Saturday, November 28, 2015

2nd Robinson's Selections opens in McKinley

Grocery-chain giant Robinsons Supermarket opened its second Robinsons Selections store in McKinley Hill, Taguig City last November 27, 2015 in response to the growing shopping sophistication among consumers.

Robinsons Supermarket President & COO Robina Gokongwei-Pe, General Manager Jody Gadia, and Megaworld First Vice President and Commercial Division Head Kevin Tan led the ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the official launch of the new premium grocery store.

They have a lot to offer, even gift packing services.

A huge salad station.

Here are the other things they offer at Robinsons Selections.

I also got a couple of Hugs and Kisses. It was divine and oh so sweet.

Robinsons Selections is bringing to the McKinley Hill community the same state-of-the-art design and top-of-the-line offerings as its predecessor, which opened last year in Eight Forbes, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City. With a larger area of 2,481 square meters, the new store will feature a bigger food-to-go section with carefully curated gourmet goods for those with discerning palates.

Robinsons Selections McKinley also offers a wider assortment of imported products and new sections in keeping with the commitment to bring fresh and healthy food. This is complemented by the store’s noticeably clean and hygienic ambience for a more pleasant shopping experience.

The store takes pride in its new and unique Sushi Bar and Fruit Bar sections. It also reinforces its mission to become the premium shopping destination with its own Gift & Wrap section and Concierge.

With the launch of Robinsons Selections McKinley Hill, Robinsons Supermarket has a total of 120 stores by the end of November 2015. The third Robinsons Selections is slated to open on December 10, 2015 in Robinsons Galleria Cebu.

Robinsons Selections aims to be the grocery store of choice for discerning shoppers looking for fresh and healthy food and other needs which suit their shopping lifestyle. Visit its official website at and “Like” its Facebook page 

Nippon releases the 2016 Color Trends

What does Nippon paint and LifeisKulayful have in common? Simple. We both love colors and I literally went into color heaven when I saw the new colors being forecasted for next year.

Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines, a member of the Nippon Paint Malaysia Group,  launched its second “Trend Beyond Colours”, unveiling nine key colour palettes featured across three inspirational palettes: “We Are One”, “New Eco” and “Wonder-Lust.” The nine colours are forecasted to drive utilisation across various industries and applications in 2016 and 2017. 

The nine trend colours were curated and handpicked by more than 50 design professionals, colour experts and enthusiasts from all over the Asia Pacific Region, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan, held at the Asia Pacific ChromaZone Colour Forecasting Workshop 2015 in Japan earlier this year. 

The Asia Pacific ChromaZone Colour Forecasting Workshop was organised by Colour Marketing Group (CMG), the leading authority in identifying, understanding and forecasting colour trends, in collaboration with Nippon Paint. It is the only convergence of Asian professionals to create an Asian Palette specifically for the region, and the forecasted colours form an important reference point that influences colours used across a wide range of industries from automotive, fashion to electronic gadgets as well as for architectural and interior spaces. CMG and Nippon Paint held the first Workshop was held in 2014, resulting in the inaugural Trend Beyond Colours 2015/16.

As the Number 1 coatings expert in the Asia Pacific Region, Nippon Paint has taken on the leadership role in working with interior designers and architects from across Asia Pacific in developing the Trending  Asian Colour Palettes - a truly Asian Colour Palette made by Asian Professionals.

“As the Total Coatings Expert, Nippon Paint continuously pushes the boundaries of paint and colours to pioneer and redefine the Asian palette, inspiring consumers to re-think paint and re-create possibilities on all surfaces. Colours form a very big part of the Asian culture and Asia is one of the fastest-growing continents in the world, both in terms of size and population, comprising almost two-third of the 7.0 billion world population. This further reinforces the reason why it is important that Asia forms its own unique colour palettes to drive the trend in terms of colour application or expressions,” said Michael Chung, General Manager of Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines.

Elaborating on the inspiration for Trend Beyond Colours, Chung added, “Nippon Paint’s Trend Beyond Colours 2016/17 captures the region’s essence, from its beautiful landscape to its increasingly connected people driven by technology. Essentially, the Trend Beyond Colours makes it easier for consumers to create their own masterpieces – with a little more vibrancy. The forecast colours are also relevant across multi-platforms, multi-industries as manufacturers and designers recognise the growing value of Asian consumers and businesses through colour applications.”

Understanding that colours can enliven the environment and mood around us, Nippon Pant has unveiled three colour themes - “We Are One, “New Eco” and “Wonder-Lust”. Each theme features three unique colours, allowing consumers to explore and express their imagination. 

