Friday, May 28, 2021

My Sinovac Story

Yesterday, I finally got vaccinated against COVID-19. I was so happy. Seriously. 

I know that so many people are reluctant and have questions or reservations but I was all for it. In my opinion, dying from COVID is far scarier than the side effects of the COVID vaccine. Truth be told, I didn't even ask what vaccine we were getting. I just want to be vaccinated. 

When I was told it was Sinovac, I was okay. If they had told me it was AstraZeneca, I would still be okay. If it was Pfizer or any other, I would still be okay. 

It was a very smooth process. We filled out some forms then waited. When it was our turn, they checked our blood pressure, asked a few questions about our health, and were sent to the vaccination area. 

Inside it was very cold. They also had beds available for those who may feel dizzy or needed to rest after. Thankfully, I did not experience that. 

The nurse who vaccinated me had light hands and I barely felt the injection. A day after and I don't have sore muscles. The only side effect that I experienced from Sinovac was sleepiness. In fact, I slept from 3pm to 10pm yesterday and then from 2am to 4am again. 

I feel much better now and no longer sleepy. 

I hope that everyone will get vaccinated and not be choosy on the vaccine that they will get. Sinovac or not, as mentioned many times, the best vaccine is the one that is readily available. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

First Attempt to Cook Tamagoyaki

My husband loves egg dishes. He can eat eggs every day and because of this, my first attempt in learning to cook for him involved the Japanese egg roll more famously known as Tamagoyaki. 

This is how it looks like when done professionally. 

Last Sunday, I went straight to the kitchen instead of heading to bed and started on with my attempt. Here are my ingredients. 

I had 4 eggs, seaweed, Danes Cheese, butter, and hotdogs. I wanted to use spam but we ran out of it so I replaced it with hotdog. I also added cheese because the husband loves cheese. 

I prepped the pan and made sure that it was heated well. I spread some butter and poured the egg. You need to remember to make sure that you put only a thin layer of egg because you will roll this over again and again. 

Every time that you roll it over, don't forget to do it gently to not break the layer, add the cheese, and spread some butter on the pan to prevent the newly poured egg from sticking to the pan because you will repeat the process again and again. 

If you are able to do this properly, this is what it will look like. 

It's not perfect but it looks good right? Most important, the husband and B loved it. B even said that he was genuinely surprised because it was really good. Hahaha. 

I'm hoping that I'll be able to do more of these attempts and that we all survive my cooking hahaha. 


Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sinangag Express

The first time I tried Sinangag Express, it was in 2007. I was working for a call center in Alabang and some of my coworkers introduced it to me. I remember thinking that it was okay. It was something that can fill the tummy and I loved their tocilog. 

It was straightforward breakfast food. 

Luckily, a brand opened inside our village and after dropping off our cats to be neutered, we decided to have breakfast there. Thankfully, there were no people yet because it was just 730am.

Their prices have gone up but not too much which is a good sign. I ordered the Ilocos Bagnet, M ordered the Chicksilog, and Chef ordered the Liemsilog. 

The chicksilog was okay. It was comfort food. Nothing outstanding but if you want fried chicken early in the morning or late at night, you can go to this place for some cheap eats. 

The Ilocos Bagnet and the Liemsilog were sad in my opinion. It was fried too much and it was tiny. It's like the little piece of meat that everyone forgot at the last minute and then tried to salvage but it was just sad. 

I had a great breakfast still, mainly because of the people I was with. I wish that Sinangag Express would put a bit more care and effort into what they serve. Eventhough it's fairly cheap food, it shouldn't be cheaply cooked and done. 

I used to love Sinangag Express but with my recent experience, I think I'm better off cooking my own breakfast at home. 

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Review of the Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Laptops

I have a bad habit of eating while working. Since I do this, it's fair to say that there are food crumbs that get stuck on my laptop keyboard.  This is the same for when I journal, do my arts, or even diamond paint. The little things that fall off can be a hassle to pick up. 

I first saw this on Shopee. I thought to myself, "does it really work? Can it really pick up the small pieces? Will this be worth my money?" 

After thinking it over, I decided to give it a go. 

