Sunday, June 30, 2019

Joy #BestEverLife Salu-Salo celebrates the new Best Ever Joy

With the launch of its new and best ever formulation, Joy, the leading dishwashing liquid in the Philippines, doubled its famous old record of number of plates washed with a single bottle. From 8,750 plates 20 years ago, 17,500 plates were cleaned with just one single 495 ml bottle of the new Best Ever Joy - covering the entire length of the San Juanico bridge and back.

“With our effort to continuously innovate Joy to help Filipino families achieve their Best Ever Life, we introduce the new Best Ever Joy that can wash more plates with just one bottle. This means more savings for families that they can use to lead their best ever lives. The Best Ever Joy is so good that its new formulation was able to clean 17,500 plates with just one bottle of Joy, doubling our own record of 8,750 plates 20 years ago,” shares Meir Yap, Dish Care Brand Manager at Procter and Gamble.

Joy celebrated this momentous occasion through the nationwide #BestEverLife Salu-Salo. The celebration first started on June 23, 2019, near the San Juanico Bridge. Joy celebrity endorser Michael V. was on site in San Juanico Bridge to lay down the 17,500 plates. Guest of Honor Mayor Elect Alfred Romualdez congratulated Joy on the launch of its new and improved product. The event was filled with scrumptious regional cuisines and delicacies, and featured festive song and dance performances by regional prides such as The Prodigals, Remo Tribe and the Rondayan.

Product experts established the new Best Ever Joy’s superior dishwashing mileage with experiment videos that showed the product’s new and improved reformulation -  a truly Zero Sebo* result. The new Best Ever Joy’s mileage was even demonstrated live by how just one bottle of the Best Ever Joy can clean all of the plates utilized in the salu-salo.

San Juanico Bridge was just the start of the celebration of the nationwide Joy #BestEverLife Salu-Salo. On June 24, 2019, celebrity mom Jolina Magdangal-Escueta led another celebration at Plaza Ibarra in Quezon City filled with festive Filipino delicacies and festival performances.
Media guests watched Michael V. via his San Juanico Bridge greeting where he showcased the incredible proof that 17,500 plates were washed by just one 495 ml bottle of the new Best Ever Joy.

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Fellow celebrity mom Rufa Mae Quinto and mommy blogger Momi Berlin joined Jolina on stage to talk about how the new best ever Joy has helped them lead the best ever lives for their families. “I tried using a different dishwashing product in the past, but even though it was cheaper, we ended up spending more because we finished up one bottle so fast. When I use Joy, because the product is so concentrated, one drop goes a long way,” Momi Berlin shared.

In both events, Joy also extended the celebration of the Best Ever Life beyond the attendees of both events. Joy committed to support 1 months’ worth of meals each for the SOS Children’s Village Alabang and Tacloban as part of helping children to live their best lives every day. They will also be donating the thousands of plates washed with Joy lining the bridge to SOS and other organizations that support the feeding and nutrition of children around the Visayas and nationwide.

As more and more Filipinos use the new Best Ever Joy in their homes, more and more are also discovering their best ever life. Be part of the #BestEverLife movement with the new #BestEverJoy!
The new Best Ever Joy comes in a limited offer of only P99 for the 495 ml bottle. Joy is available in all leading supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Back to School Tips for Moms

As summer ends, back-to-school period arrives. Here are tips for moms:

1. Start planning ahead. Have your planner to mark down the dates for kid’s activities, exam dates, occasions to attend to, travel, and others. Through this, you can see the time available for each member of the family and it will not complicate events sooner. Just like when its the week before the exam week of your kids, make sure to have time to help them review and study. In that way, you can monitor their performance at school.

Then, you can plan your leaves at work to attend school activities because it is very important for your kid to see you during these events, especially to school presentation and family sports fest.

Also, you can anticipate when to book for travel leisure locally or internationally. Often, it also encourages every member of the family to look forward on this day and have the necessary preparations beforehand of the trip. Once in a while, it’s always nice to have good times and with your family.

2. Have your mom time. On weekends, you can cook for a Saturday lunch where all the family members are off to school and work. Maximize that time to talk, share, and discuss what happened on their week, how they are, what things are they looking forward the next week, and the like so you will not lose that family bond despite your busy weekdays. Also, you can set weekly indoor or outdoor activities, baking or cooking sessions, movie marathon, and other things that they can all enjoy and have interest with.

3. Plan your meal weekly: make sure they eat right. In studies, breakfast is the most essential time to eat the right amount of food since it will be the foundation of your energy for the whole day. You must really have time to check because they cannot perform at school when their tummy aches.

