far as the latest news about entertainment in the Philippines is concerned.

One way to show their solidarity towards their bias is through the creation of banners or posters. In this way, they can quickly unleash their creativity and go wild, as far as their imaginations are concerned. They may even create a collage of the celebrities’ images and include the title of the show in bold and colorful lettering.


Another way to show their support is by cosplaying or dressing up as their favorite character in a particular KDrama. While this may not be an everyday activity in some fan meets, it can be exciting to do during gatherings, such as Christmas parties and Halloween celebrations. Some companies even adapted this and organized contests as a way for employees to bond together.

Getting a hold of all the feels.

There are a lot of KDramas that has already captivated our hearts. May these are because of their premise, plot, and plot twists. Or, you’re sure to get hooked on the movie or series you’re watching. 

In some instances, fans watch the show just because their favorite celebrities are there. As for the quality of the shows, there have been mixed reviews. But those shows with their favorite stars and endowed with a great storyline are a sure hit. And it just takes the mere word of mouth to get the message across all the different fandoms and annexes.

Knowing their limits.

It may seem that KDrama fans can’t get enough of the addicting shows and the cute couples, awesome dudes, and great concepts, but they sure know how to restrict themselves when setting boundaries–or not!

Case in point: Once they start watching a series, they can’t seem to stop for some reason. You can’t exactly blame them when the plot gets more exciting and more characters to get more involved in the building tension.

Collaborating with other fans with the same bias.

It can be as simple as having small talk with your officemate and eventually discovering that they also have the same interests as you–may that be the Oppa, the show, or even the genre, it doesn’t even matter. 

Learning the basic (and even the most complicated of) Korean vocab.

Most of the KDrama fans are good readers, with their flair for going through the fast subtitles to prove this point. As such, it’s common to pick up some Korean words and phrases, know the translation based on the subtitles below the screen, and use them in daily conversations, especially if the fanboy or fangirl is a member of at least one fandom.

Here are some of the words/phrases that you may come across should you decide to watch a show or two:

Deok-ming out: Basically a phrase that tells other people that you have begun to be a fangirl or fanboy.

Kyeopta: This means that someone or something is cute or pretty. Your favorite KDrama characters, for example.

Fan-ssa: More of a term adapted into the Korean slang that refers to fan signs.

Choi-ae: Your bias (may it be a girl group, KDrama character, or anything else).

Cha-ae: Your bias wrecker or someone who makes you think twice about having your bias in the first place. Some KDrama fans use this term to refer to their second favorite.

Adopting the antics and culture.

Even some cutesy gestures will not go unnoticed as the KDrama fans can’t get enough of these simple hand or head movements that make the celebrities and their characters all the most adorable to their fans.

For example, flashing some finger hearts, whether that would be online or through face-to-face interactions, is one of the most common gestures that KDrama fans practice regularly.

Like Filipinos, Koreans seem very much into drinking and dining out with other people from their circle. It seems to be a bonding activity for them as well–at least, that’s what a lot of KDrama shows managed to show us.

The numerous scenes that portray eating out or even sharing home-cooked meals with friends and family feature many yummy Korean food and drinks. Thus, the birth of multiple samgyupsal spots with lots of Korean convenience stores springing up like mushrooms.

Breaking misconceptions.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding watching KDramas. This is one of the reasons that sometimes make it difficult for some fans to come out and tell the world that they are crazy about the shows that make KDramas unique and relatable.

One of the most common misconceptions, especially during the initial releases of KDramas in the country, is that these shows are only for girls. At that time, KDramas were seen more as feminine because of the focus on each character's emotional or psychological side. Most pilot series penetrated the country and have love stories as the central theme. In a country full of machismo and other similar beliefs embedded in the culture, this is one significant obstacle that needs to be eliminated to bridge the gap.

Another similar misconception is that if you’re a guy and you’re a fan of a KDrama, that makes you gay. This false belief has led to numerous debates on the internet, with hordes of fans reliably at the defense of their peers, ready to fight the online war while trying to break through the misunderstanding that restricts KDrama to a specific set of demographics.

With these considerations in mind, one of the keys to avoiding rejection is for fellow KDrama fans to break through the stigma and make sure that their fellow guy fans feel loved and that they do belong, regardless of what or who they identify as. 

At the same time, they need to come from a place of empathy and understanding while sending the non-fans the message that they are not okay with these unpleasant labels haphazardly thrown at them. It’s an uphill battle to climb, but with the rate of acceptance that KDramas have nowadays, it seems that there may be that much sought-after light at the end of the tunnel, after all!