Today, my son decided to tore an egg apart. He ate it and spat it out and proceeded to tear it into tiny little pieces and flung the parts on his crib. This would have been a nightmare to clean up but I remembered that I had this portable vacuum cleaner so I gave it a try. 

It was perfect. It sucked up all the really tiny crumbs and I had an easy time cleaning up the crib. 

I can't believe that it managed to get all of these small bits which would have been a nightmare if I had to pick it up with my hands. As you can see, it can also suck up even eraser bits and fallen hair. 

I am so so happy with this purchase. It's definitely worth every peso spent. 

You can buy your own here

Friday, May 21, 2021

Review of Lola Nena's Triple Cheese Donut

I've been hearing so much about Lola Nena's donuts that when the husband craved some donuts, I immediately suggested ordering Lola Nena's via GrabFood even though I knew that the price would be exorbitant. 

I was that curious. 

I paid Php260 for a box of 8 donuts. To be fair, the donuts were heavy and bigger than usual. One piece costs Php32.50 which is not bad for a triple cheese donut. 

The donuts came with an instruction. Heat it for 15 seconds and consume immediately. 

Of course I had to see why you needed to heat it before eating so what I did was I ate one without heating and ate one more that was heated first. It also served as a good excuse to eat two donuts. 

Without being heated: The donuts were just so-so. It was okay and filling but nothing memorable or exciting. 

When heated: The donut tasted so much better. It's softer and with the melted cheese, oh so good. You want to finish it asap because the combination of the warm bread and melted cheese is really, really satisfying. 

Would I order again? Definitely but I'll wait until they have the pichi pichi and pansit so that the delivery fee will be worth it. 

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Maxime Celebrates First Birthday

Celebrations are one of the most important and fun activities we remember in our life. Any celebration automatically gives us this feeling of joy, love, and memories to keep forever. We recognize milestones, achievements, anniversaries, and birthdays to remember the good things that happened for us, with us, and with the people, we want to be with. 

A doggo’s birthday is just as special, and many of us fur parents enjoy spoiling them with extra treats and attention. If you'd like to know the human age of your furbabies, use this calculator from Dogs Corner that I found online which gives you an accurate dog to human years conversion. After all, it's important to celebrate each birthday with the right number. 

Joyous occasions and heartwarming moments like these are the events that we should cherish as a way of thanking our dogs for the unconditional love and joy they bring to our lives.

For its first birthday, Maxime is giving a special treat for doggos and their owners who live their best moments everyday. Pet parents can enjoy up to 25% off on all Maxime products when they purchase during Lazada and Shopee’s sales this month, shoppers can also redeem store and shipping vouchers worth P50 with a minimum spend of P500:

May 20

Shopee Groceries Sale: 15% off

May 25

Shopee Groceries & Pet Care Fair: 15% off

May 28

Lazada Payday x Clearance Sale: 15% off until May 30

Shopee’s Pilmico Store Anniversary Brand Feature: 25% off

Maxime’s line of premium dog food contains essential ingredients such as pre and probiotics, DHA, and Omega 3 and 6 that give doggos the best care possible. 

Maxime comes in four variants for puppers and doggos:

Maxime Standard Adult Prime Dog Diet is made with the best ingredients to form a complete and balanced diet. Probiotics are added to give adult doggos a stronger immune system, and DHA for a sharper mind. Maxime Standard Puppy Prime Dog Diet is boosted with prebiotics to improve a pupper’s nutrient absorption; strengthen their heart, bones, and teeth; and help build a healthier tummy.

Maxime Elite Adult Prime Dog Diet is enhanced with high levels of prebiotics, antioxidants, and optimized omega 3 and 6. These improve nutrient absorption for the immune system and give them a shinier fur and coat. Other choice ingredients include yucca extract to control stool odor and multi-animal proteins to reduce possible food allergies. Maxime Elite Puppy Prime Dog Diet has added DHA to accelerate brain development and to provide a strong immune system, healthy skin, and a shiny coat.

Maxime’s mix of essential ingredients ensures better health and a sharper mind. Aside from showering them with love and affection on their birthday, giving them the proper vitamins and nutrients, they need every day is key to living the best life, together.

