Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Gratitude # 20

The past two weeks have been filling, literally. We stuffed ourselves silly and I can feel the weight gain. Ugh.

I finally have almost all of the stuff that I have been dreaming about for a year now. Yes, it took me a year to go ahead and buy them because I really wanted to make sure that I wasn't doing an impulse buy.

I finally got Christmas themed pillow cases. I figured that since we celebrate Christmas here from November to January, it'll be put to good use 3 months a year. 

I also bought these green cookware set, green water heater, and pink thermos to match what I already had at home. These bring me so much joy when I look at it. 

For the first time in 40 years, I finally have an authentic COACH bag. This was a gift from my in laws and it felt so nice to have one. I know that I could never make myself buy one because it's too expensive but it's nice to actually have one.

This mirror was one of my dream mirrors for the longest time.Now, I finally have it and it looks as pretty as I imagined it to be.

This candle warmer and essential oil stands have been on my list for the longest time. It used to be so expensive so when it finally went on sale, I made sure that I caught it. Trust me when I say that it brings me so much joy.

I was also able to have all my 6 cats and 1 dog have the anti-rabies vaccine and they were also all given anti-flea medicines to make sure that they will all be healthy.   

My son also had his second dose of the COVID vaccine. I feel a little bit more secure now. 

I also wanna say thank you to the different brands that have sent over products to be reviewed over the past two weeks. Your trust means a lot. 

Rebisco, Organic Wipes, Attipas, Lunguard, Venus Rose, Harmony and Wellness Soaps, Hansel Osaka Style Pink Vanilla, House of Rendang, CDO, Shopee, FWD, Tiny Buds, and Ohayo Blends. 

My heart  is so full. 

I also learned that I am top 24 in MOMMY BLOGS. I am absolutely floored!

I've also been able to dispatch two batches of diamond painting to Gabriela and to a school shelter in Lepanto. It felt so nice to be able to do this. This was me sorting with one of my angels. 

I was also given the chance to share my experiences and learnings to a group of Momfluencers. I'd like to think that they learned something based on feedback that I received. 

I also got to cook a really savory dish for the first time. Even I found it really good and I am my own worst critic. My husband loved it so much he made sure that we set aside something for him to bring to work. 

And ending this with a photo of my youngest who managed to nail my RBF. Hahahaha.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Brands that are Khali Approved Part 2

Over a year ago, I made the first Brands that are Khali Approved Post.  Since then, there has been so many changes, discoveries, failures, and wins when it comes to products that Khali uses. 

A lot of people have asked what we used on our baby so I decided to make a new post of brands that are Khali approved.

1. Cetaphil Baby 

Khali has found a new love. Swinging. All-day, he does nothing but swing, run, and swing. This means that he ends up sweating a lot which can sometimes trigger his hives. We sometimes have to bathe him at least 5x in a day. Thankfully, Cetaphil Baby products can be used for frequent washing without drying out the skin. In fact, it keeps skin moist and hydrated.

I use Cetaphil Baby Moisturising Bath & Wash to wash him and make sure all dirt is removed. Afterward, I follow it up with Cetaphil Baby Advanced Protection Cream. I make sure that I cover all his exposed skin because these are most prone to hives and really dry patches.

Combined, these 2 products work hand in hand in providing more moisturization and soothing ingredients to address the dry, irritated skin of babies so Khali can safely play all day.

I really love the fact that it's so gentle on Khali's skin because of its 5-fold protection. It checks all the boxes – gentle, soothing, hypoallergenic, helps seal in moisture, and protects baby’s skin barrier.

Cetaphil Baby Moisturising Bath & Wash contains aloe vera and almond oil to moisturize and soothe dry, irritated skin. Cetaphil Baby Advance Protection Cream, on the other hand, contains organic calendula and shea butter to reduce discomfort from dry, chaffed skin.

2. Tempra 

Every single time my son gets sick, I make sure that I have my medicine kit with me, and inside I have Paracetamol Tempra.

Buti na lang ngayon meron na ring Tempra Cool Touch. It has 10 hours cooling effect that helps manage fever. Super important ito kasi reliable partner ito for us mommies sa pagmamanage ng fever ni baby.

3. Bio-Fit Plus

Since Khali was 6 months old, we have only used one vitamin for him and that is Bio-Fit Plus Vitamins and Minerals. Now that he's almost 2 years old, I still use it because it's really good for him. 

