Sunday, July 30, 2017

on commitments and letting go

Today I had a long discussion with D about commitments and what it takes to make it in this world. I remembered that I asked him before what he can sacrifice to succeed and he said he can sacrifice everything. Now, I feel that he's tired and about to get to that breaking point and we have barely started.

He says that "me time" is very muc needed for him to fully function but I feel that a quarterly "me time" is just a little bit too much. Maybe I'm too much of a workaholic? Maybe I'm too focused? I just feel that it's a bit much.

Or is it?

How important is me time really? I feel like I get it when I have my mani pedi or when I get a massage. Heck, I feel like I even get it when I eat out by myself or watch a movie. D needs 3 days every quarter. When I think of it, 3 days is 1 day a month. I guess it's not really that bad except he needs 3 consecutive days.

Perhaps I was too harsh?

I guess I need to reassess myself and my point of view on how I work. D has a point and much as I don't want to acknowledge it because my senior ego is going to get hit, I should. He does have a point. I should probably do the same thing.

As for letting go, today I let go of 3 persons who I thought were friends but turned out to not be friends. P, J, and M ... I let you go. For whatever reasons that are still unknown to me, you decided to stop being friends and to just ignore me. For my own peace of mind, I had to block you and cut you out. After all, if we were no longer talking, then we have no business being social media friends. It's always an either or for me.

I heard that you have been talking about me still and I wish you would stop. I wish you would because really, I do not matter that much for you guys to continously talk about me. You should be focusing on your own lives and your own work. Seriously.

So today, I learned a lot about commitments, about the importance of me time, and letting go. What have you learned today?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

right over here

I wonder where she is
I wonder if she's thinking of me
I wonder if she's ready to meet me

You ask me these questions
Wondering when the one will appear
I'm right over here
Why can't you see me?

I wonder if she will have long hair
I wonder if she likes to laugh
I wonder if she will love me just as much

You continue to wonder beside me
While we both sip a cup of coffee
I'm right over here
Why can't you see me?

I wonder if there's someone for me
I wonder if I will ever love again
I wonder if I will ever be loved again

You ask and ask
You wander and wonder
I'm right over here
Why can't you see me?

This was inspired by the song Dancing On My Own.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Marry Me at Marriott 2017

On it's 5th year, Marriott held the biggest bridal show in the Philippines and as promised, it was a show that left everyone in ooohhhsss and aaahhhhss. It all starts with the small details such as the hashtag.


It's simple, direct, and easily remembered. It also poses a question that can be easily answered with a resounding YES. Marry me at Marriott? YES!

The ceiling was made to look like a garden though I felt that it could have used more flowers. They could have wrapped the flowers around the beam to make it seem non-existent to give it a more magical feel but then again that is just me and my weird obsession with flowers. 

Note: Did you notice the cake though?

Here are some of the highlights. 

The main highlight of the night though was Anne Curtis Smith in a fiery Michael Leyva dress. Boy was she STUNNING in that dress! The details, the intricacies, the magnificence is just amazing. This is a dress definitely worthy of royalty. 

Now I rarely get dolled up and tonight, I chose to be simple and just a bit on the whimsical side. This is my bag which is suprisingly small because everyone who knows me knows that I love tote bags or backpacks. This one is from EGG. I got this for only Php499.

My date for the night is of course my business partner and awesome friend, D. Here we are with what has become our trademark pose. 

Here's a better look at my dress. 

And here we are with Michelle and Hope as well as Patty. Didn't we all pass the beauty test? I think we did. Marry Me at Marriott delivered on it's promise of an elegant and wonderful night. I'm glad that I finally made it to this year's event after missing out on last year's. I can't wait to see what the next year would be like. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

do not feel

Do not smile
his sweet hi was not meant for you
do not give off that impish grin
you were never on his mind the same way
he has been on yours.

Do not dream
his dreams have never included you
do not think of what could be
coz you have never been part of his what ifs
and he will just be what could have been for you.

Do not laugh
his love will never be yours to share
do not start believing in your hopes
you were never more than a friend
and he will always be more to you.

Do not feel
To feel is to hurt yourself
do not continue loving him coz
you will never be loved in the same way
that you will continue to love him.

Do not love.
I beg you
Do not feel.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks

Your skin is not oily. Your skin is not dry. Your skin is not this or that. It is not an either or. It is a combination of things because you have parts that are oily, parts that are dry, and parts where it's a combination of both.

Yes, you read that right. This is why multi-masking was born. Since there are parts of your face that needs different kind of care, L'oreal gives you the #ClayYourWay Pure Clay Masks.