To purchase Maxime products, visit Pilmico’s official store on Lazada and Shopee. For more information about Maxime, visit @MaximePhilippines on Facebook. 

Reflections about Life while Putting Together a Computer Chair

I have never built anything with my hands. when I say this, I mean that I have never put together anything like a bookshelf, table, or chair. When I buy something and it needs to be put together, I always ask someone else to do it. 

However, I've come to realize that I need to learn how to do this on my own especially since there are so many furniture shops that don't deliver items already assembled. So I decided that I would put together this computer chair on my own and while doing so, I realized a lot of things about it that responds well to life. 

1. As with anything, there are manuals and instructions. You need to follow them. I initially followed the manual then thought that I knew already what to do so I discarded it. 

This is something that we also do in life. When we think that we already know better, we stop following the rules and do things our way. More often than not, this is what leads to mistakes that turn your world upside down. 

2. There is an order to things. You need to put things in the order they need to be so that everything will fit. When you miss a step, things will unravel and fall apart. 

3. Don't hold on to things too tightly. Sometimes, you need to loosen up a few things so that everything can find its place and fit. This is what I realized when I immediately tightened some screws and the other screws wouldn't latch on anymore. 

I realized that I needed to loosen a few screws so that everything can fall in place. In life, we sometimes need to give way to achieve a higher goal. If we are too hung up on everything, it will be harder to get everything to work together.

4. Seeking help is not a bad thing. I had a hard time seeing the little holes where the screw went and the husband suggested using a flashlight. When I accepted his suggestion and used one, it became easier for me to finish my task. 

Sometimes, we don't ask for help because we don't want to appear weak but the reality is, knowing when to ask for help is a sign of maturity and wisdom. Wouldn't it be sillier to continue having a hard time when you know that someone can help you out? 

5. Pause. When things become too overwhelming, it's okay to pause. You don't need to fully stop or give up but pause, take a breath and reevaluate things. 

I did this in the middle of putting the chair because I realized that I was doing something wrong but couldn't identify what it was. After I took a  moment to calm myself and take a breath, I went back to working and finally finished the chair. 

Sometimes, you just need to regroup and take a momentary pause to get everything together. 

So those are my life reflections while I was putting together a computer chair. Thanks to my crazy husband who was apparently taking random photos of me while I was struggling through the whole process. 

The computer chair was meant for my son. So glad that he liked it. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Letter to Khali at 15 Months

Hi baby! 

You are now 15 months old. How time flies. 

You used to be so little and now, you're literally half our body. You've grown so much and gotten so big. You are the light of our life. 

You love eating. When we give you food, you always have a big smile on your face but you know when to stop coz you're already full. You also love to drink water. I hope you never outgrow that because water is good for you. 

You explore now. You love walking around and it makes you happy being able to go around and discover things. I wish I could take you outside the house but I'm still scared of the ongoing situation. I don't want you to get sick so we stay home for now. 

You are Daddy's little boy. You prefer him over me because I am more strict. We decided that I will be the bad cop because your Dad is soft-hearted and because this is his first time being a parent. I want him to enjoy it and enjoy that you see him as being on your side. 

I hope that you grow up to be kind but strong. I hope that you will listen to us and learn from our mistakes. I hope that you will be happy. I hope that you and your Ahia B will be thick as thieves. 

I wish that I will be there until you have your own family. I would love nothing more than to see you and your Ahia having your own family and forging your own path in this world. I hope that your Dad and I can be witnesses to this. 

I love you baby. I can't wait to see you grow into a person of your own. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Netflix's Well Intended Love (Spoiler Free Review)

If you love watching Korean drama, I think it's time for you to give a chance for Chinese and Taiwanese drama. I don't know about you but sometimes, I feel like I need a break from all the OPPA and just watch something different. 

Enter Well Intended Love, a Chinese series available on Netflix. 

Well-Intended Love is a 2019 Chinese television series starring Wang Shuang and Xu Kaicheng. The plot revolves around budding D-list actress, Xia Lin (Wang Shuang) who is diagnosed with leukemia. To secure a bone marrow donation, she makes a marriage pact with a handsome, young CEO, Ling Yi Zhou (Xu Kaicheng).

