Friday, August 31, 2012


I saw this restaurant almost a year ago and was very curious as to why it was jampacked on a Wednesday night with the skies raining cats and dogs. I remember thinking to myself that it was probably really good to get that kind of crowd going.

I left the place and I completely forgot about it. Almost a year later, I was lucky enough to score an invite to do a review on IMCKavino.

Normally, I do not read other blog posts about a place as I did not want my expectations set but with IMCKavino, I broke this rule. Initial reaction upon reading an entry was, "What?!?! Php388 for 4 pieces of Takoyaki? Are you insane?"

So, I trooped to IMCKavino with a bit of bias and with expectations fully controlled. In my head, I thought it was just another Chinese restaurant that was aiming to be first class.

When I got to the place, I was not that impressed with the interiors. It was pretty okay and cozy but then so were other restaurants. I was however impressed with the staff. Whenever I would take photos, they would ensure that everything was just perfect. It showed me that they liked their job and they cared.

This matters because it means that they are treated right and that matters to me. 

I also had the opportunity to meet the owner and the chef of the place and of course, I couldn't resist having my photo taken with them.

When we were finally sat down and drinks were ordered, the feast started coming in one by one. And what a feast it truly was.

First to be served was the infamous takoyaki. When I initially saw it, I thought to myself, "Oh! It's just lettuce with takoyaki stuff on it." When I took a bite, I was transported to heaven. Yes, I was transported to heaven. It was a combination of bonito flakes, cuttlefish, squid, rice paper, red paste, and mayonnaise. It was heaven on a lettuce.

IT WAS SO GOOD! In fact, I'd willingly go back to IMCKavino just for their Takoyaki. Priced at Php388 for 4 pieces, it is SO WORTH IT!

Gah! I'm still salivating just at the thought of it.

Next came the Chicken Buns and though it looked like your typical siopao, the taste brings you back to the way bola bola siopao was cooked during the 80's with a hint of veggies on it. Wilson, the owner, also mentioned that though it is called chicken buns, it is actually ground pork that is found inside and it is the original version of the bola bola siopao.

Php108 for 3 pcs
The third to be served was something vegetarians would love. It is called Vegie ala Beijing. It is the vegetarian version of their peking duck but I could honestly taste the peking duck though it wasn't there.

Php388 for 6pcs

Then came the soup and what they serves was the Pumpkin Puree Soup with Mushroom. Priced at Php100/cup, it was actually pretty much worth it. It contains not only pumpkin puree, mushroom, but also shrimp, cream dory, and squid. No wonder it's Php100 per cup.

I had 2 cups. Teehee.

They also served us Kingdao Spareribs with Chinese wine and mayonnaise. I remembered FM since spareribs is one of his favorite meals. It was served in a heart platter which endeared it to me but after one bite, I loved it even more. The meat was soft and chewy, the sauce complemented the taste. It was bliss in every bite. I did prefer the mayo over the Chinese wine. It was sweeter.

Php328 per order
Now for the drinks, I had sago't gulaman and Jasmine Delight. Both are priced at Php98. The sago't gulaman was very sweet which I personally love but the revelation of the night was the Jasmine Delight. They used Chinese tea and it was light, fruity, and very refreshing.

They also served us the Drunken Chicken (Php498) which is a tastier version of the Hainanese Chicken, 3 Cup Chicken (Php388) which was tender and juicy but nothing really impressive, Prawn wrapped in Salted Egg which I personally didn't like because I do not like spicy food but the fried kangkong that came with it does make up for the saltiness of the eggs, and Grilled Mushroom which I wasn't able to enjoy much because I was already so full.

For desserts, they gave us Malayan Cake (aka puto, Php108 for 5 pieces), Snow Ball (Php120 for 4 pieces) which was sticky rice with munggo inside, and Coconut Taro Black Rice Sago which was complimentary.

Overall, I was very happy with Chef Kavino's creations. Almost everything was really good and the prices were just right. It may seem a bit steep but really, its worth it.

Almost a year later, I left the place and I can guarantee that I definitely won't be forgetting about it anytime soon.

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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We were supposed to see each other on Saturday. We were not supposed to have lunch together today but because he misses me (according to him) he dropped by the office and we grabbed a quick lunch. :) Yes, I'm lucky that way.

We trooped to RCBC Plaza and headed to Mexicali which was located at the 2nd floor.

Since it was just a lunch date, we opted to get the quickie meals that they had. I got the Fried Chicken and FM got the Chicken Rice Bowl. Both items cost only Php99 each.