The first series, “We Are One”, features modern colours reminding how new age technology and social media are constantly affecting our lives and keeping us connected wherever we are. The palette features Founder Blue (NP PB 1527D), Gray Knight (NP N 2001T), and Green Tuft (NP BGG 1666A), accentuating people’s connection in a world without boundaries where digital devices are an indispensable part of our life today. 

The second series, “New Eco” celebrates the wonders and simplicity of Mother Earth. Inspired by nature, “New Eco” brings consumers back in touch with the environment from its quietly stylish but ultimately comforting colours. The palette reinterprets Asia’s captivating nature, from the vintage soul of Asia to the serene oceans and mighty volcanoes personified by its three colours, Tavern Buff (NP N 1867P), Lush (NP BGG 1605T) and Volcanic Black (NP N 1918A). 

The third collection, “Wonder-Lust” embodies today’s YOLO or “You only live once” culture as it explores one’s discovery for the perfect balance in life through our continual search for new interests, hobbies, experiences and adventures. For consumers that aren’t afraid of some excitement in their life, “Wonder-Lust” is equally big, bold and bright in colours. The lively colours featured are Being Peach (NP YO 1219T), Fast Car (NP AC 2076A), and Blue Lullaby (NP PB 1550P). 

“To create these palettes, we have analysed the effects of colours and how behaviour is influenced by colour, fashion, retail performance, lifestyle trends and culture in today’s world. Nippon Paint’s Trend Beyond Colours will inspire consumers to create their own designer styles drawing on the three themes handpicked by our designers. The publication is packed with many photos and ideas, featuring our designers’ personal tips and recommendations on how the colour palette can be cleverly and innovatively applied on both interior and exterior surfaces,” Chung said. 

“Moreover, through Nippon Paint’s technological innovations, these colours can be coated to almost any imaginable surfaces including wood, tiles, cement, slate and glass. Consumers can also use these colours to mimic the look and feel of three-dimensional textures of stone, marble, velvet, or satin using the series of Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint. 

Trend Beyond Colours 2016/17 is available for download online. To download or to read it online, please visit

Lady's Choice hails its first-ever Real Chefs

Lady's Choice has always been a staple in our home. It is our choice when we need to buy sandwich spread, mayonnaise, I don't even remember having any other brand in our refrigerator. It has always been Lady's Choice.

After a three-month search for the best tasting dishes innovated using mayonnaise, Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) Philippines hails today the first ever winners of the Lady’s Choice Real Chef Challenge—a first of its kind culinary competition that challenges cooks and chefs across the Philippines to test their culinary acumen by revolutionizing dishes with the use of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise. The culinary experts with the most irresistible Salad & Sandwich Combo and the most exquisite tasting Hot Dish win the crown.

“Last July 2015, we have announced a first-of-its kind culinary competitionthat opened opportunities for chefs and cooks all over the Philippines to showcase their kitchen prowess through the Lady’s Choice Real Chef Challenge,” said Nicki David, Channel Activation Manager at Unilever Food Solutions. “We are very pleased with the recipe entries we have received, which truly showthe ingenuity of the Filipino culinarian.”

After the rigid scrutiny of the panel of judges, which included celebrity chef and executive chef of Chef Logro’s Institute of Culinary and Kitchen Services or CLICKS, Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro, owner and kitchen geek of Pino Kitchen Studio and Backyard MNL, Chef Edward Bugia, and UFS Senior Sous Chef, Chef Brando Santos, 25 interesting mayo innovations submitted from across the country have stood out.

In a grand taste testing event held at Glorietta 3 Activity Center, the top 25 chef finalists prepared and served their dishes before the chef judges and the public to determine the dishes from the Salad & Sandwich Combo and the Hot Dish categories. Both categories were judged based on taste and concept, presentation, and how the use of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise elevated the texture and taste of the dishes.

“The top 25 mayo innovations that have made it to the finals prove that with the use of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise, there are just so many recipes you can create and the possibilities to food innovations become endless,” said Chef Joanne Limoanco-Gendrano, Executive Chef at Unilever Food Solutions. Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise is made of real ingredients that help enhance the flavor of dishes, making them richer. Its creamy texture and taste definitely add a distinct flavor that elevates the taste of dishes.

Aside from showcasing various recipes that are made interesting with the use of mayonnaise, Lady’s Choice Real Chef Challenge also became a venue for the chefs and cooks to bring out their amazing talents and expertise in running their food establishments that are often not seen by the diners. 

“At Unilever Food Solutions, the maker of Lady’s Choice, Knorr, and Lipton, we believe and support the one true mission of every Filipino chef and cook—to delight their customers with exquisite dishes,” said Colin Butler, Managing Director of UFS Philippines. “As such, we strive to help them develop their craft through the products and services we carry so they can continue to deliver a remarkable dining experience for their costumers. This competition is one of those milestones we’d like to share with them to showcase their amazing talents and creativity.”

