Wednesday, August 27, 2014

of pets dying ...

This is Yin. He was my male siamese persian cat. He was very nice, very sweet, and a really friendly cat. He gave way to his sister and his son and would just lounge.

He's gone now.

Is he dead? I do not know. Was he killed? I do not know. Was he catnapped? I do not know. All I know is that one day, he just didn't come home. He was sick, he didn't look well, and he would normally go out but ALWAYS, always he would come home.

One day, he just didn't come home. Some would say he went away to die. I honestly do not know. All I know is that till now, when I see a purely white cat, I squint and stare and look to see if its Yin my cat. Everytime I am wrong, a little bit of my heart gets broken.

I miss my cat. I miss him squishin his face on my face to wake me up. =(


  1. That's sad to hear, Ms. Kathy! I do not have first hand experience with losing a pet (in anyway) but I somewhat know how it feels whenever my grandma would relate stories about all the dogs that were taken in by our family before I came along. Wherever Yin is, I hope he is free from pain. :')

    1. I hope he's in cat heaven. I really do so that he won't suffer anymore.


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