He eats a lot, rarely gets sick, sleeps a lot, and is strong as a bull. Bio-Fit Plus has Folic Acid, Vitamin C, and Zinc. This is also approved by his pediatrician which makes me trust it more. 

So if you want your baby to be as healthy, tall, and strong as my baby, start using BioFit Plus.

4. Organic Baby Wipes

My son has really sensitive skin. He would erupt in hives or have really bad spots if I use wipes that have chemicals on them so even with the wipes that I use on his skin, I am careful.

Good thing there's Organic Baby Wipes which is the 1st organic baby wipes in the Philippines. Organic baby wipes are infused with organic aloe vera, known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, to prevent nappy rash. 

What’s more, because they are organic, these baby wipes contain NO HARSH CHEMICALS and are hypoallergenic. NO PARABEN, NO ALCOHOL, NO CHLORINE, and NO HARSH CHEMICALS. It is also 100% biodegradable. The material of the wipes is plant-based so it's good even for Mother Earth.

These are the brands that we use on a daily basis with Khali. I hope that it helps another Mom out there who may be on the lookout for brands recommended by Mom and kids. 

Remember though to always consult with your pediatrician.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Get up to 50% off at Tiny Bud's at Shopee Mom's Club Mondays

As a Mom, it's very important for me to take advantage of sales, discounts, and earn extra points whenever I shop. We all need to maximize what we have is my way of thinking which is why I made sure that when Shopee opened up the Shopee Mom's Club, I was one of the first members. 

Shopee Mom's Club is a community created to provide the best deals, so parents and soon-to-be parents can give the best to their children. As a Shopee Mom’s Club member, you can receive a welcome gift, exclusive discounts, vouchers, and learn from Mom-centric Livestream topics.

For example, on Monday, Tiny Bud's gives up to 50% off on product purchases. Being the wais Mom that I am, I got the following: 

Tiny Buds Newborn Dry Cotton Wipes are made from pure cotton. Each pull is soft and biodegradable.

Dry wipes are very easy to use, just add water or leave dry! They are free from fragrance and preservatives, lightweight, and suitable for newborn and sensitive skin. Soak in warm water to clean newborn babies from face to bum.  

Tiny Buds Odor Away Baby Fabric Refresher Mist 200ml                                           

Bye Bye to the strong odors of diaper mess, spit-up baby food, and formula. This can be used on cribs, beddings, car seats, strollers, carpets, and even on trash bins. It is gentle on baby clothes and safe on color fabric.                                         

Tiny Buds Natural Laundry Powder for Babies (1KG)  is made from coconut-based cleaning agents that keep baby’s clothes clean without any harsh chemicals. Leaves no residue in water and makes baby's clothes smell amazing!                                                         

Tiny Buds Quick & Easy Natural Diaper Changing Spray (120ml) is a new Innovation that is perfect for both traveling & home use. Saves time and wipes are needed! In addition to cleaning the baby's bottom, this special rinse-free formula is also infused with skin-loving natural ingredients selected to nourish the baby's skin to become healthy, soft * smooth. Using this spray helps avoid rashes and is gentle enough to clean the baby's skin from face, hands, body to bum.

Tiny Things Black & White Educational Flash Cards support the development of your baby's eyesight with these high contrast drawings & patterns made fun & educational through these adorable flashcards!

As newborns are getting to know the world around them, these black & white cards will help stimulate their vision.  Each pack has 20 back-to-back cards with a total of 40 cute designs: Friendly Characters / Everyday Objects / and interesting Patterns. 

It's a good thing that Tiny Buds has an official store on Shopee. If you haven't downloaded the app, make sure you do to take advantage of these deals.

Become a Shopee Mom’s Club member now! Sign up at https://shopee.ph/m/mom-club to get your exclusive deal from Tiny Buds!

Monday, November 15, 2021

Gratitude # 19

Last week was a good week. Whew. I'm so happy to be able to say that again because back in October, I had bad weeks where I just felt down and sad for no good reason.

Last week, I reviewed a few things. I am so happy to discover new dishes such as the Purefoods Chicken Tapa which was so good and easy to make! 

I also love the Fun Chow from UFC. Who knew that cooking delicious fried rice could be this tasty? Seriously. I had to stop myself from consuming all the packets that came in.

Now this one was a revelation. I didn't know that it was even possible to add stuff to leche flan. What's Your Flan, located in West Bicutan, surprised me with these creations. The puto bumbong and the classic leche flan stole my heart. 


