Sunday, August 10, 2014


I first heard about this place from Carlos Celdran. He posted a photo of the noodle here and it caught my attention simply because he said that it was a hole in the wall kind of place and everything was under 200. Being a single Mom, this was the kind of place that would fit my budget for good finds.

Coming from a play in St. Scholastica, my son, Uncle, and I tropped over to Hotel Benilde because it was where this place was located. I walked all the way from Taft to here in 3inch heels. Was it worth the agony? I'll tell you in a bit.

When we got to the place, it was 9:10 pm and they were already closed. Yes, CLOSED. My heart broke because my heart was set on eating at the place but my feet was feeling worse. It was screaming bloody murder. As I was about to turn away, my Uncle said, "No! They're opening for us!"

OMIGOD! Hallelujah!

The owners were simply awesome. They opened for us eventhough they were already closed. They also took great care of us and chatted with us which is always a plus. It seems that they have the same shop in Vietnam and they were from Vietnam which makes the place and the food legit. 

1st floor

2nd floor
I decided to get the Moc which is pork meatballs. Since the servings were huge, I got the small one for Php129.

I love how fresh the vermicelli noodles were. I love the meatballs even more because the meatballs alone were filled with awesomeness. It wasn't bland; instead, it could stand on its own. The tofu I could do without but I am bias since I really am not a fan of tofu.

The Vietnamese Iced Coffee was also very nice. I can't really say if its authentic as I have never been to Vietnam but its definitely more potent than the ones that I have drank before.

I had a taste of the Beef Noodle and I must say that the beef slices are indeed really tender. It was tasty. How tasty? It just landed on my tongue and I was already overwhelmed with the flavor. It was that tasty. Yum yum!

Definitely, Bundongtam is worth a visit. B and I are coming back here real soon.It was worth every step I took on my 3inch heels.


Yen, Jade, Iree, and Duy (the owners)

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