To plan meals for the week requires time and effort. You should be a creative different variety of food that will not lose the kid’s appetite. For example, having a set of meals from Mondays through Fridays for one month. You kids will definitely won’t like to have the same as they have it the just the other week. There are a lot of YouTube videos where you can learn and try new dishes to cook from time to time. Meals for breakfast and lunch should suffice on the nutrients the kids need.

4. Have household chores and rules set. Make your kids part of setting chores and rules in your home. A family discussion on this would help them mind responsibility at the early stage. Household chores will train them to do these tasks on the easiest possible way perhaps or to build cooperation and teamwork between the rest of your family.

In setting house rules, you can know your kids' suggestions and ideas to make it more effective and friendly to each and every member of the family, because some traditional rules are not applicable as always like the last born is always the baby of the family. These days, it is much better to have equal assigned tasks to everyone. It could be a give and take way, let’s say each one will be assigned on breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

5. Create a family group chat. To maximize the use of technology, you can create a family group chat wherein you can post and message updates to stay intact from time to time. You can also check each family member on his/her day at school, or if there are urgent assignment or project to make that night, school supplies to bring the next day, and other important things to know about.

Indeed, being a mom has no day-off or rest day. To have a well-balanced life is a challenge but possible if you manage your time and be creative of things to do and things to let go. At the end of the day, your family is always your priority.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Rainy Season Tips in Maintaining Your House

Summer has ended this year and time to prepare for rainy days. But what is it about to prepare at all? Why? Should we always do it every time a season ends? Well, it’s always better to be prepared than that come what may and be sorry later.

Filipinos have been always proactive in terms of maintaining their home a good one, as your home sweet home. It has been part of the culture to prepare beforehand. In this rainy season, here are tips to be able to maintain and prepare your house:

1. Go and check your roof. When rain falls, it is your roof that shields your house from water to come into your house. It is always advisable to check it twice a year for possible cracks, holes, or rusty spots. Also, make sure that there are no missing, loose, or curled shingles. If yes, go and replace those to avoid further damages to your wall or ceilings.

2. Clean the gutters. You must also take a look in the gutters, clean to assure that the water could drain well and not to back up when the rain comes. When granules appear, reseal and make sure there are no any downpipe clogs.

3. Inside your home, check the ceilings. After working on the outside of your house, you must also check indoors, start with the ceilings if there are signs of water leakage like water rings, mold or water or ceiling discoloration. If yes, take necessary actions to prevent it from happening again.

4. Tackle your doors and windows. Check your doors and windows if they can be properly closed and its door to door. Chances are, the water could still go inside of your house and rooms so make sure to check and repair if needed.

5. Check the trees and plants around you. Cut and trim it down to reduce the risk to fall or to damage your house. Also, clean up the dried branches and leaves across your backyard.

6. Move furniture and appliances on a higher floor. Be prepared in case of flooding that your assets are safe and away from loss. It is very advisable if your house is located in the flooded areas when storms come.

7. Clean your walkways and check the drainage. Garbage is the main reason of floods. Make sure to dispose your waste regularly and clean up the walkways around your house. Then, check the drainage if the water is passable. If not, you may seek assistance from your community to address it properly.

8. Make time to see and monitor your water faucets and pipes. It is better to check it for easy adjustment and repairs before the rainy season. It’s either to seal or replace your faucet and pipe depending on its condition.

9. Have time to inspect your electrical system. Ask for help if needed, to check the electrical wiring and sockets in your house. Make sure that it is safe from possible water leaks.

10. Use waterproof paints. In case you want to repaint your house, you might want to consider using waterproof paints. Aside from being waterproof, it can also help you maintain its appearance after the rainy season.

11. Conduct a pest control on your house especially termites. Most of the time, pest are seen inside during rainy season then it is best to be proactive. Termites might destroy your furniture, doors, and other wooden stuff on your house. When you conduct its termination, you will be at safe from worries.

12. Prepare for possible flooding in your area. Certainly, you cannot be sure of where typhoons would land during rainy season. Then, it is really advisable to prepare by securing an emergency kit, candles, flashlight, batteries, and goods. Also, always make time to daily check the latest update or news about the weather.

The Philippines, as a tropical country, though it only experiences two (2) distinct seasons: wet and dry. You should always prepare and be proactive of situations that may come along the way especially during the wet season Cliche as it may sound, but it’s better to be safe than sorry especially now that rainy days are fast approaching.

Discovering the right teeth whitening system for you

Chances are, at one point or more in your life you have or will wonder how your smile looks to other people and whether or not you should consider teeth whitening.

If you’re an Avid coffee drinker, red wine connoisseur or simply love to smile, the idea of brightening and whitening your perhaps slightly yellowed, dull smile is probably quite appealing.  With so many different methods of teeth whitening out on the market though, it might be a little overwhelming to figure out which path best suits you.