As for the non-KDrama lovers, do not reject them just because they don’t share the same interests as you do. Who knows, you may share other interests and hobbies that you’re both passionate about–you may even have the chance to bond over these things in the future if the opportunity presents itself. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Craft Therapy with The Crafters Marketplace

I have been crafting since 1995. 

Whoa. I sound so ancient haha. However, it's true. I have been crafting for almost 30 years now and it's only been recent that I had the chance to join a crafting session. 

You see, I've always crafted on my own. I thought that this was a solo kind of experience and the thought of crafting with others has never been something that  I wanted to do until now. 

This was my table before the start of the Craft Therapy Session by The Crafters Marketplace. She sent over a kit that contained the best goodies a crafter could ever want. 

It was exciting to set up and know that there were other people also set up for craft time. It felt like I was part of a community where people understand why papers, stamps, and pens make me feel happy. 

We had a Zoom session and everyone followed suit on what the main speaker was teaching us which was all about sustainable crafting and using what you have on hand. 

Here's a sticker that I loved. We learned about creating wonderful backgrounds using just markers, brush, and water then I kind of went my merry way and ended up with this. 

Here's my finished product. 

I enjoyed this session and now, I look forward to more sessions like this. It was so much fun being with like-minded people. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Cash for Goals by Singlife Philippines

I had Khali when I was almost 40 years old. There, I said it. 

This means that the fear of not being present in his life when he hits college age is real. After all, by the time he goes to college, I'll be 57. I'm hoping that I will still be around and able-bodied, but I am also realistic enough to know that with everything happening around us, it may not be the case, so I need to make sure that I do what I can for my little one. 

This is why I'm so happy to hear about Singlife Philippines Cash for Education Goals. I did my research, and, as promised, I am here to share with you the 5 reasons why you should try it as well. 

1. It's so EASY. 

Applying takes less than 30 minutes. This is huge for moms because we're so swamped with so many things that we barely have time for anything else. 

This is literally something you can do at home, while waiting in line at the groceries, or even when you're having your minimal me time inside the bathroom. 

You can check out a video I made to see how it's done. 


From the time of application to approval to activation, it took less than 30 minutes. This is important because until the policy is active, your kid won't get the benefit. 


Should an emergency arise, you can withdraw the funds you have in the Cash for Goals. You just need to make sure that you are withdrawing a minimum of Php10,000 and leaving at least Php1,000 to keep the policy active. 

Once you are stable again, you can put back the amount that you took and play catch up with your cash for goals. Note that this may affect the timeline because you withdrew money. 


Pay Php2,500, and then you can decide on the fixed amount that you'll need to pay monthly. 

There are three choices: 

  • Php500 (you get Php100,000 in 15 years) 
  • Php1500 (you get Php300,000 in 15 years) 
  • Php2500 (you get Php500,000 in 15 years) 


So what happens if you don't finish paying off because of unforeseen circumstances? 

No need to worry Mom. Singlife has your back. As long as the policy is active (and it gets activated minutes after processing), your child will get the Php500,000 when he turns 17. Since he is a minor, he will need a guardian with him to claim it. 

The guardian just needs to present an AFFIDAVIT OF GUARDIANSHIP, policy name (that's your name,) beneficiary name (that's your kid's name,) and the GCash number that was used. 

I'm sure birth certificate, death certificate, and valid ID's will also be required. To be safe, it's best to email a copy of the policy to people that you want to designate as guardians in case you are gone too soon. This is what I did. 

This will not cover the entire college tuition of your kid but at least you have something to help fund things. Php100,000 to Php500,000 is still better than nothing and as financial experts would always say, something is better than nothing. 

Hope this helped! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

4 Surplus Shops on Shopee

I've been going a little crazy with surplus shopping. Truth be told, I have been to 5 surplus shops in the last week. I have seen so many beautiful things and crazy deals, but I also know that some people still prefer to do online shopping, so here are 5 Surplus Shops on Shopee that I'd like to share with you. 

IncaHome Surplus 

This cat neko deep plate is actually from a surplus shop. This one is recommended if you are a fan of cats or unique plates. 

This gorgeous plate is only Php150. Can you believe it? It looks like a classic and would prettify much any table. 

This Dumbo Trinket Holder is another must-have for any Disney fan. However, we know that most Disney items are expensive, so imagine getting this one in mint condition for only Php99. Happiness right? 

This Stitch ceramic trinket holder is also a collectible or just something pretty to use to place your keys, watch, or jewelry. 

