Saturday, November 5, 2022

Review of Boat Noodle Philippines in SM Mall of Asia

I recently dropped by Mall of Asia and was pleasantly surprised to see so many new additions to it regarding food. One of them was Boat Noodle Philippines.  

The place was actually pretty spacious. This was one of two locations they had, one being in SM Grand Central, which is way too far for me. 

I was intrigued by the name and even more so when I saw that they were serving their noodle in small bowls. This is why they have a signage outside that says "little bowls of happiness."

It seems that the idea stemmed from Thailand's boat noodles, where they serve guests small bowls filled with noodles, and guests would end up stacking them after eating. Below is a stock photo I grabbed online to give you an idea.  

Here's a copy of their menu. The price point is actually excellent. It's affordable, and though the bowls look small, they can be filling. 

I had the 4+1 sampler set. I got all 4 noodles plus the Thai Milk Tea. 

My favorite amongst the four was the AYUTTHAYA. I'd describe this as the soup you want if it's raining outside, you need comfort, you want to celebrate something, you're missing someone, or you just want a good bowl of noodles. 

It's comfort food for the soul. I think I can finish probably 4 bowls and still want more. 

The SANGKAYAA is so good, but you need to eat it as soon as they put it on your table. It will be piping hot but grab that moment, seize one cube, dip it in the pandan sauce, and have a bite. It will be hot, but it will also be blissful, and it will be worth it. 

The PORK and AYAM LEGEND are also must try's. This one is best served with rice, as you can easily wipe off an entire rice cooker with this grilled goodness. 

Overall, I love Boat Noodle Philippines. I know that Khali and B would definitely love this place as well. It's easy on the pocket, and the food tastes great. Definitely recommending this to family and friends. 

Husband loved it and you can see the evidence in the photo below. 

Boat Noodle Philippines is located on the 2nd Floor of the South Main Mall of Asia. 

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