Your options: professional whitening treatments from your dentist, white strips, whitening toothpastes, charcoal toothpastes, and whatever else is on the shelf in the drug store. Or, you could take the guesswork out of the equation and choose Snow.

Snow is a teeth whitening company that strives to bring new technology and resources into the world of oral care. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Snow has put much of their time and resources into researching the best way to improve users oral health and brightening smiles.

Snow’s mission isn’t just to bring their users the best whitening results, but also to improve the oral health of their customers and spread access to dental care to the world. With every purchase of Snow’s system, they donate proceeds to bring dental care to families who do not have access to it.

Snow cares about the well -being of their customers and those who are unable to afford dental care, making them a unique company and separating them from others.

Finding the perfect whitening system can be a frustrating journey of trial and error. Many at home systems, while affordable, don’t give the results you’re after or can leave teeth feeling sensitive and uncomfortable. Then there is the professional route, which will most likely give great results for a great amount of money. Professional treatments also tend to cause a lot of discomfort and sensitivity afterwards. Snow wanted to offer a system that would provide the perfect middle ground between astronomical prices at the dentist and cheap, disappointing options from the drug store, so they created their whitening kit.

Snow’s whitening kit consists of a whitening serum, a unique LED light mouthpiece, a red light therapy feature, and a moisturizing and anti- aging lip balm.   With the recent additions Snow has made to their new system, the whitening kit has become the caliber of a professional dental treatment. With the whitening treatment, you’ll be able to finally have the smile you’ve been after.

The red light feature is an exciting addition because it not only will improve the appearance of teeth and gums, but it protects and restores the health of gums. Red light is used to stimulate the blood circulation in gums, which will prevent receding gum lines. So now, you can even protect your mouth while you whiten.

With the new system, the LED mouthpiece is also wireless and waterproof, making it easier to whiten wherever and whenever you please. For those who are always on the go or maybe those who brush their teeth in the shower, you can now whiten in the shower too.

All you need is ten minutes a day to achieve the whitest smile of your dreams. Usually results start to show up in the first three uses but everyone is different so the results might vary.

If you’re ready to stop wondering what teeth whitening method out there is best for you, give Snow’s whitening kit a try. Based on their thousands of overjoyed customers, you won’t be disappointed! Pick up your kit on Snow’s website today.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

5 Things to Consider Before Relocating

Relocating, to move to a new place. Many people faced relocating from one place to another for a reason, maybe because of personal, career advancement, weather, community or future endeavors. Personal in terms of deciding to relocate close or far from your loved ones. Career advancement lets it be more exciting for that new opportunity to hold. Weather comes from the area which defines safety and protection from natural calamities such as earthquake and flood. The community you want to belong with and your future endeavors of settlement, business, or for a living. Whichever your reason is, here are the 5 things to consider before relocating:

Consider your status. If your single, it’s much easier to decide on relocating unlike when you’re married and have kids. Then, you will also consider your partner’s job or your kids’ school. Either of these two, it’s hard. Your status will make it more complicated on this kind of setting.  You should know which one to prioritize and what decision you’ll make or will you even push through in relocating with all these things in your mind. But the best way to know your family’s advice is to sit and discuss your plan.

Consider your job. Your job may be the main reason for your relocating, for career advancement or new opportunity. As an employee, most of your time is spent at the office and it’s really convenient for you if you live closer to the workplace. Aside from your salary and compensation you have or being offered to you, you should also mind the tenure of service you’ll give to the company because the market value or rental fees increase from time to time. Your job or job application affects your view of relocating.

Consider the location. Where you are affecting your relocating. It defines how you can able to transition yourself from home to work, home to your family, friends, and others. The place should be close to your needs, especially to establishments you actually need such as bank, grocery store, market, church, school, and the like. The more you live close to these, your life will become much easier and relocating is going to be on your edge. Location mainly creates improvement to your living once you choose the right place for you relocating.

Consider your financial capability. The money will always be a concern when relocating because it could mean additional cost and maybe higher cost from some point in time. For example, if before you only have 2-bedroom then your relocate to a 3-bedroom house then definitely rental fees are higher. Or perhaps, you live in suburban then you relocate to the urban city. These scenarios will let you ask yourself, will I able to afford and incur more expenses this time? Will I face cushion after relocating? It best to assess your salary versus the cost of living prior to relocating. Through this, you’ll able to anticipate and prepare your budget for each spending you’ll have.

