Saturday, April 30, 2011

gorgeousness galore ...

I met two friends and we ended up calling each other gorgeous. Every morning, we would greet each other "good morning gorgeous!" Last Friday, we had dinner out and celebrated being gorgeous and single. We also met up with Wean who was Kate's friend. She was simply gorgeous as well.

 The whole night we ganged up on Kate and reminded her that she is a wonderful person who should not allow other people to treat her badly. Being gorgeous is about respecting yourself and loving yourself.

Okay Kate? UNFRIEND! Hahahaha.

what big arms you have hahahaha

And here are the photos I took of them. These shots are what we call "buwis buhay" because at any given moment, a car could have hit me since I was on the side of the street hanging on to dear life just to get these shots. Hahaha. Iloveit!

And this is a forbidden shot but because we are "pasaway" we got away with it. LOL.

Gorgeous people = one fun night!

Friday, April 29, 2011

food at Mt Sea Resort

This is a continuation of the Mt Sea Resort entry that I made the other day. I didn't talk about their food then because I did not have the food pictures but I do now. All I can say is that their food was worth every penny spent. The 8 treasures soup was really good and it had enough meat on it. The fried noodles was just right and the ingredients tossed were more than I anticipated. They had sea cucumber, shrimp, and fish fillet amongst other things.

fried chicken

kilawing tanigue

fried noodle with seafood

8 treasures soup

I spent about 1500 including drinks and all and I can say that it was all so worth it. :)

just a little ...

After a year of self healing, of pondering on my mistakes and what happened to my life ... I realize that finally, I am a little bit stronger, a little bit wiser, and a little less needy.

Just a little bit more, and I will be there .. where I need to be; where I deserve to be. It has taken almost a year and a lot of tears and support from my family and friends, but I am slowly getting there.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

spot the difference

Can you spot the difference?

good morning world!

I woke up today, and this is the thing that I saw in the mirror. I looked so funny that I grabbed my camera and took a shot. Hahaha. I look like an Ewok. LOL.

Good morning world. What do you look like when you wake up in the morning?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

numbers ...

When I meet a new guy, one of the things they would always  ask when I say that I'm chubby is how much do I weight or vital stats. It's a bit degrading and slightly amusing coz its so obnoxious and I never give an answer. I don't answer it partly because they don't deserve it and partly because I'm kinda ashamed that I weight so much.

Watching GLEE (yes, it affects me that much, but in a good way) I realize that I really shouldn't be ashamed. First off, God gave me a pretty face. Second, I have brains that work very well. Third, I have the most AWESOME family and friends. Most important, I have a kid who needs me and who thinks the world of me. So what if I weight 165lbs. I can lose that if I want to. So what if I have big arms and thunder thighs? Guys still ask me out. I have a great personality though sometimes I can be a bitch but overall, I'm fabulous the way I am.

I was born this way. Deal with it.

my own hero

Maybe sometimes you have to stop  waiting for someone to come along and fix what's wrong. Maybe you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and realize that no one else has the answer. Maybe sometimes, you just have to be your own hero.

And so today, I stop my quest and crush my eternal hope to finding the right one. If he comes along, well and good. If not, I can be my own hero. I don't need someone to play hero. I need someone who wants to be my hero. If there is no one, I'll be fine.

tanned and still pretty :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mount Sea Resort

I used to come here a lot when I was a kid. My Mom was friends with the owner and my brothers were classmates with the kids of the owner so every summer, and even when it wasn't summer, we'd go here when we wanted to swim. A lot has changed and I am glad to say that it has been for the better.

I was a bit impressed when I saw the interior of the place because they have renovated it and it looks classier now. The staff that greeted us were also very warm and smart, which matters to me because there is nothing more frustrating than  front desk officers who are lacking in the brains department.Fortunately, their staff did not fall under this category.

And so, here is the interior of Mt. Sea Resort.

Upon getting here, the ABS CBN show Umagang Kay Ganda was apparently also doing a live telecast and this presented a chance for my family to have their photos taken with MTV VJ Donita and though she has gained some weight, I would have to say she is still pretty and still very nice.

After all the fuss with the show and the celebrities, we started our day and of course, we posed to our hearts content. The place provided a lot of area for picture taking and I have to say, I would love to do an event here. Maybe a birthday possibly? Hmmm ... it just seems so quiet and peaceful that you tend to forget you are in Cavite only.

Overall, its been going pretty well. I'll do a quick recap once I get home. I'm still here right now. :)

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