The Watanabe Shop sells more than just ceramics, so if you're also keen on checking out toys and stuff toys, they have them in their shop. What I like about them, though, are their mugs.

Another surplus shop that I usually buy from on Shopee is D SIMPLE STUFF. 

This Pikachu ceramic cereal bowl is definitely a must-have for any Pokemon lover. The best thing is it's only Php199. 

The last surplus shop from Shopee that I'll feature in today's post is Bargain Point 2021. This store has so many gorgeous surplus items that I need to stop myself from buying everything! 

This ceramic casserole is a classic. Imagine serving your food in these casseroles. 

This blue oven-safe ceramic server is definitely going to be a great addition to your dinner table. It's just that pop of color that is pleasing to everyone's eyes. 

Personally, I like the whole rummaging through things, but of course, I know that I also don't have all the time in the world to go surplus hunting outside, which is why Shopee and Instagram surplus shops are heaven-sent. 

I hope this helped someone out. If it did, feel free to leave a comment. 

Saturday, September 10, 2022

True Gift of Love by J’s Diamond

Love. The word alone evokes so many feelings and emotions. Great poets worldwide, renowned painters, and singers of different generations and genres have been inspired by it. Who is not moved by the beauty and mystery of love? 

“All you need is love,” according to the Beatles. And as Khalil Gibran puts it, “Life without love is like a tree without blossom or fruit.”

Indeed, love is everywhere. It exists in the shallowest of feelings and in the depths of genuine emotion. But the true gift of love is beyond time and space.  Just like J's Diamond, resolute in its commitment to commemorate the true gift of love, it stands the test of time and adversity – a testament much like how love continues to prevail whatever the circumstance.

“Similar to our beloved brand, J’s Diamond, which has been around for almost 10 years, the true gift of love is a celebration that translates a kind of connectedness and union that flourishes and empowers,” says Kenneth Mau, president of J’s. He continues, “It overcomes all of life's unexpected challenges and yet manages to still joyfully hold those dear to us even closer to our hearts.”

Indeed, with this knowledge and capacity, J’s Diamond is fortunate to partner with a couple known to have withstood the test of time. Over the years, the admirable 

partnership of the beautiful and sultry actress Aubry Miles and her dashing, handsome

prince, Troy Montero, is truly one to admire and take inspiration from for many couples. It is a goal for many relationships, with a story filled with fortitude and inspiration.

After that fateful day of meeting at a television station where they were guests for different shows, it has been 19 years of being together and growing a family born of faith, trust, and hard work. With three kids in tow and a formidable relationship built with a foundation to be envied, their true gift of love has finally been sealed with the rings of J’s Diamond, adhering to the same ideals and commitment of the brand.  

“We’re so lucky and blessed to be with J’s Diamond. Each time we visit the store, we feel like wanting to get married again and again,’ quipped Troy.  Aubry adds, “It’s truly a brand that encompasses what beautiful beginnings and happy endings are all about. We are very proud and grateful to be the face of J’s Diamond. It’s the only jewelry we wear.”

It is precisely why J’s Diamond is the ultimate jewelry brand exemplifying union and harmony. It is purposeful in being a stunning symbol of love and commitment while presenting it in many shapes and sizes. 

Indeed, the true gift of love doesn't happen in an instant. But you know it is born of fortitude, connectedness, and endurance when it does. It is reaped and taken care of by commitment, respect, and knowing – much like the love that continues to inspire Aubry, Troy, and most of all, J’s Diamond. 

3 Steps to Start Saving Money

Today, I'd like to share the 3 steps I've taken to start saving money. 

I'm not a finance guru. Let's just put that out there. I don't have a degree in finance, nor have I attended many finance workshops. 

I am a Mom of two and a wife who has to budget the finance daily. I have a son who is in Grade 11 and another one about to start school. I have made mistakes in the past when it comes to money, and I am learning how to handle it better.  

So, I introduce the SPS process to people like me who still have a hard time understanding the whole investment thing and just want to start saving a little (gotta begin somewhere). 

Mind you, this is nothing fancy, and you've heard it before. I just wanted to call it SPS because it's easier to remember this way. 

S - SAVE a portion of your earnings. Ideally, they said it should be 20%, but if we are being honest, sometimes, you just can't do 20%, so I would suggest allocating what is doable. Pick a fixed amount, set that aside IMMEDIATELY, and then forget about it. 

You can also SAVE coins that you encounter on a daily basis. You can do a Php20 COIN challenge, and since that's still not common, every time you meet one, you put it aside and save it for the year. End of the year, whatever you accumulate, you put in the bank. 