The series starts on a somber note then it lightens gradually. Midway you'd find yourself enjoying the lightness of the drama and then the twist will hit you out of nowhere. I know that I literally gasped when the twist was revealed. 

It was a WHATTTTTT kind of moment. 

I loved how this series was easy to watch. It wasn't too heavy but it wasn't ludicrous as well. The way the characters were written also made sense and no one was utterly foolish as a character. 

If you're just trying to get your feet wet when it comes to CDrama or TDrama, this series would make for a good start. 

Monday, May 17, 2021

4 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress at Home

If you've been cooped up for some time at home now, chances are, stress has been building up inside you. The fact that movements have been restricted can take a toll on our mental health so the need to find something to do at home to de-stress is very important. 

If you're like me and can't go out of the house to have some recreation, here are 4 simple to reduce stress at home so that you can relieve some of that anxiety you may be feeling. Best part? It's not costly nor heavy on the budget. 

1. Watch a concert on YouTube 

There are a lot of concerts available that you can watch on YouTube. You can choose from classical, acoustic, live, old concerts, or even mash-ups, whichever fits your taste. Personally, I like watching dance concerts just so I can move around and feel even more alive. 

When I need to doze off, I also rely on YouTube now and I'm so happy that I discovered Tido Kang. His music is so chill, I'm normally asleep within 30minutes and it used to take me hours to fall asleep. 

2. Learn how to make cool drinks via TikTok 

One of the best things to come out these days is the drinks series on Facebook. Since we can't really go out these days and dine in restaurants, being able to make your own "fancy" drinks at home is a must. It's also fun seeing the combinations that people come up with when it comes to things like soju, yakult, coffee, and soda. 

You can acquire a new skill which you can show off when get together are once again feasible and have fun doing it.  

3. Play some free classic games via Plays.Org  

I used to be such an addict when it comes to playing video games. Nowadays, I find myself drawn once more and since discovering this site, I have spent at least an hour a day unwinding by playing some games from my childhood such as Neon Invaders and Super Tetris. 

I remember when I was a kid and I'd level up with Tetris that it made me feel like a genius. Neon invaders on the other hand continue to frustrate me because I've never been able to finish all the levels. I guess some things never change. This time around, I will keep trying until I do. 

4. Create a Home Spa 

When all else fails, I turn to my essential oils and candles to help relieve the stress. I have candles from friends that are of lavender scent as well as vanilla because these two are the best at comforting and relaxing me.

As for my oils, I make sure that the room smells of eucalyptus and chamomile. For me, the combination of the two works wonders. I feel calmer and better whenever I combine these two. 

I hope that one or all of these works for you as it has for me. It's important these days to be able to find things that work for you and your mental health. Let me know which one you tried and how it went. 

Yes to Positive Beauty with Unilever

One of the things that I really love is being able to support causes even in a small way. Thankfully, Shopee and Unilever (two brands that I love) have recently partnered up with a campaign called YES TO POSITIVE BEAUTY. 

What does this mean? 

Yes to positive beauty means giving everyone the chance to have access to affordable beauty and personal care products through special offers or discounted prices. 

Yes to positive beauty also means equal opportunity. A portion of the proceeds will help support small businesses under Mano Amiga. If that isn't a good reason to shop, then I don't know what is. After all, we all need our supply of facial wash, shampoo, and lotion so why not do it now and end up supporting a worthwhile cause. 

Yes to sustainability.  I love that when you order from Unilever's shop on Shopee, they won't use bubble wrap anymore. When you buy at least 5 items, your package comes wrapped in sustainable paper eco-wrap packaging. 

Make sure that you take advantage of the upcoming Yes to Positive Beauty Sale this May 17-19 and get up to 70% off on your favorite Unilever Beauty and Personal Care products. PLUS get an additional 15% OFF when you use the code POSITIVEBEAUTY. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

8 Types of Toxic People

Toxic people. We all have one of those. If you don't, then you might be the toxic one. 