Two winners of Real Chef Challenge brought home P100,000 each and an exclusive TV feature of their establishment and the winning dish. More than this, they also brought home the title of being hailed as the first-ever winners of the Lady’s Choice Real Chef Challenge.

AmwayxFigaro Coffee, Perfect Partners

I have always been a lover of cofffe. Now notice that I said I am a lover of coffee and not an expert. I just like coffee but I have never really tried studying it or learning more about the beans and what not. I just drink it everyday and I drink a minimum of at least 3 cups of coffee.

One of the local coffee shops that I have always liked is Figaro. They serve pretty good coffee. The only thing I can complain about is that the cup is too small but then again, I am the coffee drinker who drinks coffee in a beer mug.

Recently, Figaro partnered with Amway Philippines. Together, they aim to serve better coffee with more health benefits for the coffee drinkers in the city.

I was able to try the drinks they had and here are my thoughts on each one.

The hot chocolate from Amway is very rich in flavor. It reminded me of the tsokolate de batirol and its richness. I quickly downed a cup of it and wanted more but I had to stop myself coz there were still more for me to try.

This brown free-flowing powder contains sugar, cocoa powder, and milk powder with hints of sweetness and creaminess. This would actually make a perfect partner with bread among other things. Another good thing about this is that it can be stored for one year when stored in a cool, dry place.

The Amway Achievers Coffee is a light, brown free-flowing powder that is meant to be drank hot. For people who like creamy coffee, this would be absolutely perfect.

Now Iced Tea is one of the things that I have been staying away from but this real tea from Amway combined with flavors of lemon uses Stevia from Stevia Leaves which makes it healthier. It also has black tea powder which is good for the body. The Achievers Iced Tea is definitely a healthy alternative to your regular coffee.

Now you don't need to feel guilty when drinking Figaro Coffee because you know that every cup is healthy and gives health benefits to you and to your body. To this I say, drink away.

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if this is my last night with you ...

At some point, one way or another, when we know that the relationship we are in is about to end, we wished for this moment. One more day, one more chance, one more night. We ask for one more kiss, one more hug, one more touch, one more night of passion.

I know I have.

MU ... if I could have one more night with you, I would want to spend it lying in your arms. I never really got to experience this with you, just lying down, talking, with my head on your chest. I guess it was because we were too young and we never really had a moment alone all to ourselves.

JM, I would sit down with you over dinner and talk. You were good to me. It just really became boring and tedious. We saw too much of each other and too little of the world. It just wasn't healthy anymore. I would ask to sit down with you and talk about life, goals, and what else we can do now that we are parting ways. The way we ended, it wasn't how I wanted it to end.

RS, oh God, RS. You were the one that I let go. If I could have one more night with you, I actually don't know what I want to do. I'd probably just wanna spend it wrapped in your arms, sitting on top of a mountain, looking at the stars, and have you sing To Be With You to me again. I would want to have one more night just being with you.

FM, we've had so many last nights together. For the last 3 years, every time we would see each other, it has been a last night. You didn't know it but when I saw you last at your hotel when you were sick, it was the last. In a way, it was perfect. You held me in your arms and I hugged you to sleep. You were very sick and I took care of you. I want that to be our memory of us.

Bear, my dear YM, the most recent guy to break my heart. I wish that our last night was back in July before you left for the land down under. It would have been perfect for us. It would have been a wonderful memory between the two of us but you wanted more and now you have destroyed the beauty of our story.

At one point, they loved me and I loved them, perhaps more than I should have, perhaps less than I should have. Still, sometimes, you can't help but ask ...

Friday, November 27, 2015

Doc Pao and his Christmas Diet Tips

They even say that the best people are those who love to eat and in a way it is true. However, when you ruin your own health because the food you eat is not good for your body, then it is no longer recommended that you indulge too much. Luckily, we have someone like Doc Pao who can give us pointers and tips on how to maintain a good diet even during the Christmas madness.

Tip #1 Let food be your medicine and medicine your food. This means that the food you take in should help revitalize your body, reenergize your health, and rejuvenate your broken cells. You need to ensure that you are still following the go, grow, glow pyramid and this doesn’t have to mean boring food. There are so many healthy recipes and healthy food you can indulge in without having to sacrifice your health.

Tip #2 We are what we eat. This is true. When we eat too much fats, too much oily things, and too much pork, we tend to grow our waistline, thighs, and become heavier much like the source of the food we eat. When we take in more greens, more fuits, and more vegetables, our skin becomes clearer, brighter, and glowing. Now you decide. Which one would you prefer between the two given examples?

