Sunday, August 17, 2014

She Likes Shoes: Wedge

One of the things I hate about wedges is how heavy they are. I'm already heavy and then the shoes are heavy so it just sucks. Yes, I like the height but at times, I find myself asking, "wouldn't it be nice if this wedge was actually lighter?"

Well, it seems that She Likes Shoes may have heard my silent plea and this wedge you see on the photo is the answer to that. It's as light as paper. Seriously. When I lifted it, it sort of flew in my hand because I lifted it with a bit of force since I knew that wedge were normally heavy.

I wore it to UNTV's Rise and Shine and it was comfortable. It wasn't too light that it would make you feel unbalanced but it was light enough that there was no extra weight felt. AWESOME!

To order, She Likes Shoes PH. 

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