Monday, August 1, 2022

MsKat Tries to Cook Round 2

I wrote the first round of Miss Kat Tries to Cook last May, so I think it's time for us to update and write about my recent attempts in the kitchen. 

I also cooked for my son B's 17th birthday so if you're interested, just click here.

I've been practicing my cooking "skills," and there have been incidents here and there which is expected, I supposed. 

I had an incident with a block of tofu and boiling oil. Tip: cut your tofu into small slices before actually frying it. Also, towel dry it and turn off the fire before putting in the tofu. 

I also had an incident with boiling water in a small pot in a too small gas range. Never use a small pot for a considerable amount of water. 

Thankfully, there were also some wins. 

I learned how to cook a simple katsudon. I've actually cooked this three times and thankfully, my family loved it all three times. 

I also learned how to cook this yummy and delicious kangkong with shrimp. I love that this is super healthy and something I want to cook for the family weekly. 

One night I felt ambitious. I cooked spinach with tofu and quail eggs, kimchi fried rice, and tapa with egg and tomatoes. Ambitious right? Thankfully, everything ended up tasting good. 

I still haven't figured out how to plate this steamed fish in a pretty way but this one was one of those incidents. The fish I got was too big for my steamer and I ended up steaming it with the covers partially opened. 


Steaming only cooks when the lids are actually closed. I ended up with an uncooked mayamaya that the husband saved by re-steaming. Whew. 

Since we had so many potatoes, I decided to make creamy potato soup. I actually loved this. I hated how there were so many steps to make this happen but I loved the end result. 

Finally, I made buckwheat noodle which my son super loved. First time making buckwheat noodle, first time attempting soft boiled egg, and it turned out okay. Not great though because I used a small pot and since buckwheat noodle have a lot of starch (as told to me by my brother who is a chef) they bonded. Strongly. 

I need to make sure that I use a big pot next time. 

Overall I am very happy with my journey in learning how to cook. I hope that you can cheer me on for the next ones. 

Anakula Filipino Coffee in BFRV, Las Pinas

M discovered a new coffee shop inside our village and took me on a quick coffee date which is how our dates have been these days. No complaints; I'm actually really happy that we have these short dates because we get to sit down, eat, drink good coffee, and catch up, just the two of us. 

Meet Anakula Filpino Coffee. 

Anakula Filipino Coffee

 I was intrigued because there are not a lot of Filipino coffee shops, and this one seemed promising. 

The inside had a cozy vibe but nothing genuinely memorable or outstanding. It's woods, dark brown, and cozy feels. 

I ordered the MESTISO, which was similar to a Spanish Latte, and M had the Cold Blanca, similar to a White Chocolate Mocha. They were both really, really good. 

Now I am not a coffee connoisseur, so if you're a coffee purist, you might want to check this for yourself and decide on your own. For me, this was really good. 

Anakula Filipino Coffee

I also had the spinach and the bacon twist. M and I both preferred spinach over the bacon. 

They also have WiFi and two outlets, and yes, they are open to having people stay there and work while having coffee, so it seems I may have found a new coffee workplace. 

Anakula Filipino Coffee is located along Capitoline Hills inside BFRV, Las Pinas.