Consider yourself. Will you still be okay to move to another new place? Again? For the nth time? Are there people who’ll be affected by your decision of relocating? And most importantly, are you 100% sure of relocating? Over the years, changes are inevitable from family to friends, to work to social life. These things affect yourself for the decisions you make. You must ensure yourself that relocating is the right decision to make, and it has a positive result for your living and for everyone who’s with you. Relocating is much more difficult if it's in other countries, it could be a dream come true or it might fill you up with anxiety in the long run.

Nevertheless, the decision of relocating is vested upon yourself to go or not.

Thus, these things to consider before relocating is the guide to further know and assess your status, job, location, financial capability, and yourself. Relocating is a big matter and hard to have your decision right away wherein you’ll need time and effort to evaluate all the factors involved.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Need a wardrobe upgrade? Zilingo has your back. 

This season, leading online fashion platform Zilingo, released their latest trendS selection, 
boasting different cuts and highlighting textures, vintage hues and an arresting foray of 


The brand marries chic styles and street looks in this curated collection, featuring Utilitarian 
pieces in Khaki, Cream and Beige. Fashion fans will also be thrilled with the platorm’s take on 
deconstructed lace and 80s denim pieces in White, Black and Brown matched with modern  
Athleisure looks and snake textured sheets that accentuate style and attitude.


Recognizing the continuous growth and potential of the online retail market, and the need 
to constantly provide its customers with new and exciting options, Zilingo aims to showcase 
a unique shopping experience to its customers and enable brands to expand their reach to 
fashion enthusiasts across the region. 

“We would like our customers to have easy access to fashion, and as our way of saying thank 
you for all the support we’ve received, Zilingo is having a site-wide Zilingo Payday sale from 
now till 30 June that is sure to delight customers with up to 90% off on selected items,” 
Ryza added.  

Fashionistas across the country can purchase the collection anytime and anywhere via 
Zilingo’s website and app, and have them delivered to their doorstep at no extra charge, 
with multiple payment methods including cash-on-delivery.

How to Recognize the Perfect Furniture for Your Home

Every living space you occupy can be defined by your taste of furniture. Furniture adds essence to the home and reflects your sense of style. In light of this, it is necessary that you choose the perfect furniture for your home, which showcases your style.

While style is important, comfort in a home can never be overstated. There are several factors to be considered when seeking comfort in the design of a home and furniture is in the front line of these factors. The right furniture in your home will give you order, beauty and comfort.

This article will outline some very handy tips on how to recognize the right furniture for your home.

Here Are 4 Ways to Choose the Perfect Furniture for Your Home

Evaluate Your Space
A proper evaluation of your space will determine if you’ll be expressive with your furniture or make it minimal. It is important to determine how much space you have by taking measurements and designing accordingly.

Having minimal furniture in a large space will leave your home feeling like a void and having excess furniture in a small space will have your home cluttered. The placement of windows and doors are to be considered as well when evaluating space because they can affect the arrangement of your furniture.

Evaluate Your Budget
Consider your budget when buying furniture as it can be quite expensive. Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have fine wooden furniture for your home or any kind of furniture you so desire. You just have to plan right and be patient.

Where furnishing the entire home will prove too expensive, you can determine what furniture you need the most, buy it, and as time progresses, you buy the others. You can find matching sets of furniture in clearance sales. You can even purchase furniture with multiple functions to serve you better. For example, foldable sofa beds. Be careful not to buy substandard furniture as they will not last long.

Consider the Architecture of your home
It is imperative that you put in the architectural background of your bedroom or living room into consideration before going out in search of furniture. This includes your columns, ceiling, doors and windows. What do they emit? Modern or contemporary appeal?

When these questions are duly answered, you can now determine what kind of furniture will synergize with the architecture on ground to give a harmonic appearance. A lack of attention to the architectural details of your home may have your overall design contrasting. So, if the present architecture is contemporary, you’ll find it befitting to select furniture with similar elements.

What’s Your Theme and Style
We all have varying tastes when it comes to virtually everything under the sun. From colors, choice of shoes, cars, and hairstyles; everything speaks of individuality and unique preference. So, how do you decide on a theme? Color comes first. Color is the principal element of theme. Deciding on a color scheme allows you to design a room with a unifying theme. Selecting furniture that rhymes with the theme of a room will present a beautiful look generally.

Style comes next. What’s your style? 
You need to choose something that will be comfortable for you. Personalization is important. Don’t seek trends, go for what is meaningful to you. Reveal your interests and show what is important to you. It could be adding photos or original artwork. While you may want to impress your friends and guests, it is your home first and foremost, do what you like the most. Your style should be reflected in your furniture choices.

