Sunday, April 29, 2018

AVON helps women step into their comfort zone

People keep telling women to get out of their comfort zone. People keep saying that to be great, one needs to be okay with being uncomfortable.  AVON disrupts what "comfort zone" really means and tells women to go ahead and break the mold.

Women nowadays, they are expected to be superwomen. They are expected to be this but at the same time they are expected to be that. They can't just be a Mom or a working woman. They need to be both to please society.  Well, AVON says that there is no shame in breaking free from what's expected and normal. To live an authentic life, a woman must first be true to herself and take courage to pursue her passions.

The 5 ambassadors of AVON's lingerie line are the epitome of these. They break the mold, they don't follow what society dictates, they pursue their passion, and because of this, they have become the best in what they do.


Wilma Doesn't broke the mold by being the first non-mestisa to become a supermodel. With her dark skin and frizzy hair, she didn't fit the mold of the stereotype of what a model should look like.

Jennylyn Mercado became a more successful actress after becoming a single Mom which is not the usual route. Most actresses who become pregnant are relegated to the role of being a Mom but Jennylyn was able to get out of that typecast.

Olympic Silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz has never been seen as someone sexy until AVON changed that image when they chose her to be one of their ambassadors for their lingerie line. Who knew that someone who lifts weights can also be sexy?

Tricia Centenera show that a person can bounce back from having a failed marriage. Most women who have the wedding of their dreams and the marriage made of nightmares would feel ashamed but Tricia proved that there is no shame in leaving a loveless marriage.


Step into your comfort zone. This is what AVON Fashion's  bold invitation to women all over. They have come up with a range of intimate apparel that provides women with stylish comfort they deserve because everyone knows that when you aren't wearing the right pair of underwear, it can be very comfortable and when we aren't comfortable, we can't move freely and when we can't move freely, we can't focus on the things that truly matter.


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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

let's go to the beach beach

I don't like the beach. There! I said it.

I am not a fan of the beach for the simple reason that you wade in salty water, get sand on all parts of your body, get possibly cut by shard shells, and then get sunburned. No sir, I can pass off on that.

I am a fan of lying by the shore on a beach chair, away from the shade of the sun. I am a fan of swimming in pools with safe walls controlling where I can land. I am a fan of staying inside a hotel room with airconditioning.

What can I say? I'm a city girl through and through.

Sadly though, my entire family are all beach babes. They all love the beach and so last weekend, we went to Batangas to the tune of "let's go to the beach beach." So off we went to the beach. Thankfully, we had the Ford Ranger with us so travelling even on rough roads was an absolute bliss. You could barely feel the humps and bumps. It was such a smooth ride that I had 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep on the passenger seat.

Soon as we arrived, my Mom wanted to take photos. Frankly, I wasn't impressed with White Cove in Laiya. When you charge at Php300 per head, I expect you to have a shower area that will not remind me of horror movies. I expect that there should be an attendant that makes sure that the bathroom is clean and the shower area clean enough for the people who went to your resort.

When you have to constantly check the shower "curtain" because it's thin enough to strain water, that's not a comfortable feeling to have. When you have nowhere to hang your towel and clothes while taking a shower, that's just a big fat no. When insects keep swarming all over while you are butt naked trying to get rid of sand in your body, it is one of the worst things to experience.

White Cove felt like a Class C resort pretending they're Class A. They failed. Thankfully, my family still enjoyed because as I said, they love the beach. They were also able to ride the banana boat while my Mom and I were on the speedboat documenting it.

I was just really happy that we didn't have to worry about the heat because we had this sunscreen from Novelina which actually worked. I didn't get sunburnt eventhough we were out in the sun for quite a while.

Overall, my family and I had a great time going to the beach simply because we were all together. After all, isn't that what family vacations are all about?

Monday, April 16, 2018

Novelina Face Mask

This summer, the heat has been more than stifling. It's actually draining and drying most expecially on the skin. Even when you put on sunblock, the effects of the heat, the humid air, and the scorching glare all have a negative effect on our skin which can lead to damaged skin.

Thankfully, we have facial masks now that are available almost everywhere. One of the latest we tried on is the Novelina Deep Sea Collagen Mask with Pure Squalene. The Novelina Deep Sea Collagen Mask with Pure Squalene penetrates the skin quickly providing skin with an immediate surge of active moisture to soothe dryness without greasy feel.


The pure squalene helps in nourishing skin while the deep sea collagen aids in natural moisturizing extracts. This Novelina facial mask also provides an active surge of moiture. This also replenishes for a softer, smoother, and more supple skin while soothing dryness because the moisture is easily absorbed by the skin.
There are also other benefits to using face masks on a weekly basis.
Refines skin pores
Face mask can help you to get clearer skin and more refined pores. It deep cleanses the pores and clears the pores of dead skin cells, metabolic wastes and the oily substances that can clog them.
Increases hydration
Face mask can also bring moisture and hydration to dry and dehydrated skin types. The water from the mask penetrates deep into the skin epidermis to soften the skin
and enhance its elasticity. When the skin is hydrated and well moisturised, it becomes easy to apply proper makeup. Also it gives a more plump and youthful appearance to the skin.
Firmer skin
Loose skin can make your look older than your age. The problem of loose skin can be easily solved with regular use of face masks. There are certain types of face masks that help to enhance collagen production and fight off free radical damage which will gradually result in firmer, tighter, fresher looking skin.
Make it a point to use Novelina Deep Sea Collagen Mask at least once a week for better results.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Midnight Mocha and Tearamisu Frappuccino

There are two new drinks introduced by Starbucks to combat the sizzling summer heat and I couldn't be any happier to be one of the first to try it out during the #GettheFeelsPH launch last Saturday.