Tip # 3 Christmas is not an excuse to let go. People always use Christmas as a valid reason to indulge too much and not care about what they are eating. This is wrong. If we eat too much of the wrong thing, our health suffers and if our health would suffer especially from irreversible damages to our arteries and heart, we just might not be around for the next festivities. Besides, suffering from a potential cardiac arrest can be a real party pooper.


Tip # 4 Eat in moderation. It is the holidays so yes, indulge ONCE IN A WHILE. If you had lechon for lunch, don’t have it for merienda or dinner anymore, not even a midnight snack. Pair all of your food items with salad but go for the fruit types. If you are having macaroni salad, then portion wise, it should not be as big as your plate.

Lastly, love life and love yourself. This is actually the best Christmas gift we can give our loved ones. A good health and a longer life that is lived well beats everything else that you can possibly give them. When we see a rainbow on the table during Christmas time, the best rainbow seen is still the consumption of food filled with phyto rich vitamins. Get that instead of the cakes and pastries that may cause thickening of blood and hardening of arteries.

Enjoy Christmas, be wise and live a Legacy.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

IBEX Global Cook Off

One of the things that most call center agents or personnel sacrifice is the quality of food. It is but normal to see someone working in a call center to have cup noodles for lunch or dinner. Sometimes, its fast food or food you can buy from a Jollijeep. Yes they may earn a lot but when you work the graveyard shift, there really are no restaurants that would be open to cater to your needs for healthy food or healthy meal options.

IBEX saw this problem and decided to address it by having  a cook off for their staff and inviting some media personnel to cover the event which made it even more exciting for the staff. This event was the first of its kind for IBEX and I believe, the first of its kind in the BPO industry.

We were in for a treat and a surprise when we got there because unknown to us, we were part of the actual cook off. This was the set that was meant for my team and I. It was quite thrilling, frustating, and a learning opportunity having to cook in such a short time with people you barely know. If you think about it, it's almost the same when you are expected to perform, get along, and hit your goals when you have just transferred to a new team in the BPO world.

This is our finished product. It looks quite okay but trust me when I say there's room for improvement. What I liked about this activity is that you can really see the care that the company has for its people and coming up with healthy yet affordable meals for the staff is definitely something.

IBEX has been in the industry for 12 years now and what makes them unique is their people centered culture. They aim to create and maintain a new standard and definition of how the BPO industry works. They have the perfect match of what they need, what they want, and what they believe they need to change. If you want to be part of this team, you can apply by going to

Amaia Nuvali ABBA Realty

One of the few things that I love about the South is the abundance of trees and places where I can simply go, sit down, and relax. I like that things here are more calm and slow paced compared to life in Makati or Quezon City. In the South, one can do all their work and yet sit back and relax.

Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is one of those places for me. It has almost everything that you would look for in a community plus peace of mind that a place rarely brings nowadays. This is one of the things that truly matters to me. Amaia Steps Parkway Nuvali addresses this and more.

Ayala Land's Amaia Steps Parkway Nuvali which spans 1750 hectares is focused on evoliving which means that it tries to preserve as much of its natural surroundings when it builds condo units as well as corporate offices and the lot that it offers. They are currently in the works of building a school, a hospital, and othr things that would ensure that whatever is needed by a community, it can be found within the confines of Nuvali.

Heck, they have their own WakeBoarding area as well as a Bird Sanctuary already. They also have a hotel just within a stone's throw away for those who may need a staycation or have family members visiting over for the holidays.

Amaia Nuvali aims to become a one stop shop for its residents and it has already started by having their own kid's play area, swimming pool fit for both an adult and a child, basketball court, football court, and even a clubhouse designed for them to be able to celebrate family milestones.

Safety is also at the foreground of Amaia's mind because they have fire detection and alarm system installed on each unit and building which is closely monitored with CCTV's placed strategically all over the place. Definitely, ease of life and the safety of its residents are some of the key priorities of Amaia.

If I were to choose a location for a future residence, Amaia Nuvali would definitely be a prime choice for my family and I. It has everything that I want in a place (peace and quiet) while being able to meet the adventurous streak of my little sister and son (zip lines, off road trails that can be perused with mountain bikes) and even a lake where we can have boat rides.

For inquiries, you can call them (02)403-7633 or visit

Social Media: 

Abba 98 Website:

Abba FB Page:

Abba Instagram:

Abba Twitter:

Monday, November 23, 2015

Taco Bell brings Live Mas to the South

One of the few things that I rarely get to eat is Mexican food. There's just not that many in the area and so its one of the few things that I get to have. Thankfully, Taco Bell is now back in full force and what's even better is that it opened near my place.

Alert your taste buds southern Metro Manila! Taco Bell, the world’s leading taco food chain, opens its newest concept store at the 2nd Floor Activity Center of Alabang Town Center (ATC). 