Furniture accentuates the look of your home. It defines what a space should do, and it establishes order in the home. It turns your living space into a home. Selecting the perfect furniture should not be taken lightly as it is a reflection of who you are and how you perceive your home.

mark. Lip Prism Lipstick

People have a right to their opinion. However, people don't have the right to impose their opinion on others. Sadly, a lot of people think they actually have the right when it comes to makeup and how little or how many should be on a woman's face.

I've been a victim of "you look so pale! Put make up on!" and "Why do you have make up on? I like it better when you don't have any."

If I were to follow everyone who felt entitled to tell me what I should and should not put on my face, I'd go crazy.

Giving backhanded compliments is one thing, but being rude and snarky is another. And among all the unsolicited words makeup-wearing women get, these are just some that should be retired immediately:

“Do you really need all that product on your face?” Putting on makeup can be tedious, but it is a skill that women are proud to have. All makeup products are interconnected; the process is a very personal artform for every woman.

“Guys prefer girls that are more natural-looking.” Society has this dated idea that women make all this effort just to be noticed by a man. But in reality, women couldn’t care less about what others think about their makeup. Putting it on takes an ample amount of time and work, and all that isn’t for anyone else but herself.

“You look totally different when you don’t have makeup on.” Makeup is a way to transform yourself, so of course the end result looks different. After all, it’s an art for expressing different moods and emotions—regardless of what other people think.

Such is the idea behind the new mark. Lip Prism Lipstick by AVON, which encourages women to be unapologetic about their beauty. Every swipe gives you 4,000 prismatic pearls that shine with every move, creating a show stopping look that lasts for hours. It’s the perfect lipstick for when a woman wants to make a statement—the type that needs no explanation.

And with these shades, what's there to explain?

Hyper Fusion, Blast Off, Reflective Scandal

Swatches of Hyper Fusion, Blast Off, Reflective Scandal
Futuristic Dreams, Energy Flash, Aura On

Swatches of Futuristic Dreams, Energy Flash, Aura On
Nude Eclipse, Interstellar Love, Celestial Crush

Swatches of Nude Eclipse, Interstellar Love, Celestial Crush
This collection features the hottest colors for 2019, including coral (Energy Flash shade), the Pantone color of the year. There are 10 saturated shades you can choose from, including different Reds & Corals, Plums & Wines, Pinks & Mauves, and Nudes.

Put on something hot, whether you’re going out with friends or just feel like glamming up at home. It’s nobody’s business but yours.

The mark. Lip Prism Lipstick by AVON is available through Avon Representatives, or online via Follow Avon Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Top Cities to consider when living in the Philippines

The Philippines has 7,107 islands, the country is rich in biodiversity and has a multicultural community. The number itself says how hard it is to pick the location and to build a home.
Most of us consider living in the city maximizing opportunities both career and leisure. On the boost developments around the metro, people choose to settle to a place where they can live the best lives. With that, here are the top cities you can consider to live:

Paranaque offers urban living with less traffic and pollution. It has a variety of options such as villages, condominiums, and business buildings you need. It is situated in the south and has access to main roads, in and out of Manila through expressways. Why Paranaque? It conveys to comfortably live in a city wherein its not too crowded and a place to enjoy. A calm venue to start a family and perhaps a business without much competition and a huge market available. Aside from these things, Paranaque is the most important point of navigation as where the international airport is lodged.

Manila has a thousand reasons why you should choose Manila. It is well-known as the Capital of the Philippines. It has the very heart of all aspects of living that you are looking for. Food, shopping malls, event centers, hotels, colleges and universities, top companies and business establishments are all situated in Manila. The convenience of choosing a place to live where there are good employment opportunities, entertainment deals to enjoy with, and education for your kids. For sure, every business that you’ll invest will most likely become profitable because of the presence of the market. So it is indeed a yes-yes thing.

Quezon City has the most number of barangays in the metro, with 142 to choose a place to live in shows how and which shows how good the demographics are. QC is one of the highly urbanized cities which says how sound the income of the city is through good governance. It is accessible through EDSA, MRT, LRT, and with Araneta bus terminals heading to south or north region. A fully diversified city of buildings, condominiums, establishments, and houses. A bonus pack, that it has one of the biggest event centers, the Araneta Center where sports, concerts, and other national occasions are being held from time to time. Truly, it is a yes deal to live in Quezon City.

Makati, the central business district in the metro. If you are notching to put up a business, Makati is one of the best places to live for you. The prime venue to land your dream job wherein the ideal place for white-collar employees and professionals. Who would not want to live in Makati? To where international and known companies are established, to where the business spotlight reigns, to where you can be ahead of the curve and pack. Definitely, Makati is the best place to live for business entrepreneurs, aspirants, and a home for horizontal, vertical houses and buildings. Live your best life in Makati.