My meal was so-so in the sense that there was nothing special about it. In fact, the rice and the banana were downers because they were served cold. It was only the chicken that was hot and it was just your everyday ordinary chicken.

The chicken rice bowl on the other hand was pretty good considering the price. The rice was tasty and had personality, the chicken was cooked right and tasted like fajitas.

Overall, though the lunch was short, I really had fun and enjoyed my lunch date with the funny man. :) Thanks for the surprise. It was much appreciated. 

101 Crafts: Tissue Roll

This book is probably one of the best investments I have ever made for an arts and craft book. So far, B has managed to do 3 projects with it with the help of a friend and I'm really proud that he has these kind of artistic skills.

I'm pretty thankful to this other kid who has patience to deal with my son and who encourages him to do arts and crafts.

Together they were able to make an octopus and a teacup using tissue paper rolls.

Are they not gorgeous? I can't believe that my son was able to make this. I'm such a proud Mommy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Xin Wang HongKong Cafe

I've seen this place a couple of months ago and my family has actually eaten here. Sadly, I wasn't with them when they did so I was really happy when FM agreed to eat here a week ago with the kids.

In a nutshell, I loved the food, I hated the service. When I got there, I asked if there was already a table ready for us. I was told that yes, there was and it was just being cleaned. 15 minutes later, we were still waiting.

I had 4 hungry kids and one slightly tired funny man. I myself was pretty tired and hungry so I wasn't too happy. Still, I had my "I'll try to be nice" card so I asked nicely for the table. Thankfully, they sat us after 5 minutes. Overall, we waited for a table 20 minutes after we were told "it was just being cleaned."

It was a good thing that FM was in a good mood and could even pull pranks.

Finally, we ordered and though there were a couple of things they charged us but did not deliver and there were a few items not available, it was mostly uneventful.

We ordered some of their best sellers and when it comes to the taste of their food, luckily, they deliver.

Deep Fried Wanton Php105
This wanton was very crispy and the taste absolutely great. B actually finished 4 of these and mind you, he already had spareribs and a plate on his own. See below photo that B finished all by himself.

Luncheon Meat with Egg and Rice Php95
B also had some of the spareribs and I simply couldn't believe that so little a guy has such a big appetite.

Steamed Pork Spare Ribs Php95
K got the house specialty which was the Cheese Baked Rice with Fish Fillet which is Php215.

I had a bite of this and it was really cheesy and good. The fish was soft and tasty, the cheese was not an overkill.

I ordered the HK Steamed Mushroom Chicken with Bamboo Rice Php195 and FM ordered the HK Steamed Pork Rib with Salted Fish Php175. 

Steamed Pork Rib

Mushroom Chicken and Bamboo Rice
FM didn't like the bamboo taste so much but found the dish overall satisfactory. I loved the bamboo flavor of the dish and the chicken was soft and chewy. I finished every single morsel that there was.

Overall, our dining experience at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe was pleasant and the food was good. It would have been perfect save for the minor lapses in service of the staff and the manager.

We're definitely coming back here to try their other food choices. 

Life is Kulayful's 2nd contest ...

 and its way better than the first one because I am getting some sponsors. O diba? Ako na! :)

So, it has been more than 7 months since my last contest and I have learned a few lessons from the first one. It was pretty successful but I have now realized that I am completely worthless when it comes to mailing things and so for this contest:

1. those who will join and win must be willing to meet within Metro Manila
2. those who will join and win agrees to have their photo published on my blog and the facebook pages of our sponsors
3. those who will join and win must agree to have their photos be used as part of a portfolio

So, how does this contest go and why did I say facebook pageS?

To join, simply do the following: 
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Note: To get the FB post link, click the timestamp. Example: 5 seconds ago

Prizes are worth Php5000 for the photoshoot, Php400 for the cookies, and Php200 for the mug. Total worth is Php5600. Not bad right? This contest will run from today until September 9. Winners will be announced September 10 and will be picked by B from a fishing bowl. It will be documented. :)

So what are you waiting for? Join and tell everyone about it. PLEASE? :)

its time to let go ...

We are all victims of emotional vampires. You know who they are. They are the whiny friend who just finds something to complain about in everything. They are the super emo friend who is just always unhappy. They are the ones who are just there when things are okay and disappear when problems arise. They are the ones who just nitpicks everything that you do.

We all have these kind of friends. I do and I'm pretty sure you do too.

I say, its time to get rid of them. They do you no good and they you extreme harm. They sap away all your positive energy and they make you feel down and rejected all the time. They drag you down along with them and they just make you feel like everything is dull and gray.

