Saturday, August 16, 2014

Livestock and the Popsicle Stick

I've heard so much about this place but since it was located on the other side of the world for me, I wasn't able to visit it. You see, I live in the South and this was located near GMA Kamuning which is on the far North.

Thankfully, it didn't give up on me and after more than 5 invitations to try their food, I finally was able to do so yesterday.

Livestock is located near GMA Kamuning as I said. If you know where Packos is in Scout Esguerra, its right beside it. It's kind of nondescript but the area is a haven for gimmick lovers so I guess you can just ask people and they can point you in the right direction.

The place is quite simple. There were no ostentatious decor but it is spacious and well lit. There's even an area for smokers and it can easily fit 20 smokers in one go.

Since I've eaten in so many places, I will just talk about the things that stood our for me with this review.

The first thing that caught my attention was the Seafood Laksa. It was hot, it was spicy, it was OH SO YUMMY!  It had a fragrant broth but ends with a sour note and the blend is just perfect. I normally don't like spicy food but this one, I had two bowls; one bowl too many.

This crackling pork belly is also another thing. It was cooked until it cracked but it was still soft, tender, and juicy with all the herbs placed in it making its presence felt. This goes very well with either beer or a lot of rice.

Finally, this is what I came here for. You see, I really didn't believe that crispy pata can be so soft that one can cut it with a popsicle stick and this was their claim. I thought that it was just another deluded marketing plan so when this was served, I was mildly impressed. I thought, perhaps they cut it with a knife first then placed the popsicle stick.

Imagine my shock when they actually started cutting this using just the popsicle stick. OMG! It was that soft. It was crazy soft.

AMAZING! Seriously. I kid you not. If you are in the area,go try it out and see for yourself. We did and we were amazed.

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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION. 

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