Seriously though, toxic people are everywhere and sadly, they can even be family, friends, or coworkers. Most of the time, it's easy to ward them off but sometimes, they can really get on your nerves. Today, one toxic person managed to get under mine which led to me writing this post. 

So, to help other people and save us all the agony of having to deal with one, here's a list of 8 toxic people you need to stay away from. 

1. Those who nitpick at everything. 

These are people who have something to say about everything. It doesn't even have to be an insult but this person will always have something to say to make someone feel little, more inferior, lacking, or just plain bad. 

It's like they can never ever see the good side of anything coz they are too focused on what is lacking, missing, not there, or what could be better. They don't appreciate what they have because they're too busy looking at what they don't have. 

2. Those who bully others and then say "joke lang."

These people are the worst bullies of their kind. The bullies who own up to being bullies are better because then you can just hate on them but these bullies who always say "it was just a joke" are cowards and evil little creatures. 

They believe that they can get away with anything as long as they put the words "joke lang" at the end of their mean statement. It makes it okay when in reality, it doesn't. 

The Regina George of these times need to burn and since you don't want to burn with them, you should stay away from these kinds of people. 

3. Those who complain about everything but have nothing to recommend as a solution when asked. 

There are things that deserve a complaint. However, when you complain about something, you should also have a potential solution. To complain about things and not offer a solution is just you whining but not doing anything to fix the problem. 

No one wants to have a whiny person around. 

4. Those who drag others down. 

These people are really toxic. They just put others down again and again. No one is good enough. Nothing is good enough. Everything is bad except for them and the things that they do. Ugh. 

They are envious people. 

5. Those who talk about other people all the time.

This statement from Eleanor Roosevelt should be more than enough. 

6. Those who always demand but never give. 

These are people who just keep asking and asking but will never give anything. They just take and take and take because they think and believe that the world owes them. 

They are greedy people. 

7. Those who give but demand acknowledgment. 

I was surprised to have met people like this. They give and you think they are generous but in reality, they are after the adoration and praise. They're not genuinely generous but faker people pretending to be good so that the world will admire them. 


8. Those who always compare. 

Then there are people who will always compare things. 

I have a new bag but hers is more expensive.

We have a house but theirs is bigger. 

I have kids but she has a career. 

They will never be happy and they will never allow anyone else to be happy. It's sad really because most of the time, these people are blessed and yet they remain ungrateful. 

Sadly, these people have a really small chance of changing because they do not see that they are the problem or that they have a problem. This is why I suggest staying away from them. 

People will never change unless they accept that they need to change. Don't let them drag you down. They are already in the pits of hell, miserable. Do not allow them to put you in there as well. 

Pray for them so that they may have self realization and if not, pray that the Lord God takes them so that you won't ever have to deal with them again. 


9th type is the drama queen. Everything is a disaster. The world is about to end. Everyone is out against them. 

RUN. They will drain the life and energy out of you. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Quick Review of the ASUS Vivo Flipbook 14

I've had my hands on the ASUS Vivo Flipbook 14 for over a week now and I've been able to play with it in my spare time. Some of you have requested that I do a quick lifestyle review to know if it's worth the money that you will spend and if it's something that I'd recommend so I decided to do a quick review of it. 

Here are the things that I loved about the ASUS Vivo Flipbook 14

First of all, it has a good screen size. It's not too small but it's also not too big. At 14 inches and with a really thin bezel, it's perfect especially when you convert it to a tablet. As a laptop, it's also the perfect size for viewing schoolwork, documents, gaming, or even editing videos. 

The i7 16GB RAM is more than adequate. I am able to process videos and edit photos without any problem. I'm also able to stream and run multiple tabs without anything slowing down. 

The screen quality of the ASUS Vivo Flipbook 14 is also good. There's no color disruption and the glare is not hurtful to the eyes even when I was using it for 6 hours straight. 

I super love the touchscreen feature because it is very reactive. There's no delay at all and it runs very smoothly. The stylus that it comes with is also very sleek and stylish. 

Now as a music lover and someone who plays music in the background at all times, I like that the speaker of the ASUS Vivo Flipbook is clear and crisp. Good thing that the battery life is also decent and can last for a while. 