Taguig is the top, fast-rising city in the metro. International investors continue to see the area as big as their tall buildings are, developers undeniably putting more options to people on every corner of the place. Left and right constructions are still up. To live in Taguig will let you experience that kind of millennial lifestyle from home to your workplace, with perks of some leisure and fun around. It offers skyscraper venues to choose from, seeing the city on your very own eyes every single day and night. Do you want it? Well, pick Taguig as your home - as your home sweet home.

These locations are exclusively picked for all types of individuals, families, and young professionals to where they can invest and live for a lifetime. To where the future is bright and to where success awaits you. As the days pass, the market value of land goes higher as it is the best kind of investment that holds and adds value for a good venture. Whichever you pick - Paranaque, Manila, Quezon City, Makati, and Taguig are all a good choice.

ToyCon 2019

Are you ready for ToyCon 2019?

The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention, better known as TOYCON PH, is celebrating 18 years of serving pop culture enjoyment to its fans both local and international. It is, simply put, the longest-running and premiere pop culture event in Asia.

Early this year, TOYCON PH presented a fresh visual identity, through a new logo, to cater to the growing millennial crowd, and also attract visitors from all over the world with a global perspective to promote the Philippines as the leading pop culture playground in Asia, that showcases Filipino creativity, innovativeness and talent through toys, games, entertainment and digital content.

TOYCON’s new tagline indicates the direction of where it is going. It is now an International event that will flex its muscle to further increase the international visitors that are coming.

This all means that a better and grander line-up of activities is expected for this year. These activities are guaranteed to give its enthusiastic followers and the casual fans more to enjoy in TOYCON.

TOYCON has had 17 years of excellent experience in making the Philippine pop culture scene the most dynamic and the most fan-centric experience in the region! It started the pop culture revolution in the country. And now it is capturing the heart of pop culture enthusiasts in the whole Asia Pacific region.

This year is the 18th year of the event, and through the years it has been adding value and uniting the different toy and pop culture communities in the Philippines. TOYCON’s Exclusive Toys and merchandise.

One of the things to anticipate this year are the exclusive toys, collectibles and merchandise that will come out of the event. This year, there will be more exclusive toys that will come out in TOYCON. And if you are a toy collector, it will be one of those events that you can call heaven sent.

Headlining as the marquee TOYCON exclusive is the Zeta Manila Killa PH Colorway designed and created by Quiccs Maiquez, who was awarded Toy Designer of the Year and Toy of the Year in the recently held Designer Toy Awards in New York City.

In addition, the much-anticipated Jollibee Flocked variant Funko Pop will also exclusively be distributed by the Funko Funatics Philippines during the event this year. We also have Filipino-inspired toy exclusives of Tiny Ghost by Bim Toy, Dino by Ziqi Toys and the first release of the Batman Imperial Palace warrior vinyl toy by Mindstyle.

The era of the digital influencers is here. TOYCON, with our partner Pop Life Global, is giving the community a taste of the future and beyond. First up are influencers from the Pop Life’s Pro-Am Studios, which is in the business of making movies out of their studio and post-production facilities in China. They are slated to release five movies this year and next.

One highlight of this year’s FanXperience event will be the Battle Dance Champions featured in the Pop Life produced movie, No Dance, No Life. World-class dance will take over the FanXperience stage featuring talents such as Former Bboy of the Year: Bboy Morris, World of Dance 2019 Champions: The Kings, World of Dance Team of the Year: Academy of Villains, and The Creator of the dance style, Krumping, Tight Eyez.

The international artists are a staple of TOYCON. Through our partner, Pop Life Global, we have had guests from Game of Thrones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Power Rangers, Superman and X-Men, and other great franchises.

This year two guests confirmed to arrive are from the hit AMC series The Walking Dead. These are actors Michael Cudlitz, who played Sergeant Abraham Ford, and Steven Ogg, who played Simon and also plays Trevor in the hit video game Grand Theft Auto V.

So who's excited to attend? Sound off below!

Shell engages Kids on Energy Future

It's never too early to educate kids about the things that matter. 

As it celebrates 105 years of operation in the Philippines, Pilipinas Shell (Shell) renews its commitment to deliver more and cleaner energy to help meet growing needs and find ways to use energy more efficiently.

At the heart of this commitment is the goal to #MakeTheFuture of energy one that is environmentally and socially responsible and thus, sustainable with the help of all stakeholders, including kids.

Shell launched its #MakeTheFuture campaign with an event designed for kids at the Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City Taguig.

“Everything that we are doing today impacts on future generations, and it is interesting to see what tomorrow’s decision-makers and leaders know about energy, how they’re affected and what they think must happen to ensure that Shell can help make the future sustainable for them,” says Cesar Romero, country chairman of Shell companies in the Philippines.