Taco Bell brings the ‘Live Más’ experience to its valued customers by putting a twist to traditional Mexican cuisine, serving the best food quality at prices its customers love, and passionate top-notch service from the heart, all contributing to the brand’s commitment to feed’s people’s lives with ‘más’. 

What’s more, the new concept store will also feature an open plated service making the food the star! Enjoy crunchy tacos, cheesy quesadillas, fully-loaded burritos and toasty nachos all prepared fresh upon order. 

To celebrate its opening, Taco Bell will organize a ‘Grand Public Opening Day’ on November 8. Be one of the lucky first 100 customers and have a signature Taco Bell crunchy taco on the house, a one-of-a-kind T-shirt indicating your place in the line, plus other exclusive, limited-edition Taco Bell merchandise! 

Taco Bell ATC also gives you more reasons to visit past the Grand Public Opening Day! Simply dine at the new store all throughout November and receive Taco Bell coupons with special deals that truly allow you to ‘Live Más’. Discounts, upgrades and a host of other amazing offers await its patrons. 

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the new Taco Bell branch in Alabang Town Center and revel in the ‘Live Más’ experience today! 

To know more about Taco Bell’s newest concept store, visit the official website at For special announcements on the ATC opening and other news from Taco Bell, “like” the official Facebook page at and follow the official Instagram account @TacoBellPHL.

Beyond the Christmas Lights at Marriott Hotel Manila

Marriott has always had a soft spot for kids and this Christmas season, they wanted to share the love with more people and of course, more kids. Smiles, songs, and a spread of feasts and treats were the highlights at the recently-held Christmas tree lighting at Marriott Hotel Manila.

At 18 feet, its commanding height complemented the wide lobby staircase. Guests gathered around it while exchanging pleasantries with their friends and colleagues. 

Director of Marketing Communications Michelle Garcia welcomed everyone who started the holiday cheer at Marriott Hotel Manila and shared how this year’s celebration is more meaningful because of their partnership with Operation Smile. Together, they will provide free surgeries to children who have cleft lip, cleft palate, and other facial deformities. And to stress how Operation Smile has made a difference in the lives of the children, she introduced ChadleenLacdo-o, a former cleft palate patient of Operation Smile who is now an accomplished singer. Her rendition of “When You Believe” was inspiring from start to finish. 

With everyone in high spirits, General Manager Bruce Winton presented Marty, the reindeer. Every purchase of the stuffed reindeer toy (for only P500) will help raise funds for the surgery of kids of Operation Smile.  

Helping light the tree is one of the well-known celebrity families today, Kevin and Mitch Tan with their adorable baby Katleena Margaret. As soon as the lights begin to sparkle, a burst of harmonious angelic voices echoed through the lobby courtesy of HimigRoseña, the choral ambassador of Colegio de Santa Rosa-Makati.

As everyone’s hearts lit with the true meaning of the season, CharicePempengco surprised everyone with a special song number followed by a grand entrance of Santa Claus, where kids excitedly lined up to whisper their Christmas wish and receive their early present.

The merriment ensued with the lavish display of food prepared by the award-winning culinary team of Executive Chef MiekBrammer. There were white and red sauces for different kinds of pasta plus an assortment of meats and veggies which the guests chose according to their fancy. The live station also showcased the Smoked Bone-in Ham which is part of the Savory Package offered by the hotel for the festive season. Its honey-glazed skin and tender meat is perfect with the whipped potato and buttered corn on the side. Kids and the kids-at-heart kept going back to the dessert station which sampled the holiday treats at the Marriott Bakery. Guests grilled their own marshmallows and were free to add biscuits and chocolates.

Marriott Hotel Manila has always been a happy place for business and vacation. And whichever way guests choose to celebrate Christmas this year because of its festive feasts and treats, it is made more meaningful because Marty offers cheer―both for the giver and the happy child who will be able to smile along. It is indeed the season to be jolly!

For more information on Marriott’s Christmas offers please call 988 9999 or visit 

To join ongoing conversations, like, follow @marriottmanila on Twitter and @manilamarriott on Instagram.

Team iFlix just got bigger

If you read my twitter feed, you would know that I am addicted to TV shows and I can watch at least 20 TV series all at the same time and still remember what is happening to each one. I just love watching and sometimes, even imagining what if I am one of the characters on those TV shows. 

I am addicted. I even get super mad when friends would post spoilers. I feel that they deserve a special spot in hell for ruining moments. See, I just feel passionately about it. When I found out iFlix was getting bigger with more partners in tow, I just couldn't help but feel excited. After all, iFlix is one of the best mobile apps to use to watch some of my favorite shows on my phone especially when I am on the go and stuck in traffic. 

iflix, Southeast Asia’s leading Internet TV service, offering subscribers unlimited access to tens of thousands of hours of entertainment for a low monthly price, today welcomes Iza Calzado, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Ruffa Gutierrez, Raymond Gutierrez, Richard Gutierrez, JM Rodriguez and Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuzon as shareholders of the Company¬¬ and partners in the business. This announcement follows a succession of landmark collaborations with industry leaders such as the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), Smart Communications and Samsung Philippines. 