The L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks comes in 3 different types:
  1. Anti-pores which is made of Morocco Clay and rosemary extract. This helps with oil control, refines pores, and removes blackheads.
  2. Illuminating which is made of Britain Clay and lemongrass extract. This helps with renewing your skin, smoothening it, and giving an overall radiant effect.
  3. Hydration which is made of Atlantic Clay and Bergamot Extract. This helps with hydrating, purifying, and softening the skin.
The pure clay mask is a potent in-jar mask formulation that helps address different skin problems. It also had natural pure clay with botanical extracts that gives you the one thing you need the most for your skin: revitalized and nourished skin.


Get ready to learn more about L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Masks and step up your skincare game with these variations. Come September, there is a 4th kind that will be released called the L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask Detox.


Formulated with Kaolin and Montmorillonite plus Moroccan Lava Clays and enhanced with charcoal, this draws out build up of impurities and dirt, reduces dull skin, increases luminosity, evens out skin tone and refreshes and allows skin to breathe. More info here.

Now you can finally achieve the best results by masking and multimasking in just 10 minutes. YES, 10 MINUTES is all it takes to solve your skin care problems. Get your very own set now at Lazada for only Php399.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

baby you can drive my car

Whenever I hear this song, I always imagine myself in an outfit headed towards the racetrack so you can imagine my glee when I found out that after our helicopter ride, we were being picked up by a Maserati, a Ferrari, and a Jaguar.

Oh yes!

We went around the racetrack and I was able to ride in all of these cars plus the Ghbli and Levante. It was so surreal! I've always wanted to know what it felt like to race and I raced today, not once, not twice but 6x.


Swerving, going at 200 full speed, and drifting was definitely AWESOME. The adrenaline rush was just out of this world. I didn't feel queasy. In fact, I kept urging the drivers to go faster. It was simply marvelous.

When Cloudfone said that today would be awesome, they meant it and I have to agree that today, they delivered when they said "you deserve awesome."

Cloudfone Helicopter Ride 

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my first helicopter ride

Today was a day of first. After having been up for more than 40 hours and taking a nap for 4.5 hours, I was off to Park and Fly. I got there at 5am and though I felt apprehensive, I promised myself that I will be brave and ride that chopper.

When I first saw this black baby, I was initially scared but I heard a voice in my head stating "JUST GO!" and so I did.

When I was posing for this, I kept thinking to myself: "Lord, it's all up to you now. Please help me to remain calm. Don't let me die yet." I know it's morbid but come one. It's a tiny piece of metal.

However, when we lifted off, after feeling an initial jolt, I actually started enjoying it. I did not panic nor freak out. Have I become a daredevil? As you can see here, I was even able to pose and take a lot of selfies.

The feeling of being up on air inside this small piece of metal was just awesome. Having a clear view of your surrounding was breathtaking. It was definitely epic.

We went through a haze but because the pilot we had was so good, I never once panicked. In fact, I just really enjoyed this ride and marveled at how awesome the world is.

Thank you so much Cloudfone for giving this awesome experience.

Cloudfone is Awesome

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Monday, July 3, 2017

goodbye to my almost love

He didn't register on my radar the first time I met him. It was a mild bleep then it was gone. There was a small moment when he did but it quickly faded away into nothing until that fateful afternoon that the gods decided our lives were to intertwine in a way that has become so hard to unravel.

We became friends. Yes, friends.

From the outside, it seemed like he would make for a great boyfriend. You see, he gets me. He doesn't get me all the time but he makes an effort to try and get me. He adjusts and make ways so that we fix things and sort things out. He remembers the things that I like and don't like. He watches out for me.

I forgot one thing though. He's an outlier. He does things differently and he thinks differently.

This means everything he does and how he does things is not normal. What is perceived as interested by normal people is nothing to him and this is where I went wrong. I thought that perhaps, deep inside, he was just a regular joe.

I thought wrong and so for the next few months, my heart would take hits. Perhaps because I have gotten used to the pain, it didn't eat me the way it did with FM before. Perhaps because I see him regularly, the pain dulled but I've come to realize that I cannot do this to myself any longer.

I tried to let go. Everytime he tells me that I meant nothing to him that way, I tried to let go. When he said he never felt anything for me, I tried to let go but he wouldn't let me go. He held on to my promise of being friends for life and made me see that we are awesome together ... AS FRIENDS AND NOTHING MORE THAN FRIENDS.

I needed to give up.

I needed to say goodbye to my almost love.

Did I fall in love with him? I do not know.

Did I love him? Yes, this I am sure of. Possibly, I still love him and will always love him but I need to give up because I no longer see that he will see me as more than a friend. I need to open the door to someone else who will see my worth, who will want to see me everyday and greet me with a hug and a kiss. I need to be with someone who will thank the heavens that he met me. I need to be with someone who will cherish me, love me, and be so in love with me that he can't see life without me.

I can't be with an almost. I deserve more than an almost.

I deserve someone sure, not just an almost.