By holding the Kids #MakeTheFuture event, Shell intends to create an opportunity to promote energy consciousness and education among youngsters, as well as to invite them to join the discussion on improving and making the future of energy.

The young attendees were among the first to see the #MakeTheFuture campaign video which highlights inspiring stories of kids who benefit from ongoing programs like Access to Energy, Shell’s program to power off-grid communities using renewable energy.

Romero was joined by Managing Director of Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. (SPEX) Don Paulino and Country Health Manager Dr. Rose Rivera in providing insights on the many ways that everyone, including kids, use and expend energy, and what Shell does to provide them the energy that they need.

Among those who attended the Kids #MaketheFuture event were children of celebrities like Nathan Linsangan, son of Camille Prats-Yambao; Micaela Pingris, daughter of Danica Sotto-Pingris; and Eia Tan, daughter of Sherilyn Reyes-Tan. Together with other kids from the Trumpets Playshop, The School of Academics and Arts, Eton International School, and children of invited media, they responded to and asked questions during kid-friendly discussions held to jumpstart their energy education.

Toblerone celebrates 7-Eleven's 35th year

Great things last forever! For many amazing years, Toblerone, one of the country’s gifting chocolate brands, and 7-Eleven, have been partners in the Philippines. As the biggest convenience store in the country, 7-Eleven is the best place for Toblerone to be – making it easy and convenient for anyone, anywhere to pick up a perfect gift for all occasions!

To mark 7-Eleven’s 35th year in the Philippines, Toblerone and 7-Eleven are going big, or giving big, rather. From May 8 to July 30, 7-Eleven customers will have the chance to bring home GIANT Toblerone bars! By purchasing participating Mondelez Philippines products like Toblerone and Cadbury Dairy Milk from 7-Eleven stores nationwide, you have the awesome opportunity to join the e-raffle and be one of the lucky 2,600 7-Eleven customers to win 4.5kg Toblerone bars.

Every participating Mondelez Philippines product has a corresponding raffle entry equivalent, and the more entries, the more chances of winning! To join, simply purchase any of the following Toblerone and Cadbury Dairy Milk items in the list below, write your full name, complete address, contact numbers, and signature at the back of the receipt of purchase, and drop at designated drop boxes in 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

“Our partnership with 7-Eleven has been nothing but sweet, and we wanted to celebrate this unforgettable milestone by giving our loyal customers the chance to share the sweetness through this special promo,” Ros Fajardo Key Accounts Manager of Mondelez Philippines, the distributor of Toblerone in the country, said.

Solid and sweet relationships ought to be celebrated, and the partnership of Toblerone and 7-Eleven is proof that some things are better together. So, head to the nearest 7-Eleven branch near you, and share the sweetness with Toblerone.

Oreo Spider-man Power of Play Promo Launch

Love Spiderman and dreaming of going to Europe? Read on!

Last June 15, Spider-man fans got to elevate their spidey senses and experience the power of play together with Ylona Garcia, Eric "Eruption" Tai, Gino Quillamor, and Noel Agra. It was a day full of fun games, activities, and exciting prizes. If you missed out on this event, don’t worry! You can still join the promo and get a chance to win a trip to Europe!

I was personally excited to be part of this launch because my son is a big Spiderman fan. I knew that he would loved the event and he did!

To add more action to the promo, Oreo recently hosted a day full of Spider-man inspired activities, aptly called the Oreo Spider-man Power of Play in Robinsons Ermita. There, Oreo fanatics and Spider-man fans had the opportunity to try cool challenges such as the Oreo Spider-man Power Wall, Oreo Spider-man Power Climb, and Oreo Spidey Swing. Celebrities such as Eric ‘Eruption’ Tai, Ylona Garcia, Gino Quillamor and Noel Agra joined in on the fun, and tried all the incredible offerings Oreo had in store.

In case you missed this spectacular day, don’t worry! The great news is that you can still win amazing Spider-man items and a trip for two to Europe. To join the raffle, simply purchase limited edition Oreo Spider-man packs and register at Participants must take a snap of the receipt as proof of purchase of their limited-edition Oreo Spider-man pack. Each pack is equal to one entry, so the more packs you buy, the more chances of winning!

Incredible Spider-man merchandise such as hoodies, t-shirts, bento lunch boxes, as well as Sodexo gift certificates and so much more are up from grabs as secondary prizes. One lucky winner will win a once-in-a-lifetime trip for two to Europe, which will include a city tour, a 4-day and 3-night hotel stay, roundtrip ground transportation between the airport and hotel, and a special gift bag from Oreo.