From starring roles in the country’s most iconic films to thriving music and acting careers, Iza, Jasmine, Ruffa, Raymond, Richard, JM and Karylle are prominent icons of the Philippine entertainment industry.  

Mark Britt, iflix Group Co-founder and CEO, says: “It is a tremendous honor to have exceptional celebrities of such caliber join us as shareholders. Now, along with our advisory board of Hollywood’s most elite executives, we have unquestionably one of the most formidable profiles and strongest networks in the entertainment industry both in the Philippines and internationally.” “At iflix, we are committed to working with the best partners in all areas from technology and content to marketing and distribution. These partnerships with the Philippines’ leading entertainment icons are a testament of this pledge. We look forward to benefiting from their tremendous experiences and wealth of knowledge about the entertainment industry in their role as our advisors,” Britt added.

Sherwin dela Cruz, iflix Philippines Country Manager, adds: “We created iflix to be a new paradigm in entertainment, to change the way people watch TV shows and films. With Iza, Jasmine, Ruffa, Raymond, Richard, JM and Karylle, we believe we are able to take strong, forward steps down that path together.”

As partners in the business, Calzado, Curtis-Smith, Rodriguez and Tatlonghari-Yuzon, and the Gutierrez siblings will also play key roles in jointly developing projects for iflix original productions, as the Company moves forward with its plans for original content with committed budgets and negotiations with independent local producers and studios.  

“I am so proud to be a part of the iflix family. They are doing an incredible job changing the way people are entertained throughout the Philippines, Asia, and soon - the world,” says award-winning singer and actress Karylle. 

Jasmine Curtis-Smith, who stars in a number of films and TV series featured on the service (such as the thriller Jasmine), says: “iflix is an extraordinary opportunity to be part of a revolutionary change in the way the people of Southeast Asia are entertained. I am proud to be a part of iflix and I cannot wait to share my excitement with everyone.”

Now available in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, iflix will continue to roll out its world-class service to additional key Southeast Asian markets in coming months. With over 750,000 subscribers five months since launching, iflix offers consumers the largest library of top Asian regional, and local TV shows and movies available in the region.  Each subscription allows users to access the service on up to five devices, including mobiles, tablets, computers, and television sets, for viewing whenever, wherever. The service is affordably priced at only P129 per month in the Philippines for unlimited access.

For new subscribers, iflix offers a complimentary 30-day trial with full access to iflix’s world-class service, features and content, with no credit card or payment details required. Go to to register.

I fell in love with a butcher ...

He wasn't a butcher when I met him. In fact, he worked at a pharma company. Perhaps this was why he took care of me. Pharma is medicine and meds are supposed to make you feel better right? It was what he would do for me before. He would always try to make me feel better.

He made life easier and more comfortable. He would pick me up and take me around to my events. He would bring home my stuff so I wouldn't have a lot of things to carry. He would go with me and he was fine being my driver throughout the day.

Just like a good pharma, he would bring out medicines to soothe my aches and wounds.

When he flew off to the land down under, he became a butcher. When he became a butcher, it was like his personality also took on a different route. He became cold and distant. From wanting to make sure that I was always okay, it became all about him and his needs. From thinking of my comfort, it became his comfort and when he could make time.

He became the butcher that cut my heart into pieces. He was the butcher that threw my body on a slab and proceeded to dissect me until there was nothing left. Afterward, he threw the remains without thought of how I would feel. He was done. It was over, just like that.

I was nothing but a piece of trash and just like trash, he threw me away without thought, without warning, without care.

I fell in love with a butcher and the butcher just broke my heart.

meant for you ... meant for me ....

I was meant for you
with my poetic heart
and your tyrannical soul.
We were every movie shown
every song sung
every line written.

I was meant for you
with my dream like perspective
and you with your harsh realities.
We were each other's balance
the yin to the yang
the white to lighten the dark.

I was meant for you
with my freedom to love you
and your shackles to a loveless marriage.
We were every stolen moment
whispered hellos and goodbyes
that no one knew about but us.

I was meant for you,
for you,
and for you.
But you,
and you,
None of you were meant for me.

ASUS Takes the Country’s Top Photographers, Media Influencers and Fans for an Incredible #OneDayofZen

Last Saturday, I was lucky to have been part of the media invited to experience #OneDayofZen wherein they held a workshop involving two of the country's top photographers and did a photowalk in the beautiful city of Intramuros. 