Here are the two new drinks they introduced: Midnight Mocha and Tea-Ramisu. For those who may have family in Singapore, you would know that there, it's Midnight Mint Mocha and Tiramisu Cheesecake. Well here, they made it a bit different.

Note: You can just add mint syrup to the Midnight Mocha to get a feel of what the SG drink is like.

So here's the actual drink.

Here they are when prettified. I have to admit that I was super excited to try the Midnight Mocha and though it was good, it was actually the Tea-ramisu that stole my heart. One sip and it was like BAM! ANG SARAP!!!!!

These are available for a limited time only so make sure that you get a taste before it's gone.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Scan and Sip with Starbucks

So you all know how much I have been wanting to get the Starbucks App here in the Philippines and finally, it has happend! Yes, you read that right. The Starbucks App is now finally in the Philippines!

I received this super Venti cup today but even before I did, I already knew that the Starbucks App was available because I had friends who are collectors who have been monitoring this immensely. Soon as I saw a post, I immediately went on Google Playstore to download my own mobile app. 

It was a good morning indeed! Soon as I saw this on my phone, I just had the goofiest smile on my face. I mean, finally! FINALLY!

So, what can you expect from the Starbucks App? 

The Starbucks PH App is a mobile app that will be providing a fast and convenient payment method for customers at more than 300 stores across the market. 300! That's a lot!  Starbucks is also the first coffee retailer to offer this innovation in the Philippines. This mobile app integrates the popular Starbucks Card payment method and My Starbucks Rewards on customers' mobile device.

You can also reload online or through the store and make sure that you never need to have a physical card soon as you register your card. Cashless and cardless payment. 

Shake to Pay 

This allows the customers to shake their phones to bring up a barcode within the app that can be scanned to pay and redeem. The app is linked to their MyStarbucks Rewards account so balances are automatically updated whenever the app is used. 

First to Know 

With the Starbucks PH App, customers will be the first to know about newest product offerings and promos. Customers get notified whenever new messages are received on the app making sure that they will always be kept in the loop. You can also receive special offers and event invitations straight into their app inboxes. Users can also share these offers with friends through email and social media accounts. 

Store Locator 

Sometimes, you just can't seem to find a Starbucks store and that can be frustrating especially when you haven't had your daily dose of caffeine. With the store locator feature on the Starbucks App, you can now enjoy your favorite beverage anytime, anywhere because it shows you a list of recommendations in the vicinity as they search by store name, Starbucks Reserve store, drive-thru, or stores open at the moment. 

Download the Starbucks PH App on the App store or Google Play so that you won't ever need to worry about your stars since everything will be on your phone.

Facebook Post of Kathy Kenny

No information yet if we will have the gold card. Also, no indication that shows you can order in advance via the app and then pay in the store. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

K, you will always be MY SISTER

The youngest in our brood finally turned 18 which means she is no longer a child. She is now of legal age, able to buy and drink alcohol, can go to jail, and make life changing decisions. In short, she can now make adult decisions eventhough she is barely just that, an adult.

She's gorgeous right? I mean, all you need to do is take one look at K and you know she's pretty as pretty can be. This means that she gets to be surrounded by boys and sadly (yes, I am sad about this because I wanted to spare her from heartache for as long as I could) she has fallen for someone.

K is not only my little sister. She's like the daughter that I never had or even knew that I wanted. Granted that there has been moments I've wanted to strangle her but she's my sister. MY SISTER. She's also my fiercest protector, ready to drop a flower pot on some guys' car because he made me cry.

Coz she is MY SISTER, it also means that I am overprotective of her but recent events have reminded me that try as I might, I cannot protect her at all times. Some of the pain she will feel, she even welcomes it. This is what happens when we fall in love. We give someone the power to hurt us and this is what she has done.

In the photo above, you can see that the two of us are laughing. We've had a lot of moments like this but lately, it's not as many as it used to. My sister has started experiencing the upside of being in love but along with it she has also started experiencing the downside of being in love.

She is coming to realize that boys can be dickheads coz they will promise you the moon and the stars then when you fall in love, they turn around and show you that you don't matter when they get mad. She is coming to realize that being in love is not all about the sweet moments. What matters more is how you are treated when he has no reason to be nice to you. She is realizing that when you fall in love, you don't get ready to fall in love. You get ready for the pain that will come because to fall in love is to give someone the power to trample your heart while you pray immensely that they won't.

My sister is too pretty and smart to be taken for granted. Any guy would be lucky to have her in his life. Any guy would be lucky to be loved by her. Sadly, not all guys are smart and there will always be the occasional jackass.

I know nothing of her current lovelife. What I do know is that I no longer see the bubbly, alive, and hungry for life sister that I used to have. I miss her. I miss that bubbly girl who would laugh out loud and her laugh is so contagious that you can't help but laugh WITH her. I miss that little girl who believed that we want nothing but the best for her.

Right now, I feel like she's there but not really there. I've been through this so I know, I hope, that she will get through this. In the meantime, I can only wait for her to approach and ask for advise. Till then, I will just be here, patiently waiting.

K, you are now an adult but I hope you remember that you are not yet truly an adult. Learn from our mistakes. There is no need to make your own for now. For now, you probably think its you and him against the world but eventually, you will remember that we will always be at your back, pushing you forward, cheering you on, wanting nothing but life's best for you for the simple reason that K, you will always be MY SISTER.