The limited-edition Oreo Spider-man packs are currently available in leading supermarkets and department stores nationwide. The Oreo Spider-man promo period is from June 1 to July 31, 2019, and all residents in the Philippines nationwide are eligible to join the promo.

Winners of the promo will be announced shortly after the raffle draw. Winning limited-edition Oreo Spider-man pack entries are required to be shown in order to claim prizes. To know the full mechanics of the promo, visit or log on to

To see what happened during the launch, watch the video below.

Design your Own Shoes with FSJ Shoes

Have you ever felt frustrated after spending hours in the mall looking for the perfect shoes? It could be that nothing felt right or if it did, it didn't fit well. The worse would be when it doesn't come in your size or the color that you need it to be.

I feel your frustration because this has happened to me too many times. Way too many times in fact since I was in grade school.

I would find the perfect shoes but my feet is on the plus size so there would be no size that would fit. If I do find shoes in my size, it's normally plain or boring. It's like you just can't win.

When I chanced upon FSJ shoes and their offer to let me design my own shoes, I was over the moon. Finally, a pair of shoes that I can order, be guaranteed to fit in, and come in a style that I would like.

Now I've always preferred comfort over fashion but with FSJ's design my own shoes aspect, I can actually come up with gladiator sandals that I can wear on a daily basis and not worry about tripping or it hurting my feet.

You see, I'm one of those persons who always ends up tripping over the smallest dents on the road. If I get to design my own shoes, I can make sure that the soles are non-slippery, the straps won't cut on my skin, and the inch will be really minimal. I can also guarantee that the style will match any outfit that I have because I believe in maximizing everything that I have inside my closet. 

I can also wear wedges because they are flat but really stylish. It also matches pants, skirts, shorts, long dresses, and pin up dresses as well. It's versatile which is something that matters to me when it comes to my shoes.

If you want to design your own shoes and have it delivered right to your doorstep, FSJ shoes is the one for you.

Avon's Free as a Butterfly Campaign

A lot of people have likened women to roses. Beautiful to look at when you touch them, they can prick you with their thorns. This may be true but what people also forget about roses is that when someone wants to get them, you need to cut the roses from where they stand which is also what happens with most women.

Men admire women for their quirks and appearance. However, what men do not realize is that the same quirks will eventually be the main reason for them to be irritated and the same appearance will not last. We get old, have babies, metabolism slows down and then we are no longer the fit goddesses that we once used to be.

For some men, they see this as a reason to cheat and not treat their women right. In fact, they use it as a reason. I know this because my previous partner said the same thing. I was no longer pretty. I was no longer thin. I was no longer exciting.

So he cheated.
So he slapped me.
So he beat me up.

A lot of women end up thinking that they deserve this, that it is their fault. We all need to #Stand4Her. Women who get beaten up also become victims of Stockholm Syndrome. The abusers will tell these women that they should be grateful that the men has not left them. That they deserve it. That it is completely their fault.

It is heartbreaking.
It is life threatening.
It is soul crushing.

We need to break the chain of  violence and allow women to not be roses. Rather, we should let them fly as free as a butterfly. You can do your part in your own small ways with Avon.

AVON is continuing its mission to help end violence against women and girls with its latest addition to the Free as a Butterfly collection, a special butterfly watch.

In line with the company for women’s #Stand4Her campaign, the watch raises funds to help female victims of abuse. As an advocate for women’s freedom to live a safe and healthy life, AVON is taking concrete measures to address the issue of abuse, which continues to hold many women back from achieving their full potential.

A gift with purpose, the Free as a Butterfly watch is a perfect token for the strong women in your life. Fit for anyone, whether it’s your mother, sister, spouse, or friend, the watch is symbolic of empowerment, resilience, and beauty.

At just P899, the watch supports AVON’s partner NGOs committed to supporting women and girls who have survived different forms of abuse. P100 of every piece purchased goes straight to helping empower these women.

The fight against gender-based violence is just one pillar of #Stand4Her, a movement by women, for women. With this platform, AVON is also working to provide more earning opportunities for women, raise awareness on breast cancer detection, and help women feel more represented, celebrating each one’s unique brand of beauty.

#Stand4Her until she remembers how to stand up for herself.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Flora Photography with the Zenfone Max M2 Pro

Yesterday, we were at the Flower Dome in Singapore. As the name suggests, the Flower Dome is an amazing place. Naturally, we had to take photos so I was able to test the camera of the Zenfone Max M2 Pro.

Some of my favorite shots can be seen below.


And below is my family.

I love the details captured and the color of the flowers were just as it was in real life. There was no lost of color and the details are just really amazing.

Which one was your favorite photo? Let me know.