I felt really happy to have learned from some of the country's finest. Being treated to a great lunch, riding The Luxe Bus, and then going around Intramuros was definitely something. Taking photos using my Zenfone, a totally different experience. It was so easy to point and shoot just like that because I knew my photos would still come out focused and sharp. I could also take paronamic photos with my friends because Asus has that nifty feature. Even inside the dungeons of Intramuros, I had no problems taking a selfie because the front camera was just really great. 

The unparalleled smartphone photography features of the ZenFone 2 Laser 5.0 once again takes center stage in this special affair, which also marked the celebration of yet another milestone for ASUS Philippines

After making waves in the entire country with the still much talked-about and successful launch of the ZenFone 2 series last August, ASUS Philippines once again took things by storm, but this time on a global scale. Just recently, ASUS Philippines got the lion’s share of prizes from the “100 Days of Zen” photography contest – arguably, one of the biggest campaigns launched by ASUS Global this 2015 – wherein an unprecedented turnout of 70% of the contest’s winners came from the Philippines. 

Owing this remarkable feat to the Filipino public’s overwhelming support for the brand, ASUS Philippines decided to make this milestone even more incredible, by putting together a special event that would ultimately pick up from the success of the “100 Days of Zen” campaign, and take it up even a notch higher. Aptly called #OneDayofZen, this specialaffair would likewis emake use of the ZenFone 2 Laser 5.0 as its centerpiece, leveraging on the local market’s continuously growing fervor and fascination over this smartphone.

Smartphone Photography 101 with the pros

While the “100 Days of Zen” showcased the superior photo quality of the ZenFone 2, the #OneDayofZen event intended to teach the public how to actually take such powerful photos using the ZenFone 2 Laser 5.0. With this, ASUS Philippines kicked-off the event in high gear, via a back-to-back smartphone photography workshop led by none other than two of the country’s most in-demand photographers in Jay Tablante and Roy Macam.

Widely known for their works in fashion, beauty and pop culture, both lens men openly lent their expertise, shared pro tips and tricks, and also touched on the evolution of mobile photography.From there, they then gavehelpful points on how one can maximize the features and capabilities of the ZenFone 2 Laser 5.0, taking the audience through various scenarios and conditions they might face when taking any and all kinds of photos.

It was during these workshops that it was proven that it was not just the ordinary gadget lovers or tech-savvy individuals who were the only ones who caught the ZenFone 2 series fever during its launch this year. In fact, Jay and Roy, both celebrated photographers with wide-spread careers, shared their awe on ZenFone 2’s photo prowess.

Unmatched smartphone photo quality and auto-focus

Asked to compare the ZenFone 2 to other smartphones, veteran photographer Jay Tablante quickly answered, “I can attest that the ZenFone 2’s auto-focus speed when taking photos is remarkably fast compared to my previous smartphones. More so, in terms of quality,you will find that the images taken by the ZenFone 2 are very crisp and bright overall, so that means you would no longer need to rely on any sort of photo app anymore. Given the ZenFone 2’s overall performance, I can say that it rivals that of the more expensive smartphones out there, but without the hefty price tag.”

Roy Macam echoes Jay’s sentiments: “Performance wise, I can say that the ZenFone 2 is much faster than the point and shoot cameras in the market now. Its auto-focus speed is so on-point that I have made my ZenFone 2 my go-to device for taking quick snaps, as there is never a struggle to capture any moment.”

Measuring up to an SLR’s quality

Roy continues the discussion:“Another great thing about the ZenFone 2 is its 13mp camera, which makes the quality of its photos comparable to the big SLR cameras. With a great eye and a gadget like the ZenFone 2, one can definitely take an image like a pro who uses an SLR camera, and no one will be able to tell the difference, unless you blow up the image. But given its price, the ZenFone 2 is definitely bang for the buck. And with all the best features packed into one, this smartphone can definitely compete with the SLRs in the market.”

Hands-on with the ZenFone 2 Laser 5.0

Right after the workshops, all 100 of the invited guests then made their way to the historical site of Fort Santiago, where a one-of-a-kind outdoor photography challenge awaited them. The photo categories, which included Best Selfie, Best Indoor Shot, and Best Outdoor Shot, were chosen to showcase the ZenFone 2 Laser 5.0’s unique selling points, and unparalleled photography quality and capabilities.

ASUS Philippines also let netizens in on the fun and celebration of #OneDayofZen through a special offer for the followers of any of the 100 attendees. Interested participants must submit a clear, scanned copy of their official receipt of any recent ZenFone 2 purchase made in the Philippines from November 21 – 30, 2015, along with their favorite photo uploaded by any of the attendees for #OneDayofZen. The first 25 individuals to send both these requirements to, will get to win a limited edition Zenny Doll.