Now, here are the things that I believe can still be improved

As a flipbook, I was hoping that when the ASUS Vivo Flipbook 14 would be seamless when being flipped. However, this is not the case for now. 

The power button was also a little bit of a struggle since it's placed on the side and not where it's normally placed but this is a minor thing because it would only be the initial introduction to the machine that would put you off or make you feel a bit silly. 

The stylus pen has no labels. It' was a trial and error for me. I didn't know which was the power button or what the purpose of the other buttons was initially. 


Overall, I loved the ASUS Vivo Flipbook 14. The ones that needed improvement were all minor things and all the major things to consider passed with flying colors. For me, this is perfect for students, artists, professionals that need flexibility when it comes to their laptops, and for those who need to do presentations at all times. 

It is durable, stylish, flexible, and can definitely meet more than the basic requirements of an average laptop / tablet user. 

If you are interested in buying, you can get it from their official store on Shopee or in the nearest ASUS Concept Stores. 

AptaMom Cereal Bars from Nutricia Philippines

One of the things that keep me going when I work the graveyard shift aside from coffee would be snacks. However, since I am starting to eat healthier, I can no longer snack on junk food and the like. Thankfully, someone introduced AptaMom Cereal Bars to me which is distributed by Nutricia Philippines.  

Aptabar Cereal Bar is made in Europe by Nutricia. There are currently two variants: Aptamom Cereal Bar - Berry Mix with DHA and Aptamom Cereal Bar - Raisin and Chocolate with DHA

Aptamom is a convenient complete nutritional prenatal bar. It's healthy, nutritious, and delicious with essential nutrition for pregnant and expecting mothers.

AptaMom Cereal Bar contains the recommended Vit D, Iron, Iodine, Folic Acid & DHA in one bar per day.

1 Bar is nutritionally equivalent to 2 glasses of milk. Told you it's healthy. 

AptaMom Cereal Bars are still on sale until the 15th of this month so make sure to grab your stocks NOW! 

Sunday, May 9, 2021

3 Things that I Love About Being a Mom

It has been a while since I've done a personal post on my blog and I have terribly missed it. While I love sharing news and information about brands that I work with, there is something different when it comes to writing something personal. 

Today is Mother's Day. It's been 16 years since I became one and a year ago, I added another bundle of joy to my life which makes me the proud Mom of two boys now. 


Since it's been 16 years that I've been a Mom, I want to share today the 3 things that I love about being a Mom.

1. Seeing them grow up 

I love being able to witness how they grow from blubbering babies to someone with their own personalities.  B is a kind, sweet, fun-loving teenager and Khali is learning to form his own personality now. 

I love being able to guide and mold them into persons that society would be thankful to have. 

2. Creating memories

I love being able to take photos, shoot videos, and capture memories. I love creating it with them and I love being able to look back and see all the happy moments. 

3. Hugs, kisses, and everything in between 

When you are a Mom, you get to have all the hugs, kisses, snot, tears, frustration, and dreams. This is one of the things I truly love. 

I love that I am their go to person even in their anger because I get to talk to them and to sort things out. I get to explain why this is the way it is and I get to guide them in how to best handle their feelings. 

They say that being a Mom is the most tiring job on Earth. I agree. However, it is also the most rewarding and though I grew up not wanting to have kids, I am so happy that God had other plans for me. 

I thank the Lord everyday for my two little boys and though it can be a struggle, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Chiaus Cool Pants

As a Mom, I am always on the lookout for products that will be bang for buck. Since I have a baby, one of those items that I constantly look for would be affordable diapers that do the job. 

Enter Chiaus Cool Pants

Chiaus Cool Pants has large and fast absorption. It also has a double leaking guard which is really important because my son pees like there's no tomorrow. 

It also has a cottony soft elastic waistband to make sure that there won't be rashes and an easy tear-away so that changing diapers can be done in a snap. 

I'm looking forward to discovering more about Chiaus Cool Pants. I love that it's a lot cheaper than most brands but it works just the same. Definitely bang for buck! 

Best part? They're currently on sale via their official store on Shopee so make sure to hoard as much as you can. I just did!