Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bonding with Mommy

Loved this pic! Know why? Coz this was so spur of the moment. There he was lying in bed, I decided to plop down beside him and just take the pic. I wasn't even sure if it would turn out good coz there was no angling or anything like that ... but look at this ... perfect moment ... =)

B at 6 months

This was taken last January 14. He just turned 6 months old ... got a lil bit thinner .. .didn't grow vertically according to his pedia. BOO!

At least my baby is healthy .... but dang! Wish he would be real tall ... say 6'3 =)

munching his fingers

Its not a handsome picture but I like it because it makes me feel like he's right in front of me munching on his fingers ... that's what he does best nowadays ... eat everything on site ... anything he can grab on, he will and then ... there it goes straight into his mouth.

He aims, he grabs, he shoots, and he scores!

the thinking man

The Thinking Man ...

Honestly, he posted like this. We were all chatting around him and no one was really paying attention to him save for checking that he was not about to fall off the bed ... then my sister in law pointed out how he was posed and me being the photo addict that I was grabbed the camera and snapped away ... cute huh?

B at 3 months

Bulaga! Hehe ... don't know what happened here ... was just taking shots of B and this is what came out ... cute though he looks shell shocked ...

moments with my son

This is the time when B and I were left alone in the room ... everyone else was busy and Daddy was out jobhunting ... B was merely days old here ... just moved into his Dad's place ... one of the few moments where I wasn't crying ... but just staring into his eyes praying that someway, somehow, I will be the Mommy he needs me to be.

B at 2 months

One of those funny moments ... play time with B and he just kept smiling this really irresistible grin of his ... so I decided to sneak in on him and get a picture ... ain't he the sweetest thing? My precious bundle ...

B at 1 month

This pic was taken in the kitchen area .. .we put Brent in his carrier because we were cleaning and he was making a fuss about not being included in all the chaos that was ensuing. =) What a wanna be star! Always wants to be in the center of things ... so like Mommy .... =p

He's so fat in here ... maybe because he used to be so skinny ... milk overload ....

One Day Old B

This pic is so funny ... just woke up after resting from giving birth and first thing that hit me was ... "my baby stinks!" why oh why?"

Apparently he pooped ... so Chinchin who was there volunteered to clean B up and I noticed that he makes this "O" sign whenever his butt was being cleaned or touched by the cottons ... funniest thing coz his eyes would go round as well ... must be wondering what the hell was happening to him ...

Delivery Day

Here is my baby upon going out of my womb, he must have been traumatized as much as I was .... harharhar! =p