Speaking of banks (which is not sponsored at all), I recommend putting money in SEABank. I have no idea who owns it, but they offer 6% PA interest, and come October, it's 5% PA which is still way more significant than other banks. 

The money I've put earns interest on a DAILY basis. I kid you not. Right now, in less than a month, I have put money, and I've already made Php13. Some of you might say huh? You're boasting about Php13. Dear, no other bank has ever given me Php13 in a month. 

Again, this is for people like me who make just enough and just wants to have a little set-aside. The more significant the amount you put in SEABank, the more interest. 

P - PAY all your bills and dues. This is the next thing you need to do with the money you've earned. Pay all the fees, rent, and maintenance, and buy all your needs for the month or until your next payday. If you can stock up a little bit on things that you regularly consume, well and good. 

The most important part of this process is that you are paying what needs to be paid for you to live a comfortable life or, at the very least, not end up in debt or on the streets. 

This part also includes paying off debt that you have or parts of it at the very least. Remember that the goal is for you to be able to have a small nest egg. 

S - SPEND on your wants. Now that you have SAVED and PAID allot a small amount for your wants. 

What? Shouldn't we save everything? 

Ideally, this is the case, but realistically, this is not right. We work hard, and we work to live, not live to work, so spending a little bit on things that just make you happy is okay. 

We must feed our souls and heart because this will inspire us to do better at work and recharge us to be happier. When we deprive ourselves too much, it can cause adverse effects and will make us feel less inclined to achieve our goals. Think of this as a reward because you adulted. 

I hope this simple article helped you in your savings journey. I know that I felt happier once I started implementing the SPS process in my life. I don't feel deprived anymore, and I feel more motivated to save and work at the same time.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Iloilo Coffee Series Part 2

I had the chance to visit Iloilo almost 5 years ago. This was sponsored by ASUS, and we went around taking photos. This is also where the miraculous church is located, which is responsible for my love life. 

I wrote an Iloilo Coffee Series before, and now, here's a new batch. 

As with anything, there were hits, and there was one miss. 

Monkey Grounds Coffee

PH52+FJ9, Benigno Aquino Ave, 

Mandurriao, Iloilo City, Iloilo 

Monkey Grounds Coffee

This coffee shop was definitely a pin from Pinterest that came to life. I loved everything about the interior. The coziness, the hominess, and the tall windows gave off that modern chic vibe. What's not to love? 

Monkey Grounds Coffee

I had the Orange Mocha Latte, and this was really good. It even had citrusy bits at the bottom, which was a welcome surprise. They also served vegetarian dishes, so friends who are always on the lookout for vegetarian cafes, this one's for you guys. 

A Super interesting bit about this cafe is that it is located underneath an overpass. From the outside, it's easy to miss so make sure that you remember this colorful overpass. Once inside, you will be transported to a whole new place. Watch this

The next place I visited was Molo Mansion, and I couldn't believe they had 2 coffee places inside. We went for Coffee Stroll because it was just too quaint. 

Yusay-Consing Mansion, 
Locsin St, Molo, 
Iloilo City, Iloilo

I loved the reggae vibe of the place. It felt like I was on the beach side, ready to hit the waves anytime. Their Milky Espresso was also perfect for the weather. Sooo good! 

Coffee Stroll

The third stop on the list was All Things Green which is every plantito and plantita's dream come to life. I kid you not. 

All Things Green

It was very calming, though for someone like me who's not a nature person, the constant fear of having insects was always there, haha. However, the vibe of the place was really serene and relaxing. 

I tried out their Kori Kohi, which was so good. I was happy that my choices were always on point. 

My last stop before I headed home was Felicia's. Apparently, this place is pretty popular. However, I did not have the best experience, if I were, to be honest. 

My bad, I guess. I should have just walked out the door as soon as I got inside because it was hot for a cake shop. It was also dark. It wasn't dimly lit to give off a cozy vibe. 

The staff/owner just thought it was a good idea to turn off the air conditioning and lights on the other half of the place. The staff was also not welcoming. In fact, this was the only place where I did not feel the least bit welcome. It was like we were intruding by being there, and that's not a good feeling to have as a customer. 

The choco mint was pretty good, but the cakes were so-so for me. It was good, but it wasn't anything that I'd rave about. It makes me wonder why they are famous. 

I hope they improve on their service. As I always tell food businesses I've dealt with in the last 17 years, no matter how great your food is, people won't return if the service is not good. People would rather have okay food but excellent service than great food but not so good service. 

Overall, I had an excellent time coffee hopping in Iloilo. My stay may have been short, but it was definitely great! 

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