In this time and age, we need to be surrounded by people who inspire us, who want us to be better persons. We need all the positivity that we can get and we need to ensure that our well  being is protected at all times, not just physically but more so mentally and emotionally.

If you have people who do none of the above, its time to let them go.

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Monday, August 27, 2012


I've wanted to eat here ever since I saw this a few months ago. Finally, I was able to try it last night with FM's family since he invited me to have dinner with them. I've been pretty curious as to what Singapore cuisine is like and I hoped that this place will satisfy my queries.

FM and his family ordered a lot and luckily, I was able to try almost everything. Apologies that there will be no price listed but I can definitely say that each plate is around Php200-Php300. The desserts are around Php100.

To start off, the crab and corn soup was tasty and sweet, just the way I liked my cab and corn soup.

The pad thai was a little bit dry but the taste was just right. I  loved the fact that it had a lot of egg in it though I was told that most pad thai do not have egg in it. However, I liked that there was a lot of it.

The Sentosa Rice was a bit of a disappointment for me. It was just fried rice with shrimp and some sort of sauce. It wasn't memorable nor exciting. It didn't leave me wanting to eat more.

The walnut spareribs on the other hand definitely left me wanting to eat more and more and more.It was so good and super sweet. I really liked it.

The sizzling beef was a bit too peppery for me. It had too much of the spice but it was still pretty good.

The hands down favorite dish of the night however was the asparagus with scallops. The scallops were just right and the asparagus crunchy and really fresh. I loved it!

Overall, I wasn't disappointed with Sentosa. It was pretty good and I liked most of the dishes that were served. Thanks FM for inviting me to have dinner with your family.

6th Level Shangri-la Mall

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

fix you

I have always been one of those people who hold on too relationships and not let go even when its time to do so. I believed that until you are truly devoid of any emotion, you should fight for what you have and fix what you perceive is broken. I don't give up that easily.

This has been my strength. It has also been my weakness.

Lately though, especially with the last two relationships I had, I learned to just easily give up on things. I know that its wrong but because of how my previous relationships have been, I became what I never wanted to be; a quitter.

Thankfully, FM came into the picture and he has taught me that when something is broken, you fix it. You do not throw it away. He reminded me that when the going gets tough, you ride the wave and not turn around and quit.

I hope that in the next 65 years, it would be him and I being interviewed and I can give the same answer that the old woman in the photo gave. :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

and he learns ....

FM confessed to not being much of a gift giver nor is he the type to just apologize for something. Sure, he'd say sorry but he was never one to make up for his "fail moments" as I've learned to call it. Recently though, there's been quite a few and though we made up for it, he's finally learned to make up for it.

He surprised me with his last Friday.

What made this gift more special is that it was something I saw back in Taoist Temple, Cebu. I really liked it back then but it was a bit too expensive. Apparently, FM remembered and bought it behind my back. It really makes the gift more special.

And yesterday ... we had a spat and after, he gave me this.

I told him that a sincere sorry would have been enough. Deep inside though, I was all girlish giggle. :) It's now on display near my vanity.

Lolo Dads

It was a very rainy Saturday, the kind of rain that discourages you to go out but go out I did. I traveled all the way from the South to Makati to have lunch at Lolo Dads because it was FM's younger brothers birthday.

Soon as I got off the bus, the rain fell like there was no tomorrow. It was a good thing I had a huge umbrella. I ran and wonder of all wonders, found myself right in front of Lolo Dads.

The place feels intimidating at first but after looking it over, it was just like any other fancy restaurant. The bathroom however, left a lot to be desired. Floors were dirty and the bowl was dirty. It may have been just the start of their shift but still, I expected more since the place was known to be EXPENSIVE.

On that note, lets start with salads. They have a salad aptly called "only for the rich salad" which cost Php1650.

It had scallops, lobster, shrimps, and some fancy green leaves. It tasted alright. I still don't understand why it was so expensive thought but as they say, "to each his own." Some people think its okay to spend that much money on salad; I beg to differ.

Having gotten that over with, we went and had a buffet. FM and I ordered a lot of steak and shrimp, me mostly shrimp and FM going for the steak.

FM had roughly around 6 steaks and I had over 20 prawns. Okay, I had over 30 prawns. It was just so good and the kitchen staff accomodated my request to de-shell the prawns. The steak was pretty good and the prawns were just divine. I liked the way it was cooked and if I wasn't so full, I'd probably have had at least 50.

Now, what would be a birthday if there were no cake?

It was a pretty good lunch and I was happy that I got to try Lolo Dads at no cost. Yes, I found it pretty nice but it is one of those places you reserve for special occasions only.