“For this particular milestone for ASUS Philippines, we wanted to really pull out all the stops to celebrate with some of those who have continuously given us their support. We wanted to think of a different way to give back to them, while at the same time showcasing the ZenFone 2 Laser 5.0’s features and capabilities, and that is just how #OneDayofZen came about. We were very happy to see everyone having fun with their ZenFone 2 Laser 5.0 units during the outdoor photography challenge in Fort Santiago, and everyone also had a blast with the two celebrated photographers who joined us in the morning. On that note, I invite everyone to quickly get a ZenFone 2 Laser 5.0 for themselves right away, if they too want to experience the best smartphone photography quality available out there,” closes ASUS Philippines PR and Events Specialist Francis Garcia. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

ASUS PRO Laptops

I cannot live without my laptop. Yes, I am one of those people who say that and actually mean it. You see, my work is all online and with my laptop, I can easily do everything that I want to. My laptop is sort of my lifeline when it comes to making a living.

However, when it conks out on me or gives me attitude, there is nothing more I'd like than to smash it or at the very least, rattle it a little in the hopes of making it work. If I do that though, it may just as well die. Thankfully, with the ASUS PRO lineup, I can now vent out my frustations on my laptop. Actually, with the new ASUS PRO lineup, I don't see the need for me to do any of that.

The new line up is so durable. It is also very sleek, efficient, fast, and very stylish. It has both the aesthetic and the strength needed to run everything in perfect order. The laptop and the PC are both a must have for anyone who wanted to have something sleek and something very useful.

ASUS today announced the launch of the ASUSPRO PC Lineup -  a business centric PC solution catered to elevate and empower any business. With passion of improving businesses worldwide, ASUS PRO Series delivers above industry standard innovations in business notebooks such as Military Grade Durability, Smart and secure solutions, long battery life and ultra-portable designs for mobility.

With the wide product range of ASUS such as Desktop PCs, Displays, Wireless Routers, and Smartphones. ASUS aims to deliver business solutions that are flexible and can be customized specifically to the needs of any industry. While delivering efficiency and quality productivity.

Education Solutions

Description: Education-Solutions

As classrooms are getting more invested into digital activities, different tools are needed to properly communicate the lessons. With the portable ASUS S1 Projector and ASUSPRO D31MT Desktop and ASUS VX279H, teachers can easily adjust for any activity, perfectly translating each class into a mobile and visual discussion. The ASUS S1 Projector is a 6,000mAh portable power bank and projector in one, displaying images up to FULL-HD (1920x1080) with up to 40” clear display projection and is a perfect blend of mobility and functionality. While the ASUS D31MT Desktop delivers optimal performance for presentations, demonstrations, and video, with color accurate displays from the VX279H FULL HD IPS monitor.

Enterprise Solutions

Description: Enterprise-Technology-Solutions

Business is a 24/7 endeavor and with multiple transactions and demands coming from different locations and time zones, it is best to be prepared with the latest technologies. The ASUS PRO B and P series notebooks exceed the standards of Security, Durability and Flexibility of business perfect for any fleet of employees especially on field duties. During conferences, the affordable ASUS Chromebox PC delivers complete Google business solutions such as cloud storage, office and video conferences for meeting rooms.

Small and Medium Business

Description: Small-and-Medium-Business-Solutions

Connectivity is key to any business and having an effective communication is tantamount to success and opens opportunities. Routers such as the ASUS RT-AC87U can help streamline businesses with its cloud based storage, wireless printing solutions, and bandwidth prioritizing for better network management, to deliver a faster and secure network connection. Partnered with the ASUS PRO BP1AD desktop, a stable and reliable workstation thanks to its stringent durability and high-quality parts, expect office workflow to be more cost-efficient due to sound investment. Another noteworthy feature is the ASUS-exclusive Energy Processing Unit, a chip that enables ASUS desktops to cut down on electricity consumption by up to 30%.

Retail and Service
Description: Retail-and-Service-Solutions

An elegant and dependable POS machine is of outmost importance in fronting and dealing with customers. With the ASUS PRO A4320 AIO, business owners can make use of both the mouse and touchscreen for flexibility in catering to orders while being backed up with a 3-year parts and service warranty for outmost reliability. On the other hand, the ZenPad 7 Z370CG and ZenPad S 8.0 Z580CA provide unique interaction to customers by accepting orders with its light and portable design. Both tablets are equipped with an IPS display making them capable of visualizing indulging photos for a more convincing delivery.

Availability and Pricing
For a complete business solution consultation you contact ASUS Philippines at +639175592631 or email at You can also contact ASUS Philippines at +632-631-4715.

More Information
All commercial products of ASUS Philippines can be searched at for more information and detailed specifications