I also liked this peppermint cinnamon rolls from Castle and Cook. I wished that the cinnamon roll was a bit softer but aside from that, it was great. 

I am very happy that my son had his first dose of the Pfizer vaccination. One less thing to worry about for a Mom like me. He had a headache but after sleeping it off, he was okay. I'm excited for his second dose. 

I was also able to spend time with my family so those were happy times. 

My husband and I also celebrated our 47th month together. I know it's cheesy but we don't always do it month on month, however, this time, we ate out and had a small feast and enjoyed each other's company without the kids. 

I was also able to fit into a pair of jeans for the first time since I got pregnant. I still have a lot to lose in terms of body fat but this was such an achievement.

Leaving this here because I looked pretty hahahaha. 

How was your week?  

Friday, November 12, 2021

Park Seo Jun takes the Smart Hallyu Hangouts centerstage LIVE on GigaPlay on Nov. 13, co-presented by Viu

Leading mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) will once again bring Filipino fans closer to their favorite Korean superstars through the Smart Hallyu Hangouts, a series of virtual events that enable fans to live their best K-life by watching and interacting with their favorite Korean celebrities.  

Following the successful event with Smart endorsers Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin last July, Smart, alongside leading pan-regional OTT video streaming service Viu, brings Park Seo Jun’s Hallyu Hangouts episode live and exclusively on GigaPlay App on Nov. 13, starting at 4pm.    

Launched last year as an endorser for Smart’s Giga K-Video data promo in collaboration with Viu, the talented actor who has starred in some of the most kilig and top-rated Korean dramas and movies, a style icon, and an epitome of manly grace and charisma is set to grace this virtual session exclusive to Smart subscribers.     

Smart Prepaid and TNT users need only to subscribe to any Giga K-Video mobile data promo to watch the live event. The promo must be active on the day of the event and used to access the GigaPlay App.   

Meanwhile, Smart Postpaid subscribers simply need to use their plan’s generous data allocation, which they can conveniently track on the GigaLife App, to be able to watch Park Seo Jun.     

“More than just a trend that has seeped into our new digital lifestyle, hallyu of the ‘Korean wave’ has allowed us to find bits and pieces of happiness and of ourselves no matter the kind of K-life we’re in. Along with our partners at Viu, we’re very excited to launch a new session of Smart Hallyu Hangouts to give our subscribers another reason to smile, feel inspired, and feel kilig as they watch and interact with Park Seo Jun,” says Jane J. Basas, SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business at Smart.  

“At Viu, we make sure to always keep our ear to the ground and listen to what our Viu-ers would like to experience. By working with Smart for this episode of the Hallyu Hangouts, we’re glad to be able to bring our Viu-ers closer to the actors they see on screen,” says Vinchi Sy-Quia, Head of Growth Marketing at Viu Philippines. 

For more information on how to watch Smart Hallyu Hangouts – Park Seo Jun, you may go to https://smart.com.ph/Pages/hallyu-hangouts and download the GigaPlay App via http://smrt.ph/gigaplay

Thursday, November 11, 2021

3 Things to Calm your Mind

One of the things I suffered through last month was a bout of depression. I think I felt overwhelmed about getting a year older, surviving another year stuck at home, and juggling about day to day tasks of being a Mom to a teenager and a baby, a work at home, being a wife, a leader, and not having enough time to be just me.

 I felt like I didn't have time for myself anymore and so I looked for ways to remedy that. After all, it's important to find ways and things to calm your mind because the saying "if Mommy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" is so true. 

First, I talked to my husband. I asked him to help me out and give me more time to just do the things that I loved doing such as diamond painting, writing, and journaling. This really helped because I was able to put down my thoughts and relax. 

The second thing that I did was play games again. I used to be such a game addict and I realized that I find joy and peace when I play games. 

I played a lot of hidden object games because it helps me sharpen my eyes and at the same time, it feels so nice when I complete the list. 

I also played some word games because it's important for writers like myself to constantly sharpen the pencil. I have to admit that I didn't do as well as I did with this one which made me realize that I need to play more of it. 

If you're interested in these games, and you should be, check Solitaire out. 

The last thing that I did was to spend time away from my kids. I know it makes me sound like a bad Mom but I have come to realize that as much as I am a Mom, I am also me and I need to make sure that I have time to read, relax, and just be me. 

Now that I have made these things a part of my weekly ritual, I am more grounded, happier, and just better. Sometimes, we need to be selfish to be able to give more to the people around us. It's not a bad thing. It's a necessity.